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DYM Chapter 109-110

Chapter 109

Ye Mo looked at the swarm of sand bugs rushing towards the yellow-shirted woman, his heart was shocked, and without thinking, he rushed towards the yellow-shirted woman as fast as he could, and a few seconds before these sand bugs arrived, Ye Mo picked up the yellow-shirted woman and ran away.

Seemingly noticing that the yellow-shirted woman was carried away by Ye Mo, these sand bugs actually became angry and all swarmed towards Ye Mo. Although the speed of these sand worms could not keep up with Ye Mo, the thousands of sand worms that had eaten humans and had evolved were incredibly fast, not slower than Ye Mo, and even a little bit faster.

What shocked Ye Mo was that these thousands of insects could even half fly and half walk when they were at their fastest. If these sand worms were allowed to eat meat again, they would not want to grow wings.

Ye Mo suddenly thought of locusts, if these sand bugs grew wings and flew out all over the sky, it would be an absolute disaster. No one or anything could resist these sand bugs. Ye Mo suddenly remembered the man-eating insects in the desert, could this actually be the legendary man-eating insects?

The backpack behind the yellow-shirted woman in his arms had long since disappeared, her hair was a bit disheveled, and the face scarf on her face was a bit slanted. Only half of her face was revealed, surprisingly, Ye Mo almost lost his concentration. A few days ago when he saw this woman with the veil over her face, he was already amazed, but now when he saw the half of her face exposed, she was even more stunning. There was actually such a woman in the world.

But Ye Mo could no longer care about the yellow-shirted woman in his arms, as the sand worms were getting closer and closer to him. If he continued at this speed, Ye Mo would sooner or later be caught up by these sand bugs.

Once these thousands of man-eating insects caught up with him, if he delayed for a moment, countless more man-eating insects would catch up behind him. Not to mention the fact that he was only at the second level of Qi training now, even if he was already at the true third level of Qi training, so what, he would be devoured by these worms all the same.

If he wasn’t holding someone, Ye Mo was sure of escaping, but now that he was asked to drop the woman in the yellow shirt in his hand, it was absolutely impossible. Not to mention that Ye Mo himself had a very good feeling towards the yellow-shirted woman, not to mention that she had saved him.

If he wanted to lighten the load, the only thing he could throw away was his own quilt bag.

At this moment, however, the yellow-shirted woman opened her eyes and seemed to see herself in Ye Mo’s arms, she struggled slightly, but soon found again the thousands and nearly ten thousand bugs that were chasing Ye Mo, while far away, it was still a large black pressed area. It was obvious that apart from these thousands of insects, there were more behind.

She looked up at Ye Mo’s sweaty head and the sand worms that were getting closer and closer behind her, and for the first time, she spoke, “Thank you, you put me down and escape on your own.”

Although the voice was weak, it was so clear and soulful that Ye Mo thought he was listening to an immortal voice.

“Don’t talk nonsense, these bugs are disgusting and disgusting, you throw them down, even if you are not afraid of death, you might be disgusted.” Ye Mo knew that threatening such a woman with death was simply out of the question.

Surprisingly, the yellow-shirted woman seemed to have listened to Ye Mo’s words, and surprisingly, she no longer made a sound. However, Ye Mo was relieved in his heart. It was good that the woman could speak, which meant she was not mute.

After a long time, the yellow-shirted woman suddenly spoke, “My name is Luo Susu.”

“Luo Susu?” Ye Mo repeated, how come she had the same surname as his own master, Luo? But it was an instantaneous thing, Ye Mo heard a ‘chomp’ behind him and replied, “My name is Ye Mo.”

“Ye Mo.” The yellow-shirted woman repeated the same sentence and looked at the sand worms that were getting closer and closer behind her, she did not speak again. It seemed to repeat a sentence just to remember the name of the man who had risked his life to save her, even though he was going to die in the end.

He could not leave the yellow-shirted woman behind, and looking at the sand worms that were getting closer and closer, Ye Mo could only discard his backpack.

