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DYM Chapter 128

“In fact, right now, Ye Mo is not treated by the Ye family at all, we know this matter. In the beginning, we only used Ye Mo as an excuse to deal with the Ye family, the death of the Ye family actually had no effect on Ye Mo, we only dealt with the Ye family because we wanted to get the benefits given by the Song family. Nowadays, there is even less need for us to offend the Song family and instead make peace with the Ye family.” Dongfang Qiu xiōng said with a clear mind.

“What should we do then? Ye Mo and I have a grudge to kill my son, even if he is powerful, I still have to kill him, if I don’t kill Ye Mo, I can’t sleep or eat.” The lord of the Thousand Dragons was used to it, although he had seen that Ye Mo was already a bit outrageously powerful, it was absolutely impossible to make him give up this hatred of killing his son.

However, Dongfang Qiu said sagely, “Of course we will not let go of Ye Mo, but since the Song family wants to take us out and use us as a stick, we can’t help but use them as a stick for once. Ye Mo’s ability is indeed beyond our expectations, but right now the Song family doesn’t know that, in their eyes, Ye Mo is still the same as before.

If we arrange a clash between Ye Mo and the Song family, then we can add fuel to the fire in the middle to make this clash come a little bigger. Even reach Ye Mo’s bottom line of tolerance, once jī angered Ye Mo, with this decisive xìng character of Ye Mo, he will definitely have to go to the Song family to make a big mess.

Thousand dragon heads frowned “Even if Ye Mo went to the Song family and made a scene, the Song family wouldn’t be able to keep him. He should be able to escape with his skills. ,…

“On the surface, it seems that the Song family is not as famous as our Nan Qing family, but don’t underestimate the five great families of China, none of these families are oiled lamps. There are always hidden experts in their families who will not come out until the family is in crisis. And Ye Mo’s xìng character, killing and decisive, once jī angered him, it can cause him and the Song family to fight to the death.”

Mou, here Dongfang Qiu took out a set of Go, took out a few more white pieces and placed them on top of the table, and continued, “Once Ye Mo and the Song family start fighting, the state machine is definitely on the side of the Song family, so it can be said that Ye Mo will simply just be surrounded and beaten. At this time, we have to encourage the Ye family to surround and kill Ye Mo. In the end, even if he escapes the siege of the Song and Ye families, he will still be wanted by the state.” After saying that, he added another one on top of the white tile.

Thousand Dragon Heads couldn’t help but say, “Although Ye Mo was expelled from the Ye family, it should be unlikely that the Ye family would be allowed to go and surround and kill Ye Mo.”

Dongfang Qiu, however, said with certainty, “I am sure that the Ye family will definitely agree. This time, the Ye family has also been tricked into fighting with us, and the Song family is using a Yang scheme. If we in Nanqing lower our stance a little bit and even compensate the Ye family for their losses. The Ye family will definitely not come and reject us “Nanqing,” for the sake of an outcast.”

Wolf Pole seemed to understand something, but at this point said, “If Ye Mo escaped, it’s not like we can’t do anything to him? Besides, with Ye Mo’s skills even if he is surrounded, it doesn’t seem to be difficult to escape.”

Wolf Pole had seen Ye Mo’s ability and he thought that his statement was not exaggerated at all, Ye Mo did have the ability to escape.

At this moment, however, Dongfang Qiu spread white seeds all over the directions and said, “Look, now this is the government chase, this is the Ye family and the Song family, even our “Southern Qing, people are secretly chasing him, the only place he can escape is here.”

He can’t take a plane, so the only way he can escape is through the sea, and who else would we fear in the sea? So, what we want is for him to escape. This way, with Ye Mo’s skills, after fighting with the Song family, not only would the Song family suffer heavy losses, but we would also be avenged for being used. Moreover, Ye Mo would also be surrounded by us in the sea.

I just don’t believe it anymore, we” Nan Qing, a whole mercenary army, so many arms, still can’t leave behind a mere Ye Mo. Even if he is good at stealth, he can’t conceal himself from guns and bullets, right?

Even if his fireball is powerful, can it still be more powerful than a rocket launcher?” After saying that, Dongfang Qiu took out a black seed and placed it at the gap. While in front of the black sub he again took out several black subs to block it and said with a heated smile, “This is called black eating black.”

The dragon head slapped the table and immediately shouted in approval. The frown that had been tightened also had some relief, but immediately he asked again, “But how can we make the Song family jī angry at Ye Mo?” Dongfang Qiu, however, frowned and said after a long time, “It would be best to capture and kill one of his close people, or kidnap them and then lure him into the hub. The Song family used a yang plot against us and the Ye family, today we will use a yīn plot to return the favour. Are we, “Nanqing, that easy to use? Not even if we give favours.”

