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Boss Lady Chapter 93-94

Chapter 93

When Zhong Zhiwei heard this, her fingers tightened before she loosened them.

That’s right.

No matter what, Ying Zidian was still a poor student who had failed all her cla*ses.

She was going to enter the Imperial University in the future, but what about Ying Zidian?

She probably won’t even get into a second cla*s.

It’s true that she can’t compete with her.

Zhong Zhiyan shook her head with a smile and left the school.


Except for the fraudulent work, the festival went on as usual.

Ying didn’t go to the award ceremony, and several juniors from cla*s 19 received a trophy each.

After the art festival, she received a transfer from the school.

A total of two million.

She had entered seven competitions and the first prize was one hundred thousand.

According to the headmaster, the remaining one million three hundred thousand was compensation.

Ying Ziji looked at the few zeros on the text message and felt even better about Qingzhi.

At this school

She leaned back in her chair, raised her hand and tapped the keyboard, clicking on the stock trading software.

After taking a look at the general market, Ying Ziji made a one-time dump of the 10 million shares she had bought last month.

After that, she opened the nok login program again.

Although not many people knew about the nok forum, as long as there was a login program, they could all register their accounts.

That was why, on the front page of the forum, there were so many godfathers and users with nothing to do.

After all, not most people are unaware of the existence of the hidden section, and the login process is not deliberately encrypted for the public.

The front page is no different from a normal forum, with a number of users serialising stories.

In terms of board design, the nok forum is no different from any other forum, it is quite ordinary.

However, every second, countless information flowed into and out of this seemingly ordinary and mundane forum.

Ying Ziji went in and scanned the home page.

Today’s popular post was a post asking for help.

It was posted ten minutes ago, but there were already five hundred replies underneath it, and the heat was still rising.

Ying Ziji lowered her eyes and opened this post.

[Help]: The owner went to O Chau a few days ago, help!

The owner had saved up some money and was finally able to go on a trip, thinking that he hadn’t been abroad since he was so old, so he signed up for a tour to O-continent.

Originally the road happy, the owner also bought a donut to eat, go for a walk on the beach, but you know and so I saw what?

The Little Mermaid statue smiling at me!!!

Yes, the famous Little Mermaid statue, from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, and it not only smiled, it nodded at me.

Beautiful, yes, but scary!

Please help, is this little mermaid coming to life just like Miss Conch?

[2F]: The owner is mentally deranged, scattered scattered.

[3 Floor]: Although I am also a godsend, I have to admit that the owner’s skill in making up stories is really strong.


The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular ones. It’s okay, I have spiritual tonic pills here, one for 9,999, no return even if it doesn’t work.

The actual fact is that there are a lot of people who have been in the forum for a long time.


The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular ones. I was there last year and I saw it too. I thought I was blinded at the time.

Floor 475]: I’ve been there too, why didn’t I see it?

After browsing through the replies one by one, Ying Ziji’s eyes twitched slightly.

When she scrolled down further, she saw the owner reply to the post.

Floor 738]: Bullsh*t, of course I have a picture, not only do I have a picture, I also have a video.

[Floor 739]: [Video], I’ll show you!

Ying Ziji raised his eyebrows and clicked on the video.

However, as soon as she clicked on it, the forum prompted her that the video did not exist.

When she refreshed it again, the request for help had disappeared.

Apparently, it had been deleted by the administrator.

Ying Ziji pondered a little and probably understood.

This was the front page, where most ordinary people were, so posts related to world secrets were not allowed to appear.

She also knew that the nok forum had a hidden section that required a certain growth value to enter.

Viewing the major hunters list also required growth value to be decrypted.

Ying Ziji looked at her user information and pondered.

This was a new number she had registered after asking for the login program from a certain hacker.

id: cola milk tea fries

Growth value: 8

Rank: f-rank

Registration date: 16 March 2020

Logging into the nok forum once will give you 2 growth value, which is a benefit for new numbers.

Ying used his mouse to scroll down and read a few more interesting posts.

【Reward】:Discovered the relics of Atlantis, begging for a team, short of nurse, short of warrior, come quickly.

The first thing I want to do is to get a good idea of what I’m doing.

The first thing you need to do is to get the best results from the monthly exam.

Growth value can be traded, but if it becomes negative, the account will be banned.

Although proof such as ID is not required to register an account, and posting is anonymous, the strange thing is that if an account is banned it is also impossible to register a new nok account.

Some people also suspected that there was a super hacker group behind the nok forum, but there was little evidence.

After a few pages of browsing, Ying finally saw the post she needed.

[Reward]: Seeking help from the gods to solve the academy’s problem.