Ye Mo took out two of the medicine bottles inside his backpack, took out the comb that Chi Wanqing had given him at the beginning along with a ‘Purple Heart Vine’ and ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ seeds, and after thinking about it fished out another empty bottle before throwing his backpack down.

Ye Mo’s backpack was soon chewed to pieces by thousands of man-eating insects with instant speed, but these insects surprisingly did not stop, but continued to chase towards Ye Mo.

Without the burden of his large backpack, Ye Mo’s speed immediately increased once again by a lot. Later on, it was surprisingly similar to the speed of these man-eating insects. Ye Mo could neither get rid of these man-eating insects, nor could the man-eating insects catch up with Ye Mo.

But only Ye Mo knew that he was at a disadvantage, these man-eating insects could run for a few more days depending on the situation, but not him, he was holding Luo Susu, maybe he wouldn’t be able to hold on for just a few hours down.

This was not the way to go on. He looked down at Luosu, she was unconscious again, but from her dry lips he could see that she had not drunk any water for a long time. A wave of guilt rose up in Ye Mo’s heart, she had given herself her water and didn’t expect her to be this thirsty.

But now he didn’t have any water for her to drink either. Ye Mo really wanted to slit his wrist to give her some blood to quench her thirst, but he knew he couldn’t do it even with this idea right now. He was already facing a desperate situation and if he was injured again, he would be giving it to these man-eating insects to eat.

He couldn’t go on like this, so Ye Mo suddenly turned around and stopped. However, these man-eating insects did not have the slightest awareness of stopping, and when they saw Ye Mo stop, they rushed up in a swarm.

Ye Mo raised his hand and a few fireballs flew out, the fireballs burst among the cannibalistic insects and actually killed a large number of them. Ye Mo was surprised, he didn’t think that the cannibal insects in the desert were afraid of fire. The skin on the outside of their bodies seemed to be soaked in kerosene, and they did not have the slightest resistance under the fireballs.

Ye Mo’s fireball belonged to the lowest grade of fireballs, but he did not expect that it could also extinguish these man-eating insects.

Now that he had found a way, Ye Mo was even more merciless, and the fireballs in his hand were sent out continuously. The fire balls burst out one by one and countless cannibal insects were burnt to death. The burnt cannibal insects gave off a burnt smell that was disgusting.

However, these cannibalistic insects had no intelligence at all and still rushed up in a swarm. Ye Mo estimated that his fireballs had just killed at least half of the evolved man-eating insects, and now he had the intention to exterminate some more, but the countless unevolved man-eating insects behind him also rushed up, so Ye Mo could only continue to flee.

He couldn’t stay where he was and keep sending fireballs because they were very draining on his true essence, if he hadn’t advanced to the peak of the second level of Qi training not long ago, he really wouldn’t have dared to do so.

However, after Ye Mo’s awesome fireballs, there were only about two thousand man-eating insects that could continue to follow him. Ye Mo ran a bit and stopped again for several more fireballs, waiting for the man-eating insects behind him to come up before he fled.

As he walked and fled, it was almost evening when Ye Mo finally got rid of these horrible man-eating insects. However, he himself was almost dehydrated from exhaustion.

After opening his throat, Ye Mo ran for two hours again, afraid that these insects would suddenly catch up with him. He was kind of afraid of these disgusting guys.

When it was already completely dark, Ye Mo once again found a wind-eroded sand wall. Now he didn’t have anything, so he could only hold the unconscious Luo Susu against the wall.

Ye Mo knew that Luo Susu was too thirsty for his own good, but unfortunately he had no water. After resting for an hour, Ye Mo felt that Luo Susu was a bit dehydrated.

Although Luo Susu was not bad at it, she could not be compared to him after all, as he was a cultivator and although he was dehydrated, he could cultivate as long as there was no hot sun.

If he could not find water for Luo Susu again, she would probably die of dehydration. Ye Mo thought better of it and slit his wrist, aiming it at Luo Susu’s mouth to save her life first.

