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Boss Lady Chapter 99-100

Chapter 99

Berg had been waiting for this moment before he came from o-continent.

For this reason, he also approached a Chinese teacher at the Royal Academy of Arts in o Continent to find out about the etiquette of worship in China.

He had heard that the rituals of worship in China were not as grand as in the old days, but Berg also still decided to observe the most rigorous three kowtows and nine obeisances.

But his Chinese was not very good and he could only speak English.

Not knowing whether this Master Ying understood him, Berg was inwardly apprehensive.

The headmaster who followed: “……??”

Was he deaf, or was he blind?

It must have been the wrong way for him to follow over.

And Ying Lu Wei, who witnessed the scene completely, her smile froze straight away.

She was too far away to hear what Berg was saying.

But it was certain that Berg had not come to trouble Ying Zidian, but had instead asked for her help.

But how was this possible?

Who was Berg?

He was a great man in the field of oil painting, more famous than Sheng Qingtang in the world.

Ying Luwei’s heart was in turmoil, and she was even more panicked.

She didn’t study painting, she studied piano.

With her deliberate efforts, she was a big hit in China.

But even so, she was not qualified to approach the world’s top pianists.

It was not something that the gentry could do with money.

“It’s nothing.” Ying Lu Wei hurriedly withdrew her eyes and picked up her pace, “Sister-in-law, let’s go to the infirmary first.”

Zhong Manhua was in severe pain, so she didn’t ask more questions when she heard the words.

More so, because she had already anticipated the possible consequences of cheating in her mind, she didn’t turn around to look either in order to prevent her from having a heart attack.


In front of the school building, the headmaster was still in a state of shock.

Luckily, the bell had already rung and the students all had to go back to their cla*srooms even if they were curious.

Ying Zigui took a slight step back, her expression was unruffled: “Mr. Berg, please get up first.”

“No get up, no get up.” Without moving, Berg repeated again, “Master Ying, I saw your painting of The Guest in the Church, please take me as your pupil.”

The rector who was cracked into pieces but had to believe: “……”

This master oil painter from o-continent isn’t here to recruit Ying to the Royal Academy of Arts in o-continent, but to be his pupil?

“Mr. Berg, I don’t accept apprentices.” Ying Ziji pressed his head, politely, “I still have to study.”

The little brother who sneaked over to watch the fun: “……”

What a shame, their father is lying to the fool again.

“No, no, no, Master Ying, you don’t have to study.” Berg was in a hurry again, “But if you really want to study, I’ll recommend you to any of the world’s best schools, except Norton University.”

“Thank you, Mr. Berg, for your kindness.” Ying nodded slightly, “I am going to Norton University in the future.”

She said go, not enter.

She didn’t notice the difference, and tugged at her few hairs in worry: “Then how can you teach me to draw, Master Ying? If I didn’t know that Chino Von has been dead for hundreds of years, I’d think you were him.”

So, when he saw that painting on the internet, he immediately dropped all his work and came to China without stopping.

Chino Feng had always been his idol, and now he could add one.

Nor did Berg think that Ying could not draw such a painting when he was too young and just a high school student.


For painters like them, hard work is not enough, talent is what counts.

Isn’t there a saying that genius is 99% sweat and 1% inspiration, but without that 1% inspiration, the sweat is all played out?

Ying Zigui looked startled.

She was not the silly old man who read the Bible every day.

“We can explore that.” Ying Ziyi pondered for a moment, “But worshipping is not really necessary, Mr. Berg you are already a top oil painter, it is recognised worldwide.”

She had looked at Berg’s paintings on the way down.

It did have the style of Chino Von’s youth.

“Put them out of their misery!” Berg was furious, “How much do I weigh I don’t know myself?”

Headmaster: “……”

No more, he was going to pa*s out.

But Berg also knew that he had no hope of becoming a master, so he folded his hands again, “Master Ying, then could you please draw me some more paintings, I want to take them back with me to copy.”


Berger was delighted.

“Ask for money.”

“Here!” With a wave of his hand, “I’ve sold one painting for seven million dollars, Master Ying, I’ll give you double the price.”

Ying Ziyi finally gave him one more look, “I can give you another one for free.”

“Good, good, Master Ying, you’re a good man.”

Pleased with the promise, Berg was ready to go for some Chinese ice cream.

Before he left, he remembered something else: “Master Ying, you speak English so well, you can pronounce it better than me, I thought you were an indigenous person from O China.”

Ying Ziji was silent for a moment.

She had looked at the wikipedia and the information showed that Berg had been born into a painting family.

Then maybe, she might have even met with Berg’s old ancestors before.


Half past five.

Fu Yunshen stood by the car door, waiting for Ying Ziyi to be released from school.

