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DYM Chapter 131

Black Snake secretly sighed in his heart, things had come to this, so he couldn’t help but tell, he didn’t wait for Ye Mo to ask further questions and told him all he knew.

Although what Black Snake knew was limited, Ye Mo already understood that the specific reason was that Thousand Dragon Heads wanted to capture Ning Qingxue to threaten him, as for how to go about the threat, he didn’t know yet.

Thousand Dragon Heads, Nan Qing again, Ye Mo’s anger grew in his heart. He wanted to let him live for a few more days, but he didn’t expect him to not want to live, so don’t blame him for that.

“Wolf Pole is coming today?” Ye Mo thought about the fact that he was going to Africa, so maybe he could only use Wolf Pole’s path to get there.

Before Black Snake could answer, Ye Mo had already used his divine sense to sweep up Wolf Pole, who had only brought a driver who was driving over. Ye Mo waved his hand, stopping Black Snake from continuing.

The courtyard door was just hidden, Wolf Pole got out of the car and opened the door, directly entering the house first, in his opinion Black Snake and the others should be waiting for him inside the house. Probably because he had his mind on it, he also didn’t think of such small details as to why Black Snake didn’t come out to greet him.

But Wolf Pole froze just as he entered the house, because there was no one else sitting there, the very person he least expected to see. He couldn’t figure out how Niu Mo could be here, but he immediately thought that their plan… should have been leaked out. The driver who came in with Wolf Pole obviously didn’t know Ye Mo, but looking at Black Snake and Sancai who were standing with their heads bowed to the side, as well as Wolf Pole who had a stunned look on his face, he seemed to understand something.

“Wolf Pole, I’ve been waiting for you for a while.” Ye Mo saw Wolf Pole’s shocked look and said indifferently.

Wolf Pole reacted and said with some difficulty, “You, how come you are here?”

Ye Mo coldly swept a glance at him before saying, “It’s not your turn to ask questions now.”

“What kind of thing are you, daring to be rude to Brother Wolf” The driver brought by Wolf Pole had guessed some of Ye Mo’s identity, but he had dared to be rude to Wolf Pole and immediately roared out.

“I am not a thing,” Ye Mo said, and with a raise of his hand, an iron nail had already pierced through the driver’s throat.

This Ye Mo was too arrogant and excessive. Wolf Pole’s anger surged in his heart, but he knew he was no match for Ye Mo. He could only suppress this anger, he understood that in Ye Mo’s eyes, he was no different from the junior brothers under him.

Black Snake and Sancai just kept their heads down,” they already knew that Ye Mo simply killed without blinking an eye, he had never said why he killed until now, he just raised his hand to kill when he didn’t like it, it seemed that in his eyes others were not even considered lives. He was more suitable for the jianghu than people like himself.

“Why did you kidnap Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing, tell me and I might be able to consider sparing you once.” Although Ye Mo’s tone was flat, his anger was quite a bit more than Wolf Pole’s.

He had already told Wolf Pole to go back and warn Thousand Dragon Heads, but he still dared to make a move against him” only to change the target of his move to someone who was close to him. Thousand Dragon Heads had already been cla*sified by Ye Mo as a character who couldn’t stay for another day.

“Dream on, I will not betray the sect leader even if I die.” Wolf Pole immediately said in a hateful voice.

When Ye Mo heard Wolf Pole’s words, he was not angry but happy. Wolf Pole didn’t say that he didn’t know” he just said that he wouldn’t say anything. If he wanted Wolf Pole to talk, there were a hundred ways. He was a cultivator who had already reached the third level of Qi training, if he couldn’t even deal with an ordinary martial artist, he couldn’t afford to lose this person.

The strange thing was that these three nails were only half nailed in, and no blood came out.

After being hit by these three nails, Wolf Pole immediately became dumbfounded.

“Now tell us why Thousand Dragon Heads wanted you to kidnap Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing.” Ye Mo’s voice was still cold, but Wolf Pole unconsciously nodded his head.

Listening to Wolf Pole tell Dongfang Qiu’s ploy word for word, he didn’t even hide the fact that midway through the meeting “Zi Shuo and her master Hui Yan had left. Black Snake and Sancai only felt chills all over their bodies, not because of Dongfang Qiu’s ploy, but because of Ye Mo’s methods, even people like Wolf Pole did not have the slightest ability to resist.

The more Ye Mo listened, the worse his face became, this Dongfang Qiu was a talent, although he would not be afraid of the mercenaries of Thousand Dragon Heads, or even of being surrounded by mercenaries. But after this incident, I’m afraid that Ning Qingxue will only die, and even drag Chi Wanqing into it.

If something happens to Ning Qingxue and Ji Wanqing because of his own affairs, his character will definitely kill the Song family, and it is even possible to destroy the Song family.

Once the Song family was destroyed, he would have no choice but to flee overseas. This Dongfang Qiu is a character, he has not met him Ye Mo, just by virtue of what he usually does, he has calculated him to death.

It can be said that if he had not handed over Chi Wanqing “Little Wolf. The first step of this yīn plot would have been successful if he hadn’t given it to Ji Wanqing, or if Ning Qingxue wasn’t with Ji Wanqing. However, Dongfang Qiu’s calculations had failed to predict that Ning Qingxue would be with Ji Wanqing, and that Ji Wanqing would still have the “Little Wolf”, a heavenly object. He had never imagined that he would find out about this matter by mistake.