Luo Susu took a few sips one after another and surprisingly frowned in the midst of her unconsciousness but stopped drinking. Ye Mo also did not force her to continue, after all, he still had to find a water source, now he Luosu Su was unconscious, he still had to preserve his strength, otherwise the two of them would really only wait for death.

Ye Mo took the bullet out of Luosu’s shoulder, fed her another pill, used his true qi to help her moisten her wound, and felt a little fatigued, but leaned against the wind wall and hugged Luosu and slept.

When the next day dawned, the sun shone out again. Ye Mo was glad that the poplar root like shadow didn’t come over last night, otherwise he would have been in real danger.

It had been nearly ten days since Ye Mo came to the desert, and the weather was now even hotter than when he came. Ye Mo knew that if he could no longer find a water source or someone to rescue him, he would not be able to walk out of the desert, let alone save Luo Susu.

Luo Susu had already woken up, and she felt surprisingly much better than yesterday. She gave Ye Mo a somewhat strange look and had the intention to struggle to get up and walk on her own, but she found that although she was better, she still could not move.

Ye Mo took out a biscuit and handed it to Luo Susu, “Eat something first, later we will continue to look for a water source, or a way out.”

Luosu shook her head, she didn’t want to eat anything at all right now, she just glanced at her shoulder, it seemed that the bullet had been taken out.

Seeing Luo Susu looking at her shoulder, Ye Mo was afraid that she would have any thoughts, he quickly said, “I have taken out the bullet in your shoulder, I am sorry, I am the one who dragged you down this time, those people originally came to hunt me down.”

Hearing Ye Mo say that the bullet was taken out by him, Luo Susu’s pale face unexpectedly showed a hint of redness, but it quickly disappeared. She did not continue to speak, but closed her eyes again.

Under the scorching sun, the temperature in the middle of the desert had already exceeded fifty degrees, and Ye Mo did not want to speak, now he could not stand it any more. Another day persisted, Ye Mo did not find any water source, only his person became even more depleted.

However, when it was dark, Ye Mo found a wind eroded rock cave once again. Ye Mo carried Luo Susu into the cavern, he knew that Luo Susu could not hold on much longer.


Chapter 110

Inside the wind-eroded rock cave, Ye Mo looked at Luo Susu, whose face was getting worse and worse, and whose heartbeat was getting slower and slower, and his heart was also anxious. Now he himself was also depleted, if he bled Luo Susu again, he really could not hold on.

Ye Mo hated that he was so close to breaking through, if he had broken through to the third level of Qi training by now, everything would be fine.

In a trance, Ye Mo seemed to see the woman in the yellow shirt again, who took out most of her water and gave it to him. After a long time, the woman in the yellow shirt seemed to overlap with his master, Luo Ying, and Ye Mo could no longer tell whether she was Luo Ying or Luo Susu.

Suddenly Ye Mo came to his senses again and he knew he couldn’t hold on much longer. But no matter what he couldn’t let this woman he had dragged into his life die in front of him. Thinking of this, Ye Mo didn’t hesitate anymore and slit his wrist again, aiming the blood at Luo Susu’s mouth.

Ye Mo’s wound had an automatic healing function, but Ye Mo had already made up his mind that once the wound was going to heal, he would take the knife and cut it once again. Deep inside him, he even had a feeling that Luo Ying was Luo Susu, otherwise how could she be so desirable to him.

He didn’t know how many times he had cut, but Ye Mo Lou felt a wave of sleepiness and he knew he was almost done.

He did not think he would end up not getting out of this desert, but the bizarre thing is that he died with a woman also surnamed Luo, Luo Susu, Luo Ying ……

The corners of Ye Mo’s mouth l showed a smile, he thought he didn’t belong here in the first place, right? Since he was leaving, and before he died, he could still be with a woman he loved. He was already content, without any attachments.

At this moment when he pa*sed out, he surprisingly thought of nothing in his mind, only the shadows of Luo Ying and Luo Susu looming before his eyes. One moment it was Luo Ying, the next it was Luo Susu, and then it overlapped again. He suddenly didn’t want to think about it, whether it was Luo Ying or Luo Susu, he felt that as long as one was by his side, he had no more attachments.

