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DYM Chapter 111-112

Chapter 111

At this moment, the true essence within Ye Mo’s body had reached its extreme point, and finally he felt a ‘boom’ in several meridians within his body. The whole person instantly became lighter, while feeling endless newborn true essence gushing up from his dantian, and everything became clearer than ever.

His divine sense suddenly approached a range of fifty metres, was this the third level of Qi training?

Forcing down his inner joy, Ye Mo suddenly wanted to let out a long cry, after countless times of anticipation, he had finally reached the third level of Qi training.

Suddenly Ye Mo’s heart was startled, he remembered Luo Susu who was already unconscious in his arms, and thought of her palm touching his cheek, Ye Mo’s heart was even more anxious, he knew Luo Susu was in critical condition.

Ye Mo immediately did a water ball spell, a water ball containing aura hovered in the palm of Ye Mo’s hand, Ye Mo filled the empty bottle with water and then fed the mouth of the bottle to Luo Susu’s mouth.

Unfortunately, Luo Susu could no longer drink the water in Ye Mo’s hand, her face was a little pale and a smile spilled out of the corners of her mouth. Her flawless cheeks were like that of a fairy who did not eat fire and smoke, causing Ye Mo some heartache.

Ye Mo used the water ball to clean her cheeks and with a heartbeat, he began to run his true essence trying to repair her already depleted vitality.

Ye Mo had only forcibly advanced to the third level of Qi cultivation under the harsh conditions, and even his cultivation had not yet been consolidated. At this moment, it seemed very difficult to repair Luo Susu’s severely dehydrated meridians with all his might, and if he was not careful, he himself would have his meridians broken. However, Ye Mo didn’t care, he had to save this woman who had sacrificed her life to save him even if he was wasted.

There was another thing that Ye Mo did not dare to think about, and that was that this woman had overlapped with his master Luo Ying more than once in Ye Mo’s heart.

Ye Mo’s true essence continuously penetrated into Luo Susu’s body, repairing her meridians.

If there were any cultivators here who saw what Ye Mo was doing, they would definitely think he was crazy, a mere third level Qi practitioner, how dare he do such a thing. He was simply impatient to live.

To repair one’s meridians and remove bruises with true essence, even a sixth level Qi practitioner wouldn’t necessarily dare to do it, but he dared to do it for a third level Qi practitioner.

Ye Mo was indeed fatigued at this moment, he felt that his true essence was already insufficient, and he once again felt the crisis of water shortage. But he knew he couldn’t stop and he couldn’t stop, since he had done it, he had to save Luo Susu, otherwise maybe he wouldn’t have peace of mind for the rest of his life.


Luo Susu also had a long, long dream in which she saw herself falling inside a large fire pit, with countless flames pouncing on her to incinerate her. She felt a torment, she wanted to rush out, but the flames blocked her.

Just then a man helped her to block the flames and led her to a cool, peaceful wood. Inside the woods she felt good, not a bit disturbed.

What was bothering her physically was calmed down by this peaceful place, and she liked this place so much in her heart, except that she felt a little thirsty.

“I’m a little thirsty ……” Luo Susu said subconsciously, but the man who helped her stop the flames did not turn around, and she perceived that his body was trembling a little.

“What’s wrong with you? I’m a little thirsty.” Luo Susu said again, she thought there was a big lake ahead, just scoop up a bowl of water at random and she could drink it, she wanted so much to scoop up a bowl of water herself, but she was surprisingly unable to walk.

The man in front of her finally looked back, his face was a little pale and covered in sweat. He looked at her and smiled, “Go ahead and drink.”

After saying this the man actually collapsed, Luo Susu’s heart was shocked and she hurriedly tried to help up the man who had blocked the flames for her and saved her.

But she just stumbled, the man was gone, and she opened her eyes, she was still in Ye Mo’s arms. But now, apart from being just a little thirsty, she didn’t feel any discomfort at all, and even had a soothing feeling, exactly like in her dream.