[1F]: As the title suggests, our school is too sick to come up with a chemistry problem that can’t be found online, but it’s definitely world cla*s in difficulty. I’m sure I’ll be grateful for the growth value.

Below the floor is an automatically generated reward letter.

It was marked with a thousand growth values.

The level was set at C.

Ying Zidian lowered his eyes and accepted the reward.

A box popped up on the screen.

[Ding, your level is currently F. Please upgrade before accepting a higher level bounty.

Ying Ziji’s face was expressionless.

Three seconds later, she opened fifty f-rank bounties at the same time.

Within another five minutes, they were quickly completed.

All these bounties did not need to show up, they could be traded online.

The growth value immediately shot up to 500 and the rank rose to D, but it wasn’t enough.

Ying pressed her head and opened a few dozen more d-rank bounties and proceeded to upgrade.

She just needed to access the hidden section, but she really didn’t want to use her old number.

Once that old number was out, pension life would have to end.

What a crap forum, all with the internet as a carrier, and still just as crap as before.



Elder Fu was left alone again at the Fu home with a few caregivers.

Ying Ziji also went to the old Fu house once more to check the toxins in Master Fu’s body.

Master Fu was weak and she had only used golden needles to help him contain the toxin, but there were no herbs to eradicate it.

More importantly, the situation in the Fu family was now very complicated, and there were quite a few people who were thinking of Old Master Fu leaving as soon as possible.

Even Master Fu’s travels would be monitored.

Last time she invited Master Fu to have a cake, he had quite a few bodyguards with him.

After putting Master Fu to sleep, Ying Ziji walked out.

Fu Yunshen was waiting outside, and when he saw her, his peach blossom eyes curved up: “Yao Yao, thank you.”

“No thanks.” Ying Ziyi shook her head slightly, “How long before the herbs arrive?”

“It’s on its way.” Fu Yunshen didn’t hide it, “It will arrive at the end of the month.”

The reward had doubled tenfold, and the hunters on the list could hardly resist the temptation.

So even if the herbs were in the desert and the deep sea, they would still go.

Ying nodded: “Grandpa Fu is asleep, he can’t have too many mood swings, otherwise the toxin will enter his heart and it will be troublesome.”

“This matter, brother knows.” Fu Yunshen’s eyes darkened, but then he smiled again, “Let’s go to the mall, buy you some clothes, it’s also a birthday present for you.”

The two of them got into the car.

Ying Ziji got into the pa*senger seat, leaned against the car window and closed her eyes.

Soon, he fell into a deep sleep.

Fu Yunshen looked sideways, his peach blossom eyes slightly lowered.

The girl’s skin was still almost transparent, but it was not as sickly pale as it had been.

She looked a lot better than the first time he had seen her.

He had the relief of having successfully raised his little friend.

Dodo was in Ying’s pocket, also sleeping on his stomach.

His little pink nose was twitching and humming happily.

The corners of Fu Yunshen’s lips curved slightly as he stepped on the accelerator and started the car.

Thirty minutes later, the Maserati pulled up in front of the Century Mall in the city centre.

Ying Ziyi was still asleep.

When she was asleep, her usual indifference came off.

Her usual cold eyebrows were loose and softly curved.

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes twitched slightly and the knot in his throat rolled.

He was still looking straight ahead, but his hand was raised.

He slowly moved forward and then poked the girl’s face.

It was soft and sticky, and it was very soft.

After just one poke, Fu Yunshen withdrew his hand.

But to his surprise, Ying Ziji still didn’t wake up, and her eyelashes didn’t even flutter a bit.

Fu Yunshen’s peach blossom eyes narrowed and his eyebrows raised, so he simply turned around.

He propped his head on one hand to look at her, his eyelashes dropping.

His other hand lifted again and poked Ying Ziji’s face again.

This time it lingered longer, and under his fingers, he could clearly feel the warmth and softness of the girl.

It was as if he was holding a piece of soft jade in his hand.

Fu Yunshen paused for a moment and wanted to withdraw his hand, but he couldn’t resist and poked her a third time.

Ying Ziji suddenly stirred and her eyes opened.

Her phoenix eyes were foggy and watery, with stars dotting them.

She raised her head as if she was aware.

Fu Yunshen’s hand lurched.

Their eyes crossed and they met.


Chapter 94




Sometimes, the air is most afraid of sudden silence.

Fu Yunshen withdrew his hand, as if nothing had happened.

He moved his eyes away and looked ahead again.

There was no one in the garage, and the lights were dim.

“Yoyo, there’s a mosquito parked on your face.” Fu Yunshen looked self-effacing, his tone still the usual lazy one, “I drove it away for you.”

Ying Ziyang didn’t say anything.

She reached out and straightened her collar.

Turning her head sideways again, she looked in the rear-view mirror.