He didn’t know how long had pa*sed, but when Luo Susu woke up, she found that the moon was already in the middle of the sky and the whole cave was illuminated by the moon. Suddenly she found that her veil had been lifted to one side, and her heart was immediately startled. However, she immediately noticed the wrist that Ye Mo had placed by her mouth, the blood on her wrist had already crusted over. She carefully removed Ye Mo’s hand, only to find that Ye Mo had fallen asleep in the sand and had pa*sed out, one arm was still wrapped around her waist, but there was still a small smile on the corner of his mouth.

Luo Susu immediately understood that she was saved by Ye Mo’s blood, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo’s blood, she would have been dead long ago.

Ye Mo had fought to his death to bring her out of the sand worms’ encirclement, and used his own blood to save her. But why did Ye Mo save her from a person he had never met, did he just give him a bag of water himself?

Apart from Blue Taro’s saving grace, this was the first time Luo Susu felt that she owed this young man in front of her. Although she would not necessarily live either, she felt that owing was owing, even if it was immediately death, she still owed him.

Luo Susu had never been in such close proximity to a man before, and she had been carried by the man in front of her for two days and nights. The man beneath herself, although his face was pale without a trace of blood, he was actually smiling, not knowing what he had thought of.

Luo Susu suddenly stretched out a somewhat trembling hand and stroked Ye Mo’s face, which had some sand on it, but was well-defined, without a trace of flesh. The moment she touched his face, he suddenly gave her a somewhat familiar feeling, but that feeling was if nothing else, and it was hard to express and capture.

Was he dead?

Luo Susu suddenly felt a little forlorn. Although she had not yet found Ning Qingxue, she had thrown her life away in the desert and had returned a favour to Sister Lan Taro. But how could she repay the kindness of this man in front of her? He was already dead.

He had used his own blood to save his life, and although he was going to die too, she died after him.

Luo Susu did not understand why Ye Mo saved her, she could even imagine that if Ye Mo had thrown her down when those sand bugs were chasing her, but not the bag, he would definitely not have died.

But he had thrown the bag but not her down. Her heart, which never bōsed, surprisingly bōsed a little for a stranger.

Her memories were simple, she had been taken to learn the art from the age of five, and it was only twelve years later that she had gone back once to thank Sister Blue Taro. The place she was from belonged to the Hidden Sect and studied in the ancient Chinese martial arts lineage. People in the Hidden Sect are not allowed to step into the red world, and moreover, the Jing Sect lineage she was studying was to be removed from the hustle and bustle of the red world. So she could come out to help Lan Taro, the pain and hardship of which only she knew.

And she had nothing left to hold on to except to repay Blue Taro’s kindness, so her memories were only those of the city before she was five, and those of her time in the Hidden Sect after she was five. It was simple and innocent.

Although she had a youthful and young heart, she never had bōs for anything else, and in her eyes, there was nothing else but cultivation homework. But today there was a strange nose dying for her, and her heart, which had never been bōturbed before, was surprisingly a little bōturbed, not for anything else, but perhaps only for that one kindness.

The people in the Hidden Sect are indifferent and are all focused on cultivation, no one would throw away their lives to save others. But the first time Luo Susu came out, she met a man who could throw away his life to save her. Perhaps when he threw down that bag, he had already made the worst possible plan.

Why would he do that?

Luo Susu felt as if she couldn’t control her emotions any more, she couldn’t stand Ye Mo’s death, her eyes were a little blurry. She knew it was bad for her, but she couldn’t even bear it.

“Susu, the technique we cultivate in this lineage is a meditation technique, remember never to bō move your emotions over anything, avoid being happy, sad, angry, or hurt …… remember not to let your emotions bō move too much” Master’s words still seemed to be in her ears. But Luo Susu just couldn’t control her grief.

She didn’t know how she could control it, but she couldn’t even control the death of a stranger, so how could this happen? Even if she owed him a life, she was about to die, so how could she be so mournful?