What the hell was going on? Why hadn’t he woken up? And what was wrong with herself? And she knew her condition all too well, so how had she suddenly gotten better?

Luo Susu suddenly felt something in her hand, surprisingly it was a whole bottle of water. She was shocked in her heart, where had this bottle of water come from? How did it appear here out of nowhere?

She couldn’t figure it out, but she didn’t want to think about it, she opened the water but aimed it at Ye Mo’s mouth. At the same time, she wiped the sweat from Ye Mo’s forehead, could it be that the man who helped her block the flames in her dream just now was him?

Ye Mo felt the water, he took a few sips one after another and opened his eyes. Looking at Luo Susu who was feeding water to him, he smiled somewhat happily, he had finally succeeded, although it had used up his true essence and was quite dangerous, but at last he had not failed, he had managed to save Luo Susu. And her cultivation would be faster in the future, only she didn’t cultivate, if only she could do it with herself.

“You’re awake ……” Luo Susu looked at Ye Mo who had opened his eyes in surprise, for the first time she felt that there was something to be happy about in this world.

“Well, drink some water for yourself, I don’t want any.” I’ll be fine now after I rest a bit.

After saying that, Ye Mo closed his eyes and began to cultivate to recover his true essence. Luckily, he was only tired to the point of exhaustion, but he didn’t damage his root, it was really luck among luck, maybe this was good intentions having good rewards.

Seeing Ye Mo close his eyes, Luo Susu knew that he was no longer seriously injured, and brought the water in the bottle to her mouth to take a few sips. It was refreshingly cool and had a faint sweet taste. The water was delicious, she had never seemed to drink such good water before.

Only after she finished drinking it did Luo Susu jolt awake, she hadn’t even thought for a second that the water was something Ye Mo had drunk. But she then shook her head, she had already crossed his mouth, what else was there?

However, Luo Susu did not drink more, although she was thirsty and wanted to take a few more sips, she wanted to save it for Ye Mo, and she also wanted to ask Ye Mo where this water came from.

Ye Mo closed his eyes and began to recover his true essence. Luo Susu looked at Ye Mo but did not move, not bothering him.

She saw a bag of biscuits next to her, that bag of biscuits was still the one she gave to Ye Mo, she didn’t expect Ye Mo to keep it until now. In order to recover her strength, she took a piece of biscuit and ate it while waiting for Ye Mo to wake up.

Although it was more than an hour had pa*sed and Ye Mo still had not woken up, Luo Susu did not appear nervous at all because she could still hear Ye Mo’s breathing from the beginning when it was rapid to the later when it slowly settled down. Although she didn’t know what qigong technique Ye Mo was practicing, this technique looked like it couldn’t be worse than the meditation technique she was practicing.

When Ye Mo woke up, the sky was already a little white, and the night had pa*sed like that.

He looked at Luo Susu, who had already stood up from his arms and sat on the side, and a kind of joy welled up in his heart. She was really well already, apart from being a little weak, her body had surprisingly recovered. What surprised Ye Mo was that Luo Susu was not wearing a veil anymore, but was holding a bottle of water and looking at him quietly.

Ye Mo looked at Luo Susu’s empty mountain and spirit valley-like face and was surprisingly a little dazed.

Luo Susu however handed the water in her hand to Ye Mo, “Have some water, thank you for saving me yesterday.” Although she didn’t know how Ye Mo saved her, she also knew that if Ye Mo hadn’t saved her, she would definitely have been lifeless.

Ye Mo suddenly smiled and said, “Wait for your water first… Happy birthday to you! But I don’t have a birthday present for you, what would you say is the present you want most right now?”

Luo Susu froze for a moment, but she immediately thought that Ye Mo should have heard her talking to herself, and that was how she knew that today was her birthday. She looked at Ye Mo’s sincere smiling face and suddenly became somewhat infected with her cheerful mood. For the first time, she said somewhat playfully, “If heaven could give me a small pool right away, even if it’s only as big as a bowl, it would be my greatest happiness right now.”

