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DYM Chapter 105-106

Chapter 105

At this time, Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing had already entered the Taklamakan Desert, only unlike what they had originally thought, they had not come in alone, but in a convoy.

Although Chi Wanqing did not want her father to interfere with her actions, she had to take a step back since he had not mentioned anything about the past and had agreed to her entering the desert. Besides, she also understood that her father was doing this for her own good, so under the compromise, not only did Ji Youjun arrange a few cars for Ning Qingxue, he also sent someone to accompany his daughter to the desert. This is a kind of seeking sī with power. If it were not for his daughter, Ji Youjun would never have done such a thing.

But there was no way out, his daughter, whom he had not seen for several years, wanted to go to the desert as soon as they met, and even if he tried to persuade her, she would not agree. If he did not want to fall out with his daughter again, he could only compromise her request and send a special escort to explore the desert.


Ye Mo carefully checked the wind wall where he would spend the night and felt that it was sturdy, then he felt relieved and opened the tent. The sleeping bag was too hot at night, and Ye Mo was too lazy to use it.

At night Ye Mo did not want to sleep, he was cultivating inside the tent, but when he cultivated until midnight, he once again had the feeling of being watched. This feeling made him very uncomfortable, and Ye Mo was even more depressed in his heart, he was not the only one who came to the desert to explore or even travel, so why did he have to meet this situation?

Ye Mo didn’t wait any longer this time, he packed his things and put them in his bag, once again put his bag on his back and even put his tent away. At this time he felt that the thing that was staring at him was still in the same place.

Whether this thing was from that night or not, Ye Mo was not sure, but since it was staring at him, it meant that he had something on him that attracted it. As for what it was, Ye Mo couldn’t figure it out. Could it still be the grimacing roach that was staring at him? However, Ye Mo knew that this was impossible, because the bare roach would not live in the desert at all.

He had come to the desert to look for the ‘Purple Heart Vine’, could this be because of the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ in his bag? Because only the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ was not in anyone else’s bag. If this was really the case, it meant that this thing was quite sensitive to the ‘Purple Heart Vine’.

After Ye Mo carried the stuff, this time he didn’t rush to attack this thing hiding in the shadows staring at him, instead he took out an iron nail and after marking it with his divine sense mark, he suddenly stood up and turned out of the wind wall, the iron nail in his hand struck at this dark shadow staring at him in the shadows.

Another ‘squeak’ sound, Ye Mo knew his iron nail had hit and immediately chased after it.

At this time, his bag was on his own back, so he was not afraid even if he was mí road. With the food and water in his bag, plus his own ability, even if he survived inside the desert for a month or two, a month or two, even if he followed a direction he would have walked out of the desert.

This time Ye Mo didn’t chase after the lost, he stared closely at the black shadow in front of him, although the black shadow was trying to escape his divine sense every now and then, but he had already nailed a divine sense nail on it, Ye Mo believed that he could definitely catch the black shadow as long as his divine sense locked on this nail.

Although Ye Mo was staring closely at the black shadow in front of him, he was wondering in his heart, this black shadow’s life force was a little too strong, his own nail must have already hit it, but how could it still be so swift? The black shadow that he met a few days ago was the same way.

Just as Ye Mo was about to think of a way to suddenly accelerate to intercept the black shadow, a weak and feeble cough came from not far away. The sound was so small that if Ye Mo’s ears were not quite strong, he would never have heard it.

With this moment of dazedness, Ye Mo found that the black shadow he had just chased had once again disappeared. However, Ye Mo was not annoyed, that black shadow must be hiding somewhere, the black shadow had been hit by his nail, even if the nail was made out by it, but that nail he had processed, there was a trace of divine sense brand, he only needed to find the sense of that trace brand to find it again, at least within a few hours no problem.

Now that the thing had disappeared, Ye Mo didn’t bother to keep looking for it, but followed the place where the shēn chant had just been emitted.

