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Boss Lady Chapter 11-12

Chapter 11

The incident with Jiang Moyuan was a lesson from the past.

The only fortunate thing was that it was not public knowledge and neither Jiang Moyuan nor Ying Luwei took it personally, otherwise the other three big families and the smaller families in Shanghai might have laughed behind their backs.

Ever since they brought back the real daughter, the Ying family has not had any peace.

Moreover, the second young lady has no self-awareness and does not see if she is worthy of it.

Zhong Manhua looked cold: “That’s true, I forgot about it if you didn’t mention it, it’s better to go to the Zhong family, to save her from thinking about it.”

This daughter of hers, she really didn’t learn at all.

She would never allow this to happen again, it would bring shame to the Ying family and she would have no place to put her face.

Zhong Manhua started to call the Zhong family, “Well, yes, by then Shenzhou will be staying on your side of the family, big brother, Zhiyan and he are the same age, so they can take care of each other ……”

Seeing that Zhong Manhua had changed her mind, the housekeeper put her mind at ease and went upstairs to call someone.


In the bedroom on the third floor.

The girl was lying on the bed, sleeping soundly, her sleeping posture was not peaceful, her body curled up, wrapping herself into a puffer fish with the quilt.

Half of one long, slender leg was exposed to the air, her skin white as cold porcelain in the light of the sun outside the window.

Suddenly –


“Ding dong ding dong!”

The mobile phone pressed under the pillow rang frantically, vibrating incessantly.

Ying Ziji pressed her head, more or less annoyed.

She opened her eyes, rolled over, took out her phone and clicked on an app called “Weibo”.

It took her a few seconds to get in, but the messages were full of red dots.

The girl’s eyes were downcast, her cold brow wrapped in a bit of impatience.

On the top of Weibo’s homepage was a Weibo post that Ying Luwei had just posted at 11:30am, which had @her.

In just a few minutes, it had been retweeted thousands of times.

[@YingLuweiv: Thanks for your concern [love], I’ve recovered and I’m here to tell you all that I’m safe. Thanks to @YingZiGe, I’d like to say sorry to D**ky, I was too careless, I hurt myself and let you give me so much blood, I understand if you blame me, but I just hope you won’t run away in anger next time, everyone is very worried.

Ying Luwei is a famous pianist in China, she is a beautiful person.

She is a beautiful pianist, she is from a famous family, and she has a fiancé who loves her and loves her.

She is a winner in life and cannot be envied.

She is also very popular online, with more than 40 million followers, making her even hotter than the average second-tier celebrity.

After this tweet was sent out, the topic #YingLuWeiRecovery instantly made it to the top of the hot search list and was still climbing fast.

The bottom of the microblog was full of encouraging and comforting comments from fans.

[Wei Bao rest well, we are still waiting for your concert.

[Our Wei Bao is so kind and beautiful, she even comforts children when she is hurt.

[Wei Bao is a fairy. Every time I listen to Wei Bao play piano music, I can calm down even if I’m cranky.

Ying Zidian was not interested in all this, so she took a glance at it and was ready to uninstall Weibo and go back to sleep.

But before she could log out, there was another series of “ding dong dong”.

It was a private message box, from someone she wasn’t following.

[What’s going on? What’s wrong with a blood transfusion since you’re the one who caused Wei Bao’s injury?

A mere adopted daughter, how dare you blame Wei Bao? Who gave you the courage? Who gave you the courage? [Oh, I’m laughing.

It’s only because Wei Bao is so good-tempered that she’s being bullied. It’s only right that you give Wei Bao a blood transfusion, otherwise why would the Ying family raise you?

[You don’t want to pay for the glory and wealth, what the hell.

All of them were abusive accusations, more vicious than the others.

Ying Zidian pressed her head and became even more annoyed.

It wasn’t that she was really angered by these remarks, but that she was very angry about getting up.

It was hard to sleep, but she couldn’t settle down.

Within a second, the phone rang again, this time with soft, soothing music.

She glanced at the name and picked up.

On the other end of the line was a man’s lowered voice, with a faint smile, as if the confusing emerald scent of last night was also lingering behind her ears.

“Are you awake yet, little friend?”

The hostility in the girl’s eyes slowly faded as she lifted the covers and got out of bed, “Just woke up.”

There was no tantrum, and she was quite well behaved.

“Hmm?” Fu Yunshen’s tail tone rose, “What did you do yesterday, you sound like a newborn kitten, you didn’t sleep all night?”

Ying Zidian thought for a moment, “Not really, I went to bed at four.”