After saying this she subconsciously looked at the dust and blood on her body, and in her heart she did look forward to having such a water source that would allow her to clean the dust off her body.

However, Ye Mo smiled and said, “Wait for me here first, I will be back in a while.” After saying that, he turned and left the cavern, not knowing where he had gone.

Luo Susu looked at Ye Mo’s back as he went out, and surprisingly, there was a faint lingering feeling in her heart, as if she was a bit reluctant to leave, but she quickly expelled this emotion from her mind. In this discipline of hers, the most taboo thing was to have other thoughts.

Once one had other thoughts not to mention practising this technique of hers, one could even go off the rails at any time. This is why those who practise the Meditation Dao never fluctuate their moods over external matters, and this is why it is so difficult for her to come out. Because once one was detained by things in the red earth, it would be difficult to make any further progress in cultivation.

Luo Susu sighed. Breathing in, she was surprisingly a little bewildered. Her body had Ye Mo’s blood flowing in it, and Ye Mo’s body also had her blood flowing in it, her life was saved by Ye Mo, and Ye Mo’s life was also saved by her. Could there really be no ties whatsoever?

But no matter what, this time when she went back, she did not intend to come out again. Perhaps she really shouldn’t come out, and when she went back, she should talk to Sister Lan Taro, and it would be very difficult for her to come back in the future.

She suddenly thought of Ye Mo again, the feeling that this young man gave her this day was too profound. He seemed to have a very mysterious and serene smell about him, and she always had a feeling of true joy when she stayed next to him. And that feeling had intensified since she had woken up.

He even gave her a faint familiarity, a familiarity that was definitely not the kind of familiarity she had felt when she had saved him some time ago, and when she had shared his suffering later on, but a real familiarity that made her wonder too.

Perhaps she had known him in her previous life, Luo Susu thought darkly in her heart. She had never faked to any man, and would not even go to talk to any man. But what she had done to Ye Mo was so far beyond her bottom line that it had even made her afraid to think back on it.

And there was something mysterious about him, that he could save his own life and even get a bottle of water like this. It seemed that with him, he could always think of a way


Chapter 112

Ye Mo was certainly not going very far away, he just dug a stone pool half a square meter in circumference and a foot deep on the hard stone behind the cavern.

He then kept using his true essence to convert the aura into clear water, and apart from what was sucked away by the rock, it took him nearly half an hour to fill up the small pool.

When Ye Mo returned to the cavern, Luo Susu was already standing at the entrance of the cave, looking around, she was like an ordinary woman looking forward to her husband’s return, hoping in her heart that Ye Mo would return sooner.

Without Ye Mo, Luo Susu suddenly felt empty and lonely.

She had never felt this way before, not even when she had been alone in the desert for many days before. But today, Ye Mo had only left for half an

hours, she unexpectedly had this feeling.

“You’re back.” Seeing the figure of Ye Mo appear, Luo Susu had a happy feeling from the bottom of her heart, but when the words came out, they just came out in four plain words.

Mo nodded his head and stood there smiling.

Luo Susu felt that Ye Mo’s smile was very genuine and pretty, and could not help but smile too.

Ye Mo had never seen Luo Susu smile before, he only knew that she was stunningly beautiful even without smiling, but now when she smiled, it was as if a fairy from the Nine Heavens had reappeared in the mortal world.

Ye Mo’s heart was in a trance, and he could not help but think of a poem, “A smile in the back of one’s eyes is like a hundred charmers, and the six palaces have no face.”

Perhaps this line was not appropriate, because Luo Susu’s smile did not have any charm, but it put Ye Mo in a trance. Her smile was purely natural, without any hint of dust. It was like a clear spring, and like a wisp of spring breeze.

