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Boss Lady Chapter 97-98

Chapter 97

He really did not want to take a poor student to a top university like the Royal Academy of Arts in O Chau.

What’s more, the Royal Academy of Arts in O Chau is not able to have the qualification for admission just because they won the first prize in an ordinary art festival.

Even the few top students in the art cla*s are open to question.

Naturally, He Xun had not paid attention to the art festival.

He didn’t have the time to do so, after all, he was leading the international cla*ses of all three grades at Qingzhi High School.

He Xun also had no idea that even Sheng Qingtang had been alerted to the Qingzhi Arts Festival this time.

The headmaster frowned inscrutably.

He did not expect that He Xun had such a strong opinion of Ying Zidian.

It wasn’t like every student was good at studying, so why bother?

“It’s me who’s been ill-considered.” The headmaster sighed and took off his gla*ses, “Teacher He, let’s still discuss the matter of the Norton University interview.”

Only then did He Xun’s expression ease up.

The phone in the office rang at that moment.

The headmaster picked it up, and only after listening to the sentence, his expression changed: “What? I’m on my way.”

He Xun raised his head, a few moments of confusion flowing from his eyes.

“Teacher He, excuse me for a moment.” The headmaster got up and straightened his clothes, “There’s an honoured guest coming, I need to go.”

He took a few steps and then seemed to remember something, “A distinguished guest from o-continent, Mr. He speaks good English, let’s go together.”


But all of Qingzhi’s teachers, no matter which management they were in, were required to be proficient in English, so why was he called upon?

He Xun was stunned: “Okay, I’ll go to the senior two international cla*s first.”

The time was too urgent, and the headmaster didn’t have time to talk to him any more, so after nodding, he hurriedly left.

He Xun also followed him out and arrived at the soph*more cla*sroom building.

After giving the international cla*s the topics they had to practice today, he went to the meeting room that the headmaster had told him about.

In the middle of the journey, he naturally pa*sed by Senior 2 Cla*s 19.

He Xun remembered the headmaster’s words, which meant that he subconsciously looked through the back window.

In the last row by the window, the girl was wearing the short sleeves of her school uniform and covered with her school jacket, lying on the table and sleeping.

He Xun withdrew his gaze very coldly.

She was still sleeping in cla*s.

This kind of student, after all, is not saved.


A phone call brought the headmaster here, and it was the head of the art team.

He wiped his sweat, pointed inside the door and lowered his voice, “Headmaster, this is Mr. Berg Bryan, from the Royal Academy of Arts in O Chau.”

Berg Bryan, an honorary teacher of the Royal College of Art in o Continent, usually just hung out an idle position and did not teach.

Only occasionally is he invited by other schools to give lectures.

It is never someone else who invites him, and it is unheard of for him to come over on his own.

Berg specialised in oil painting in the Baroque art style, and was also a Romantic painter.

Baroque art is a style of art that flourished on the O Continent between 1600 and 1750 and has had a profound influence on later generations.

Baroque art did not only cover the field of oil painting, but also architecture, music and decoration.

Even if one did not know what Baroque art was, one would not be unaware of Chino Von, an oil painter who was known throughout the world at the time.

But Chino Von’s style of painting was so obvious and unique that no one could imitate it.

And Berg Blaine, the modern oil painter who is now recognised as the closest thing to Chino Von in the world.

“I know him, but -” the headmaster looked over and hesitated, “what is he …… doing here?”


A foreign man in his thirties was slumped against the wall, his hands unfurled, stroking them over and over, as if entranced.

“Headmaster.” The art team leader’s throat strained for a moment and said with some difficulty, “It’s not the wall he’s hugging, it’s the painting of Ying Zigui’s cla*smate.”

The headmaster was confused.

Before he had time to react, he heard the man’s excited shout.

“Bravo! Bravo!” Berg hugged tighter, wanting to stuff himself inside the painting, “Oh my God, my God, what a superb painting.”

“It’s simply the hand of God, Chino Von in the flesh.”

Headmaster: “……”

Art team leader: “……”

Not that it was necessary.

The head of the art team coughed a few times and couldn’t resist interrupting his self-indulgence, “Mr. Berg, the headmaster is here, so if you have any requests, just ask.”

“Oh.” As if only just realising that there was someone else next to him, Berg turned around and asked straight away, “Did you draw this?”

The headmaster was still a little confused, “No, this is ……”

“What are you doing here if you didn’t draw it?” Berg was impatient, “Hurry up, hurry up, I want to see the person who painted this.”

“Mr. Berg, please wait a moment.” The headmaster finally knew what he was here for and asked in English, “How did you find your way here?”

“Wasn’t it some art festival you had?” Burger was a little impatient, “I saw the painting, didn’t I? Who else would have come here.”