She was just researching new technology in the 21st century when she found something called a web series and watched it for three hours in pa*sing.

Well, it was pretty good.

“Eleven to one is the time for the liver to detoxify.” Fu Yunshen’s voice trailed off, “Staying up late will make you ugly and you’ll go bald.”

Ying yawned, not really caring, “I have a lot of hair, I’m naturally beautiful.”

The other side obviously froze for a moment, then laughed even more violently, and his shallow breathing could be clearly heard, sexy and seductive.

“Well, well, little friend, you’re naturally beautiful.” Fu Yunshen managed to stop laughing and sighed, “Not so for me, an old man, my back aches even after a little less sleep.”

I heard the girl say slowly, “You have a kidney deficiency.”

Hearing this, Fu Yunshen suddenly gave a laugh, sounding ambiguous and loving: “I have a kidney deficiency?”

Ying Ziji bit into a hair ring, her empty left hand lifted and held her long hair, “If you don’t mind, I can make a potion to help you cure it.”

Her original medicine furnace was also in o continent, and she now had to make a new one of her own.

He had helped her a lot, it would be good for her to send him some medicine.

“Oh?” Fu Yunshen was interested, “Little friend is so good, apart from telling fortunes, you can do ancient medicine? You’re from the Emei school? You won’t give me the Nine Yin White Bone Claw one day, will you?”

Ying was silent for a moment, “What is the Nine Yin White Bone Claw?”

“Have you read the book Yitian Tu Long Ji?” He was lazy, “It’s a great martial art in it.”

The girl finished her hair and took out another coat and put it on, “No, I haven’t seen it, how powerful is it?”

“Well -” Fu Yunshen pondered a little and smiled, “It can smash someone’s head in one palm, more ruthless than you, my little friend.”

Ying Zigui looked calm, without any fluctuation, “That’s quite powerful.”

“Watch less dramas in future, they’re all fake.” Fu Yunshen just thought she was being childish and didn’t care, instead he said, “Don’t bother with that hot topic, I’ll fix it.”

Ying raised an eyebrow slightly, “Hot search?”

She took the phone off her ear and opened Weibo again to check the hot search list.

She was always quick to learn things.

Apart from the #YingLuWeiRecovery hot search that was at number one, there was another hot search that was climbing up from the bottom and soon reached number seventeen on the hot search list.


Chapter 12

As a result of this search, more people messaged her privately, and even posted ghost pictures.

The comments below Ying Luwei’s Weibo account also turned the tide –

[Wei Bao, don’t be fooled by your niece, she’s just a fake daughter, she deserves to give you a blood transfusion!

Some people, the better you treat them, the more they take advantage of you, so you can’t be spoiled.

[It’s obvious that she pushed Wei Bao down the stairs, so even if she doesn’t apologize, she’s still pretending, what kind of white lotus in full bloom?

Ying Zidian was not only unmoved, she was also looking at it very seriously, learning some new tide language by the way: “It’s not like it’s anything.”

She didn’t care about the Ying family, let alone about these people.

As long as they didn’t get in front of her, irrelevant things had never made any impact on her.

“That won’t do.” Fu Yun laughed, his breath low and muffled, “The child is so well behaved and versatile, I can’t let you be scolded like this.”

Ying Ziji rubbed his ears and moved the phone a little further away, “Let’s make a deal, can you stop calling me little friend?”

Tsk, it sounded a bit nice.

“Hm?” Fu Yunshen slowed down his tone, “Three years is a generation gap, my brother is six years older than you, what are you if not a little friend?”

Ying Zidian paused and raised her eyebrows, “Brother?”

You treat her like a child and want to be her brother?

The girl’s voice was originally cold and ascetic, but since she had just woken up, it was a bit softer and more seductive.

Even Fu Yunshen was stunned for a moment.

His peach blossom eyes narrowed as he coaxed, “Call out to your brother again?”

“You’re dreaming quite well.”


Okay, negotiation failed.

Fu Yunshen gave up.

Children are not easy to fool.

Ying Ziji took a sip of water, and as she turned her head, her eyes swept down from the window.

She happened to see a woman getting out of a Maserati and supporting an old man outside the iron gate.


In an instant, a piece of what was to come came to the forefront.

“There’s something I need to sort out.” Ying Ziji’s phoenix eyes narrowed, “I’ll treat you to dinner later, and bring you something by the way.”

“Sure, brother is waiting for you to bring brother medicine for kidney deficiency.” Fu Yunshen hooked his lips, “Brother’s happy life for the rest of his life depends on ……”

The phone was hung up directly.

Ying Ziji put the phone into his pocket with an expressionless face.

