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DYM Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1

“Ye Mo, Ye Mo, are you alright, hurry up and get up, cla*s is about to start, this cla*s is for Emotionless Ice, hurry up and get up.” A somewhat urgent voice rang in Ye Mo’s ears, Ye Mo had a very strange feeling.

“This idiot, he is probably being shameless and covering his face up.” Another voice sounded in his ears, but Ye Mo woke up this time.

Ye Mo looked around somewhat bewildered, there was no one he knew, all unfamiliar faces.

Seeing Ye Mo’s bewildered look, another burst of laughter came from the room, it was obvious that the laughter here was all directed at him, seeing that the people laughing around him seemed to be laughing at him, for a moment he didn’t dare to make a sound to ask, he could only be on guard secretly to prevent anyone from making a move on him.

Looking at the cla*smate sitting next to him, he seemed to be the only one not laughing at him, and it was he who had been kind enough to push himself awake earlier.

“Where am I? Who are you? How come it looks like a schoolhouse?” Ye Mo asked subconsciously with some surprise.

“Haha ……” Another burst of laughter came from the hall.

“Ye Mo, I think you are angry and confused, is Yan Yan also allowed to just write love letters? You were fine in the Ye family, now you are no longer a member of the Ye family, be careful in the future. The next cla*s is for Yun Bing, the English teacher, you mustn’t get caught by her.” The tablemate said carefully in Ye Mo’s ear, his voice was so small that only Ye Mo could hear it, so it was obvious that he was also worried.

“I really don’t remember much, I had a bad headache just now and I forgot a lot of things.” Ye Mo said somewhat helplessly.

The tablemate sighed, naturally of course he didn’t believe that Ye Mo couldn’t remember after so little time, he just loved to save face. He hadn’t recognized the reality that he was no longer Ye Mo of the Ye family.

Ye Mo’s head throbbed with pain, he remembered that he and his master Luo Ying were refining the Returning Yuan Pill, and then the group of mongrels from the West Stream Sect fought, and then there were explosions and all kinds of killing sounds, and he remembered that his master used a transport talisman afterwards while holding himself, but how did he appear here? Is this still the Luo Yue Continent?

By the way, he was now sitting here, where was Master? Master was only three years older than him, not to mention that the reason why the West Stream Sect had come to attack them suddenly was because Master was too beautiful and the young master of the West Stream Sect wanted to marry his beautiful Master, something that had happened after Master had refused.

If Master fell into the hands of the West Stream Sect, the consequences would be unthinkable. Thinking of this, Ye Mo could no longer hold back the panic inside him and stood up abruptly.

“What’s the matter, don’t you know that the cla*s bell is ringing?” A cold-faced young woman walked up to the podium with a few books in her hand, and coldly swept a glance at the laughing students below, and the laughter suddenly subsided. Everyone knew that this was Yun Bing, the English cla*s lecturer, who hated nothing more than students starting a ruckus, and once she caught her eye, there would definitely be no good consequences.

Ye Mo already felt that something was wrong, although he understood the words, it was obvious that the language was not the one he originally used, could it be that this was no longer the Luo Yue continent?

Frowning, Ye Mo wanted to know more clearly, a headache came and a lot of messy information was remembered.

Ye Mo, a third generation descendant of the Ye Clan. His father, Ye Wentian, had pa*sed away two years ago, and his mother he never remembered. And Ye Mo was completely kicked out of the Ye family after his father’s death, specifically because Ye Mo was not Ye Wentian’s seed.

To be more precise, after Ye Mo’s father’s death, Ye Mo’s bloodline was re-identified again, and he was found not to be the seed of the Ye family, which led to the expulsion from the Ye clan.

However, he still had a younger sister, Ye Ling, and a younger brother, Ye Zifeng. Only neither had a mother with him, but were half-siblings. Three years ago, as if his father knew that he owed Ye Mo, he purposely proposed a marriage with the Ning family to the Ye family’s senior, Ye Tianwen most likely knew that his health was failing, so he wanted to help Ye Mo find a backer, which is how he found the Ning family in the capital.

The Ning family was of course extremely willing to marry one of the top five families in China, the Ye family. They promised Master Ning’s granddaughter, Ning Qingxue, to Ye Mo. Today, three years later, Ning Qingxue, who was only twenty-one years old, was already the number one beauty in the capital.