He clutched the painting again and looked around disgustedly, “There’s no good ice cream here.”


The art team leader wiped his sweat again and whispered, “Headmaster, the artists are quite off the wall, you can’t be carried away.”

“That’s right, I see.” The headmaster returned to his senses, “I wonder what you are looking for in the person who painted this painting?”

“Why are you talking so much?” Berger was irritated, “First I was told to meet.”

“The painting is for a student and she is still in cla*s.” The headmaster deliberated, “You’ll have to wait a while.”

This time, Berg agreed readily, “OK, I’ll wait.”

He Xun happened to return just at that moment and froze, “Mr. Berg?”

“Who is it? No time, no time.” Berg didn’t even look at He Xun, waving his hand, “Where is this student’s cla*s? Take me there quickly.”

The headmaster had to take him away.

He Xun didn’t even say a word from the beginning to the end, he frowned and turned his head, “What brings Mr. Berg here?”

“Doesn’t Mr. He know?” Having sent a big Buddha away, the head of the art group breathed a sigh of relief and was quite proud, “He’s here specifically for student Ying Zigui, as I see it, I guess he wants to take Ying as a student.”

He Xun’s body shook violently, instantly frozen in place, barely able to believe what he had heard, his ears buzzing as if he was on the verge of a bang.

What kind of a man was Berg, how could he possibly make a trip for a student himself?

The head of the art team didn’t notice that his face had changed and he walked out with his hands behind his back, “Ugh, I have to go and apologise to Ying too.”


The study session was over and Ying Ziji had woken up from her nap.

She yawned, took out her phone to check the time, and saw a text message from Sheng Qingtang to her.

[Little divine Doctor, are you interested in the Chinese Calligraphy Artists a*sociation? If you are willing to join the a*sociation, I will ask them to give you the vice president position directly, what do you think? =w=]


Ying Ziyi all but pretended not to see that Yan character and casually replied with two words.


After Sheng Qingtang over there received the reply, he instantly became anxious.

[Ah!!! Why? Little divine Doctor, really, let me tell you, those old things in our club are not as good as you, it’s really a waste of your good talent if you don’t join the club!

Ying Ziji didn’t change her mind, she propped her head up and looked detached.

[Because it would prevent me from getting old.]]


[Send that expression again and pull the plug.

[Little miracle doctor, I didn’t send it, my bald son did. Here’s the deal. Whenever you change your mind, feel free to call me.

Ying Zidian yawned, his phoenix eyes added a bit of confusion.

“Father Ying.” A little brother poked his head through the back door of the cla*sroom, “The headmaster is looking for your old man, are you going?”

“I’m busy today, I’m not available.”

“Oh.” The little brother scratched his head, “I’ll turn him back now then.”

He also saw a foreigner, and wondered what he was doing.

Ying gave a hmmm, opened the nok forum and took up the c-rank bounty.


The Ying family’s old mansion.

Zhong Manhua hadn’t gone out for the past few days, fearing that she would meet someone who would pull her up and talk to her about the Qingzhi Art Festival.

To prevent any embarra*sment to her, she has cut off internet and phone contact.

She didn’t want to bother about Ying Zigui anyway, and when more time had pa*sed, everyone would forget about the theft of her work.

Zhong Manhua picked up the phone and was about to call Ying Zhending.

The doorbell rang and the housekeeper went to answer it.

The person who came back was Ying Luwei.

Old lady Ying was still in hospital these days. Ying Luwei had been avoiding showing up because of the Weibo incident, so she went from the old house to the hospital every day to deliver Zhong Manhua’s stewed medicine.

“It’s Lu Wei.” Zhong Manhua put down the phone, “The medicinal food is ready, it’s warming in the kitchen on a low fire, I’ll ask the maid to bring it to you.”

“Thank you, sister-in-law.” Ying Lu Wei pulled up her hair around her ears and suddenly said, “By the way, sister-in-law, I went to Qingzhi today and heard that the teacher from the Royal Academy of Arts in O Chau was looking for Xiao Jian.”

Zhong Manhua’s hand gave a start, slightly stunned, “The Royal Academy of Arts in O Chau?”

The Royal College of Art in O Chau was not ranked in the top ten in the world because of its sole focus on art, but it was still a university that many students dreamed of.

“I’ve also heard of this Mr. Berg, he’s a master of oil painting, the kind you can’t even invite.” Ying Luwei was puzzled, “Sister-in-law, she doesn’t even want to learn calligraphy or Chinese painting, not to mention oil painting, why would Mr. Berg ask for her?”

Zhong Manhua’s face changed instantly, her chest heaving heavily.

What else could it be.

It must be cheating again.


