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DYM Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9

The next day, instead of going to Qingdu Lake Park to exercise again, Ye Mo got up early in the morning and did a set of boxing in the courtyard, then went out to purchase something.

A small medical case and a set of silver needles, in addition to that he bought a bunch of medicinal herbs back to make some simple pills and soups for himself, of course not even the most common pills, but to Ye Mo these were enough to set up his stall.

In this way, the money he had left had once again put him in a crisis. By the time he had everything ready, Ninghai University had already started, and Ye Mo was already a senior at Ninghai University.

Without surprising everyone, Ye Mo did not pa*s any of his cla*ses, all of them were make-up exams. However, Ye Mo didn’t take it seriously and neither did the school. If it was an ordinary student who had to make up exams for more than three cla*ses, he might have been severely disciplined or even expelled from school, but Ye Mo belonged to the ** category.

Although he had already been kicked out of the Ye family, the school would not offend the Ye family over such a matter, who knows what people’s big families play, anyway, he finished his four years and left, the school had nothing to lose, that is, he entered Ninghai University back then likewise was not an examination to enter.

For all the make-up exams, Ye Mo didn’t care, he didn’t even put his mind on it. He was still concentrating on preparing his night market stall, which didn’t conflict with his going to the school library during the day and setting up his night market stall at night.

Ye Mo went to Ninghai University every day by running, the main purpose of which was to exercise his ‘Cloud Shadow Steps’. Now he couldn’t make progress in his cultivation either, and he really had a sense of crisis if he couldn’t even cultivate his worldly martial arts. But fortunately, here he did not feel the kind of crisis of fighting and killing that he felt in the Luo Yue Continent, which put his mind at ease a lot.

It was already the second week since school started, and although Ye Mo had not yet set up his small stall for practicing medicine at the night market, he had already felt a huge improvement in his ‘Cloud Shadow Steps’, and it looked like the early morning and late evening trips that added up to nearly seventy miles every day were still good for him.

This morning, Ye Mo got up a little later, sleeping an hour more than usual. By the time he ran to Ninghai University, it was already after seven o’clock, and then he went to the snack bar off campus to get a bowl of soy milk and a few buns, and it was already almost eight o’clock when he finished eating.

“Brother, do you want to buy a flower?” A little girl holding a handful of flowers outside the snack shop came to Ye Mo’s front with some nervousness and trepidation and asked.

Ye Mo looked at this single little girl, it was the end of September and the mornings were still a bit cool these days. This little girl was out selling roses so early in the morning, it seemed that her family should have some difficulties. Ye Mo thought of himself as a child, also a wandering child, until he was nine years old when he was brought to his master’s sect by an old Taoist, but it was only less than a year before the old Taoist died. After the old Tao died, he followed his master, Luo Ying, and life only got completely better.

“Why aren’t you in school?” Ye Mo said to himself that this time of year was when cla*ses were in session, right? It was nine years of compulsory education here, this little girl shouldn’t be out of school.

“It’s Saturday, I’m helping my sister out to sell flowers.” The little girl replied in a very thin voice, but Ye Mo still heard her weakness of heart, but Ye Mo couldn’t care less and could only ask, “Okay, I’ll buy some, how much is one?”

In his heart, he was thinking, he didn’t think it was actually Saturday, he was running around every day and had forgotten the time.

“Five dollars, three if it’s more.” When the little girl heard that Ye Mo wanted to buy flowers, her voice immediately became a little crisp, and it was obvious that Ye Mo’s words drove her confidence.

“Alright, I’ll take all the flowers in your hand and give you the money.” Ye Mo took a look at the roses in the little girl’s hand, which were estimated to be about twenty. He took out a hundred yuan and handed it to the little girl, took the flowers in her hand, turned around and left.

“Big brother, I still need to find you money.” The little girl took a look at a hundred, if they were asked for together, she would charge at most three dollars a flower, and it was five dollars a flower that could also be bargained for.

“No need, you can’t get a discount on flowers for your girlfriend, goodbye.” Ye Mo picked up the flowers and already disappeared at the entrance of Ninghai University.

If it was at the end of the school day, these flowers Ye Mo might have taken back and thrown them to Xu Wei, but now that it was inside the school, it looked like he could only find a bin to throw them away.

“Huh, wasn’t that guy who bought the flowers just now the same Ye Mo from our school? He actually has a girlfriend? What he said was quite philosophical, you can’t get a discount on flowers for your girlfriend, who is so brave to be his girlfriend?” Two girls at the entrance of the school saw Ye Mo walking into the school with roses, and one girl who knew Ye Mo asked strangely.

“He’s Ye Mo?” The other girl also asked in a bit of surprise, but she was definitely much prettier than the girl who had just spoken. It was obvious that she was asking because she had heard of Ye Mo as a person, but didn’t know him.

