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DYM Chapter 130

“How is Qi Shirt doing?” A very ordinary Changan van with four people sitting on top and a young man lying in it asked the driver who was driving.

“I’m afraid not, his face is all black and he’s not breathing.” Someone in the back replied.

The man driving the car was silent for a moment before saying, “We’ll go to the old mansion immediately, Sancai, you call and inform Brother Wolf now. Tell him that the point is too solid and that he has already lost one of his brothers.”

“Good ……” The youth who said yes had not even taken out his phone when the driver driving in front of him had his phone ringing.

“Sancai, wait, I’ll take a call first.” The man driving the car told this Sancai to wait before he called and connected his own phone. The car, however, drove more and more slowly and finally stopped at the roadside.

“Brother Wolf, I was just about to call you.” The man driving the car connected the phone only to find out that the call was from Brother Wolf.

Wolf Pole’s somewhat gloomy words came through, “Black Snake, don’t make a move yet, wait for me to come, I’m already on my way to Luo Cang. I just got the news that Chi Wanqing is inside the army and still serving, should still be a special soldier, estimated to be very good, before making a move, we have to redraw our plan ……”

The black snake driving the car was silent for a long time before he said in a low voice: “Brother Wolf, your words are too late, we have just done it and lost one of our brothers. That Chi Wanqing is really powerful, but Ning Qingxue seems to be more powerful, she can easily kick someone several meters away. That’s not the main thing, the main thing is that she has a concealed weapon that kills you immediately when you’re hit, and I reckon the toxin on it is very powerful.”

Blackie clearly took the coyote released by Chi Wanqing for the concealed weapon struck by Ning Qingxue, and was still having palpitations as he spoke. The five of them had come together, and while he was the leader, he was in charge of driving. Originally, they were going to wait for the four to catch Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing and drive them away immediately, but they didn’t expect that not only did they fail to catch the two, they even took one in.

“What ……” Wolf Pole said two words and then fell into silence for a long time before continuing, “You guys wait for me at the old mansion, I’ll be there soon.

Wolf Pole didn’t expect things to develop like this, not only was Chi Wanqing’s skill outrageously powerful, but Ning Qingxue was also not a frugal person. It seems that he was indeed a bit careless, Ning Qingxue’s body is so powerful, I guess even military master Dongfang Qiu didn’t expect it.


Ye Mo was checking outside his new villa to see if he could set up a simple defense formation here, although he didn’t have much material, but on Earth, perhaps just the simplest defense formation could solve a lot of problems.

Just as he came out, he saw a Chang’an van parked at the junction outside the villa, just some thirty metres apart. Ye Mo subconsciously swept in with his divine sense and he immediately heard Ning Qingxue’s name. Not only that, but he also heard Chi Wanqing’s name, and Ye Mo also swept in that there was a dead man inside the van. Just by looking at the dead man’s wounds, he knew that he was bitten to death by the ‘little wolf’ that Chi Wanqing kept.

Combined with this man’s phone call, Ye Mo immediately knew roughly the cause and effect, daring to say that these few people were there to capture Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing. Although he didn’t know why they wanted to make a move on Ji Wanqing and Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo was immediately moved to kill them. He even guessed that this matter was likely to be related to him.

At this moment, the Changan bread drove up again, and Ye Mo followed it without thinking.

If Wolf Pole knew that because of a phone call from him, he had coincidentally allowed the van to stop at the roadside on the exterior of Ye Mo’s new residence, and was noticed by Ye Mo, he would have regretted it. Even he now only knew that Ye Mo had moved his place, but he didn’t know where he had moved to. However, Wolf Pole believed that as long as Ye Mo was still in Luo Cang, he would definitely be able to find out.

The van made seven turns and Ye Mo estimated that he had been following it for a whole hour before the van drove into an ordinary farmhouse quadrangle in the suburbs.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept for a moment, and there was only one person inside this courtyard. However, this person already knew that something was wrong at this point, and as soon as the van drove in, this person came over to help carry the already dead man down.

“Root, go and close the courtyard door behind you.” Black Snake ordered as soon as he got out of the van, but the man headed towards the house.

“No need, I’ve already closed the door for you.” An abrupt voice interrupted his words.

The Black Snake men immediately turned around and they saw a very ordinary youth standing at the doorway of the courtyard door, while the door of the tiny quadrangle was indeed already closed.

“Who are you?” Black Snake said these few words and immediately pulled out a mountain-opening sword. When the five men behind him saw Ye Mo, they all drew their mountain-opening knives without hesitation and quietly surrounded towards Ye Mo. I don’t know if it was because he didn’t have a gun with him, or he was afraid of being heard by others if he fired a gun here, Ye Mo actually didn’t notice the man with the gun.

“My name is Ye Mo, I think you guys should know some of this.” Ye Mo was not sure who exactly these people were sent by, but since they wanted to capture Ning Qingxue, maybe they were from the Song family again.