Two men and a woman, leaning helplessly against the outside of a tattered tent. Ye Mo didn’t walk up to the people, his divine sense swept over the three first.

The three men were dishevelled and looked in a mess, and the two men actually had guns on them. The woman did not have a pistol, but there was also a murderous aura between her demeanor, and Ye Mo seemed to have seen this humongous murderous aura somewhere.

Looking at the direction the three were sitting and standing, it was obvious that these three were not in a group. Despite the fact that all three were in a dying state, the two men were still staring at the woman with some caution, as if they were preventing her from playing any tricks.

Ye Mo had just arrived and the three men were immediately startled. It was the middle of the night and a human figure suddenly appeared inside the desert, even the most daring would have been scared to death.

Although all three were startled, it was obvious that all three were powerless, only one of them picked up his pistol and pointed it at Ye Mo, but he did not shoot.

Ye Mo paid attention to the three men, these three men’s mouths chún were very cracked and their clothes were beaten by the wind and sand. It was evident that these three had been wandering around inside the desert for quite some time.

“Who are you?” The man with the pistol stared at Ye Mo somewhat nervously.

“Are you a human or a ghost?” Although the woman looked fierce, how could she not be scared when she suddenly met such a person with a backpack in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night, she subconsciously moved towards the two men, but perhaps her strength had run out, yet she could not move any further after moving just a little.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, if you dare to point a gun at me again, I guarantee that you won’t see the sun tomorrow.” Ye Mo said indifferently, what he hated the most now was pointing a gun at him. These three people were not simple people, even though they were now tossed by the desert and unable to stand up, Ye Mo could feel the toughness of these three people, whether it was the woman or the two men, they were not simple.

What surprised Ye Mo was that this man with the gun suddenly put it away and coughed again before he said feebly, “What I hate the most now is the sun tomorrow morning.”

Ye Mo suddenly felt that this guy was a bit cute, and smiled slightly “You guys míd the road in the desert?”

At this point, the three of them were already sure that Ye Mo was not a ghost, and that Ye Mo should also be a person who had explored in the middle of the desert. The man who had put away his gun was relieved, maybe if he met this man, he would be saved.

At this moment, he did not ask Ye Mo for water, but said with some admiration, “Brother, I admire you so much, you can walk in the middle of the desert as if you were walking. You’re not going to tell me that you walked here on foot, are you?”

Ye Mo didn’t answer the man’s words, but looked at the other two.

The man who spoke hurriedly explained, “My name is Li Fox, this is my partner Chen Hongzhe, we were chasing a criminal in the desert and didn’t feel like míing the road. The car had run out of fuel and was left in the middle of the desert. We wanted to call for help, but our communication equipment and location devices were surprisingly useless. Then we walked for a while, ready to find a place with a signal, but we didn’t expect that the further we walked the more mí road we took, and now it has been many days.”

Seeing that Ye Mo did not say anything, Li Fox took out his own mobile phone and said, “I thought I could call for help even if I walked a little way, but the phone ran out of battery after a few days. And we entered the desert in a hurry in order to chase her, and basically didn’t prepare anything. We got her, but she’s stuck in the desert. Probably going to hiccup in a day or two.”

This Li Fox spoke somewhat spontaneously, as if he didn’t take death seriously.

Ye Mo looked at the woman and said to himself that although this woman was also now tossed around by the desert, that feisty and murderous aura in her was still there.

Since they were there to catch criminals, it meant that these two were from the police station or a department like that.

“Shame on you, you’re the criminals. Is that thing yours? Who are you to ask me to recover it? Besides, I don’t even have the stuff on me.” When this woman heard this Li Fox’s words, she immediately retorted, her tone was quite disdainful.

Ye Mo was too lazy to care about the gossip, who was right and who was wrong, he didn’t want to care at all. Seeing that these three were about to hold on, he took out fifteen bottles of water from his bag and threw five bottles each over. Since these three people were not in the same gang, they should give them separately, so as not to start another fight. Ye Mo didn’t give any dry food, he saw that several people still had dry food in their bags.