“Su Mei, you are the number one school girl of Ninghai University, of course you don’t know his tragic world, but I know this man, who is said to be a tragedy. Let’s go after him and see who his girlfriend is.” The other girl smiled cheekily.

“Yanzhi, yet I have a feeling he didn’t buy it for his girlfriend, but because of that little girl.” The girl called Su Mei however said with a frown.

“Xiao Mei, I was about to go to look for you, I didn’t expect to meet you at the entrance of the school, I see you are free today, I’ll invite you for a meal, you won’t say you don’t have time, right?” Before Yanzhi could speak, a voice had already arrived in time.

A BMW seven series car stopped steadily at the entrance of the school, from the car came out a good looking but somewhat unhealthy white skinned youth, seeing Su Mei was a happy face.

“It’s Zheng Wen Qiao Yeah, Ning University’s No.1 male brother, Mei Mei, you are so charming, the No.1 school flower and the No.1 male brother, I really envy you ……” Yan Zi looked at Su Mei with an envious face, her kind of look was if only she were Su Mei.

Su Mei’s face sank, immediately looked back at the young male, some apologetic said, “Sorry, my boyfriend has come.”

After saying that Su Mei ran a few steps faster and came to Ye Mo’s side, reaching out to take up Ye Mo’s arm, but said in an extremely gentle tone, “Mozi, why did you only come, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, is this flower bought for me? It’s so beautiful.”

Ye Mo was inexplicably held by the arm of a beautiful beauty he didn’t know, and picked up the flower he was holding saying it was for her. He said to himself, “When did he have such a beautiful beautiful friend? How come he didn’t know that himself?

However, when Ye Mo saw Zheng Wen Qiao, who had just gotten out of his BMW not far away and had a gloomy and frightening face, he knew that he was being used as a shield again.

Looking at the beautiful woman who was hugging herself with a smile on her face, Ye Mo let out a cold snort in his heart, and a kind of disgust rose from the bottom of his heart.

This woman thought that because she was prettier, she had no regard for others. To her it was a simple matter of using herself as a shield, and after it was over, she patted her a*s and left, while leaving that stinking mess to herself. As if it was Ye Mo’s honour for her to use him as a shield, this kind of self-righteous woman seemed to feel a little too good about herself.


Chapter 10

One look at the pale youth’s eyes and he knew that he would never let himself go. Although he, Ye Mo, did not fear anyone, but to be counted on like this for no reason, he was very uncomfortable in his heart. Moreover, if this was him, if it was the original Ye Mo, the loss he suffered afterwards would definitely be quite serious.

This pale faced youth was not a good person at first glance, if he would let him go afterwards, then he would have spent more than ten years in the cultivation world for nothing.

Staring expressionlessly at the beautiful girl beside him, Ye Mo didn’t say anything, although he was disgusted by this girl’s irresponsible action, not giving the slightest consideration to the consequences this action would bring to others. But he equally disliked this pale faced youth’s dead fish eyes, if this guy dared to find trouble with him afterwards, he didn’t mind making him remember it for the rest of his life.

“Friend, not bad, actually even Ning University’s Su Mei looks at you differently, get to know each other, my name is Zheng Wen Qiao, I think you’re an acquaintance seeing as you look familiar.” Zheng Wen Qiao walked up to Ye Mo’s front and said indifferently. The disdain and viciousness in his eyes flashed, and even some pity emerged, as if he saw Ye Mo on his knees begging for mercy.

“Get lost ……” Ye Mo didn’t shrug off Zheng Wen Qiao in the slightest, with his experience of fighting for life and death in the cultivation world, he only had to look at Zheng Wen Qiao’s gaze to know what he was thinking.

If he really P*sses him off, he doesn’t mind killing this guy, this is not the place to stay. Although he also understood that this was a legal society, killing people came behind the scenes, and killing in plain sight was still very serious, but some of the original inclinations could not just be changed away. He, a cultivator, was living the same way even in the deep forests.

“You, good, good guts ……” Ye Mo was prepared to teach Zheng Wen Qiao a lesson once he made his move, but he didn’t expect Zheng Wen Qiao to actually just say a few words and turn around with a gloomy face and leave.

Ye Mo understood that this Zheng Wen Qiao should see that he was fit and afraid to make a move for fear of losing out, this was probably going to call someone, but he didn’t even put it in his eyes.

“Ye Mo, you? Do you know who he is?” Su Mei also didn’t expect this Ye Mo to be so tough, not even the number one male son of Ning University, Zheng Wen Qiao’s father was the vice mayor of Ninghai, and his mother’s Qiu’s industry was also one of the top 100 enterprises in China, ah, according to Ning University, no one should be unaware of it.

