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DYM Chapter 11-12

Chapter 11

Maybe in her opinion, after she invited herself to dinner, it wasn’t that she owed Ye Mo a favour, in turn it should be that she then owed her one. To this kind of girl who felt very good about herself, Ye Mo didn’t feel half as good.

“You mean you feel that you owe me a favour, so you want to treat me to dinner, right?” Ye Mo said indifferently.

“Yes, yes, that’s it.” Su Mei felt happy that Ye Mo had finally understood what he meant and felt a sigh of relief in his heart.

“How much do you plan to spend on treating me to this meal?” Ye Mo’s question caused Su Mei to freeze a little.

“Uh …… ah …… I think a meal for two people at the school’s Gathering Taste House should be around three hundred.” Although she didn’t understand what Ye Mo meant by that, Su Mei still reacted.

“Oh, do you have two hundred dollars of cash on you now?” Ye Mo looked at Su Mei, still without any expression.

Su Mei coldly snorted in his heart, what’s the point of pretending, pretending to be cool but still asking me to borrow money, it looks like that bouquet of flowers was indeed something he bought to give away, I guess it was because he took his flowers that he was like that. But then I took out two hundred yuan, still thinking in my heart that since I had already lent him the money, should I not treat him to this meal, since I didn’t expect him to pay it back anyway.

“I think three hundred yuan for a meal, I’ll probably eat two-thirds of it, which is exactly two hundred yuan, now that you’ve given it, it means you’ve already treated me, now we’re clear, don’t bother me anymore.” Ye Mo put the two hundred dollars away, turned around and left.

“You ……” Su Mei reacted half-heartedly that there was actually such a person, and her chest was almost blocked by a mouthful of air. Who does he think he is, a wastrel and still so dragged, did he forget that he was a wastrel?


What was strange to Ye Mo was that he had already finished eating at the school and didn’t seem to have found any suspicious people staring at him. He couldn’t believe that this Zheng Wen Qiao would just let it go, it looked like this guy could really put up with it.

Ye Mo had just run back to his place when he saw Xu Wei with an anxious face going around his place. He asked in a somewhat strange manner, “Xu Wei, what’s wrong with you? Like ants on a hot pan?”

“Ye Mo, you’re finally back, can you do me a favour? I really have an urgent matter today, but I promised to help Zhou Yun with her shift at night.” As soon as Xu Wei saw Ye Mo, she immediately came up in surprise and said.

“What can I help you with?” Ye Mo asked in a somewhat strange manner.

“It’s like this, I was supposed to help Zhou Yun cover her shift today, but I suddenly have an urgent matter now, so it’s okay if you help out and go cover it, it’s only for a few hours, you can get off at twelve o’clock at night.” Xu Wei said with an eager face.

Ye Mo had a black line on his head and said somewhat speechlessly, “I’m a hobo, you’re asking me to go to the hospital to help you cover your shift, are you still feverish?”

“Didn’t you say you knew something about medicine? Actually it means you can cover the shift if you don’t know anything, because my job at night is just fever pre-screening, you just take a thermometer and hand it to the person seeing you to take the temperature yourself. Then record it and depending on whether they are feverish or not, tell them to go and register, later I’ll make a phone call to Xiaodai and let her teach you a bit, you’ll learn in a few minutes.” Xu Wei finished speaking and looked at Ye Mo expectantly.

Ye Mo looked at Xu Wei speechlessly, it really was very simple. To Xu Wei, who had invited him for dinner, Ye Mo had some good feelings, and after thinking about it, he said, “It’s okay to help you, what if a leader inspects and finds out?”

“Don’t worry, the leaders won’t check the pre-screening desk, even if they want to check, they will go to each section, and there is absolutely no leader to check at night. Besides, you’ll be wearing a mask, who knows you’re the one?” Xu Wei said with certainty.

The first thing I want to do is to get a good idea of what I’m talking about, and I’m not the one who will be disciplined. What am I worried about.

Seeing that Ye Mo agreed, Xu Wei handed her badge to Ye Mo, anxiously picked up her backpack and turned around to leave, calling while she was walking. Seeing the nervous look on her face, Ye Mo knew that she must have met something difficult.

