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DYM Chapter 3-4

Chapter 3

After thanking Wang Ying, Ye Mo went back to school again, now he had no place to go except school, he was unfamiliar with this place. And school could always be a place to learn something, besides, the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi was thin here, and it seemed to be slightly better inside the school.

After the last cla*s, he did not go to the English teacher, for him there was no difference between a full credit and a zero, there was no need to listen to a woman nagging. Moreover, although he hadn’t cultivated yet, his memory was incredibly strong, so if he wanted to learn something he could just go to the library directly.

In the following days, Ye Mo did nothing but cultivate and go to the library, occasionally going to cla*s to listen to a few cla*ses he liked. As for the fact that he missed too many cla*ses and could not get his degree, he simply ignored it.

The dormitory was originally four people, but there was an old brother who was in the game room every day, and another one who was living with a girl in a rented house outside as a small couple, while another one whose home was in the city, and Ye Mo was also often in the small woods on campus once he cultivated for a night time, so that this dormitory was often without a single person. If we say that the one who lives in the dormitory more now is Ye Mo, he will come back every three days to have a good sleep, and the rest of the time is used by him to cultivate.

Although he knew that this place would not yield any results in cultivation, that is, he might not be able to cultivate until he died, but his long-standing habit had left him with nothing else to do but cultivate. He had a strong memory and remembered what he liked after reading it once, which saved down a lot of time.

Ye Mo, who had been low-key in his previous life, became even more low-key after arriving in this strange environment. However, because of the love letter incident last time, he still got a nickname, called ‘the lover under the bed’. However, Ye Mo wouldn’t even pay attention to it, and did what he needed to do, as usual.

At the beginning, many people felt that he had a thick skin for still going in and out of the canteen and library in an uneventful manner, but after a long time, no one would pay any attention to him anymore, as if he was just an insignificant drop of water in the ocean, bland and unexceptional.

Two months had pa*sed, and Ye Mo had barely managed to cultivate to the first level of Qi cultivation. In the middle of this, apart from the fact that he had bought all the 20,000 yuan that Wang Ying had brought with him and boiled it down into a soup to drink, it had something to do with the fact that he had been cultivating day and night without stopping.

However, he also knew that without external a*sistance, the first level of Qi cultivation might be the last realm in his life.

Although he had not made much progress in his cultivation, he had gained a lot from the library. Not only had he studied all the textbooks from primary school to high school in two months, but he had also scanned through books on medicine and all kinds of strange gossip.

Although he felt that these aspects of the library were very shallow, he did not get nothing, after all, he was only at the first level of Qi training.

When the summer break came, the school library had to be redecorated, and Ye Mo had no place to go. But now that he was in another economic crisis, he didn’t have much money left on him, only 2,000 points or so. If he didn’t go out to work during the summer to earn money, then it would be a problem to eat in the future, not to mention that he still needed some medicinal herbs for his cultivation.

If he just found an ordinary job, it might be fine for others, but not for Ye Mo. He needed to cultivate, it had become a habit, only cultivation would allow him to find some direction, without money, it was just a waste of words. Besides, the little money from work to give him cultivation was simply too far off.

He can make pills, but now he can’t make pills, not to mention that he is only at the first level of Qi cultivation, so what if he does cultivate to the point where he can make pills? Are there any spiritual herbs here? Is there a pottery furnace here?

Having given up on the idea of making pills, it was good that he could still make talismans. At the current Qi cultivation level, he couldn’t make high-level talismans, but some low-level ‘Spirit Clearing Talisman’, ‘Evil Protection Talisman’, ‘Body Protection Talisman’ or even simple He could still make ‘fireball talismans’ and so on.

He purchased some talisman paper, wolf hair, vermilion sand and other items for making talismans. Although good talismans are made from the skins and blood of demonic beasts, it was impossible to have demonic beasts here, so he could only use vermilion sand and rooster blood to concoct them himself, although he could not make high-level talismans, but for these simple talismans, which were not even first-cla*s talismans, he could.

The good thing is that after concocting the finest yellow sheets and a few herbs here, it can be used as talisman paper. This way, Ye Mo’s last few thousand dollars were gone again.

Vermilion sand and chicken blood plus a few cheap herbs were boiled by Ye Mo to make a talisman making raw material with a faint fragrance. A few thousand yuan was indeed already very little, and all these things together could only make about thirty talismans. This didn’t even count the materials that were scrapped by the production.

It was a good thing that although Ye Mo was at the first level of Qi cultivation, he turned out to be an expert who could make grade five talismans, and the talismans he made now were not even considered to be of grade.

