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DYM Chapter 124

The ancient character stall at Jueyun Temple was very crowded, but they had a large stall too. Ye Mo followed Monk Wuguang to the resting place at the back of this stall, and immediately a girl came up to serve tea. It seemed that even if Jueyun Temple was not an ancient martial arts sect, their treatment in this was still too much higher than other stalls.

Seeing Ye Mo sitting down, Monk Wuguang, however, immediately said “Please understand for taking the liberty of inviting the monk over, I haven’t asked for your surname.”

It was Ye Mo’s initiative to come here, if he didn’t want to come, it wouldn’t be that easy for Woguang to invite him to come. Now when he saw Woguang asking he immediately said, “Master Woguang you are welcome, junior Ye Mo.”

Ye Mo reckoned that this Woguang was not an ordinary person, although he had not fought with him, his essence was full of energy, he was already around seventy years old, but there was no trace of rawness between his actions.

He spoke with a mid-range voice and had obviously practised a form of internal martial arts.

“If old ca*sock is correct, Master Ye’s cultivation in martial arts should not be low. This time, I have invited Grandmaster Ye here, and I do have a few questions I would like to ask Grandmaster Ye, but of course, if it is inconvenient to answer, Grandmaster Ye is free to do so.” Wuguang’s words were very soft and polite.

Ye Mo took a sip of the tea, a clear fragrance puffed his nose and had a long aftertaste in his mouth, it was obviously a top quality tea. He couldn’t help but say casually, “This tea is indeed good, Master is blessed with good taste.”

Wuguang said with a faint smile, “If Master Ye likes it, I can give you some later, it was also given to me by a friend of mine.”

Ye Mo’s heart was slightly moved, this friend of his didn’t know if he was the one who had entrusted him with the sale of the magic weapon. But whether it was or not, it would be a good idea to ask about it later. But his mouth said, “In that case, thank you very much, Master, please instruct me if you have any questions.”

“Good, then the old ca*sock will not beat about the bush. I can see from the magic artefacts that you are selling that your magic artefacts are not inferior to the things that I sell on your behalf, but even more so.

I wonder if you made this magic weapon yourself, or did you get it from somewhere?” Wukwang’s eyes were drooping, but the bright aura in his eyes still could not hide from Ye Mo’s divine sense.

Seeing Monk Woguang’s gaze and the fact that he was helping an ancient martial sect sell magic weapons on his behalf, Ye Mo thought in his heart that he was not being a little too high profile. It would be a disaster if that ancient martial sect took a fancy to his skills and captured him to be a little white sheng. He didn’t think that he could be all-powerful with his current skills.

Thinking of this Ye Mo instead stood up and bowed to Monk Woguang and said, “Master, junior would like to ask you for one thing.”

Woguang hastily put his hands together and said, “Good, Master Ye, there is no need to be polite, if you have something to say, please speak straightforwardly.”

Ye Mo, however, sat down again and said, “These magic weapons and pills that I am offering are all made by one of the elders of my junior’s master, only that he is generally unwilling to go out into the world, so he gave them to me to sell on his behalf, but he doesn’t need the money. In fact, I only know some skinny things about these.”

After looking at Woguang’s reaction, Ye Mo continued after a pause, “So the thing I am begging Master is to ask Master not to flow these pills of mine inside the ancient martial sects, lest that elder of mine turn against me.”

Hearing Ye Mo finish, Wuguang immediately said, “Since Grandmaster Ye has said it all, the old ca*sock heeded it. It seems that this elder of Benefactor Ye is also of the Ancient Martial Arts lineage.” Because only the Ancient Martial Arts lineage would not want their stuff to flow to other sects to be studied.

However, Ye Mo secretly said in his heart, it looked like this Wuguang had not really understood how effective the magic weapon he was selling was, if he did, he probably wouldn’t have had this attitude. However, it was good that he didn’t know, because he had a connection with an ancient martial arts sect, in case he revealed his skills it would be greatly unpleasant.

It looks like it is better to have less contact with this old monk in the future, and after asking about the matter today, immediately get away. Thinking of this Ye Mo but clasped his fist and asked, “Master Wuguang, the late generation does have one thing to ask Master.”

“Master Ye, please speak.” Seeing Ye Mo say that the thing was not made by him, Woguang already understood, after all, this kind of magic weapon was usually not made by a young man like Ye Mo. Moreover, he saw that the magic weapon was well made and felt that it had a meditative and clearing effect down. That’s why the idea of buying one came to him.

He was indeed as Ye Mo thought, and did not realise the true efficacy of the magic weapon Ye Mo had made.

If he had known the true efficacy of that magic weapon, he would probably have brought one back even if the price was even higher. Even if he didn’t give it to the Ancient Martial Sect, he would still have to study it himself.

“May I ask Master Wuguang, do all ancient martial sects belong to the Hidden Sect? If I want to enter the Hidden Sect how should I enter?” About the Hidden Sect, he still occasionally heard Luo Susu talk about it, and although he didn’t ask, he made a note of it.