He did not expect that the medical kit he had prepared for the stall would not be used yet, but he had actually brought it to the hospital for the first time.

It was probably because Xu Wei had called Xiaodai, as soon as Ye Mo arrived at the fever pre-testing counter at Lekang Hospital, Xiaodai pulled off her mask and waved her hand at him and said, “You are Ye Mo, right, put your white coat on first, let me tell you, it’s very simple, just record and take the thermometer, just leave the rest to me.”

Only then did Ye Mo understand that it was really simple, there were not many people coming to see the doctor at night, in fact it was just that he did not come I guess Xiaodai would be too busy for one person.

“Actually it’s because I’m afraid that if there are more people at night, I won’t be able to keep busy and get complaints from the patients. It is very serious for a doctor to be complained by patients for not coming, and Zhou Yun is still on probation, so she can’t afford not to come. The people who come here at night are all little kids with colds and fevers and stuff.” Xiaodai seemed to have seen Ye Mo’s doubts and explained with a smile.

Ye Mo already understood that the reason why he came to cover the shift was because he was afraid that the patients would complain that there was only one person on pre-trial, then the people who didn’t come would not be able to eat their words.

Xiaodai was a round-faced girl with two dimples when she smiled, and she looked very affable. It was just after 6pm when the number of patients started to increase, and it wasn’t bad at all as Mai had said, basically it was all children with fever and cold. If it was just Mai, she wouldn’t have been able to keep up with it.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, basically everyone who was supposed to be off duty was off duty, and the hospital started to cool down, so Ye Mo and Xiao Mai were basically free.

Seeing that there were no more people, Xiaodai said to Ye Mo, “I’ll go get some food first, I’m on the late shift, do you want to bring one for you?”

Ye Mo waved his hand, he wasn’t hungry yet, and when he saw Xiaodai go out, he also carried his small medicine box on his back to make a trip to the toilet. The reason for carrying his own small medicine box to the toilet was because he was the only one who understood the value of the things inside this medicine box, people were coming and going from the pre-screening desk, even though it was night time, in case someone took it by hand, his efforts for many days and tens of thousands of dollars would be wasted.

“You come with me for a moment, I need your help with something.”

A middle-aged doctor in a white coat happened to meet Ye Mo who came out of the toilet and hastily stopped him and said.

Ye Mo originally did not want to pay attention to this guy, but thought that this guy spoke as if he was a supervisor or something, if he knew that he was helping Xu Wei lead the cla*s and offended him, it would be bad if he gave Xu Wei small shoes at that time. Forget it, let’s pretend to help Xu Wei a little.

This middle-aged doctor brought Ye Mo to the emergency room and asked, “Are you from that department?”

Ye Mo thought to himself, at this guy’s age, if he said that department, he might know it, in case he was wrong and embarra*sed, thinking of this he had to say, “I’m here because ……”

Ye Mo has not yet found a reason, this middle-aged doctor’s phone rang, he answered the phone, only to say a few words, then some anger up, in the phone inside a half-day argument, and heard him say loudly: “divorce is divorce, you shameless ……”

After the phone call, this middle-aged man no longer bothered to pay attention to Ye Mo, took off his clothes, grabbed a backpack and turned around to leave.

Ye Mo said to himself, this guy is a bull, divorcing his wife and slipping away before it’s time to leave work, it’s still just eleven o’clock. But he was also depressed beyond belief, calling himself here and slipping out on his own without telling him anything, no wonder this guy’s wife wanted to divorce him.

Ye Mo had just stood up when a nurse and a girl in her twenties walked in holding an old man in his sixties, Ye Mo only had to listen to the footsteps to know that these two were in a hurry.

“Who are you? Where is Dr. Cui?” Although Ye Mo was wearing a mask, this nurse knew at a glance that he was not Dr. Cui and immediately asked eagerly.

“Oh, he just left, I’m a substitute, I’m helping ……” Before Ye Mo could say anything about helping Zhou Yun with her shift, this nurse interrupted him.

“Then hurry up and check this old man, he’s in pain all over his body and has no way to speak ……” the nurse helped the somewhat blue faced old man on top of the hospital bed and quickly finished speaking to Ye Mo and immediately prepared to hit the floor.


