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DYM Chapter 137

Ye Mo was not a person who liked to spend money, he could even say that he was rather frugal, but he was never stingy with places where he should spend money. Although there were many star hotels in Yanjing, the prices were too high, and he only had 20,000 yuan, which was not enough to stay for two nights.

So the first thing Ye Mo did when he got off the plane was not to find a place to stay, but to find a place to buy a mobile phone. It wasn’t very convenient for him to call Li Fox from a public phone, and besides, a mobile phone didn’t cost much. He didn’t buy one before because there was nowhere he could use it, but now that he had to use it, he would go and buy one.

Ye Mo did not have many requirements for a mobile phone, he just needed to be able to make calls, other gongjing did not matter. However, when he walked into the mobile phone counter in the mall, he was a bit dazzled by the wide range of mobile phones.

He didn’t really want to take the time to pick a phone or a brand.

“Handsome man, what kind of mobile phone do you want?” Ye Mo was looking around at the mobile phone counter and was wondering what kind of phone he should pick when the girl at the mobile phone counter had already come over to greet him.

Ye Mo looked at the sweet-smiling girl and said to himself that these businessmen were really good at talking, no matter what they looked like, the men were all handsome and the women were all beautiful.

“Help me get a mobile phone.” Just as Ye Mo finished his words, he noticed that not only did the girl who Mou had just called him a handsome man cover her mouth, but also the few people next to him were all looking at him with amazement, and the few who reacted quickly already wanted to laugh.

But the girl at this counter immediately stopped laughing and hurriedly asked, “May I ask what brand and what style you want?”

Ye Mo knew what they were laughing at, but he himself was clueless about mobile phones, so he had to say, “I don’t have any requirements for the brand, as long as the call is clear, no other requirements.”

It turned out to be a rustic, the people around instantly understood, it looked like this young man with ordinary clothes was a rustic. Nowadays, people buy mobile phones, and the least important thing is the function of making phone calls. What people are after are high pixels, fast internet speed, dazzling appearance, and already a few crazy ……

The girl who sold the phone immediately lost her enthusiasm just now when she heard Ye Mo’s words. A random mobile phone, as long as you can call two or three hundred, she simply can not earn money.

Ye Mo took one look at her face and knew what was in her mind, but he didn’t care, who doesn’t want to make more money in business.

Only in the corner that Ye Mo didn’t notice there was a man who stared at Ye Mo for a while before he said to himself, “Surprisingly it’s Ye Mo, he’s come to Yanjing. ” After that this person turned around and exited the mall.

This girl took out an old Nokia mobile phone from inside the counter and said to Ye Mo: “Nokia’s mobile phones speak more clearly and are not expensive just a bit worse in appearance and function.

This one is five hundred and fifty dollars.”

Although there were two or three hundred, the girl still wanted to make some money and see if Ye Mo wanted it if it was too expensive she would lower the price a bit, then if not she would take out the cheapest one.

Ye Mo nodded, took out a thousand yuan and threw it to this girl and said, “Then I want this one, get me a card for the extra money, and charge the rest all to my phone bill.”

The girl who was selling the phone didn’t react for half a day, daring to think that this one was also a small money man, buying a phone without paying back a penny and even charging hundreds of yuan for the phone bill. I should have known to introduce a more expensive, maybe he also want.

Thinking of this, this girl hurriedly said: “Sir, there are better phones do you want ………”

Before she could finish her words, Ye Mo interrupted “Hurry up and do it for me, I have things to do.”

“Stop, don’t go.” A voice called out next to Ye Mo, Ye Mo turned his head to see a shop a*sistant pulling a young man of about twenty years old, and this young man had a panic look on his face, and one hand was holding a bottle of mineral water.

Ye Mo was stunned for a moment because he knew this young man. He had seen him behind Fang Nan’s back when he was in Flowing Snake he was supposed to be Fang Nan’s little brother and wondered how he had appeared in Yanjing’s shopping mall.

“Brother Ye.” The youth obviously saw Ye Mo as well, he stopped struggling and at the same time surprised Ye let out a voice.

Ye Mo walked over, looked at the shop a*sistant who grabbed him and asked, “What’s going on here?”

Although Ye Mo was not dressed in a brand name, he obviously had some aura. The clerk who grabbed the youth, seeing that the youth knew Ye Mo, let go of his finger and pointed at the youth and said, “He just broke one of our TVs, I asked him to pay for it, but he said he didn’t do it.”

“I,” the youth said one word, but did not argue further.

“Just now he poured mineral water into the TV set that was playing and it burned, I saw it with my own eyes.” This shop a*sistant immediately said.

When Ye Mo looked at the youth’s face, he knew that what the clerk said was true. However, he didn’t know exactly what this youth was doing here in Yanjing, if he was helping Fang Nan with his business, there was nothing wrong with him helping him solve this problem. After all, Fang Nan had also helped Ning Qingxue last time.

What are you doing here?” Ye Mo asked.