Luo Susu’s face was slightly red from Ye Mo’s look and was about to say something when Ye Mo seemed to remember what he was going to say and said in a hurry, “Susu, you come with me.”

Susu? Luo Susu didn’t retort at Ye Mo’s words, and even wanted to ask him a little why he called her Master when he first met her. However, she didn’t ask after all, her curiosity wasn’t too great.

Ye Mo suddenly took Luo Susu’s hand and ran towards the clear pool of water that he had dug out. Luo Susu was startled and was about to pull her hand out, but before she could, Ye Mo had already let go of her hand and pointed to the clear pool of water and said, “Happy birthday to you! This is a birthday present sent to you from the heavens. Do you like it?”

Luo Susu looked dumbfounded at the tiny stone pool of clear water in front of her, and she couldn’t contain the jītude and joy inside her for a long time. Was it really a birthday present from the heavens? How else could there be such a pool of clear water under this blazing sun? And the hardness of the stone was not something that could be made by man.

“Thank you, Ye,” Luo Susu suddenly looked back at Ye Mo and said, she couldn’t go on, she once again felt the urge to shed tears. She even felt her cultivation regressing, yet she couldn’t contain her elation, not purely because of this wang of clear water. Rather, it was the fact that this clear water had appeared right before her eyes when she wanted it most. The most unlikely thing she wanted, and surprisingly, she actually got it.

“Susu, we in the Jing Clan most abstain from joy, from sorrow, from anger and from sadness”

But today she mourned today she was joyful, today she cried, today she even fed a man with her mouth only today she felt her joy, her anger and her sadness, and felt herself to be an ordinary human being.

She didn’t want to think about the rules of the gate, didn’t want to think about the bondage. Perhaps it was to think about it, but only after she had returned to the quiet door ……

The first thing you need to do is to ask where this clear water came from, she is afraid that if she does, her dream will wake up and this clear water will disappear.

This was her first birthday present and the one she was most delighted with, it’s just a pity that she couldn’t take this birthday present away with her.

Luo Susu walked over to the pool, scooped up a handful and put it in her mouth with the same taste as the original water. There was a slight sweetness to it, and some refreshingly nice scent.

Luo Susu wanted to wash the dust off her body, she turned her head, but found that Ye Mo had long since left.

A feeling rose in Luosu’s heart jī and she once again said softly, “Thank you, Ye Mo thank you for the birthday gift.”

She didn’t think about how Ye Mo had found this wand of clear water, nor did she think about why there was such a wand of clear water here, to her getting was already satisfying, she didn’t want any suspicion to break what she had so easily gotten.

Ye Mo stood alone at the mouth of the cavern waiting for Luo Susu he suddenly thought in his heart that Luo Susu could be his master Luo Ying? But he immediately shook his head, Luo Susu was clearly not in the same situation as himself, she was her. More than twenty years ago and now, she was still her.

But even though he knew that she was not Master Luo Ying, Ye Mo just couldn’t harbour an even heart towards her. And there was always a trace of luck in Ye Mo’s heart, what if it was his Luo Ying?

When he watched Luo Susu come back after washing, Ye Mo’s eyes lit up even more and he couldn’t help but admire the woman completely. She hadn’t changed her clothes, nor did she dress up in any way, still the same set of clothes, but on her body there was just no sign of the strain and dust from a few days ago. Just a little bit of clear water, I really don’t know how she managed to do it.

She still didn’t have her sarong on, but held a bottle of water in her hand.

Ye Mo didn’t take the water that Luo Susu handed over. Instead, he handed over dan piece of biscuit and said, “This is still what you gave me, so you should eat a few too. I’m going out, what about you?” Luo Susu took the biscuits and nodded, “Well, let’s go out together. Maybe.”

She didn’t continue, pausing for a moment before saying, “Those men with the guns are here for you? Do you need me to help you once?”