He was too good looking, tall and erect, with a perfect waist and stomach and long, strong legs.

Especially his naturally smiling peach blossom eyes, which were not deliberately made to look like that, but were so seductive.

People came and went, both men and women, and there were many men.

With so many eyes, Ying Ziji opened the car door and sat down on the pa*senger seat.

Fu Yunshen started the car and drove her to Shao Ren Hospital.

Ying Ziji propped her hand on her chin and wrinkled her brow.

“Not sleepy today?” Fu Yunshen handed over a packet of daily nuts, “What are you thinking about so seriously?”

“I watched a drama a month ago and haven’t finished it yet.” Ying Ziji ripped open the bag, “But I forgot the title of the drama, I’ll go back and look it up again.”

It was her first day back on Earth, and she was still at Ying’s house, watching it on that old computer.

Fu Yunshen looked diffident: “You remember so clearly, what was the plot?”

Ying Zidian thought about it and briefly recounted: “It’s about a high school student who uses a mirror to travel to ancient times, meets a king, then uses the mirror to travel back the next day and finds herself ten years later, travelling back and forth.”

Fu Yun Shen: “……”

Quite a special and quite a dogged drama.

“Well, wait a minute, brother will ask for you.” Fu Yunshen took out his mobile phone, dialed a number, and when he got through, he lazily said, “Hello.”

Ever since he left the bar then, Nie Chao had been squatting at home, he was playing a game, “Younger brother Qi, what do you want from your brother.”

“Help me look up a drama, the plot is ……” Fu Yunshen glanced at the girl and repeated what she had said earlier without the slightest pause, “This drama.”

Nie Chao was shocked, “Younger Seven, have you been worn out?”

No, this kind of dogged drama, there are still people watching it?

“Cut the crap.” Fu Yunshen raised his eyes, “Find it quickly.”

“Oh oh oh.” Nie Chao hoofed it and went to look for it.

He ran his own small entertainment company, so it was easy to find.

In less than twenty seconds, Nie Chao replied, “D*mn, Seven, I’m sick, such a bloodthirsty drama is actually produced by my company, wait, I’ll scold them right away.”

“I don’t know what kind of stuff they’re making yet, but I’ll blow the heads off of those writers in a minute with this plot, I don’t know what’s in their heads.”

“So what, young man seven, I’ll tell you the title of the drama, it’s a bit long and shameful, I’m too embarra*sed to say it.”

Five seconds later, Fu Yunshen hung up the phone, his expression rare and complicated: “Yoyo, this drama you’re watching is called-”

There was a pause before he spoke the words that followed.

The tone of his voice was smooth.

“The domineering president and the iceberg prince are fighting over me every day.”



Shao Ren Hospital.

Ying Ziji went to the human resources department.

Before she took over this hospital, a number of Chinese medicine practitioners had jumped ship and manpower was rather scarce.

But again, because the news of Sheng Qing Tang’s successful cure had spread to all the hospitals in Shanghai, many physicians had applied for jobs again.

Ying Ziyi did not force Shao Ren Hospital to develop in the direction of pure Chinese medicine, so she recruited both Western and Chinese doctors.

She recruited both Western and Chinese doctors, as long as they could earn money.

“Miss Ying, this is the list of applicants.” The director of human resources handed out a folder, “There are a hundred and fifty applicants today, we have interviewed one hundred and twenty, there are still thirty to go.”

Ying did not take it, she nodded, “I know, hard work.”

The HR master was a bit flattered: “Miss Ying is very kind, without you, the hospital would never be here today.”

This was not an exaggeration.

He originally wanted to leave as well, but luckily he stayed.

“The interview starts at seven.” Ying Ziji looked at the time, “I’ll have a meal and come over later to have a look too.”

“Good.” The HR master sent her out, “It’s best if Miss Ying can come as an interviewer.”

By now, no one at Shao Ren Hospital would doubt Ying Zidian’s medical skills.

Ying Zidian closed the door of her office and went downstairs.

A few of the remaining thirty interviewees had already come and were waiting in the waiting area.

Lu Zhi waited anxiously, her eyes looking around aimlessly.

Until she saw the girl.

Lu Zhi first stared, “Why are you here?”

As if she remembered something funny, she snorted, “You don’t think you can come here to work as an escort just because you know a few Chinese medicines, do you?”


Chapter 100

Lu Zhi is twenty-six years old, has studied Chinese medicine for eight years, and is still a graduate of the Imperial University of Chinese Medicine.

Naturally, she has a bit of arrogance.

Because she is close to Ying Luwei, she has always had a dislike for Ying Zidian.

In particular, she had been in trouble for a long time because her father had restricted her finances.

What’s more, because of that court hearing, the Wu family was directly seized, which led to a lot of trouble for her mentor as well.

