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DYM Chapter 103-104

Chapter 103

Timmer calmed himself down. He didn’t go back to look for his bag. Instead, he sat down in the same place, the more he had to be calm at this time, any panic would make him make a wrong judgment again. If he had been here before, he would never have thought that he would lose his way after a mere ten minutes of travel.

It was rumoured that there were míhún formations in the Taklamakan Desert, and it looked like there might really be such a thing.

Although he hadn’t slept all night, Ye Mo’s spirits were not bad, all he could think about was the bag he had.

The next day when it was just dawn, Ye Mo returned to the place where he had struck the black shadow with the fireball last night. To Ye Mo’s surprise, the two traces that he had struck out with the fireball last night had disappeared even in the morning when he got up. The sand on the ground made it impossible to see any signs of movement here, but the place where the marks were struck last night was partially as if it had been refilled with sand and stones.

Ye Mo did not want to continue to stay here and waste time, the blazing sun had risen again in the sky, if he could not find his bag as soon as possible, losing his things was a small matter, maybe his life was really in danger.

Although he was a cultivator, he was still only at the second level of Qi cultivation, and there was no way Ye Mo could hold on under this blazing sun. He was still far from being able to break away from the grain, or even cultivate for a week without eating or drinking, let alone under such harsh conditions.

After paying attention in the same place for a long time, and then according to the direction of the sun’s appearance, Ye Mo calculated a direction and quickly sprinted over. Ten minutes later, Ye Mo stopped in his tracks, the direction was obviously not right…

If it was right, now ten minutes later, he must have found the place where he rested last night.

When Ye Mo retreated back again, he was surprised to find that the place he retreated back to didn’t seem to be the same place as earlier either, it was just that the sand and rocks around here were all similar and he couldn’t even tell the difference for a while.

Although he wouldn’t let such things mess him up, Ye Mo knew that the situation was somewhat serious. Previously he had gone into the desert without a GPS, but had a compa*s and some common tools to identify his direction. Now he had nothing, and mí lost his way.

Ye Mo knew that people who generally came to explore the desert basically had a positioning system. To be exact, there were specific numbers of latitude and longitude, whereas he did not have any. Originally, he thought that with his ability as a cultivator, these should not have much effect. But now he realised that he was wrong, very wrong. But then again, even if he had purchased a cheap GPS, he wouldn’t have carried it around with him, he would surely have put it in his bag, and it would still be useless.

Now Ye Mo felt as if he had fallen into a formation.

As for formations, Ye Mo was not ignorant, he knew some formations, and he could even set up hundreds of formations himself as long as he had the materials, but this place where he had mí lost his direction clearly did not look like a formation.

Ye Mo sighed and said to himself that if only he had a storage device, he wouldn’t have to worry about losing his bag at all.

Ye Mo no longer ran back and forth, but directly chose a direction to leave, since he had already míd the way, there was no point in continuing to stay here.

For two days, Ye Mo found no trace of any person or animal, nor did he find any water source. In this kind of desert where the sun was blazing, running around constantly like Ye Mo did, if it was an ordinary person, he would have been finished long ago if he was any stronger. Even Ye Mo felt that he could not take it anymore, if he continued like this, he might be swallowed up by the desert in a few more days.

After three days and four nights without food or water, Ye Mo felt that the true essence in his body was extremely shrunken, and here now he had no way to cultivate at all.

On the fifth day, Ye Mo, whose mouth was dry and cracked, stopped the idea of continuing to look for a water source. He was unfamiliar with the desert and had no idea where there should be a water source. If he couldn’t meet anyone or water again, he would have to be in danger.

But if he didn’t continue his search, he wouldn’t last long standing in the endless yellow sand being grilled by the hot sun. If only he could reach the third level of Qi training, Ye Mo was a bit helpless, his current cultivation level was still too low.