The young man’s face l showed a hesitant look and looked around as if this was not the place to talk.

Ye Mo looked at this shop yan and said, “How much is the TV, I’ll pay you back.”

“Five thousand three,” said the clerk, pointing to the sign above the TV, a Sharp LCD TV with a not too small screen.

Ye Mo didn’t even bother to return the price, took out five thousand three hundred dollars and handed it to the clerk, then picked up the phone, not even bothering to ask for an invoice, and said to the youth, “Let’s go.”

Taking the youth to a fast food restaurant on the ground floor, Ye Mo ordered two cups of *brown* and gestured for the youth to sit down as well, he did not know the youth’s name yet.

The youth seemed to know that Ye Mo was not sure of his name, and as soon as he sat down, he said, “Brother Ye, my name is Little Fire. I’ve been following Brother Nan, you should have seen me before.”

Ye Mo looked at this Little Fire, who was in his early twenties, and really couldn’t figure out why he was still acting so childishly. He actually poured mineral water into the television set, he was really a talent.

“What’s going on? Fang Nan sent you here?” Ye Mo asked, he saw that this Little Fire’s clothes seemed to have not been washed for a long time, it looked like he should not have had a good time coming to Yanjing.

Little Fire’s eyes reddened for a moment before he said, “I wasn’t sent by Brother Nan, Brother Nan was almost killed, and now both of his tusks have been cut and he still has injuries, so he can’t get up. Now Brother Nam is no longer with Flowing Snake, he is hiding in a small town on the Vietnamese border. I came to Yanjing secretly, I brought some stuff from the border to be sold in Yanjing, but it was seized and all of it was allowed to be seized.

However, the person who seized my stuff seemed to want to take it down alone, so they didn’t investigate my origins, but simply let me go.”

Only then did Ye Mo understand why Little Fire was panicked when he was caught by the shopkeeper just now, once the 〖Police〗cops came and his origins were investigated, it might be a share of jail time. There were a few people who came out of the border stream snake who were clean.

But the fact that Fang Nan was almost f*cked and kicked out of the Flowing Snakes was beyond Ye Mo’s expectations. The Flowing Serpent had already been leveled by him, there were basically no powerful forces, how could Fang Nan still be expelled? Moreover, last time when Ning Qingxue went to the Flowing Snakes, it seemed that he was still the boss of the Flowing Snakes.

Seeing Ye Mo lù a doubtful look, Little Fire hurriedly said: “Last time your wife, Miss Ning, went to the Flowing Snakes, Brother Nan got into trouble with Shi predecessor because of her, and later he broke Shi predecessor’s double thugs and drove him out of the Flowing Snakes. Originally, Nan thought that even if Shi was a member of the Amphibian Gang, at most he would just pay some money and be done with it. But to his surprise, Shi was so powerful that he had the Two Sisters come to the Snake and exterminate us, the Park Daggers.

He almost killed Nan, and many of our brothers were lost in that battle. Nam was seriously wounded and was sent to the Snake and is now hiding in a small town at the border. Since I didn’t have any money and didn’t dare to do business at the border, I brought some things directly to Yanjing and tried to sell them. As a result, not only were my things taken away, but I was almost caught again.”

Ye Mo asked in a somewhat strange manner, “Why did you come to Yanjing if you couldn’t do business anywhere?

And to cause trouble at the mall.”

Little Fire lowered his head for a long time before saying, “Because I am from Yanjing myself, this time with the help of business I wanted to come back to see my parents, but I didn’t see them ……”

A long time later before continuing, “I was a little bitter because I had no money, so I wandered around inside the shopping mall for a while. I didn’t expect that the TV was showing an introduction to amphibians, and now I hate the word amphibian the most. When I saw that there was no one next to me, in a fit of anger, I poured water into the back of the TV, not expecting to be seen.”

Ye Mo was a bit speechless, this Little Fire really deserved to be someone who came out of the flowing snake, he could even find such a reason that could not be found with eight poles. However, Fang Nan had helped Ning Qingxue, and this time he was still driven away or even killed because of Ning Qingxue’s matter, so Ye Mo had to help him with this favor no matter what.

He took out 10,000 yuan and handed it to Xiaohuo, saying, “Go back first and tell Fang Nan to get well, this is because of me, I will help him get justice. I will make a trip once I finish the business in Nosejing.”

Little Fire stood up in surprise, if Ye Mo said he was going to help, then there was definitely no problem.

Although he had the intention of not wanting the 10,000 yuan, he didn’t have a penny on him, so he had to take it.

Ye Mo sent Little Fire away and walked out of the mall, only then did he realize that it was already dark.

Although he only had a few thousand dollars on him now, he didn’t care much because he was about to recover half a million dollars in foreign debts. However, he did not expect Fang Nan to be driven away by the Amphibian Gang, it looked like this Amphibian Gang was not small.

Shaking his head, Ye Mo dropped the matter of Fang Nan and took out his electric nose, he wanted to make a phone call to Li Fox!