Chapter 98

It was a good thing that she had lost her face abroad.

Apart from that, Zhong Manhua could not think of anything else that would make the honorary teacher of the Royal Academy of Arts in O China come to Qingzhi in person.

Naturally, she had heard of Berg Blaine.

When she had chosen a painting teacher for Xiao Xuan, the painting teacher had highly praised him.

It could be said that Berg represented the pinnacle of Baroque painting on the continent today.

At the Royal Academy of Arts alone, there were countless students who wanted to work under Berg’s tutelage.

But Berg’s temper was very eccentric, even more so than Sheng Qingtang’s. He did not accept any disciples, and would only occasionally give instructions to his juniors.

Zhong Manhua’s heart and lungs now throbbed with pain at the thought of going out in the future and being pointed at.


If it was Xiao Xuan, she definitely wouldn’t have let her lose face.

“Sister-in-law, what’s wrong with you?” Ying Lu Wei looked at Zhong Manhua’s face turning from blue to white and asked with concern,, “Is it that you’re not feeling well?”

“I’m fine.” Zhong Manhua pressed her temples and calmed her breathing, “Is Mr. Berg still at Qingzhi?”

“The headmaster was with him when I left the school.” Ying Luwei, “They should have gone to look for D**ky, they might still be there.”

“Prepare the car.” Hearing these words, Zhong Manhua got up and immediately made a decision, “Go to Qingzhi now.”

She had to hurry and admit her mistake to someone before things festered.

“I’m familiar with Qingzhi, I’ll go with my sister-in-law.” Ying Luwei handed the medicinal food to the housekeeper and instructed, “Take good care of the old lady’s side.”

The housekeeper said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Miss Lu Wei, nothing will go wrong with the old lady.”

After the explanation, Zhong Manhua and Ying Luwei went to Qingzhi together.


Qingzhi High School.

The headmaster listened to the errand boy’s reply and his whole body cracked a little.

With Berg’s status, not to mention coming to Qingzhi, even if he went to the Imperial University, the students studying painting would definitely clamour to see it.

This ……

However, to the headmaster’s surprise, Berg was in a good temper this time seeing ghosts.

He waved his hand graciously, “It’s fine, ask her when she’s free and I’ll be here waiting for her.”

The headmaster, who was experiencing what a double standard: “……”

He was completely cracked up this time.

“Oh.” The little brother, who didn’t know Berg, scratched his head, “Are you in a hurry? If you’re in a hurry I’ll go back and talk.”

“No rush no rush.” Berg was in a good mood, “I’ll be staying in Shanghai for the next few days, whenever she’s available.”

Headmaster: “……”

That’s not what you just said.

“Okay.” Little Brother thought this foreigner was very nice to talk to.

He was about to dilly-dally back when he heard Berg say again, “Hey, wait, ask for me if she likes Chino Von a lot.”


Once the youngest brother had taken this to cla*s 19, he saw their Ying father raise those nice phoenix eyes, but his expression was cold.

“Don’t like it, he talks too much, I want to bury him.”

“Then bury him.” The youngest brother was solicitous, “Father Ying, where is he, the brothers will go up and put a sack over him.”

Xiu Yu spoke quietly, “He’s been dead underground for hundreds of years, you go ahead.”

The little brother was confused: “……”

“Ying Dad, that’s a funny joke.” Xiu Yu put one hand on the girl’s shoulder, “You haven’t met him, how do you know he’s a chatterbox?”

There are many accounts of Chino Feng, but most of them praise how good he was at painting.

He was born in 1623 and died in 1709.

In his lifetime he left hundreds of paintings of the utmost brilliance.

But all the canvases that still survive are housed in the major museums of o continent.

There were also two in the Imperial Museum, and it was there that Xiu Yu had seen Chino Feng’s masterpiece.

“Because -” Ying remained indifferent, “he would read the Bible while he painted, in Latin as well.”

The noise gave her a headache.

Xiu Yu: “????”

No, what kind of operation is this?

No, why did she believe their Ying Dad’s serious nonsense?

Kino Feng had been dead for more than 300 years, and his bones were probably ashes.

But then again, Xiu Yu thought about it.

She had visited Chino Feng’s home in O Chau, and she did remember that his study was full of various versions of the Bible.

“Ying Dad, bull.” Xiu Yu gave a thumbs up, “I’m only convinced by you to tell stories, and they’re also very relevant.”

Ying Zidian’s eyelashes dropped and her eyes narrowed slightly.

She had never been one to remember much about the past.

There were too many memories, and they were forgotten quickly and in a tangled way.

But the three hundred years she had spent in the ancient o-continent, she did remember quite clearly

She had studied oil painting with Chino for three years, and spent most of that time listening to him rant.