“Many thanks, brother, I can’t ask for so much, three bottles would be good, you yourself are still in the middle of the desert, you keep some.” Li Fox took the water and immediately clasped his fist in thanks. But in his words, he told Ye Mo to take some back.

One of the reasons why Ye Mo gave water was that he himself had more water now, and another was that the yellow-shirted woman had not been stingy in the slightest when she saved him, and Ye Mo had suffered some infection. Of course Li Fox’s xìng character Ye Mo liked somewhat, this person was a bit optimistic. Now that he said he would let Ye Mo stay some, Ye Mo’s opinion of him was even better.

Chen Hongzhe picked up the water and said thank you to Ye Mo with feeling, and did not take the initiative to say that there was too much water, he just hurriedly opened a bottle of water and drank it all at once. However, he looked at the remaining water and did not continue drinking after all, he also knew that he could not drink too much water now.

The woman picked up the five bottles of water and immediately said to Ye Mo in a somewhat jītty manner, “Thank you, you’re really a good person, my name is Feng Tian. But I only need three bottles too.” After saying that, he picked up two bottles and handed them to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “I still have about ten bottles of water, you don’t need to give them to me, I have enough.” However, he felt that Feng Tian’s temperament was extremely incompatible with her name, she looked tough and murderous, while her name was very weak.

Chen Hongzhe was a little unnatural when he saw that he was the only one of the three who didn’t push back and was the first to drink.

Li Fox also drank half a bottle of water and felt that people recovered much better, then he looked at Li Sweet and said: “Good, you say you are not a criminal, do you dare to say that you are not originally from Beisha? Do you dare to say that the bombing at Tandu a few months ago had nothing to do with you? Are you still going to say that you didn’t take the stuff? We’ve all said that if you just bring the stuff out, I can even pay you and won’t hold you responsible for anything, and is it useful for you to want that stuff?”

Feng Tian opened her mouth, but in the end, she didn’t say anything!


Chapter 106

Ye Mo suddenly understood that the explosion in Tandu a few months ago was done by him and Wen Dong together, and he heard Gong Huishan say that Wen Dong was someone from Bei Sha. Although Ye Mo didn’t know what kind of organization North Sand was, but now that Li Fox said that Feng Tian was also a member of North Sand, Ye Mo finally understood the kind of feeling he had in Feng Tian’s body, so it was because of Wen Dong.

Ye Mo looked at Li Fox and suddenly smiled “This you guys are wrong to blame Feng Sweet, because one thing is not in her hands, two things are not taken by her.” Ye Mo did not talk about the bombing case a few months ago, the reason why he helped Feng Tian a bit was because just now Feng Tian was wrongly accused by Li Fox and did not say anything about Wen Dong.

Besides, Li Fox had also said that there was a reward for taking out the stuff and there was no responsibility. To be honest, this thing was really chicken ribs to Ye Mo, and could not be used at all.

“How do you know? You know what we are looking for?” Li Fox had some strength from drinking a water and stood up, only his body was still weak.

Ye Mo waved his hand “How I know, you don’t need to understand, it’s just that if you say this thing pays, I can help introduce you to it and it won’t hurt to sell it to you, my friend doesn’t need it anyway.”

Lee Fox immediately exclaimed in surprise “Of course we need it, we definitely want it, you put a price on it, we’ll definitely accept it.”

He didn’t even say that the price couldn’t be too much, which showed how important this item was in his eyes.xìng I guess another thing was that he also understood that a person like Ye Mo could give water to a stranger in the middle of the desert, so he definitely wouldn’t be some kind of jinx.

Ye Mo hadn’t spoken yet, but Feng Tian also called out with some surprise “Do you, please, do you know where Sister Dong is going?” The expectation in his eyes was very obvious.