With the thirty or so materials, he made eight talismans, two each of ‘Spirit Clearing Talisman’, ‘Evil Protection Talisman’, ‘Body Protection Talisman’ and ‘Fireball Talisman’.

Although only eight talismans were made, one of them, the ‘God Clearing Talisman’, was made by Ye Mo in a fortuitous outburst into something good that was close to a first grade talisman, which was a surprise among surprises.

The eight talismans took him a total of half a month, on average, not even one talisman per day. The next time was spent selling talismans.

Although he knew that making and selling talismans here was considered to be an act of promoting superstition, the government did not forcibly prohibit it. Ninghai has such a big mish-mash market, ‘Haibao Antique Market’, which some people also call ‘Haibao Garden’. Not only were there all kinds of vendors selling all kinds of antiques and curiosities here, there were also some people who sold talismans like Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had seen the talismans these people were selling, they were all made of ordinary yellow sheet paper with no spiritual energy and had no effect at all, but they were also sold cheaply, just a dozen to a few dozen dollars a piece, rarely more than a hundred.

Of course Ye Mo’s talismans could not be sold so cheaply, if he really sold them so cheaply, he might as well go to work.

In order to prevent people from recognising him and affecting his peaceful cultivation life in the future, he might even be arrested as a mouse. Ye Mo wore a big sungla*ses and a hat with a very low brim, came to the ‘Sea Treasure Garden’ and followed the example of some fortune tellers and found a corner to set up a small ground stall. Placing a few talismans on a black cloth, this opened up.

Although there were many city police in Ninghai, there were none in ‘Hai Bao Yuan’. So no one came to teach Ye Mo anything either, which saved Ye Mo a lot of things.

If other people’s yellow watch talismans were to rely on quantity to make money, Ye Mo knew that he could only sell his own talismans to people who knew what they were doing. If people who were not knowledgeable, they would definitely not buy his talismans.

“Huh, there’s also the ‘Evil-Preventing Talisman’, what is this, hey boss how much is this ‘Evil-Preventing Talisman’ of yours?” A man and a woman walked up to Ye Mo, and the man among them asked.

Ye Mo didn’t expect that just after his stall was set up, someone would come up and ask for the price, he immediately stood up with joy and said, “All talismans are 10,000 a piece ……”

“Nuts ……” Before Ye Mo could finish his sentence, he received three words and the backs of two people who raised their heads and left.


Chapter 4

Before Ye Mo could come to say that the near Grade 1 ‘God Clearing Talisman’ was 20,000 yuan, he was scolded for being insane. But he wasn’t much discouraged, after all, he only sold his talismans to those who were truly knowledgeable, as only those who were truly knowledgeable would be able to see that his talismans carried a faint flow of spiritual energy.

However, to Ye Mo’s disappointment, his stall had been set up for five days in a row, and many people had come to ask, but he had never sold a single one. Even this talisman stall of his had become famous in the ‘Sea Treasure Garden’ because a yellow watch talisman from his stall was sold for 10,000 yuan.

Many people didn’t come to buy the yellow watch talisman, but to see what a $10,000 yellow watch talisman really looked like now. Ye Mo’s stall had also become a big laughing stock in the ‘Sea Treasure Garden’, as the talismans made by others were half the size of A4 paper, while his talismans were only the size of a palm, and one was even half the size of a palm. The price he was selling them for was still in the tens of thousands, and he didn’t return the price, so it was hard not to become famous.

On the ninth day, Ye Mo was already a bit discouraged, he was already sure that no one here could recognize his stuff, only he himself knew that his talismans were not expensive even if they were sold for 10,000 or 100,000, but it was futile to have a thousand li horse without a bole.

Ye Mo decided that today was the last day, if no one came to ask for his talismans, he would continue to go to the labour market to find a job first, otherwise he would not even have food to eat.

The rarity was only for a few days, although Ye Mo’s 10,000 yuan talisman had been visited by many people for a few days, it was obvious that the rarity period had pa*sed in the past few days and there were very few people coming to see it.

Ye Mo was so bored that he was ready to close his stall, but a conversation between a man and two women walking towards him caught his attention. Although it was far away, his ears were not ordinary and he could still hear it clearly.

“Jing Wen, this place is full of people selling dog’s pills, all of whom come only to believe in superstition. You’ve already bought a lot of magic tools, so in my opinion, it’s better to forget it. I have contacted a brain hospital in France, it is said to be very famous, why don’t we transfer our aunt to France for treatment.” The man who spoke was the tall man, tall and handsome in appearance. It was a solidly handsome man.