Ye Mo, on the other hand, became a disaster for the Ye family for a very simple reason. During a medical examination at the hospital, Ye Mo was checked out to be heavenly impotent, which, to put it bluntly, means he cannot be humane. Although the Ye family tried hard to hide the fact, it seemed that overnight everyone in the entire capital knew that the Ye family, one of the five great families of China, had produced a heavenly impotence, and the Ye family was considered to have lost a great deal of face.

“Ah ……” The memory was flipped to this point, Ye Mo shrieked and stood up, almost immediately having to pull his trousers down to take a look. He already had some idea that he might have been reborn into a person also named Ye Mo, but he actually couldn’t be humane, which was better than killing him.

“That student, what is your name and what are you shouting in cla*s, come to my office after cla*s.” The beautiful teacher who was lecturing was interrupted by Ye Mo’s shouting and her face was very unpleasant.

The rest of the students in the cla*s were secretly amused, making a college student go to the office at the slightest move, I guess only this English teacher could do that, not going was not an option, the credits were in the hands of others.

Although he didn’t understand much about the inner workings of the family struggle, he did understand that he was probably driven out of the Ye family because of his impotence, not necessarily because he wasn’t a member of the Ye family, and who knew about the DNA test.

What Ye Mo was worried about was not his expulsion from the Ye family, he would not care about that at all, what he was concerned about was his own heavenly impotence. There was also the matter of how his master, Luo Ying, was doing.

But he also understood why the students in his cla*s were laughing, it was because this predecessor of his had obviously been driven out of the Ye family, but he still had the stubbornness to pursue the hottest girl in the cla*s, Yan Yan. As a result, the person had posted her love letter on the blackboard, and then stood on the podium and looked at herself defiantly and said, “Young Master Ye, can you sleep with me?”

So that was it, no wonder all of them laughed out loud, most likely it turned out that this was how that Ye Mo died of shame. Letting an impotent man sleep with her was not a slap in his face? Although the person he was talking about was no longer himself, Ye Mo’s face still sank.

Looking at the girl named Yan Yan, she was really plump and abnormal looking, but that kind of contrived look disgusted Ye Mo, he really didn’t understand why the original owner of this body had to go and beg her the most.

However, Ye Mo also quickly learned the reason, it was because when Ye Mo was still in the Ye family, all the people were very flattering to him, including the girl named Yan Yan. Later on, after the matter of Heavenly Impotence was spread out, he wanted to find a girlfriend because he was ashamed to save face, but what he didn’t expect was that the girl who was originally very flattering to him actually treated him like that, and in his shame and anxiety, that’s why he fainted, cheapening his rebirth.

He was actually reborn into such a place.

He couldn’t understand a word of the beautiful teacher’s lesson on the podium, even if he did, Ye Mo wouldn’t listen to it, for him to be impotent now was something he absolutely couldn’t accept. Instead of being reborn like this, he might as well not be reborn.

After sorting out his memories, Ye Mo’s face was very gloomy. Let’s not worry about whether or not he was heavenly impotent, it was that this place seemed to be thin on heaven and earth energy, and it was simply not a place to cultivate. Did he really want to die of old age in this place called Earth, inexplicably?

It didn’t matter whether he went to university or not, the main thing was to find out his current situation. His impotence was a matter of the Ye family’s reputation, and although he had been driven out of the Ye family, who knew if he would suddenly be killed off? Maybe there was something else inside that had caused the expulsion from the Ye family, was his safety still guaranteed now?

After the bell rang, of course the first thing Ye Mo did not go to the beautiful teacher, but hurriedly rushed out of the school, he had to find a place to see if his little **, was really impotent.

The good thing is that there are not many other things next to Ninghai University, but there are many small alleyways, Ye Mo hurriedly ran into a small alleyway that was remote and unoccupied, and hurriedly pulled down his trousers.

The small ** was really small, but Ye Mo was not disappointed because of the small **, but really long boo. He was not heavenly impotent, but because his small ** was so big that it was blocked from developing by a meridian, causing this false heavenly impotence. He had been an expert in the apricot forest before he had become a monk in the Luo Yue Continent, and he understood what was going on at a glance for this situation.