It was obvious that the right side of her face had been poked.

Several times.

A faint redness flushed it.

Even when she was asleep, she knew what had happened.

Ying Ziji was silent for a moment: “I’m in an okay mood today.”

Fu Yunshen looked at her, “Hmm?”

“Just…” Ying Zidian turned her head, “I can barely give you one more squeeze.”

She had the attitude of “If you’ve squeezed, you’ve squeezed, don’t pretend, be generous”.

“No.” Fu Yunshen clenched his fist against his lips and coughed, “I’m afraid I’ll turn into a beast later.”

He had never really done anything like this before.

It couldn’t be helped, the little friend was too good when he was asleep.

There was really no restraint.

Ying Ziji unbuckled her seat belt and opened the car door, her voice clear and light: “No, you can’t change.”

Fu Yunshen looked at her, “What?”

“I will beat you.”


He needed to take back what he had just thought.

Fu Yunshen leaned back in the driver’s seat and smiled, “You didn’t want to hit me at first, how come you’ve known me for so long that you still want to?”

“Don’t worry.” Ying Ziji propped his head up, the end of his eyes were heavy with a few smiles, not slowing down, “I hit people without hitting their faces.”


Okay, the little friend is still a face person.

It seems that in the future, he has to protect his face first.

Maybe the kid will be soft-hearted and won’t do anything?

The two of them got out of the car.

The weekend was crowded, and there was a sale today, so there was already a long line at the luxury shop in Century Mall.

Fu Yunshen took a glance at them and looked lazy: “Yaoyao, let’s go upstairs.”

There are seventeen floors in the Century Mall, and the top floor is only open to Platinum members.

If you spend 10 million dollars in the Century Mall, you will be able to get a platinum card.

The card that Fu Yunshen handed out was a black and gold card.

The teller had never seen a card like this before, but there was no way she didn’t know Fu Yunshen.

She was busy welcoming him: “Young Master Seven, this young lady, welcome.”

Fu Yunshen nodded and turned his head: “Yao Yao, see if there’s anything you like.”

Ying Ziji didn’t bother to be polite with him and started browsing from the first clothing display.

The lady at the counter asked, “Young Master Seven, do you need something to drink?”

Fu Yunshen shook his head and just sat down on the sofa in the hall and waited.

He simply sat there, making it impossible to ignore his presence.

After ten minutes, Ying Ziji came back with a dress.

She seemed to think for a while before saying, “I think this one is fine.”

Fu Yunshen raised his hand, loosened the collar and looked over.

Then he saw a long black coat that resembled an Arabian robe: “……”


His little friend didn’t have a good eye.

It was somehow not dressing up.

Although children could wear school uniforms with the quality of high-fashion.

Fu Yun Shen profoundly felt that it was quite tiring to raise their little friend.

But the sense of accomplishment had also increased accordingly.

“Miss, this dress is not suitable for someone of your age, it’s a bit old fashioned.” The counter girl smiled, “You should wear something younger and more energetic, our side just happened to have some new high-fashion from the o-continent side, why don’t you ……”

“No need.” Fu Yunshen got up, “It’s all inclusive, send it here.”

He gave an address over.

The counter girl was stunned, but wasn’t surprised and hurriedly went down to prepare.

Ying Ziji was silent for a while, then she raised her eyebrows: “Are you mocking me for not being able to choose clothes?”

Fu Yunshen’s peach blossom eyes lifted, rare seriousness: “Brother is not.”

He raised his hand this time and squeezed her face openly: “Little friend, at your age, you can’t afford to be short of clothes.”

Ying Ziji took his hand off, “You’re three down.”

After swiping her card, the counter girl sent the two out.

When they came back, they bumped into the manager who was in charge of the seventeenth floor management.

The manager took a look, “Was that the seventh young master of the Fu family just now?”

“Yes.” The counter sister envied, “Buying more than ten million dollars of clothes straight away, worthy of being one of the four most powerful families.”

“Not much use, all his money is given by Master Fu, he’s just a foppy gentry himself, idle and just that good at coaxing women with his face.” The manager giggled lightly, “You don’t know, do you? His fiancee would rather climb into his big brother’s bed than get engaged to him.”

The counter girl was stunned, “Manager, what are you saying?”

“Just two years ago, Master Fu fixed a marriage for him, waiting for him to get married when he comes back from O Chau.” The manager said, “But when the other party found out about it, they immediately went to the young master of the Fu family, tsk ……”

He admonished again, “So you shouldn’t be so respectful to him either, Shanghai City is saying that one day when Master Fu is gone, this Seventh Young Master will lose his power.”

Having said that, the manager hurriedly left and went to the next shop.

The counter girl hesitated for a moment, but didn’t say anything.