Luckily, the Wu family was so far behind the Meng family that most of the big families were reluctant to offend the doctor, and in the end it was no big deal.

However, her job in the imperial capital was lost and she had to look for a job near her in Shanghai.

However, a big hospital like the First Hospital would not want a young Chinese medicine doctor like her.

Lu Zhi had no choice but to try another hospital.

She heard from the doctors at the First Hospital that Shao Ren Hospital needed a lot of staff recently, so she came to apply for the job.

She didn’t expect to run into the adopted daughter of the Ying family here.

As soon as she saw the girl, Lu Zhi’s anger came up: “Have you studied Chinese Medicine and Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine? Do you know how to distinguish poisonous herbs? Do you know what is meant by ‘looking, smelling, asking and cutting’?”

She said in a mocking tone, “I heard from Lu Wei that you were at the bottom of Qingzhi in your studies, with single digits in Maths and English, and you still want to study medicine?”

Medicine is not something anyone can learn.

It was even more difficult to learn fine, and the universities for medical students were all five-year systems.

Lu Zhi did not hide her voice in the slightest, causing several other applicants to look over.

There was astonishment and scrutiny in their eyes.

Ying Ziji raised her eyes, as if she had only just realised that there was such a person as Lu Zhi here.

She looked sideways slightly, her eyes were light.

It seemed to go straight to the heart.

Lu Zhi’s heart lurched.

In the few seconds she was in a daze, the girl had already left, not even paying attention to her.

Lu Zhi punched a fist in the air and was so angry that she couldn’t do anything but sit there with a blue face.

A few applicants felt that Lu Zhi was baffled and whispered in hushed tones.

Especially when Ying Ziji turned around earlier, her plain face brought them a big shock.

Another underage girl, several applicants were in their 30s or 40s and had children at home, so their good feelings were doubled.

“This woman is sick, isn’t she? It’s not like people’s little girls have provoked her, and this is really hard for her to say.”

“Poor learning can only be described as not being good at learning, I wasn’t good at maths and English back then either, didn’t I still study medicine?”

“I’m really convinced, I hope she doesn’t get hired on, or I won’t, I really don’t want to be a colleague with someone like that.”

“Ugh, who says otherwise ……”

Lu Zhi heard this and sneered, “What do you care? Stop badmouthing others behind their backs.”

“Then you guys better not get hired on, otherwise won’t you guys get upset when you see me everyday?”

She had a diploma from the Imperial University of Chinese Medicine, and her education was already overwhelming.

Shao Ren Hospital was so short of staff, who would they hire if they didn’t hire her?

Lu Zhi snorted coldly as she took out her make-up bag from her bag and started to make up.


Outside the hospital.

Fu Yunshen was still in the car. He saw the girl coming down the steps and opened the door on the pa*senger side of the car.

Ying sat up and fastened her seat belt: “At seven o’clock, I’m interviewing applicants.”

“Mu Lao should thank you.” Fu Yunshen sniffed and lifted his eyes, “He dumped such a mess on you, and I don’t know if it’s really generous.”

There were many properties under the Mu family, and Shao Ren Hospital was only one of the most insignificant ones.

When Mu Heqing chose to give Shao Ren Hospital to Ying Ziji, he had actually thought about it for a long time.

He knew that if he gave her anything else, she would not accept it.

Even if the Shao Ren Hospital was the same as before, it still had more revenue than a small hospital.

Ying Zidian didn’t care much: “It can earn money.”

Hearing these four words, Fu Yunshen was slightly silent for a moment, then smiled: “Yao Yao, what about you, you are not yet an adult, you really don’t need to think about money, if you are short of money, ask your brother directly for it.”

The price of the bottles of medicine she gave him alone was definitely over a million.

Yet she refused the card he gave her.

“Oh-” Ying Ziji sipped his water, slowly, “No.”

“What?” Fu Yunshen tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, “Told you, don’t be polite.”

Ying Ziyi gave him a slow, deliberate look, “Earning your own money gives you a sense of accomplishment, you, no fun.”


Fu Yunshen put one hand against his forehead, helpless.

The child was taking earning money as fun, and it looked like he would be a sinner if he disturbed it

The Maserati started up and went to the nearest mall to Shao Ren Hospital.

There is an old hotpot restaurant on the top floor, owned by a chef from the Sichuan and Chongqing side, with authentic flavours.

A small hot pot for one person, clean and hygienic.

This time, Ying Ziji managed to order the red oil pot.

Fu Yunshen doesn’t eat spicy food, so he ordered a clear soup pot for himself.

It was the time of year when the restaurant was full of people.

The two of them were so good-looking and elegant that even when they were eating the hot pot, they looked like nobles from the medieval period of O China.

