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DYM Chapter 127

At this time, Lin Huihe, who bought the magic weapon, had already returned with his old friend. Although Ye Mo was no longer interested in asking him what magic weapon he had bought, Lin Huihe was excited to show the magic weapon he had just bought to Ye Mo.

It was a tranquilizing magic weapon, which had a tranquilizing and hypnotic effect when placed at the head of the chuáng. Although the appearance was exquisite, that effect was really too poor. If it was not long ago, maybe Ye Mo would have temporarily helped him work on it, but now Ye Mo lost interest. It was just a casual remark that it was not bad.

“Elder brother Ye, are you done selling your stuff too?” Let’s leave when we’re done selling.

In Lin Huihe’s opinion, it was already remarkable for Ye Mo to sell three to five thousand of his things.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Old Brother Lin, you altogether, go back, I still have some things to do, I will visit you later. Oh, I have a bag of tea here, it’s from my friend, so I’ll give it to you.”

Seeing that Ye Mo had something to do, Lin Huihe didn’t care too much, he accepted the tea and went away with his old friend first.

After Cup Huihe left, Ye Mo just kept sitting at his stall and didn’t go shopping, his divine sense just stared at the yīn cold man. He would never be willing until he got this piece of empty meditation stone.

With such a large piece of empty meditation stone, he could even refine two storage rings.

Although An Yan had the intention to go up and taunt Ye Mo, but seeing Ye Mo’s unpleasant face and his hateful look just now when he told her to get lost, she thought better of it and resisted the idea of taunting him.

However, Ye Mo noticed that the man who had purchased the empty meditation stone did not leave directly after paying for it, but was still wandering around inside. However, Ye Mo was in no hurry, he didn’t care himself even if he turned around until it was dark. Moreover, Ye Mo noticed that there was a long-haired man following him not far away from him, only that the two of them did not speak.

The man finally walked towards the exit of the venue after 20 minutes of spinning. As expected the man wandered around the exit again and surprisingly left again, Ye Mo noticed that he actually left through the safe exit, this time the long-haired man did not leave with him.

Ye Mo immediately cast an invisibility spell to follow him.

An Yan, who had been holding a grudge because of the jade pendant, never took her eyes off Ye Mo, but when she blinked her eyes, she actually noticed that Ye Mo had disappeared, she thought she was mistaken and rubbed her eyes before realising that Ye Mo had really disappeared. For a moment, she actually froze.

She was now confused as to whether she had just blinked for too long, or whether it was her own illusion.

This yīn cold man carried his bag in his hand, walked to a handle of Audi car, looked around for a while, took out a cigarette and lit it, but did not rush to leave, looking at his appearance he seemed to be waiting for someone.

If it was the second level of Qi training, Ye Mo might have killed the man or knocked him out to take the empty meditation stone away. But now he didn’t have to do that at all, he originally thought he would have to follow his car for a while, and since this man wasn’t leaving now, it would save even more time.

Ye Mo directly took away his Empty Meditation Stone with a stealth spell right under his nose, not even bothering to put a substitute.

After taking the empty meditation stone, Ye Mo immediately left, if he couldn’t refine a storage ring before going to Yanjing, at least he had to prepare the rest of the materials.

The man hadn’t even finished one cigarette when the long-haired man came over, and the two were really together. The two men nodded when they met, and one of them, the yīn cold man, put his hand inside the bag he had been holding, he wanted to take out the empty meditation stone and show it to the long Lou man.

But as soon as his hand reached inside, his face immediately changed dramatically as he realised that the stone he had finally paid 200,000 yuan for was gone. He had put the stone inside his bag, which he had been holding in his hand, so how could it be missing? Besides, with his skills, how could he not know that someone had stolen something from him?

“Xu Mu, what’s going on?” The man who came after him obviously sensed that something was wrong as well and immediately asked out loud.

But the man called Xu Mu was just holding the bag in his hand, his face shifting, but he didn’t answer immediately.

“Couldn’t that thing have been lost?” The long-haired man immediately asked again nervously, and from his expression and attitude, it was clear how nervous he was about that dong nong.

The man called Xu Mu shook his head, “No, that thing is still there.”

Hearing Xu Mu’s words, this later long-haired man sighed in relief “Since the thing is still there, why are you still afraid, really.”

“But I feel that the thing I lost might be a thousand times more precious than that.”

Xu Mu, however, shook his head and said with an ugly face.

“Don’t be ridiculous, what could be more precious than the Hidden Sect’s attack spell, that was something we got after spending over 50 million. Master said that as soon as he comes out of seclusion, he can definitely make a breakthrough, and he will visit the Thousand Dragons when the time comes. Even if he doesn’t break through, but with this magic weapon, Thousand Dragons will still be wary.” The long-haired man immediately said.