The card Fu Yunshen handed him just now seemed to be the only one in the entire Century Square.


The Zhong family.

The maids were busy in the kitchen.

Mrs. Zhong glanced at Master Zhong, who was reading the newspaper, and stood up, asking Zhong Zhiyan to follow her to the balcony.

Zhong Zhiyan pursed her lips and followed her.

Mrs. Zhong gestured for her to close the gla*s door before she frowned and spoke, “I heard that you didn’t even win a first prize in the art festival competition?”

Zhong Zhiyan’s expression changed, “Mom, I’m not ……”

“I don’t want to hear you make any excuses, excuses are just shirking your responsibilities.” Mrs. Zhong looked at her condescendingly, “Mom is very disappointed, mum asked your grandfather to hire so many teachers for you, and you didn’t even come out on top in an art festival.”

Zhong Zhiyan bit her lip.

Mrs. Zhong asked again, “What projects have you participated in?”

“Calligraphy, Chinese painting and oil painting.” Zhong Zhiyan moved her lips, “Mum, I just wasn’t serious, I just wanted to have some fun.”

“An art festival, and you still want to be serious?” Mrs. Zhong frowned again, “It’s just that Qingzhi’s art cla*s is also one of the best in the country, so it’s normal for you to not be able to compete with it.”

Zhong Zhiyan let out a sigh of relief.

Luckily, Mrs. Zhong didn’t pay attention to these things, so she didn’t know that the winner of the first prize was Ying Zigui.

Not only does Madam Zhong not pay attention to this, other gentry don’t have such leisure time either.

“By the way, your grandfather has called that adopted daughter of the Ying family back again.” Mrs. Zhong suddenly spoke up, “Don’t be too hard on her, coax your grandfather more.”

Zhong Zhiyan nodded, “Mom, I know everything.”

Not long after mother and daughter returned to the table, the door opened.

“Ziggy is here.” Master Zhong was delighted, “Sit down quickly, dinner will be served in a moment, don’t worry about eating, your mother she’s not coming today, it won’t affect your mood.”

Ying Ziyi nodded and sat down beside him, “Grandpa.”

At these words, Mrs. Zhong, who was listening at the side, frowned straight away.

These days, Master Zhong was too confused, wasn’t he?

First, he used the company’s Weibo to back up an adopted daughter, and then he made Zhong Zhiyan apologise.

Now, even his own daughter Zhong Manhua’s status is not as high as this adopted daughter.

The moment Mrs. Zhong saw the girl, she lost her appetite.

However, as the daughter-in-law of Master Zhong, she could not say anything.

Zhong Zhiyan was so vain because of the art festival the other day that she didn’t dare to look up.

Ying Ziyang ignored them and talked with Master Zhong.

The meal left Mrs. Zhong and Zhong Zhiwei in a bad mood, but Master Zhong ate three bowls of rice and had to go for exercise.

When Madam Zhong saw that Master Zhong had gone for a walk on the balcony, she also finally found an opportunity.

She stopped the girl and did not let her go.

“I don’t know what kind of attitude Manhua has towards you, but I’m going to make my attitude clear.” Madam Zhong’s voice was light but her gaze was sharp as a tack, “It’s better not to think about things you shouldn’t.”

She aggravated her tone and added a warning, “You don’t have that kind of fortune.”

Master Zhong was so fond of his adopted daughter, who knew if he would share out his shares in the Zhong Group as well?

This was the kind of thing she could never tolerate.

“That’s all I have to say.” Madam Zhong’s eyes were cold, “I hope you are a smart person who knows what you should and should not do, understood?”

Just as she finished these words, not far away, Master Zhong came over humming a little tune.

Madam Zhong’s nerves tensed and she greeted him, “Old Master.”

“What are you standing around for?” Master Zhong frowned, “Aren’t you going to stay with Evening?”

“Evening isn’t in a good mood and she won’t talk to me, so I’m asking her if something happened at school.” Mrs. Zhong smiled, “I’ll go now, and you take more care of your health too, old master.”

Master Zhong waved his hand, obviously not wanting to keep her either.

Madam Zhong sighed with relief.

It seemed that Elder Zhong hadn’t heard her.

She turned around, and was ready to go upstairs.

There was the faint sound of a cold feeling voice.

“Madam Zhong, before lecturing others, please mind your own daughter.”

Madam Zhong’s footsteps lurched and she turned back, her face cold: “What do you mean?”

A foster daughter, who was also worthy of being compared to the Zhong family’s eldest daughter?

She was really spoiled by Master Zhong and didn’t know how high she was.

Ying tossed the phone and pressed a key.

The conversation sounded in the silence of the stairway.

It was clear.

It was a recording of Zhong Zhiyan’s call with Wei Hou.