Thousand Dragons laughed loudly, “Good, it will take this kind of approach from Brother Dongfang to relieve me of some of my hatred, humph, Song Family, how about that?” “But this Ye Mo has been driven out by the Ye family, who is the closest person to him?” Wolf Pole however asked this question out for everyone.

Dongfang Qiu suddenly smiled “This person is easy to find, it’s Ning Qingxue. At the beginning, Ning Qingxue faked a marriage with Ye Mo in order to use him as a shield, but I’m sure that the fake marriage has been half-fake. I don’t know how Ye Mo is, but from what we know, Ning Qingxue didn’t go for a divorce afterwards, which means she probably really liked Ye Mo.

And although I don’t fully understand Ye Mo’s temperament, I do know a thing or two about it. If he learns that Ning Qingxue was killed by the Song family or taken away by some dude from the Song family, do you think he would be furious? At this time, we’ll add a bit of fuel to the mix, preferably by getting some photos or something else into Ye Mo’s hands to convince him that the Song family did it. As long as we reach this step, things will be done.” Li Sandao looked at Dongfang Qiu, who was talking so eloquently, and suddenly felt some chills behind his back. This guy had calculated the xìng of others, and even made a ploy to surround Ye Mo from several sides, but in the end, he was only doing the wedding clothes for “Nan Qing”. He was too yīn and terrifying.

“Wolf Pole, you immediately send someone to investigate Ning Qingxue’s whereabouts and follow Dongfang Qiu’s words. Now that Ye Mo is in Luo Cang, then find a way to send the news to Ye Mo in Luo Cang.” Thousand Dragon Head was dry and decisive, saying and then immediately doing.

Although Pole had ruined a hand, the kung fu of chemistry was still there, and he was more valued by Thousand Dragons than Wu Qiang.

Ning Qingxue of course didn’t know about these things, she was currently staying with Chi Wanqing inside Chi Wanqing Luo Cang’s company. Although she hadn’t been able to spend time with Ye Mo, she had a good chat with Chi Wanqing, even talking a little more than Li Mumei could.

The two women even took every bit of their time with Ye Mo and shared it with each other because they had a common topic of conversation with Ye Mo.

Perhaps it was because of the deep thoughts, Ning Qingxue even took pictures with Ye Mo in her pajamas or when she fell asleep and had Ye Mo look at her body she told Chi Wanqing about it. It seemed that by talking about this, she could feel that Ye Mo had not actually left her, but was right by her side.

Chi Wanqing certainly didn’t hide the fact that she had even taken off her kù in front of Ye Mo. She didn’t expect the two women to talk more and more over these gossipy trivialities, and they even slept together at night. Ning Qingxue wanted to leave Luo Cang and go back several times, but she surprisingly did not dare to leave Luo Cang, it seemed that once she left, the sliver of connection between her and Ye Mo would be completely severed.

There were times when she felt that her thoughts were strange, but she had no way to control her thoughts.

Ning Qingxue was in Luo Cang, of course Ye Mo didn’t know, likewise Ning Qingxue didn’t know that Ye Mo was in Luo Cang, if she knew, perhaps she would have come over with Ji Wanqing long ago.

Although they didn’t know about each other, they couldn’t hide it from Nan Qing’s people, even though Luocang was Tie Jiang’s territory, Nan Qing had no difficulty in finding out about a person here.

To deal with the two women, of course, Wolf Pole did not have to do it himself, but just gave an explanation, and as for how to do it, just send a few of his men over. What’s more, these two women lived in a company, which was hardly the slightest bit difficult for them.

Ji Wanqing’s company was not in the suburbs, but she had a factory there. She and Ning Qingxue do not live in the factory, but in the company. The business building where the company was located was owned under her mother’s name, but now that Chi Wanqing’s mother had helped her open the company, the building was actually Chi Wanqing’s.

The five men sent out by Wolf Pole were considered to be quite skilled in Nanqing. They did not intend to go upstairs to kidnap Ning Qingxue, as Chi Wanqing’s business building had security guards after all, and they might be discovered if they went in.

Their intention was to wait outside the business building until the two returned from their evening meal and kidnap them in one fell swoop. As for Chi Wanqing, although she was not among the targets, since she had kidnapped Ning Qingxue, Chi Wanqing could not be left alone.

After moving to his new residence, Ye Mo transplanted the seeds of the “Silver Heart Gra*s”, because after these things were ready, he planned to go to Yanjing.

Before he went, he also gave a special explanation to Lu Xiaozhen and Yu Erhu to set up an online clinic, after all, it was not very safe to sell magic weapons. In the future, he would need a lot of money to cultivate, and he had to have a regular way to make money, otherwise, always going out to make small

It was not good for cultivation.

Ye Mo’s plan was that he would go straight to the Thousand Dragon Heads when he returned from Yanjing, the Thousand Dragon Heads had to be killed. But to find Thousand Dragon Heads would involve a problem of leaving the country, and if he wanted to leave the country now he could only go to Li Fox to see if he had a way to help himself!