As he was thinking about it, Ye Mo suddenly noticed that the sand and rocks under his feet seemed to be flowing slowly, only that the speed was so slow that if Ye Mo did not have divine sense, he would never be able to see it. Ye Mo paid more careful attention and found that the sand around him was all gradually flowing towards a location under his feet, but there was no sand and gravel piling up under his feet at all, what was going on?

The absence of sand and stones piling up meant that the sand flowing over had completely disappeared into the ground. Disappeared underground? Since it had disappeared into the ground, it meant that the area underneath where he was stepping was empty. Thinking of this, how could Ye Mo dare to stay here, his strength had already been used up seven out of ten, if a sand and stone vortex suddenly appeared here, he would not be able to escape at all.

But just as Ye Mo thought about this and was about to leave immediately, the sand and rocks under his feet suddenly spun up, and Ye Mo felt a void under his feet, and his whole body was about to be plunged into the quicksand.

Ye Mo knew very well in his heart that once he was buried by these quicksand, in his current state, he would simply die. He was not willing to be taken in by the sand and stones, so he stepped on the falling sand and stones and rose up in the air. Surprisingly, he leapt up to a height of nearly five or six metres.

However, Ye Mo soon felt that something was wrong, because although he had leapt up, the suction force under his feet was still there, and there was no place to land around him.

If it was a few days ago, he might have been able to explode out and lunge beyond the sand and gravel vortex, but now Ye Mo could only watch himself slowly descend with his eyes struggling. Even though he had already used his true essence to the utmost, the most he could do was to slow down the speed of his descent.

The true essence in his body could not support him to continue moving across.

Ye Mo let out a long sigh, he could not have imagined that he would fall in the middle of the desert in this way. At this moment, he remembered a lot, Luo Ying’s voice and smile surrounded him in front of his eyes. Suddenly he remembered Ning Qingxue’s words from that night, “This gra*s inside the courtyard is something I left for Ye Mo”, and he was briefly lost in thought.

Just as Ye Mo was about to accept his fate of being swallowed by the sand and stones, he suddenly felt a tightness around his waist, and a white sè belt was curled around his waist. Although Ye Mo had a brief moment of disorientation just now because he was about to be swallowed by the sandstone, he would not let go of such an opportunity, his hand immediately grabbed the belt, and just as he was about to leap up with his strength, he felt a tightness around his waist and he was unexpectedly swung up.

When Ye Mo landed on the sandstone hard ground, the white sè belt had already been retracted.

Ye Mo was secretly shocked, this stance was already a notch higher than the Hu Qiu he met last time. Standing nearly three or four feet away from Ye Mo was a woman in a pale yellow sè dress, with a piece of sarong méng on her face, staring at Ye Mo at the moment. Her eyes were clear and soulful, and it was surprisingly somewhat serene to look at.

How could it be such a woman, wearing a dress in the middle of the desert? If Ye Mo was not a cultivator, he would really think that this woman was a fairy-like existence. But of course, Ye Mo would not think so. Although this woman’s face could not be seen, her posture could not be described.

The pale yellow dress did not move under the blazing sun, just like a goddess of the ages. But the backpack on her back told others that she was not a goddess, but also a person who had come to the desert for tourism or adventure.

Her hair was slightly dishevelled, but the few strands of black hair that were scattered about set her off like a nymph and made her look even more beautiful.

In the words of Luo Shen Fu, “Her shoulders are like a slender, and her waist is like a pearl. She is a woman of great beauty, with a neck like a shoulder, and a waist like a skirt. It is too apt to describe the woman in front of you. It’s really, “As if Ruoxi is like the light clouds that cover the moon, floating like the flowing wind that returns the snow. The woman’s face is like that of her master, Luo Ying, who is standing right in front of him and can’t help but call out “Master. The first woman he had ever been attracted to besides Luo Ying, he had only later realized his dependence on her.

The woman took a look at Ye Mo’s somewhat disheveled body and his empty dress and then heard Ye Mo call her “Master” incoherently, she couldn’t help but frown. However, he did not say anything, but that was all.

