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DYM Chapter 125

This was an empty meditation stone, how could anyone else here be interested in such a stone? Ye Mo nervously walked up to this stall and pretended to look at something else, but in reality his divine sense never left the empty meditation stone.

“Do you want to leave just like that after you hit someone?” An Yan ran up to Ye Mo and immediately called out.

Ye Mo frowned, to be honest, right now he really didn’t want to say anything more to this woman, he was nervous about the empty meditation stone.

At this moment, when he saw An Yan coming over to rave again, he immediately got angry and turned back and said coldly, “Get lost.”

“You, you,” An Yan didn’t expect this man to dare to tell her to get lost, her face turned blue with anger and she couldn’t say anything.

At this moment, the young man who was with An Yan came over and saw An Yan’s demeanor and immediately asked, “An Yan, what’s wrong with you?” An Yan rubbed her eyes and pointed at Ye Mo with her hand, “This man is bullying me.”

The man’s face sank, he was already a bit annoyed that Ye Mo had not bought the jade pendant for him, but he did not expect that Ye Mo would dare to bully An Yan.

He immediately walked up and tried to grab Ye Mo’s shoulder with his hand, but to his surprise, before his hand reached Ye Mo’s shoulder, Ye Mo’s hand had already grabbed his wrist and said coldly, “If you dare to move one more time, I will trample you under my feet, go away.”

This youth found that after Ye Mo grabbed his hand, his whole body could not move and a chill that hurt into the marrow of his bones came straight to his body. This youth was not a rookie, and as soon as this situation came out, he immediately knew that his two strikes were simply ridiculous compared to Ye Mo’s.

This person who was bullying An Yan was definitely an expert, and an expert who was many times more powerful than him, and he was sure that even his master here was not a match for this person. Having met such an expert at an exchange meeting, a cold sweat immediately broke out on this youth’s back.

He remembered what Ye Mo had originally sold, could this man really be from an ancient martial arts sect, or else why would that monk be looking for him alone?

But fortunately at this time, Ye Mo had already let go of his hand but didn’t care about him, instead he continued to focus on the few items on that small stall.

“Boss, how much does this stone cost?” As soon as Ye Mo heard this voice, his heart immediately sank, it looked like this person who was looking at the stone really wanted this empty meditation stone, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked that.

However, Ye Mo was thinking quickly in his heart, in case this person really bought this empty meditation stone, he would buy it again. If he didn’t sell it, even if he stole it, he would still have to get this Empty Meditation Stone over. This thing was too useful to Ye Mo. Originally, he didn’t even think that this kind of material would be found on Earth, but he didn’t expect to see it, so he wouldn’t let it go no matter what.

Besides, the Empyrean Stone was much more precious than the “Silver Heart Gra*s”.

“One hundred thousand.” The stall owner immediately said a price when he saw someone asking for his stuff.

“So expensive? It’s just a stone, I see that this colour is rarely seen, so I want to sell it back to make a selvedge or something. Can it be cheaper?” The man with the stone immediately said.

Only then did Ye Mo have the time to pay attention to this man, who was in his thirties and a bit thin, but looked incredibly tough. The most important thing for Ye Mo to notice was that the man had a cold aura that would make anyone who was sensitive to it chill.

It was just that a hundred thousand dollars in this could only be described as a mere hundred thousand dollars, and the fact that he had to bargain for this amount of money showed that he was not a rich man either, or that he didn’t have much money left on him now.

When the stall owner heard the man’s words, he shook his head and said, “Sorry, there is no bargaining for this, because I am helping my friend to sell it.”

“So?” The man said, put down the stone and began to frown in thought.

When Ye Mo saw him put down the stone, he immediately took it in his hand. This was not the time to pretend to be reserved, so while the man had not decided yet, he bought the empty meditation stone before saying anything.

“I’ll take this stone.” Ye Mo said as he held the stone in his standing ear.

The stall owner didn’t seem to expect the stone to be so sought after, the person in front of him had just put it down and was still hesitating whether to buy it when Ye Mo had already picked it up.

Sure enough, when he saw Ye Mo pick up the stone, the man who was still hesitating just now immediately changed his face and immediately said, “I wanted this stone first, who are you to buy it? Bring it to me, I want it.”

He said and reached out to snatch it from Ye Mo’s hand.

Ye Mo let out a cold laugh “There are so many people here, how come I didn’t hear you say you wanted it? Boss, who did you say decided to buy your stone first just now?”

This boss looked at the two people with embarra*sment before saying, “The one who came first was this friend.” Saying that, he pointed at the man who came earlier, but before that man could laugh, he pointed at Ye Mo again and said, “But it was this customer who said he wanted to buy it.”

The man who had come first was immediately about to do something, but he found that he had little reason to get angry. What the other stall owner said was not wrong at all.