Every move they made showed elegance.

Naturally, many people noticed them, and most of them had a look of amazement in their eyes.

Except for one man who came in from outside the hotpot restaurant.

He obviously knew Fu Yunshen, and it was only after seeing him that he changed his attention and came in.

“Yo, look, who did I see?” The man seemed to hate the smell of the hot pot restaurant, pinching his nose, the mockery in his words was heavy, “Isn’t this our number one flirtatious dude in Shanghai, the seventh young master of the Fu family, Fu Yunshen?”

Ying Ziji put down his chopsticks and slowly lifted his head.

With just a glance, she learned all about this man.

Fu Yichen.

The second son of Fu Mingcheng, and the second young master of the Fu family.

Twenty-seven years old this year, unmarried at an older age.

He now works as the general manager of the Fu Group’s branch, but has little real power in his hands and lives on the dividends from the Fu Group every year.

Fu Yichen’s attention was only on Fu Yunshen, who was cold and sarcastic: “What, grandpa didn’t give you any money and you’re reduced to eating hot pot?”

Fu Yunshen looked pale, as if he hadn’t heard.

He turned his head sideways and was peeling the shrimp for the girl.

His long, slender fingers threaded out the shrimp and put them into the bowl.

Ying did not look at Fu Yichen again, but her right hand pressed the chopsticks.

“With a snap, the chopsticks were picked up by the force, and the bowl of seasoning on top flew up and splashed down on Fu Yichen’s head.

“Holy sh*t!”

Fu Yichen didn’t expect this and was too late to dodge. Not only was his forehead smashed by the bowl of condiments, his face was also covered with sesame sauce and sesame oil.

The clothes he was wearing were also directly affected.

Fu Yunshen’s hand gave a start and his peach blossom eyes lifted.

The chopsticks were still in Ying Ziji’s hand, not moving at all, as if the bowl of condiments had flown out on its own.

At least that’s what it looked like to the waiter next to him.

“Yaoyao, when you see him in the future, go around.” Fu Yunshen suddenly smiled, “I’m afraid you’ll hurt your hand.”

“Mm.” Ying Zigui took a new bowl, “It’s too ugly.”

Fu Yichen’s face turned green, “Waiter, where’s the waiter? Look at your shop, what’s going on?!”

The waiter on the side was also confused, but quickly came back to his senses, “Sorry, this gentleman, you are not dining here, or come to ……”

The word find fault did not come out.

There was a laugh from someone around.

“Get lost! All of you get lost!” Fu Yichen was so angry that he took off his jacket and wiped his face.

After throwing it into the rubbish bin, he angrily walked away.

Fu Yunshen looked at the girl who was eating slices of meat, his eyes fixed slightly.

And then, his peach blossom eyes curved up and he called out lazily.

“Yao Yao.”

Ying Ziyi looked up: “Hm?”

“I forgot to thank you.” He took out a candy and placed it in her palm, moving gently, “Thank you for backing up brother.”



The interview at Shao Ren Hospital continued.

The number Lu Zhi got was the first one, and she glanced at the applicants with a high hand and walked in.

As long as she behaved normally, the other applicants would have absolutely no chance.

There were three interviewers in the interview room, the Director of Human Resources and two specialist doctors.

Lu Zhi didn’t show any fear and was generous: “I’m ready.”

“Miss Lu, please wait a moment.” The Director of Human Resources raised his hand to look at the time and politely said, “There is still one more interviewer who is not here, you need to wait for a few more minutes, you can have a gla*s of water first.”

Lu Zhi was stunned, “There’s another interviewer? Is it the dean?”

“No.” The Human Resources Director smiled and didn’t hide it, “It’s the miracle doctor who brought Shao Ren Hospital back from the dead, I don’t know if Miss Lu Zhi has heard of it.”

Lu Zhi was taken aback, “The same miracle doctor who brought back to life a patient that even the doctors at the First Hospital were helpless to do anything about?”

The Director of Human Resources nodded, super proud.

Of course Lu Zhi had heard of it, and her mentor had even mentioned it to her specifically.

She said that this miracle doctor at Shao Ren Hospital was remarkable, and she didn’t know where he came from.

With this miracle doctor’s medical skills, the major hospitals would be eager to accept him if he went to the imperial capital.

This is something that many physicians can only dream of.

Lu Zhi became excited.

As long as she performed well in front of this divine doctor, she would definitely be able to enter Shao Ren Hospital.

More importantly, she could learn the art of medicine from this divine doctor.

This would make it a lot easier for her to go to the Imperial Capital in the future.

At five minutes past seven, footsteps sounded and the door to the interview room opened.

Lu Zhi straightened her back, did well, and then raised her head.