Calling brother, what a hobby.

The door was knocked on at that exact moment, “knock knock knock”, a loud sound.

“Second young lady, get up quickly, you still want to make madam angry?”

There was no response.

The butler’s face sank and he took out the key, about to open the door straight away and go in, but before he could put it into action –


The heavy door gave way straight away.

It slammed straight down on his head, leaving the scoop just an inch short.

A great flood of sunlight poured in through the window, illuminating the dimly lit corridor.

The butler was stunned, frozen at the girl standing against the light, her legs shaking unconsciously, almost incontinent.

Ying put her hands in her pockets and faintly: “Time to change the door.”

She pushed only a little and then it fell.

What do you call this in the 21st century?

Oh, tofu-dreg construction.

The butler’s legs were still shaking, and he swallowed hard, trying to speak but unable to make a sound.

The commotion upstairs naturally escaped Zhong Manhua’s ears. She frowned and was about to go upstairs to check for herself when the door to the old mansion opened.

A gentle female voice rang out with a hint of surprise.

“Sister-in-law, have you not eaten yet?”

“Lu Wei?” Zhong Manhua turned around and literally froze for a moment, “Mom, why are you here too?”

Old Lady Ying leaned on her cane, “Why, can’t I, an old woman, come?”

“Mom, that’s not what I meant.” Zhong Manhua’s heart jumped and she hurriedly stepped forward, “It’s just that I didn’t expect you to come and hadn’t prepared anything.”

Ever since she had given birth to her second child, Old Lady Ying had moved out and lived with Ying Luwei in a flat in the city centre, only coming back during the festive season.

“There’s nothing to prepare, I’ll leave as soon as I’ve settled things.” Old Lady Ying didn’t appreciate it, “Call out that daughter of yours.”

It was clear that she hated it so much that she wouldn’t even bother to mention her name.

Zhong Manhua guessed a few things, she pursed her lips and softly said, “Mom, you sit down first, I’ll go now.”

“Sister-in-law, Mum hasn’t seen you for a long time, keep her company.” Ying Luwei smiled, “It’s better for me to go to Little Belt, I’ll apologise to her too.”

“Apologise?” She knocked the floor heavily with her cane and laughed coldly, “Manhua, your daughter has really grown up, she wants someone else to apologise for what she has done wrong.”

“When did our Ying family become so indistinguishable from right and wrong?”

Zhong Manhua was suffocating in her heart, not daring to retort a word.

“Wei’er, don’t go.” Old Lady Ying pressed down on Ying Luwei’s hand, coldly, “How can there be any reason for an elder to invite a junior?”

Zhong Manhua took a deep breath and her voice rose, “Ying Zidian!”

At the entrance of the stairs, the girl turned around slowly.

She looked up and swept the hall, seemingly not surprised by this three-chamber scene: “Something wrong?”

This indifferent attitude made Zhong Manhua’s anger rise: “Don’t you call out when you see someone?”

“Don’t.” Old Lady Ying raised her hand, unsalty, “I only have one granddaughter.”

Her own granddaughter, who was on a study tour in O Chau, an adopted daughter was not her granddaughter.

Ying Zidian nodded slightly, carelessly but without losing her poise: “That’s fine, I’m not in the habit of recognising relatives at random.”

Old Lady Ying’s cane shook in her hand and she almost lost her breath.

She had intended to embarra*s her adopted daughter, but she had been mocked instead!

Zhong Manhua was even more furious and raised a slap before Old Lady Ying became angry: “Shut up!”

“Sister-in-law!” Ying Lu Wei was startled and stopped her, “Sister-in-law, what are you doing?

“Talk properly?” Zhong Manhua’s eyes turned red with anger, but she still didn’t hit him, “Impolite thing, apologise!”

Her own daughter had really come to grind her down, making her unable to even hold her head up in front of her mother-in-law.

The girl turned a deaf ear, “It’s okay to go.”

Zhong Manhua snapped, “Ying Zidian!”

“That’s enough.” It was Old Lady Ying who spoke up, she said nonchalantly, “I’m not here to see you discipline your daughter today, you asked her to tell you why she pushed Wei’er down that day at the banquet.”

She closed her eyes, “Could it be that you thought that without Wei’er, you could become the head mother of the Jiang family?”

These words were straightforwardly heartbreaking.

Zhong Manhua’s expression changed drastically in an instant and she panicked a little: “Mom, there is absolutely no such thing, you must not listen to the rumours.”

“Yes, Mum.” Ying Luwei also advised, “It’s not true, why are you so serious? You still don’t believe me?”