The woman was also tall, with a cool face, a noble temperament and fair skin, and was actually an absolute beauty. Yan Yan in the cla*s was also considered not bad looking, but compared to this woman, she was simply a slag. Ye Mo really couldn’t understand how his predecessor was so unpromising, he actually even looked at a woman like Yan Yan.

However, this beautiful woman looked icy cold, and there was some sorrow hidden between her eyebrows. Hearing the handsome man’s words, the woman called Jing Wen frowned even harder, it wasn’t that she didn’t want her mother to go to the hospital, in the past three years she had taken her mother all over six medically developed countries and visited more than a dozen hospitals, but there was no progress in her mother’s illness.

“Wang Peng, I didn’t ask you to come along with me, you had to come along yourself. Has my mother been to fewer hospitals of all kinds over the years? There are five or six that you have referred, but my mother is still unconscious, so if you are impatient, be my guest.” The woman’s tone was icy and she clearly didn’t have much affection for the handsome man beside her.

The other woman was very handsome looking, but she just followed the beautiful woman named Jing Wen closely, not saying a word, looking like she should be a bodyguard or something.

Ye Mo listened to it funny, it was to any person who listened to his advice seven or eight times, none of which could be successful, would not have much good feeling about it. This Wang Peng was really an extremely good person, actually coming up with so many bad ideas one after another. This woman said that her mother was in a coma and had been in a coma for three years, and it looked like she was a vegetable.

If it was a vegetable and still only had three years to live, his near first-cla*s ‘God Clearing Talisman’ should be able to wake her up. Thinking of this immediately began to call out, “Selling talismans, evil spirits, vegetative people, physically ill my talisman one works, two will completely heal ……”

The woman can run around in several countries, which means she is rich and should not care if she spends 10 or 20 thousand.

Su Jingwen, who was depressed and sad in her heart, heard that there were talismans that could cure vegetative people, and immediately listened to the voice of an immortal, without thinking, she came to the front of the shouting Ye Mo’s stall.

“May I ask, your talisman, can it cure a vegetable?” Su Jingwen’s tone trembled, as nervous as a drowning person grabbing a piece of wood.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, thinking in his heart that if his level one talisman could not even save an ordinary mortal from coma, he should simply take a piece of tofu and crash to death.

But this business was something he had deliberately shouted for, so of course he wanted to make it happen, otherwise he would have been shouting for nothing. Now that this beautiful woman asked about it, she quickly said, “That’s for sure, my talisman can save a vegetable person, not to mention that as long as there is a breath, my talisman can save a life. That is ancestral ……”

Ye Mo was about to continue bragging, but this beautiful woman interrupted him from continuing and instead asked eagerly, “My mother is a vegetable, now I want to wake her up, may I ask what talisman is needed?”

Ye Mo nodded and said to himself, “I already knew that, otherwise why did I call you here, pretending to be deep, he said, “This is simple, just purchase a ‘God Clearing Talisman’, I have two ‘God Clearing Talismans’ here. One is a top quality one sold for twenty thousand yuan, and an ordinary one for ten thousand yuan, no bargain.”

“What, you godly man, how dare you cheat people in the street, I’ll call the police right away.” As soon as he heard that two talismans made of yellow paper were actually sold for 30,000 yuan, the handsome man named Wang Peng immediately went berserk. Pointing at Ye Mo’s nose, he cursed.

Ye Mo lifted his foot and kicked Wang Peng’s hand to the side, but secretly used his inner strength to make him unable to exert his hand at all in the future, but now he couldn’t see it. In the future, his wrist would be dislocated as soon as he exerted force.

Ye Mo’s movements were completed in one go without the slightest pause, others could not see it, but the Yingwu woman who had been following Su Jingwen next to him saw a flash of shock in her eyes, but immediately regained her composure.

Kicking Wang Peng’s hand aside, Ye Mo only said coldly, “I didn’t ask you to buy it, what a joke, get lost, I want to do business, don’t block my way to wealth.”

“How dare you, you ……” Wang Peng’s angry words were stopped by the cold woman’s words before he could finish.

“Wang Peng, please move aside, I don’t need you to follow us.” Su Jingwen coldly spoke to Wang Peng and turned to Ye Mo and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Master, this man is just walking with me and doesn’t represent me.”

“Jingwen, this person obviously covered his face, and this palm-sized piece of yellow paper is still sold for 10,000 yuan, clearly a fraud, tens of thousands of dollars is a small matter, in case the aunt has a ……” Wang Peng still wanted to persuade, but Su Jingwen face cold, it is clear that has some impatience.