Chapter  12

Ye Mo looked at the old man lying on the bed, when he first arrived he seemed to be able to barely walk, now he had pa*sed out straight away and his face had turned blue and purple at a visible rate.

Then he looked at the anxious nurse, and the even more anxious girl, before he could speak, the girl said with a sobbing voice, “Doctor, please save my grandfather, I’m the one who did this to him, I shouldn’t have let him come to Ninghai secretly ……”

Ye Mo frowned, at this time to say what should not should not be is not nonsense. Took out a few silver needles from inside the box, casually stabbed the old man a few times, and true qi instantly flowed through.

The old man exhaled a breath of foul air, the greenish-purple colour of his face dissipated fast and he was back to normal in the blink of an eye. He opened his eyes and said, “Qing’er, don’t worry, this is an old problem of mine.”

The nurse and the girl called Qing’er stared blankly at Ye Mo, unable to react for half a day, what kind of medical skill was this? A few stitches and an old man on the verge of death was brought back to life? The girl in the nurse’s outfit reacted first and looked at Ye Mo’s mask with a shocked face, she was still wondering who this man was who was helping Dr. Cui to cover his shift. What a great medical skill.

But the girl quickly reacted and immediately jumped to the old man’s bed: “Grandpa, I was scared to death, I won’t dare to take you out without permission next time ……”

Before the words were finished, tears were already coming out of her eyes.

Ye Mo looked at the girl with a brand name, her Donna Karan blouse was estimated to be several tens of thousands of dollars, and the pair of shoes she was wearing on her feet looked as if they were from CHANEL, Ye Mo’s first feeling was that this was a rich woman.

After looking at the girl who still had tear marks on her face, she was actually an extremely beautiful woman, and had a similar feeling to the woman who bought Ye Mo’s talisman last time. Her face, probably because of some anxiety, showed a hint of redness, which more and more set off her skin as white as snow, and her slender white neck, so that Ye Mo couldn’t help but look down, and the deep furrows were set off by the fitted Donna Karan blouse, making it more and more appealing to the imagination.

“Qing’er, I don’t mind, you help me sit up.” The old man said with a wave of his hand.

“You are quite a remarkable doctor, I know my illness myself, no one has been able to freshen me up from the onset in such a short time ……” Before the old man had finished his words, the girl called Ching-er seemed to remember something.

She turned around and looked at Ye Mo with great surprise and said, “I didn’t expect your medical skills to be so powerful, are you a Chinese doctor? Using golden needles? Were you able to see what was wrong with my grandfather? Thanks to you this time, thank you so much.” A series of questions were thrown out by her.

But the girl called Qing’er didn’t seem to be prepared for this doctor to answer either, because her grandfather’s illness had been examined by many famous experts from home and abroad and none of them could tell the exact condition, only giving a notice that he had six months to live based on the unexplained ageing of his internal organs.

She asked this question only as a subconscious act, but mainly as a sincere thank you to this doctor for bringing her grandfather back to life. It was fortunate that the hospital was close to her, otherwise the consequences would have been unthinkable. She was not only very sad that something had happened to her grandfather, but she could not take the responsibility, although she was his most beloved granddaughter, but he had too many people and things a*sociated with him.

Xie Xing nodded and said, “I know what kind of disease this is.”

Of course he knew about this disease, but he also knew that no concrete conclusion had been reached on this disease on Earth yet, so he guessed that this old man’s disease had not been found out until now. This was because this disease was so rare that it could almost be said that there was not one in a billion.

In the cultivation world there was an ore called ‘Purple Jiao’. ‘Purple Jiao’ was an ore that could refine medium-grade magic weapons, but it was not very common. However, one characteristic of ‘Purple Jiao’ was that you had to preserve this ore in a jade box after digging it up, otherwise it would lose its usefulness. If you just put the ‘Purple Jiao’ in your pocket, then it only takes a day for the harmful substances inside the ‘Purple Jiao’ to seep into your body and the ‘Purple Jiao’ becomes a waste ore.