“That I don’t really know.” Ye Mo could see that Feng Tian was not only from the same organization as Wen Dong, but also seemed to have betrayed out together, and their relationship was not bad.

Sure enough hearing Ye Mo’s words, a hint of disappointment flashed in Feng Tian’s eyes.

Ye Mo, however, looked back at Li Fox, he somewhat admired Li Fox as a person, his name was just as mismatched as his xìng character. Seeing that Li Fox was looking at him eagerly, Ye Mo smiled slightly and said “How much can you offer?”

“Half a million.” Li Fox said offhandedly.

Feng Tian immediately sneered at him again and said, “This thing is sold at least several million dollars in the international market, you can offer 500,000, you really say that.”

The first time I heard this, I was very proud of myself. He also understood that the price he had given was not low, but ridiculously low, not even a few tenths of the price of the item itself.

Ye Mo could see that half a million was already the highest price that Li Fox could decide on, and to Ye Mo, it was really useless to hold it in his hand, and it took up a big chunk of space in his bag, which annoyed Ye Mo. He also had a good view of Li Fox, he wasn’t going to spend time selling it for a model, and he didn’t have that much time. Right now his main aim was not to earn money, of course having money was better. Now that half a million came out of thin air, Ye Mo was satisfied.

“Actually, half a million is indeed a bit low, why don’t I take another two hundred thousand.” Li Fox said with some embarra*sment.

Chen Hongzhe suddenly interjected, “Team Li, where are you going to get another two hundred thousand? Are you going to pay for it yourself?”

Before Li Fox could answer, Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Fine, just five hundred thousand, I’ll sell it to you.”

After saying that, Ye Mo had already taken out the model and information in his bag and handed it to Li Fox, “You’re talking about this, right?”

Li Fox didn’t react for a long time, he didn’t expect things to go so smoothly, he got the stuff here. Feng Tian was also shocked, she also did not expect the item to be on this man’s body.

Li Fox finally understood and took the item as if in a dream, took out his torch and shone it for a while and said in a loud voice, “Not bad, this is it, this is it ……”

“This several million dollars, you actually sold it for just half a million, you ……” Feng Sweet did not understand Ye Mo’s identity, she certainly could not figure it out.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I really didn’t expect to actually find this thing inside the desert, but I didn’t have any money on me ……” After saying that even Li Fox himself felt embarra*sed, although this thing was very important to him, it was someone else’s thing after all. It’s always a little bit wrong for him to say something with empty words.

Who knew that Ye Mo, however, smiled lightly and said, “Then you owe me, tell me a phone number, I’ll give you a call when I get back, and then you give me the money.”


Not only was Li Fox surprised, but even Feng Tian and Chen Hongzhe on the side were just as surprised. How could one do business like this, how could one trust people like this.

“This ……” Li Fox was still really a bit speechless, he could see that Ye Mo was an unusual person, he didn’t expect to be so open-minded as to this extent.

He didn’t ask Ye Mo how he got this thing, because as for how it came to be, he didn’t want to delve into it, everyone had their own secrets. Since this man believed in him so much, he should not be too pretentious.

Thinking of this, Li Fox gave a salute to Ye Mo, “Friend, I won’t be pretentious, I’ll make you a friend. I want to take the item back with me because it is not about me personally. I would like to ask for my friend’s honorific name and first name, otherwise I won’t know who I should give the money to when the time comes ……”

“My name is Ye Mo ……” Ye Mo didn’t hide, his name was known to Wen Dong and also to the Song family.

“Ye Mo?” Li Fox repeated, but didn’t think deeply before saying, “My number is 13817XXXX, Yanjing ……”

At this point Li Fox suddenly stopped because he saw Ye Mo chasing after him again, except for dropping a vial a compa*s and a sentence, his figure had already disappeared.

That sentence was, ‘There are three pills in the bottle, one for each of you, you will soon recover your strength, see you later.’