Ye Mo came back to his senses, he already understood that the woman in front of him was definitely not an ordinary woman, otherwise it would not be possible to use this kind of dress to come to the desert. He looked back at the swirling sand pit just now, at this time has completely disappeared this swirl came and went quickly.

Knowing that this woman had saved his life and had sensed his presumption, Ye Mo hastily clasped his fist and thanked him, “Thank you for saving my life, sister.”

Sister? The woman seemed a little stunned when she heard Ye Mo’s address. She looked at the swirling sand pit that Ye Mo had just almost fallen into and knew in her heart that the man’s backpack should have been swallowed by the sand and rocks however she still didn’t say anything and just took out a bag of water and a packet of cakes and fungus in her own bag and threw it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took the things but did not open the bag of water to drink first, instead he clasped his fist again and thanked, “Thank you for the gift of water, Ye Mo will definitely be rewarded if he does not die.”

The woman looked at Ye Mo’s action although she didn’t say anything, but she was even more a bit strange, she saw that Ye Mo’s mouth chún had dried up, it was obvious that he hadn’t drank water for a long time, generally people who hadn’t drank water for a long time in the middle of the desert, when they suddenly saw water, their first thought was to drink a full one immediately. However, although the man in front of him looked somewhat disheveled, he was definitely not in a mess, nor did he have the slightest bit of panic that he was almost swallowed by the sand and rocks just now, and he even looked very calm and spoke in a somewhat literate manner.

Ye Mo saw that this woman just looked at him but did not speak, and did not care, this woman could tell at a glance that she was not someone who lived in the city, otherwise she would not be dressed like this and have this look. Already thanked, Ye Mo only opened the bag and drank a dozen sips of water, he drank water surprisingly not with his mouth to the bag mound, but dumped it down and used his mouth to catch it.

Did he still resent himself? She hadn’t drunk this bag of water before. Seeing Ye Mo’s action of drinking water, the woman was already amazed, but he was so thirsty that he only took a dozen sips of water, this man’s restraint and heart xìng was really calm.

But what she didn’t expect even more was that Ye Mo actually handed back the water he had drunk.

The woman frowned, of course she wouldn’t take back what she had already given away, not to mention that this water Ye Mo had even drunk, although she didn’t drink it directly into the bag, she still didn’t want to take it back. Suddenly it occurred to the woman that this man wouldn’t want to give her the bag after drinking the water, and that’s why he didn’t drink it into his mouth, right? He was in the middle of a desert, without water, and was able to return the bag of water to himself!


Chapter 104

She didn’t know that Ye Mo had long ago used his divine sense to scan through her backpack, and there were only a few bags of biscuits in it, apart from the simple girl’s supplies, and two bags of water, apart from the one he was drinking from, there was another bag, but that one was only a large portion of it.

No matter what kind of person this woman was, but she could give most of the water to a stranger, Ye Mo already had a rising respect for her. He was a cultivator, and with these dozen mouthfuls of water, he would ask this woman for directions later, and he would be sure to retrieve his backpack. There was no need to accept something from a strange woman to save his life. This woman, even if she was powerful, could not be a cultivator. After losing the water, she might as well be herself.

Seeing that the woman looked at herself and did not speak, but only had some questions in her eyes, Ye Mo thought to himself, this woman should not be a mute, that would be too bad. How is it possible for such a scintillating woman?

“I just lost my bag, you just need to tell me how to get to the centre of Lopburi from here.” Seeing that the woman was silent, Ye Mo could only explain himself.

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, the woman took out a small disc-like object and looked at it, suddenly pointed in a direction, then surprisingly turned around and walked away. She didn’t even take the water and food that Ye Mo handed over. Moreover, this woman didn’t say a word from the time she came to save Ye Mo, then gave him something and pointed him in the right direction, so I don’t know if she didn’t care to speak, or was unable to speak.