Ye Mo shook and said with a faint smile, “These people don’t need your help yet, let’s go.” Luo Susu didn’t ask a second time, since Ye Mo didn’t need her help, it meant he had a solution. On the way, Ye Mo did not ask Luo Susu what he was doing here, and Luo Susu likewise did not ask Ye Mo what he was doing here, as if they had just met.

The road back went quickly under Luosu’s guidance, and by evening, the two of them had come to the side of the road, although it was still inside the desert, but behind them, they could get out of the Taklamakan Desert by following the road.

The people of “Nanqing” seemed to have disappeared, Ye Mo and Luo Susu had already walked to the road and had not met a single person from “Nanqing”. Instead, they met a convoy of people who had also entered the desert for exploration, or perhaps it was a tourist group.

When they met the tour group, the sky was already approaching dusk. The tour group saw Ye Mo and the two of them, who were probably coming out of the desert, but they did not have any equipment on them. The tour group even kindly provided a tent, some food and some water to Ye Mo.

Fortunately, it was already dusk and Luo Susu’s amazing face did not show l, otherwise it would certainly have caused another jīt of many people.

With these things Ye Mo and Luo Susu didn’t seem to be in a big hurry anymore. The two of them did not talk much all the way, even not a single word for a day at times, but they both enjoyed this peaceful feeling.

And what made Luo Susu feel jī is that Ye Mo never went into the tent, he was always outside the tent. There were times when he was asked to come in to rest and he wouldn’t come in, or he would come in and sit for a while and then leave. Every time Luo Susu fell asleep her heart was peaceful, she knew that Ye Mo was outside, right next to the tent.

Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing searched for several days in the middle of the desert under the escort of the caravan, but there was no news of Ye Mo at all.

The caravan’s supplies had almost run out, and the weather was getting hot.

Although Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing were both a bit reluctant, they could only follow the caravan out. If the search continued, it would be close to May/June, and the desert in May/June was not something you could just go into.

“Qingxue, look at this desert edge, there are still people sleeping outside, it’s really romantic.

The nearest hotel is only about ten miles away.” Although Ji Wanqing also wanted to find Ye Mo as soon as possible, but seeing Ning Qingxue’s somewhat sullen look, she wanted to find something to talk about to cheer her up.

Ning Qingxue raised her head and looked at the tent in the middle of the desert, but she immediately froze, the person standing at the entrance of the tent was none other than Ye Mo.

She suddenly felt that her nose was a little sore, she had searched so hard for almost half a month, but she had seen Ye Mo when she was leaving the desert. Could it be that the heavens took pity on her hard work?

“Qingxue, what’s wrong with you?” Ji Wanqing surprisingly saw Ning Qingxue’s eyes the same. She looked up at the tent she had just been in and surprisingly it was Ye Mo, who was standing outside the tent.

“It’s big brother Ye,” Chi Wanqing suddenly felt as if her breath was going to choke her, she froze and only half remembered to say to the driver to stop the car.

Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue just rushed out of the car, but they immediately stopped in their tracks. Because another woman came out from inside the tent, and she was actually living in the same tent as Ye Mo?

“I’m leaving.” Luo Susu’s words were simple, as if a thousand words were not as good as these four words.

“I know.” The corners of Ye Mo’s mouth were a little bitter, he didn’t know how to describe how he felt at this moment.

There was silence, a suffocating silence.

It was only after a long time that Ye Mo said once again, “Can I come to you?”

Luo Susu didn’t say anything and suddenly took out a sarong and handed it to Ye Mo “Help me put it on.” After Ye Mo helped Luo Susu put on the sarong, Luo Susu suddenly took the bottle of water that Ye Mo had given her for the first time in her hand “I’m taking this with me, don’t go looking for me in the future, you won’t be able to find me either. If you find me, it will be a disservice to you and to me, and I won’t say goodbye to you. Thank you for making me have one of my happiest birthdays.”

Ye Mo was somewhat silent, she was not thanking herself for saving her, but for the birthday present she had given her.