“I’ll pay 200,000 for this stone, and he hasn’t paid for it yet.” The man immediately got a little angry, he hadn’t expected that he would hesitate just a little and the item would be bought by someone else.

“This,” the owner of this stall looked at Ye Mo somewhat apologetically, although he also knew that Ye Mo had decided to buy this item first, but the person offered 200,000. An extra hundred thousand dollars out of thin air, of course he would not let it go.

“Alright then, I’ll pay two hundred thousand too.” After saying that Ye Mo took out a cheque and handed it to the stall owner “This is a cheque for two million, you can give me another one for one million eight hundred thousand.”

However, the owner of the stall did not accept the cheque, but his face became ugly.

To be frank, in this place, it was all cash and carry, and Ye Mo was the first person who used a cheque to settle the bill, except for those who knew him well, not to mention that he had to find another 1.8 million.

“Sorry, this gentleman, we don’t take cheques, we only take cash, you need to transfer money immediately to do that.” The owner of the stall immediately refused Ye Mo’s face immediately changed as well, he didn’t expect others to still not take cheques. Just because he believed in cheques didn’t mean that all people believed in this stuff. If he didn’t take the cheque, it meant that he couldn’t get the money, and if he couldn’t get the money, what would he use to compete with this person for this empty meditation stone?

Seeing that this person who had offended her couldn’t take out any money at all, An Yan immediately became happy in her heart, although she knew that the cheque in Ye Mo’s hand should be real, she just liked seeing this kind of scenario. Plus the time at the airport, she had already suffered several defeats on Ye Mo in a row, and each time, she was unable to say anything about her suffering.

The Qingdong man next to An Yan, however, pulled An Yan, made a wink and whispered, “Let’s go.”

“Why? I still have to settle a score with him, so let’s just forget about it?” Yan immediately said with displeasure. She still had a little thought in her mind that Ye Mo had no money and suddenly asked to borrow money, so she would lend it to him, but just to ask for that jade pendant, plus taunt him a few times.

But this youth whispered, “This man is not simple, let’s talk about it to the side.”

An Yan had no choice but to follow this youth to one side.

At this time, this stall owner however took the empty meditation stone from Ye Mo’s hand and placed it on top of the table.

His meaning was clear, whoever could afford the money, the stone would be given to him.

Ye Mo’s face changed, it was absolutely impossible for him to give up the Empty Meditation Stone.

But he couldn’t take out the money now, he thought of An Yan next to him, didn’t she always want the jade, the

pendant? He gave her one and asked her to lend him the money first. However, when Ye Mo looked back at An Yan, she was gone. Ye Mo couldn’t help but frown even more.

An Yan certainly didn’t expect her idea to almost succeed, and if the youth hadn’t pulled her away, Ye Mo would have really had to ask her to borrow money.

It was only this moment that the yīn cold man said, “Your cashier and I will go to the checkout together, and I will immediately transfer the 200,000 to you.”

Of course the owner of this stall could no longer care about Ye Mo, this stone would have been hard to sell for 100,000, and he sold it for 200,000 at once. He hurriedly asked the cashier and the man to settle the bill, while he himself packed the stone.

Ye Mo looked at the stone helplessly, he couldn’t blame the owner of the stall, although his character was not good, he was a businessman after all, of course he wanted to make as much money as possible.

“Boss, where did you get this stone from?” Ye Mo thought to himself that there might be other places that could produce empty meditation stones.

Seemingly apologetic to Ye Mo, the owner of this stall still replied, “According to my friend, he picked it up from the seaside of Qingdao. Of course as to where it is, I am not sure.”

Hearing this stall owner’s words, Ye Mo was somewhat speechless. If even the seaside could pick up empty meditation stones, then there were too many of them. But he was not sure if what this stall owner said was true, so he could only shake his head and leave.

After leaving this stall, Ye Mo however quietly walked behind the man and made a divine sense mark on him. Since he couldn’t buy it, don’t blame him for stealing it. It could be said that this item was more useful to him than anyone else here, and the ear was biased to be bought by someone else.

Ye Mo didn’t have any half-hearted feelings about stealing the Empty Meditation Stone from this man. This yīn cold man was not a presence to be messed with at first glance, but Ye Mo was precisely not afraid of such people.

Moreover, he had maliciously raised the price. Look at how other people, Monk Wukwang, raised the price, raising it from others after they bought it. Even if others don’t agree.

Of course Ye Mo did not expect this man to have the enlightenment of Wukwang, but he should not expect himself to have the enlightenment of Wukwang either.

An Yan, who had just been pulled away by the young man, saw Ye Mo return to his stall somewhat unhappily and couldn’t help but say with a secret pleasure, “Serves you right.” !