Looking at the woman’s disappearing back, Ye Mo unexpectedly had a feeling of disappointment, as if a kind of lost nose rose from the bottom of his heart. He had seen many beautiful women, Ning Qingxue, Ji Wanqing, Su Jingsu, and even Yun Bing were all considered beautiful, but he had never been as lost and despondent as seeing this woman.

Ye Mo followed the direction she pointed and unfolded his speed to pa*s quickly, not expecting that he had arrived at that Gobi Beach after just less than half a day. He had searched hard for a few days himself, but it turned out to be just this close, and Ye Mo was speechless.

Only when Ye Mo came to the place where he was resting to look, he found that his bag was missing. Someone had been here for the past few days, and when Ye Mo looked around there were still some messy footprints, he immediately knew that his bag had been taken away.

After walking along the footprints for just a couple of hundred metres, Ye Mo found two SUVs behind a “wind-eroded mushroom” wall. Four white foreigners were sitting under a poplar root, eating something1

One of them was holding a porcelain bottle prepared by Ye Mo and looking at it, inside the bottle was a pill that Ye Mo had filled.

Ye Mo walked over and sorted out the things in the bag, the only thing missing was the model that Wen Dong had given him. Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept out and found that the model was lying inside the buggy. And it was also carefully packed in a box, it looked like these guys knew that the model was worth a lot of money.

When he saw Ye Mo coming to pick up the bag, a foreigner next to him came over and gabbed for half a day. Ye Mo had studied English briefly at Ninghai University and could understand it, but he was too lazy to speak. These guys took his stuff away and even asked him why he was touching their stuff.

“Who are you? This bag is ours, why are you packing it up.” The foreigner with the porcelain vase chided Ye Mo very nonchalantly, actually speaking a still fluent Chinese language.

Ye Mo reached out and snatched the porcelain vase out of his hand, put it into his bag and said with a sneer, “It’s yours? I clearly put it behind a wind eroded wall two hundred meters away, how did it become yours?”

The foreigner was about to speak, but the man next to him stopped him and said in English, “Mike, since the bag is his, let him take it, we have nothing to lose.”

After saying this, he even made a wink, and the man called Mike really stopped talking immediately.

Of course Ye Mo knew what they were thinking, but he wouldn’t let them have what they wanted. That model was given to him by Wen Dong, and although he didn’t have any use for it, he didn’t want to leave it to these thieving looking embryos either.

The few foreigners who had thought that Ye Mo did not notice that the model had been taken away found that Ye Mo walked straight to the top of the SUV, opened the box that contained the model, took out the model and the information, and threw the box on the ground casually.

How did he know that the stuff was in the car? Several foreigners were still wondering how Ye Mo knew, when Ye Mo had already loaded the stuff into his backpack.

The four men reacted and immediately stopped Ye Mo.

Coming hard? Ye Mo sneered, and with just a whirlwind tuǐ, he swept all four foreigners out of the way by several meters. Then he coldly looked at the few people “If you dare to come up here again, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

The four men looked at each other and watched Ye Mo strutting away, surprisingly not daring to speak again.

Although with Ye Mo’s thoughts and heart xìng, it would be best to kill these four people. But killing someone over these few people who took something from him seemed a bit too much here. However, Ye Mo had just walked a short distance away when he suddenly remembered something, and he turned around again and walked back.

“You, what else do you want to do? The stuff has already been given to you.” The man who spoke Chinese asked somewhat nervously.

Ye Mo didn’t even bother with him, but directly took out a desert map in the car, he was missing this thing now, with this thing, even if he was mí way off, he could still find his way back. He also looked at the GPS, which seemed to be plugged into the car and charging, but Ye Mo pulled it off and it immediately ran out of power. He put a folding tent and a dozen bottles of water into his bag.

Seeing that Ye Mo had only taken a map and a tent and some water, several people were relieved. But what made them worry again happened again, Ye Mo unexpectedly picked up another silver shard that was placed inside the car.