But that was it, with the current technology on earth trying to open up this blocked meridian of his own was undoubtedly a fool’s errand, but it was difficult to defeat Ye Mo, although he did not have the ability to open up the blocked meridian and make his little ** masculine right now, as soon as he reached the third level of Qi training, this meridian would automatically be flushed open.

Only immediately, Ye Mo began to be a little disappointed again, because in a situation where the earth’s heaven and earth Yuan Qi was so thin, trying to cultivate to the third level of Qi cultivation was undoubtedly a daunting task, and perhaps he would not be able to reach it for the rest of his life, in which case he would still be equivalent to Heavenly Impotence.

Sighing, Ye Mo was about to pull up his trousers when a sudden shriek made him jolt.

“Playing the rascal ah ……” An absolutely high decibel soprano voice rang out right in front of Ye Mo, who had just been so focused on checking his little ** that he had actually forgotten to check his surroundings. I didn’t realize that this small alleyway was still connected, it was just that the turn in front of it was not visible here.

Ye Mo was not an exposure freak, besides he didn’t have any capital to expose right now, so he hurriedly pulled his trousers up and was about to slip away.

“Ye Mo, how come it’s you?” This woman actually asked in a surprised tone again after screaming, it was obvious that she knew Ye Mo.


Chapter 2

Ye Mo was a little surprised to see this woman in front of him, her hair was very short, and although she was not pretty, she was still kind of durable. Something looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember, originally Ye Mo’s memories after the ones that had just flooded in before cla*s, everything else was gradually blurred, only his own memories from before he was reborn.

“Hmph, good for you Ye Mo, I’ve lent you money so many times and you actually pretend not to know me, you’re really hateful.” The round-faced woman shouted.

Ye Mo suddenly remembered that this woman’s name was Wang Ying, a member of the Wang family in the capital. She was a big-hearted and unconventional person, and spoke without a heart, but her heart was not bad. She also went to school in Ninghai, and was also from Ninghai University. When Ye Mo was in the capital, he had known very few people because he was not well received, let alone after being expelled from the Ye family.

The reason why he knew Wang Ying was because she and his sister, Ye Ling, were cla*smates and often came to Ye Mo’s house to play, so they got to know each other.

Although Ye Mo was kicked out of the Ye family, many people who knew Ye Mo pretended not to know him anymore, but Wang Ying, who was lively in nature and had no fancy, did not pretend not to know him, but instead lent him money a few times when he was in a difficult time.

“Uh, it’s you, Wang Ying, sorry, my brain was a bit confused just now, I didn’t recognize ……” Ye Mo said while thinking in his heart, now that he didn’t even have money for dinner on him, should he ask her to borrow some more.

While Ye Mo was preparing to word his request to borrow money, Wang Ying said mysteriously, “Ye Mo, do you know who the most famous person in the capital after you is now? Oh, I can’t say the most famous, it should be the one who makes people laugh the most.”

Wang Ying didn’t seem to care in the slightest if her words hurt Ye Mo’s pride a little, talking happily to herself.

However, she didn’t seem to expect Ye Mo to answer her, and turned to say mysteriously, “A few months ago, someone from the Ning family went to your Ye family to withdraw from the marriage, do you know what your eldest uncle said?”

Ye Mo said indifferently, “I am Ye Mo, there is no big uncle.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that you are no longer a member of the Ye family, that your big, oh no, that is Uncle Ye said ‘Ye Mo is no longer a member of my Ye family, as for what kind of marriage I don’t know, I heard that he is at Ninghai University, you can go directly to Ninghai to negotiate with him’.

The Ning family was furious, but there was nothing they could do… Hey, Ye Mo, did the Ning family’s people come looking for you? I heard that the Song family sent someone up to the Ning family’s door to try to tell Ning Qingxue to Song Shaowen. Oh, you can’t even imagine what that cheap fiancee of yours said.” Wang Ying said this and looked at Ye Mo with great amusement, she wanted to know Ye Mo’s attitude.

Ye Mo secretly shook his head, to be honest he had no impression of Ning Qingxue, although he said she was the number one beauty in the capital and his fiancée, but now he was neither the original Ye Mo nor the first grandson of the Ye family anymore. Ning Qingxue’s attitude had nothing to do with him, he could marry whoever he wanted, he wouldn’t care at all, not even half a ripple would start.