Suddenly her heart ached, as if her cultivation was about to leave her, and with a poof, Luo Susu spurted out a mouthful of blood. Looking at the red and thick blood on the ground, a faint sadness flashed in Luo Susu’s eyes, could this be the backlash of the gongfu?

She once again lowered her head and looked at Ye Mo who had already closed his eyes tightly her tears finally couldn’t hold back and fell on Ye Mo’s face sè and then rolled into his mouth. Luo Susu suddenly thought, if all her tears flowed into his mouth would he come to life?

In the midst of the boundless darkness, Ye Mo suddenly saw a clear spring, he felt himself thirsty and he pounced into it. The spring was drunk by him, but it was very little and a little bitter.

He opened his mouth and waited for the bitter spring water to fall down.

Luo Susu’s hand suddenly felt Ye Mo’s heartbeat, which was slow but still there. He wasn’t dead yet, Luo Susu suddenly rejoiced, if only there was some more water.

Without thinking, Luo Susu took the blade from Ye Mo’s hand and cut herself on her wrist as well. Blood immediately gushed out and she hurriedly aimed her wrist at Ye Mo’s mouth, trying to get him to drink it. However, her blood was too thick and Ye Mo could not drink it.

In her eagerness, Luo Susu once again shed tears. She drew a mouthful of blood on her own wrist and fed it to Ye Mo’s mouth. But with just that, she couldn’t hold on any longer and fainted in the same mí. Her blood was too thick just for a moment before it solidified again.

Ye Mo felt that bitter spring water become somewhat sticky all of a sudden, and his mouth chún seemed to touch a softness. He subconsciously swallowed a mouthful into it, and his dantian unexpectedly felt a hint of sizzling heat.

Ye Mo woke up somewhat and seemed to sense something he immediately started to run his true qi for cultivation. He was finally becoming more and more awake and had even understood that he was right on the verge of a breakthrough, an opportunity he would definitely not let go of.

True qi continued to circulate around Ye Mo’s xiōng mouth, one circle, two circles blocking the layer of meridian film that Ye Mo had at the third level of Qi cultivation seemed to be getting weaker and weaker, impact, impact a little more.

Ye Mo had no other thoughts at this time just wanted to break through that layer of film in one go.

Luo Susu felt a faint temperature coming through, it seemed to also carry the scent of calming her mind, she opened her eyes enjoying this scent. She felt that she was at peace with just dying like this. She was grateful to this young man who had brought her out of the sandworm he had given herself the option of this peaceful death.

However, she soon understood that the scent was coming from Ye Mo. Ye Mo had not opened his eyes yet, and his face was still a little pale, but there was a hint of blood compared to the original.

If she could save this man, she would have no regrets, she could return all that she had to return, she could leave this world without any worries, and she had a feeling of affection for this man, she couldn’t tell why.

She slit her wrist again, drew a mouthful of blood and drew it towards Ye Mo’s mouth.

Ye Mo was at a crucial time to break through the third level of Qi training, and he didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen.

But he immediately understood what it was that woke him up, that dream that was somewhat sticky turned out to be Luo Susu’s blood, that softness was actually her chún. he was touched for a moment in his heart, he just didn’t know what that faint bitter spring was.

Apart from his master Luo Ying, this was the first time Ye Mo was touched by a woman. He did not like to shed tears and had never shed tears before, but at this moment the corners of his eyes were a little sour.

Ye Mo wanted to stop Luo Susu from seeking death, but at this moment he couldn’t stop her, he had to break through the second level of Qi training to reach the third level of Qi training with all his might, only then could he save them both.

Luo Susu suddenly raised her hand to wipe the tearstains spilling out of the corners of Ye Mo’s eyes and murmured, “Sister Taro said that today is my birthday, I never thought that I would spend my last birthday here.” She finally flung herself on top of Ye Mo again and fainted, the corners of her mouth lingering with some smiles just as Ye Mo had fainted.

Whether or not she could have saved Ye Mo, she had done her best. She didn’t owe anyone anything, and she walked away unattached!