The man called Xu Mu, however, frowned for a long time before he replied, “Because I feel that what I have lost is the spiritual sensing stone that Master said, Master said that there is a kind of is a stone that if you close your eyes and hold it in your hand, use your whole body and mind to feel it. There will be a feeling of spiritual intention emanating, and one can even feel the emptiness and boundlessness, and there is also an unspeakable comprehension of space and time in it. This kind of stone has a significant effect on breaking through the realm.”

Having said that and looked at the long-haired man who was already a little baffled, he continued with a slight sigh, “If it was that kind of spirit sensing stone, if Master had gotten it, his breakthrough might have been more certain, and we could all break through in the future with the help of this stone, this kind of stone that gives one a sense of emptiness is simply priceless. Wouldn’t you say it’s worth too much more than what we’ve come to buy on purpose?”

“There really is such a stone? Wouldn’t that be worth too much more to a true Daoist Ancient Martial Artist like Master” The words that followed were not spoken by the long-haired man, but Xu Mu knew what he wanted to say, because if that stone was really a spiritual sensing stone, then the value would definitely be too much higher than that 50 million dollar magic weapon.

Xu Mu’s face was somewhat grave as he said, “There should be no mistake, otherwise why would that person be so concerned about that stone? It means that he also saw that the stone was not ordinary. It was because he wanted to buy it that I made up my mind to buy it. If the stone is missing, he is the only one who has the motive to bid for it, and yes, it is likely that the man stole it.”

“Are you sure you weren’t followed? ,. The long-haired man now also understood, if that was really as general as Xu Mu said, the value of the stone was indeed too much stronger than the magic weapon that Master had purposely found the ancient martial sect to buy.

Xu Mu shook his head and said, “Definitely not, maybe,” here Xu Mu subconsciously looked inside the venue and then said to the long-haired man, “Let’s go in again and immediately notify the organizers of the venue to close it for strict inspection.”

The long-haired man frowned for a moment before saying, “In that case, won’t that tell Luo Cang’s “Tie Jiang that we’ve already been here?”

“If you know, you know, what can you do? “Tie Jiang. It’s Uncle Tie’s and Master’s, not his Wu Xuemin’s. If Master wasn’t in seclusion right now, just by virtue of the fact that he, Wu Xuemin, has been so arrogant lately, and even Uncle Tie’s words are yīn disobeyed. Uncle Tie would have taken him out long ago and let him pop up for a few days for now, he has forgotten who gave him the power in his hand.” Xu Mu’s already yīn cold face looked even more yīn cold because of the yīn cold tone of voice.

The long-haired man nodded “Recently, the man named Wu has indeed been a bit too arrogant.”

The two of them once again turned back inside the venue.


Ye Mo returned to the clinic in a good mood, but saw Cao Xiaozhen discussing something with Yu Erhu, and when she saw Ye Mo return, she hurriedly came over to greet him.

“What’s up, so happy?” Ye Mo saw that both of them were happy, so he casually asked.

“Master, Xiao Zhen has found a villa, only the location is rather remote and the price is one million eight hundred thousand dollars. It was transferred by someone else, and since this family had to move out in a hurry, it was transferred out, so the price isn’t too high.” Hearing Ye Mo’s question, Yu Erhu hurriedly replied.

Ye Mo was also very happy to hear that he had found a place, it didn’t matter if the lot was far away, now he was afraid that the lot wasn’t far away and not hidden. He immediately took out the cheque and handed it to Cao Xiaozhen, “You can use this money to buy the villa immediately, the sooner the better.”

Cao Xiaozhen took the cheque and looked at the number on it, and almost screamed out.

However, she immediately thought of Ye Mo’s words and hurriedly pulled Yu Erhu to go and handle it, but when she was about to leave, she remembered something and hurriedly asked: “Master, give me your ID card.

Ye Mo waved his hand “Just use your own ID card, hurry up.”

Cao Xiaozhen stuck her tongue out, but she knew somewhat about Ye Mo’s nature, so she didn’t ask any more questions and hurried out to go through the procedures of buying the villa.

The reason why Ye Mo wanted to move away in a hurry was because Lin Huihe knew about his visit to the venue, and Lin Huihe also understood where he lived, so if someone had a heart, it wouldn’t be hard to find him.

He didn’t understand if the yīn cold man had the same idea as him when he bought the empty meditation stone, but no matter what, it was better for him to take precautions.

The main thing is, of course, his “Silver Heart Gra*s. Although it was not dead, it did not stand much chance of survival. Instead of waiting here, he might as well change to another place, and if it really doesn’t work out in the end, he might actually move back to Ninghai.

Although Cao Xiaozhen had just graduated from school less than a year ago, she was very quick at her job. In just over a week, she had already completed all the formalities. Plus the family was in a hurry to sell the house, and just after a week had pa*sed, Ye Mo and his family had already moved into the new villa!