This old man’s symptoms were clearly poisoned by ‘Purple Coke’, and it became clear as soon as his acupuncture was put in. People who were poisoned with ‘Purple Scorch’ could not be seen at the time, and it would take a decade or even decades before they had symptoms if they were in good health, but once they appeared, if they were not treated properly, they were dead.

The symptoms of being struck by ‘Purple Scorch’ are that the whole body turns purple, the internal organs gradually turn charred and finally suffocate. This old man was typically struck by the ‘Purple Scorch’. If he was not a cultivator, he could use medicinal herbs to get rid of it slowly, but Ye Mo was a Qi practitioner of the first layer, so he could just use his True Qi to get rid of it.

It was just that Ye Mo did not expect that there was actually this kind of ore on Earth, it was really rare. It would be good if he let himself get it.

“What? You said you know what kind of disease my grandfather has? Doctor, can you cure it? As long as you cure my grandfather, I can help you meet any condition.” The girl called Qing’er reacted half-heartedly and her hands were trembling as she spoke.

The old man also looked at Ye Mo with an incredulous face, it was already remarkable that this young doctor was able to revive him, but he didn’t expect to say that he knew what kind of disease he had, this was too outrageous. The medical standard of Ninghai’s Li Kang Hospital was so high? Even a doctor in the emergency department knew about his illness, was this possible?

Any condition can be met? Ye Mo smiled faintly, this was not something a girl could just say. However, he also understood that this girl’s family should be either rich or noble. Since this was the case, there was no need for him to be polite, he happened to be short of money, so it was only right to get some money.

Thinking of this Ye Mo said to the nurse who still had her mouth open in disbelief, “Go out first, I will talk to the patient’s family.”

After the nurse left, Ye Mo knocked on the table and said after a moment of silence, “I can treat this disease.”

With a “pop”, the girl called Qing’er’s phone fell to the ground, the battery plate was smashed out as far as it could go, but she didn’t feel in the slightest that her phone might have been broken.

“Doctor, you can really cure my grandfather’s illness, is that true?” Qing’er didn’t even notice that her phone had broken, but eagerly ran to Ye Mo’s front and grabbed his hands and asked nervously.

The old man also looked at Ye Mo with a shocked expression, he didn’t think Ye Mo was lying, because the way Ye Mo acted just now already showed that he was a very capable doctor, and since he said that, it meant that he had the ability.

“Uh, I said Qing’er, don’t get excited, sit down first.” Being grabbed by the beautiful woman’s hands, Ye Mo felt very welcome, this beautiful woman called Qing’er was a bit more durable than the one called Su Mei. If this Qing’er went to Ning University, then Su Mei’s title as the number one beauty of Ning University would have to give way. The main thing is that Qing’er is not as uncomfortable as Su Mei.

Seeing that this doctor also called herself Qing’er, the girl blushed and hurriedly let go of Ye Mo’s hand and sat beside the old man in a good manner. Of course she was not sure that Ye Mo just didn’t know what she was called and followed the old man.

Seeing that his granddaughter was also shy, this old man laughed, obviously feeling a little amused.

“Do you want to treat the symptoms or the root cause?” Ye Mo suddenly asked.

“How do you say treating the symptoms? What about curing the root cause? Of course I want to cure grandpa completely.” Qing’er immediately asked when she saw that Ye Mo had come back on top of the treatment and the redness on his face had faded away. In his mind, he was thinking, “This doctor’s eyes are really bright, but it’s a pity that he just can’t see his face.

However, Ye Mo said, “With my current skills, if I were to cure the root cause, I would only be 70% sure, and there is still a 30% chance that your grandfather will die early. If it’s a cure, I’m ten percent sure that I can keep your grandfather healthy for three more years. However, no matter which treatment you choose, the medicine fee will have to be paid to me on the spot, this medicine is my personal, no arrears.”

Although Ye Mo said seven layers of certainty was a bit conservative, it was also based on his cultivation level, although his medical skills were good, his cultivation level was only at the first level of Qi cultivation, if he reached the second level of Qi cultivation, he would have 90% certainty, if he was now at the third level of Qi cultivation, he would have 10% certainty.

“Ah, how could this happen? Grandpa ……” The girl called Qing’er was obviously unable to make a decision and looked at her grandfather with some difficulty, she hoped that he could give her a good idea.