Such a gentry was actually told to roll by Ye Mo to his face, this Ye Mo really had some problems with his brain, but his behavior was very much to his liking.

Su Mei quickly reacted, but in her heart, she admired Ye Mo, he had helped herself get rid of a fly, and it was a fly that she hated very much. Immediately, she said with a smile, “Ye Mo, I’ve heard of your great name for a long time, I didn’t expect you to even dare to scold Zheng Wen Qiao, I really thank you today, how about it, my treat, let’s go for a meal together.”

Su Mei said this, in her opinion to come, it should be a great face, what other people can let her Su Mei treat, people who want to treat her have already lined up to drain Ninghai. In her mind, Ye Mo should be surprised to say yes to her, and then be surprised to follow her and keep thanking her for the treat.

But once again, to her great surprise, Ye Mo actually gave her a somewhat disgusted look, without even a reply, turned around and entered the library, as if she was a ball of air, leaving the dumb as a rock Ye Mei hanging out.

It was not until Ye Mo had walked into the library for a long time that Su Mei reacted. When had she, Su Mei, ever been treated so coldly, not to mention that she had invited him to dinner? Being ignored by such a rubbish person, she felt as uncomfortable as eating a fly in her heart, her face was red for a while and white for a while.

No, no matter what, this face cannot be lost, I just don’t believe I can’t invite you, thinking here, Su Mei also walked into the library.

Although it was a Saturday, there were many people inside the library of Ning University, and there were no spare seats. He was standing in front of a row of shelves of medical books, and was flipping through a book in his hand.

Su Mei let out a sneer, he was pretending to study medicine, but he couldn’t even get a seat, he despised this guy in his heart.

But as soon as Su Mei walked into the library, there were several handsome men vying to make way. It’s an honor to have Su Mei sitting next to you, the number one beauty of Ning University.

Others came in without a seat, but Su Mei could choose a seat. She chose a place where she could just see Ye Mo and sat down, just a smile made the handsome guy who gave up his seat half dizzy. Su Mei casually picked up a book and actually stared at Ye Mo. In her opinion, Ye Mo came in solely to pretend and would definitely not last half an hour before leaving.

But what Su Mei didn’t expect was that several half hours had pa*sed and Ye Mo didn’t have the slightest intention of leaving, nor did he have the slightest intention of wanting to find a seat for a while.

He was reading books very fast and was standing right next to the row of medicine bookshelves, basically changing three to four books an hour, and Su Mei could see very clearly that he was reading each book very fast, but all from beginning to end, not missing a single one, but the speed of flipping through the books was simply too fast.

Pretend, you just pretend. This kind of book flipping speed, not to mention reading the content and trying to understand it, even reading a title is somewhat enough.

Ye Mo was already immersed in the medical writings here, Ninghai University’s medical school was still relatively famous, so the medical books here were also relatively complete, but to Ye Mo’s disappointment, although there were also some novelties, none of them went beyond a framework.

Whether it was Chinese medicine or Western medicine, it was all the same. But despite this, he remembered every single content he had read. His memory was already quite strong, and now that he was already at the first level of Qi cultivation, he already had some divine sense, so it basically didn’t take him much time to read these books.

They were too far and far between compared to the contents of the gongfu he was cultivating. If he was at the Foundation Establishment stage, he could have spent five hours reading all the bookshelves of medicine. If he was already at the Jiedan stage, he could read the entire library in three hours. If he were already a YuanYing, he wouldn’t even need to enter the library, a slight sweep of his divine sense and nothing would be hidden here.

After all, books are books, and the content of jade slips is too different. But how could it be possible at the YuanYing stage, even in his previous life, he was only a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Su Mei, however, became more and more anxious as she waited, it was already after three in the afternoon and he was actually still reading, not even bothering to eat lunch, she could only wait with a hungry stomach because she had to keep an eye on him.

She didn’t understand why she had to make him listen to herself and go for a meal, but she was just very uncomfortable in her heart when he refused her.

Just when Su Mei couldn’t stand it anymore, Ye Mo finally put down the book he was holding and walked out of the library.

Seeing this, Su Mei immediately followed him out.

“What else do you want?” Ye Mo’s voice was cold, and it was obvious that he had always known that Su Mei was following him.

“Ah ……” Su Mei was stunned for a moment by Ye Mo’s sudden question. However, he immediately reacted and said in a hurry, “It’s like this, because you helped me in the morning, I truly want to treat you to a meal. I don’t want to owe you a favor, otherwise I would be very, very ……”

Ye Mo coldly stared at Su Mei, sighing in his heart, only this kind of woman who thought she was a princess in general would be superior and somewhat self-righteous, right? She wouldn’t even think about the consequences of her actions to others, only about her own little sense of superiority.