Li Fox picked up the bottle in the sand and froze for a long time, and only after a long time did he say, “Brother Ye is really a strange man.” After saying that, he opened the bottle, and there were only three blackish pills inside.

“Can this be eaten?” Chen Hongzhe looked at the pills and frowned.

“As long as it’s from Brother Ye, I think it can be eaten.” After saying this, Li Huo swallowed one without hesitation.

Feng Tian coldly snorted and also took one directly from Li Fox’s hand and swallowed it. Only Chen Hongzhe looked at the remaining pill in Li Fox’s hand with some hesitation.

Not long after, Feng Tian stood up with a surprised look on her face, tossed her hair and said with delight, “There is actually this kind of divine medicine, you don’t eat it, give me this one again.” After saying that, she was going to take the remaining pill in Li Fox’s hand.

At this time, Li Fox also kicked his tuǐ with a surprised face, this pill was surprisingly so miraculous, he just ate one and his body which seemed to be somewhat tired and depleted immediately recovered. At this moment, when he saw Feng Tian come to grab it, of course he would not give it to her but threw it to Chen Hongzhe “You quickly eat it, recover your strength, and we will leave the desert immediately.”

After saying this, he looked at the direction where Ye Mo had disappeared and once again murmured, “Brother Ye is really a strange man, he is most likely from the Ancient Martial School. Only they can have such magical pills, only they can roam the Taklamakan with such ease ……”

Ye Mo dropped the pill too late to speak, of course he felt the black shadow that had hit his nail again, he really wanted to find out what this thing was and if he was targeting himself because of the ‘Purple Heart Vine’.

Sure enough, Ye Mo only chased out for ten minutes before he saw another blurred black shadow. Although this black shadow was still fast, Ye Mo’s speed wasn’t slow either. The black shadow looked somewhat like a poplar root, and there were times when Ye Mo even wondered if it was a poplar root that had changed.

Although the poplar was claimed to be immortal for a thousand years, it would not fall down for a thousand years and would not decay for a thousand years. But Ye Mo also knew that this idea of his was too absurd.

Ye Mo was always concentrating on chasing the black shadow in front of him, not even looking at the direction or paying attention to the path. Besides he didn’t need to pay attention to these things now that he had his backpack on him, he just didn’t believe that a desert could still wipe him out as a cultivator with supplements.

So a few hours later, when the sky was already white, Ye Mo had slowly seen clearly that the dark shadow a few dozen meters ahead was really like a poplar root. As the day dawned, Ye Mo would be even less worried that this thing would escape.

But just as Ye Mo was staring at the thing, the shadow suddenly disappeared again. If Ye Mo hadn’t still been able to feel his divine sense mark, he would have lost it again.

At this moment, Ye Mo had already understood, no wonder it was vague and appeared and disappeared when he was chasing it last night. It turned out that the shadow could actually penetrate into the yellow sand, and he was able to track it based on the vague divine sense markings, so he didn’t lose it completely.

But now that Ye Mo understood it, of course he would not let it go. The shadow was still very fast inside the yellow sand. He did not believe that he could not chase a beast in the desert.

The shadow was not only strong in life, but also in endurance. He and Ye Mo chased after him for another day in the desert. The speed finally slowed down, and Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, he was also a bit unable to add up. He took out a bottle of water and drank it all at once.

Suddenly Ye Mo was dumbfounded, originally he knew that the shadow was inside the yellow sand, he could still locate it all the way to, but now the shadow seemed to understand Ye Mo’s meaning, it actually went deeper into the yellow sand. And it was gradually going beyond the range of Ye Mo’s divine sense.

The most range of Ye Mo’s divine sense markings was about fifty metres, but the shadow had definitely gone further than fifty metres underground, and finally Ye Mo had once again completely lost sight of the shadow.

He thought of digging a hole in the desert, but it was too dangerous, and he thought of how he had fallen into the yellow sand a few days ago, and his heart was still pounding.