What concerned Ye Mo was not the antique value of the silver fragment, but the fact that the fragment had a Tibetan alphabet, half of which was the word “门门”, which Ye Mo already knew that Chi Wanqing had taught him. The fragment had the word “gate”, was the word in front of it the word “saint”?

Ye Mo knew that these foreigners had come to the Taklamakan to make their fortune, they were looking for such monuments and relics everywhere and then took them away. The authorities did not care about it, and Ye Mo was too lazy to bother with such things. However, when a fragment of the word “gate” appeared here, Ye Mo immediately paid attention to it.

Seeing that Ye Mo only took a fragment and didn’t touch the rest, several foreigners once again relaxed, this fragment was not worth much money.

“This fragment made of silver, where did you get it from?” Ye Mo picked up the fragment and shook it to the several foreigners and asked.

Several foreigners looked at each other, but no one said anything.

Ye Mo sneered and said once again, “If you guys don’t want to say forget it, I see that you still have a lot of good things in your car, I don’t mind taking this car of yours away. Oh yeah, the rest of that car I can just make a fire.”

As soon as Ye Mo’s words fell, the man who spoke Chinese immediately said, “This I know ……” Hearing a few words, Ye Mo immediately threw the map in his hand over “You mark out the exact location on this, if there is a slight discrepancy, I guarantee that you will not be able to walk out of the desert.”

“It’s already marked on the map.” The man said in a hurry.

Ye Mo opened the map and saw that there was a place marked on it with a few letters “L,” written on it. Before Ye Mo could ask what it meant, the man automatically explained, “This is where this silver fragment was found, because a stone tablet with the word “Kullu” was also found here, so we will call this place “Kullu,” for the time being.” Seeing that the man didn’t seem to be lying, Ye Mo put away the map and didn’t bother to pay attention to these guys anymore. He took out his own simple map and compared it, and was immediately surprised to find that this “Kulu” was actually the same as the direction marked on the sheepskin remnant map he had obtained.

That is to say, “Kulu” was most likely the place he was looking for. He thought to himself, “Is this “Kullu” the same as “Kulhu”?

The map he got from the foreigner was much more detailed than the simple map he had, and the markings along the way were very clear.

Seeing that Ye Mo did not snatch their car, several foreigners finally breathed a sigh of relief, the kung fu in this part of China was too mysterious, just now that man just flew up and swept a tuǐ, and their four strong men were carried out as far as they could.

Ye Mo reckoned that these guys were ready to go back, there wasn’t much equipment stuff left on top of the car, and since he had a map and a simple guide device, it was much quicker than driving inside the desert, after all, the car couldn’t drive in many places.

Although he had a map and a specific location, Ye Mo was not in a hurry to find the place. He had already had experience and had to stay calm in the middle of the desert. He remembered what happened a few nights ago, the black shadow that attacked him was definitely a kind of animal in the desert, as to why he lost that thing that night, up to now Ye Mo still did not understand.

But one thing Ye Mo could be sure of was that the black shadow had definitely been hit by his iron nails.

Thinking about the disappearing black shadow and the marks of the fireball strikes, as well as the sand and stone vortex that almost killed him that day, all these things were strange. Ye Mo connected these things, and he wondered if the sand and stones where he sat that day had also slowly sunk in, which caused the traces to disappear?

But the thought that he was sitting in a place where the sand and stones had sunken in made Ye Mo break out in a cold sweat, even if he was firm-minded. He remembered the woman who was a fairy in a flash again, who had saved his life.

Ye Mo did not take the practice of sprinting in order to preserve his strength, but walked for a day and rested for a night. Ever since he met the desert vortex that day, Ye Mo had been very careful. When resting, it was absolutely necessary to find a good place.

On the evening of the third day of getting the map, Ye Mo stopped at a place where there was only a weathered remnant wall, he was going to rest here for the night before continuing his journey.!