But even if he didn’t know about it, he would still want to take away Ning Qingxue and her husband in the “Little Wolf’s” mouth. It would be a fool’s dream to take away Ning Qingxue and Ji Wanqing from the mouth of the Little Wolf. In other words, as long as Ning Qingxue was not in Luocang, the ploy had already succeeded.

Dongfang Qiu, what a yīn poisonous fellow. Ye Mo recited the name of Isofang Qiu once, he decided that he must kill this guy, otherwise he was still really uncomfortable.

If Ye Mo was still at the second level of Qi cultivation, he would definitely put his plan into action and let the Song family and “Nan Qing” again. The fight was on. But now there was no need, because he was already at the third level of Qi cultivation, so he didn’t need these ploys, he could just kill them directly at his door.

To kill the lair of the Thousand Dragons, it was easier to do so sooner rather than later. This Dongfang Qiu is so resourceful, the slightest crack could reveal a horse’s foot and let him escape.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo immediately asked, “How will you go back after you have won?”

“I will leave some of my men behind to continue to deal with Ye Mo, and then I will take my own men to Mangjiang immediately. There is a flight from Reckless River directly to Sri Lanka, and in Sri Lanka we have a route of our own that allows us to fly directly to the Sena Peninsula.” Wolf Pole answered very carefully.

Ye Mo secretly marvelled in his heart, this was also him, anyone else, even if it was a country, unless it was adjacent, would not be able to take Thousand Tap. He even had his own route already, and the fact that he could have it in Sri Lanka meant that he could have it elsewhere as well.

No wonder he is arrogant, he does have the arrogance to be arrogant. Ordinary people, even if you are a master of ancient martial arts, can you still do anything to him, Thousand Dragons? Can you still fight to Sena?

Ye Mo turned his head and looked at Black Snake, “When you arrive in Sri Lanka, can you find out where the airport to Sena is?”

Black Snake hurriedly nodded his head, he knew that once he said he didn’t know, he might be the next one to be killed.

Ye Mo waved his hand and three iron nails had fallen into Ye Mo’s hand.

Wolf Pole’s eyes regained their clarity, but he was silent, it was obvious that he knew what he said just now, even though he was being controlled.

“Take me to the Senna Peninsula, and I will spare your life.” Ye Mo looked at Wolf Pole and said indifferently.

Wolf Pole seemed to hesitate a little, but immediately said, “You kill me, I will never take you to the Senna Peninsula, if you want to go, Black Snake can also take you there.”

“I don’t know what kind of person Thousand Dragons is, but one thing I definitely understand is that you, Wolf Pole, are at most a sell-out in Thousand Dragons’ eyes, and that’s all. How you joined the “South Green, I don’t know either, but I think you don’t have any skills, with the kind of person that Thousand Dragons would want you, you know that in your heart.” When Ye Mo saw that Wolf Pole did not refuse very crisply, he immediately got the idea of taking Wolf Pole in.

He did not want Wolf Pole to listen to him, but wanted to find someone to replace Thousand Dragon Heads in charge of 1 Nanqing.

Seeing the hesitation flash in Wolf Pole’s eyes, Ye Mo knew it wasn’t his words that moved him, but that he was thinking in his heart that if he died for Thousand Dragons like this, would Thousand Dragons remember him for three minutes. Although his tone was hard, he still hesitated when faced with the fact that he had a chance of survival.

He remembered that he had been a member of Nan Qing for many years, but once he mentioned that he wanted to use Nan Qing to help him avenge his death, he was not sure if he would remember. Once he had mentioned that he wanted to help him to take revenge, the leader of the thousand dragons had started to persuade him, always telling him to wait a little longer.

When he thought about this time, if he hadn’t hurt his hand, but had been directly ruined by Ye Mo, he really wasn’t sure what Thousand Dragons would have done to him. He had followed Thousand Dragon Heads for so many years, and he certainly knew something about Thousand Dragon Heads’ xìng. One thing was certain, and that was that Thousand Headless would definitely not raise a waste.

When Ye Mo saw Wolf Pole lowering his head in contemplation, he once again sneered and said, “I will definitely kill Thousand Dragons, do you still think Thousand Dragons can escape in my hands? I am not trying to persuade you, I am afraid of trouble. After I kill the leader, I will have to find someone to take over the reins of Nan Qing. I’m not saying that you’re more suitable. If you don’t want to, I’ll kill Thousand Heads, but you won’t be the one to take over.”

“What?” Wolf Pole looked up at Ye Mo in shock, he couldn’t believe it, Ye Mo actually said that he should take over “Nan Qing” that was simply a land emperor.

“Moreover, I can even help you treat your hand, although no one else has a solution for your hand, it doesn’t mean that I, Ye Mo, don’t have a solution as well.” Ye Mo said again, he didn’t know Thousand Dragon Head’s xìng character as a person, and there was no way to find powerful words to persuade Wolf Pole, once he said so himself and he still didn’t agree, he wouldn’t waste time and just wipe it out.

“Okay, I agree, but I have one condition.” Wolf Pole suddenly lifted his head and said.!