“You are Ye Mo ……,” Black Snake heard this young man who arrived at the door say that he was Ye Mo, and his heart immediately just ‘giggled’. He was not an ordinary little brother, he was still in some position in the ‘Southern Youth’, Ye Mo’s reputation many people in the ‘Southern Youth’ didn’t know, but it didn’t mean he didn’t know either, he even understood that this time he came to kidnap Ning Qingxue because of this Ye Mo.

He did not believe that he would be a match for Ye Mo, and he had heard something about the incident in the desert where all the twenty-odd people besieged Ye Mo and were killed. Even those ‘Southern Youth’ people still had guns in their hands at that time, and they were all killed by this Ye Mo. What’s more, he had heard from Wolf Pole that since Ye Mo had returned from the desert, he seemed to have become a little more powerful.

Now that Ye Mo was standing in front of him, he surprisingly didn’t know what to do. Although Ye Mo was empty-handed and there were five men on their side holding mountain-opening swords, he felt as if he was naked** under Ye Mo’s gaze.

Black Snake was obviously not the only one who had heard about Ye Mo’s greatness, the other five had certainly heard about Ye Mo and stopped in their tracks. Three of them didn’t even think about it and immediately took out their phones to call out. Only before their phones could open the unlock button, the three of them were nailed to the ground by three iron nails.

Iron nails, iron nails again?

Black Snake and the remaining two men stared at the eyebrows of the three fallen men, where red was gradually spilling out, and they suddenly felt a chill in their hearts and chills all over their bodies.

Ye Mo was decisive in his killing, he knew that these people were either from the Song family or the ‘Southern Green’, whoever they were, he would kill them.

“Are you guys here to find me? Or are you here to find me in trouble?” Ye Mo asked indifferently.

“I …… don’t know how many times I’ve participated in black . Black Snake, who didn’t know how many times he had hacked and killed others, or even been hacked by others, just said one word and surprisingly felt himself shaking a little. He was scared, the man who had never felt what fear was, also felt scared.

This Ye Mo was not a human being, he was a devil.

If it was someone who was more powerful than him, he could still pick up his mountain-opening sword and charge up to slash and kill, even if he just ended up being slashed to death, he would still feel like he died in hot blood. But facing Ye Mo, he didn’t have any courage to rush up, Ye Mo didn’t even need to pick up the mountain-opening sword and slash at him, just one iron nail and he would fall to the ground like the three people just now, without any resistance. An iron nail.

Even if he was hot-blooded, it still wouldn’t change the fact.

Sancai and Ah Gen’s faces were even uglier, they had heard of Ye Mo, knew that he was a ruthless man, and even knew that he was the one who had killed the Dragon Head Boss’s only son and was still at large. Even the Dragon Head Boss had no way to deal with him directly, and even had to kidnap his woman to threaten him, so it was clear that this man was no longer something they could resist at all.

“Won’t you invite me in for a seat?” Ye Mo said with a faint smile.

“Yes, please ……” Black Snake said somewhat dryly, for the first time he felt that he was so sincere and scared to speak to others, and for the first time he found that the word please was so difficult to say. Even when he spoke to Brother Wolf, he said what he had to say and would not be so sincere and frightened.

“Well, then I’ll be polite.” After saying that, Ye Mo casually dropped a mortal fireball, and the four corpses that were still on the ground just now all turned into flying ashes at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The rumors were really true. Sancai and Black Snake looked at the corpses that had turned into flying ashes on the ground and could not utter a word for a long time. They had heard within the gang that Ye Mo could fly to the sky and vanish to the ground, and also had 72 changes, and could even spit out the three true flames.

Now it seemed that although it wasn’t spitting out, that fire could incinerate corpses, what was it if it wasn’t Samadhi fire?

“Ah ……” Ah Gen couldn’t stand the sting, but he only screamed out one word before he was once again turned into nothingness by a fireball from Ye Mo.

Black Snake and Sancai were even more afraid to speak, Ye Mo was now the embodiment of the devil in their eyes, they mixed black killings at least to see blood and also corpses. But Ye Mo had killed until now, they only saw a few points of red, the blood hadn’t even flowed out before he was turned into flying ashes.

Ye Mo walked into the room and sat down directly, looked at the trembling Black Snake and Sancai, and calmly said, “Aren’t you mixed blacks about killing and licking blood for a living, how come I’ve only killed a few people and it’s like this.”

Black Snake had slowly slowed down, his body had kept calm, although he was still panicking inside, but he was much better than just now. Now when he heard Ye Mo’s words, he couldn’t help but think in his heart, “Killing and licking blood is only possible if you can lick blood, the way you are now, you are simply being treated like fish meat.”

Luckily, Ye Mo did not continue this topic, but asked indifferently, “Are you guys from the Song family or the ‘Southern Youth’, say.”