Besides, if she, Ning Qingxue, was even prettier, would she be prettier than his beautiful master? In the past, his emotional intelligence was too low, and the kindness his master showed him, he thought it was out of concern for him, but now after experiencing the cycle of life and death, if he still couldn’t figure out the affection his master, Luo Ying, had for him, he could really take another trip to his death, and now he wondered if Luo Ying was reborn like him.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo was a little baffled.

Seeing that Ye Mo was a bit baffled, Wang Ying thought he was a bit sad to let go of Ning Qingxue, or was bitter because of being kicked out of the Ye family, and hurriedly said, “Ye Mo, although Ning Qingxue is beautiful, she is a member of the Ning family, while you are not a young master of the Ye family anymore, so …… ”

Ye Mo certainly understood Wang Ying’s meaning, smiled lightly and said, “Ning Qingxue? Oh, I’ve forgotten.” He said the truth, he simply can’t remember who is Ning Qingxue, to say the impression, perhaps not as real as this Wang Ying in front of him.

Wang Ying rolled her eyes at him, saying that it would be strange to believe you.

But she continued, “You’ll be sad to say that about Ning Qingxue, do you know who is the number one person being laughed at in the capital? It’s her.”

Ye Mo was stunned and said to himself, “How could she possibly be laughed at? He was impotent and was kicked out of the Ye family, as long as her Ning family issued a statement to break off the engagement, wouldn’t that be fine? Wouldn’t he, a lonely soul, dare to find his way to his door?

Good thing Wang Ying, however, continued: “After the Song family proposed marriage to Ning Qingxue of the Ning family, Ning Qingxue, however, said in public that she was already Ye Mo’s person and would not remarry to someone else unless …… However, she said the word unless and then left it out. I don’t know what her unless is. But her words immediately got out, and it was said that her father was going to lock her up in a fit of anger, and I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

It was this word of hers that made the whole capital laugh at her, although they all knew that she had used you as an excuse to refuse Song’s proposal of marriage, but now do you know what people are saying behind her back? They all say that she has never tasted a man and does not know what impotence is, and when she knows …….

Oh, I’m sorry, what I said wasn’t directed at you, it’s what everyone else is saying.” Only after she said that Wang Ying remembered that the person she said was heavenly impotent was standing in front of her, and that just now Ye Mo took off his trousers was probably checking out his own one.

Ye Mo said in his heart that this Wang Ying was really heartless, speaking simply as if she was pouring beans, not caring about the back and forth at all. But he didn’t feel anything right now, because he wasn’t impotent at all, as long as he cultivated to the third level of Qi cultivation, this blocked meridian of his would automatically be flushed out, although it was hard and difficult to cultivate to the third level, but there is always a support isn’t there.

But Ning Qingxue’s words, of course he wouldn’t take them seriously, although Ye Mo hadn’t seen her, but with the name of the number one beauty in the capital, he thought that she shouldn’t look bad. She should not be able to see that Song Shaowen, that’s why she used him, Ye Mo, as a shield, but what Ye Mo didn’t understand was, even if she used him as a shield, why did she have to say this in a public place? Wouldn’t it be better to just say that to Song’s family?

But Ye Mo immediately understood that Ning Qingxue did not want to be betrothed to anyone right now, that’s why she said this in public. And she didn’t really want to marry Ye Mo, didn’t you hear her words, didn’t she add the word ‘unless’ until she wanted to marry someone, then she would just say the words after this unless.

This woman is not simple.

“Also, this is for you.” Wang Ying said as she took out a cowhide envelope and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo opened the envelope and there was actually a stack of money inside, he looked at Wang Ying with some surprise, thinking to himself, “I haven’t even asked for this yet, and he’s lending me so much.

“This is what your brother, er, that Ye Zifeng asked me to bring to you, he said that someone else asked him to bring this to you, who it was but didn’t say, but I think it was probably himself.” Wang Ying’s words made Ye Mo think of that cheap brother and cheap sister of his.

It seemed that Ye Ling had never given him a good face, but it was that younger brother Ye Zifeng who treated him quite well.

This money was just what he needed right now, and there was no need to return it, so he could just give it back to him later.