Indirectly, this led to her reciting the Bible backwards in Latin without reading it.

It was true that the painting was good and it was also true that the man was annoying.

As long as he didn’t talk, he was still a lovely old man.

When Chino died, she went to see him.

Every year after that, she would also go to his gravestone and send a bouquet of white irises until she left Earth.

Chino, too, was considered one of her many teachers on Earth.

Unfortunately, Kino was just an ordinary person and there was nothing she could do to extend his life span.

Ying retracted her thoughts and her eyes returned to her mobile phone.

She had used her free time in the past two days to raise her nok account to level B, and had a growth value of 4,000.

With 1000 to go, she could enter the hidden section of nok.

In fact, she knew what would be discussed in the hidden section.

It was the real face of this world.

What ordinary people saw was only the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, world-cla*s secrets could not be revealed, or else it would cause panic.

The nok forum, is just an organisation responsible for holding on to these secrets.

Ying Ziji lowered her eyes and looked at her new next b-rank bounty.

The bounty man had sent her a private message.

[You’re new, right? Do you really have a medicine that can remove my scars? I’ve been looking for a lot of healers, but it’s not working, it’s getting worse]

Ying Zidian was brief and concise.

[Address, three days later, parcel collection.

The bounty giver was a bit unconvinced, but sent the address anyway.

[If your medicine doesn’t work, you won’t get the growth value, but if it works well, I can increase the reward.

Ying scanned the address and was ready to send the package out later.

Little brother also remembered the business: “Father Ying, he said he’s waiting for you, you can come whenever you’re free.”

Ying Zidian thought for a moment, but got up: “Then I’ll go and meet him now.”


This way.

Zhong Manhua and Ying Luwei had already arrived at Qingzhi.

A month had pa*sed and the red rash on Ying Luwei’s face had cleared up.

She went to the hospital for a follow-up, but the doctor still didn’t find anything.

If she hadn’t been suffering from the rash for a month, Ying Luwei would have wondered if she was dreaming.

“Sister-in-law, Mr. Berg and the others should be over here.” Ying Luwei smiled, “Let me take you there.”

“Wait a minute.” Zhong Manhua took out a mask from her bag and put it on, covering her face tightly.

“Sister-in-law, you ……” Ying Luwei seemed to freeze for a moment and understood, “I’ve heard from all the other teachers that D**ky has been doing very well at school recently and has won awards at the art festival.”

Zhong Manhua was annoyed when she stopped, “Okay, Lu Wei, let’s not talk about that, let’s go there first.”

Ying Luwei knew what was appropriate, and knew when to say what would be more effective.

So she didn’t say anything more, she just pursed her lips and smiled.

The two of them went to the front of the school building.

It’s four o’clock and it’s just between cla*ses.

There are many students, and many of them know Ying Luwei.

Since Ying Luwei doesn’t come to school much, she only takes an English cla*s once in a while.

Most of the students like her because of the beauty of distance.

“Teacher Ying.”

“Hello, Ms. Ying.”

Ying Luwei greeted them all with a smile.

Zhong Manhua, on the other hand, felt a bit uncomfortable and waited impatiently.

After waiting for five minutes, she finally saw a familiar figure, walking out of the school building.

“Ziggy.” Zhong Manhua immediately went forward and deliberately lowered her voice, “D**key, mommy has something to say to you, pack your things and leave the school with mommy.”

However, Ying Zidian didn’t even look at her.

Although she was walking in her direction, she was clearly not looking for her.

Zhong Manhua frowned, her anger rising.

Just as she was about to step forward and forcibly pull the girl away, an impatient voice came from behind her.

“Make way, make way!”

Burger was as anxious as fire, and without looking at Zhong Manhua, he ran over impatiently.

Zhong Manhua was knocked aside and her feet in high heels gave way, but it was Ying Luwei who held her up in time.

“Sister-in-law, are you alright?” Ying Luwei was worried, “I’ll take you to the infirmary first, anyway, D**ky has already seen it, I’ll give a word to the students here, it’s not too late to come back later.”

Berger’s force was not small, and Zhong Manhua winced in pain.

She glanced at her ankle and it was already swollen.

Hearing this, she did not refuse and had to let Ying Luwei help her along.

Ying Luwei took Zhong Manhua to the infirmary, and after a few steps, she pretended to look back inadvertently.

She naturally recognised that it was Berg Blaine, and how could she let Zhong Manhua be the peacemaker.

Her reputation was tarnished, and Ying couldn’t be better off.

However, only when she turned her head, she saw Berg “snap” and kneel down.

It was a very pious ritual, which he had learnt from the Chinese cla*sics.

He folded his hands with a sincere expression, “Master Ying, please accept me as your disciple.”