Hearing Ye Mo’s question, Wuguang looked at Ye Mo with surprise, he didn’t expect Ye Mo to even know about the Hidden Sect. There were not many people who knew about the Hidden Sect, and it was even extremely rare.

However, since Ye Mo had asked, Woguang had no intention of hiding it, besides, there was nothing to hide. He nodded but said directly, “Ancient martial arts is one of the hidden sects, but apart from ancient martial arts, there are many other branches of the hidden sect. Such as the Daoist School, the Yellow School, the Talisman School and so on. However, if you are not a member of the Hidden Sect, you should not make plans to go in, because even if you are told how to get in, you will not be able to get in, and in case you do, you will only be directly wiped out.”

When he said this, he saw that Ye Mo l showed a strange look and thought that Ye Mo was wondering how this Hidden Sect could just kill people, but he explained, “It is not illegal to kill people inside the Hidden Sect, because no one can break in either. As for where the various hidden sects are in, Lao Di is not sure.”

Although Wuguang did not say where the Hidden Sect was, Ye Mo understood something in general. Luo Susu should belong to one of the branches of the Hidden Sects, and these people were all cultivation fanatics who usually did not come out or were not allowed to come out. But the various sects could not be so strictly regulated, there were always a few restless people who would escape, and after they escaped, they might have fought their own way out with their own skills.

Since Woguang said so, there was no need for him to ask about Luosu, Woguang even said he didn’t know the direction of the Hidden Sect, he certainly wouldn’t know Luosu’s situation, it was difficult to shut Luosu to say that a trip out was difficult.

“Then the master’s Jueyun Temple is in what place?” Ye Mo immediately asked.

But this time Master Wukwang just said an Amitabha Buddha and stopped answering, Ye Mo knew that people

family must be unwilling to say it, and in his heart he could not help but despise this monk. He asked himself this question and that question, and when he asked him a question, he was unwilling to say it.

However, Ye Mo had asked what he should have asked, and seeing this, he immediately stood up and said, “In that case, the junior generation will not disturb the master, so I will take my leave.”

When Master Wuguang saw Ye Mo saying goodbye, he did not have anything to ask, instead he gave Ye Mo a box of tea leaves.

When Ye Mo returned to the exchange hall, there was still a lot of activity outside. He wanted to find Lin Huihe and see if he had already bought something, and if he had, he wanted to leave the place.

He had just looked at a few ancient character stalls and there was nothing good, even the kind of magic weapon with a bit of aura that Lin Huihe was holding was rarely seen. Coupled with the fact that Monk Wuguang had just said that he was not from an ancient martial sect, Ye Mo had no more thoughts of asking about the making of magic weapons, even if he asked he would definitely not know.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept a little and did not see Lin Huihe, part of this hall was beyond the range of his divine sense, but Ye Mo reckoned that Lin Huihe would not go out first, maybe he had something going on somewhere for the time being. So he himself went around above these magic weapon stalls to see how many of these belonged to real magic weapons.

Only to Ye Mo’s disappointment, he had gone around most of the way and found only a few real magic weapons, or things that barely had any function, and to put it bluntly, they were just some ordinary things for ninja use, and the prices were still a bit ridiculously high.

But when Ye Mo was about to walk to his stall and sit down to wait for Lin Huihe, a stall not much bigger than his stall caught Ye Mo’s attention. To be exact, it was the silvery-grey stone on his stall that caught Ye Mo’s attention.

When Ye Mo swept the stone with his divine sense, he surprisingly found that it was an empty meditation stone. His heart began to beat wildly, an empty meditation stone, something to make a spatial ring, that is, a storage ring. In the real world of cultivation, it was also a good thing, let alone here.

If he had a storage ring, even if he was not able to cultivate inside the desert last time, he would not have been forced to be in such a mess. This thing must be obtained, Ye Mo’s eyes could no longer let go of the stone, so he walked straight over.

“Hey, what do you want?” A voice interrupted Ye Mo’s steps, and only then did Ye Mo realise that he had bumped into someone else.

“It’s you?” Ye Mo didn’t expect the person he bumped into to be An Yan again, this woman was really yīnhún, you could meet her anywhere.

But the young man who had been accompanying her was going somewhere.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Ye Mo knew that he was indeed wrong this time, he only had the Empty Meditation Stone in his eyes anymore, where else could he be.

An Yan, who was in a bad mood and wanted to get angry, actually put out her anger when she saw it was Ye Mo. Although her hatred for Ye Mo was already gnashing her teeth, now that Ye Mo had bumped into her, she felt that she could do something about it and maybe get that jade pendant.

But when she reacted, Ye Mo had already walked to a stall in front of her, indicating that he didn’t take bumping into her seriously at all. An Yan’s anger immediately rose and she followed him without thinking.

Ye Mo, however, was nervous at this point because he saw that someone had already picked up the silvery-white sè stone, and it looked like that person was also somewhat interested in the stone!