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DYM Chapter 136

“What? You say Ye Mo actually dared to enter Yanjing in a big way?” Song Qiming was almost in disbelief when he got Song Hai’s report. Did he not want to live, to make such a brain-dead move?

But after just a moment of hesitation, Song Qiming regained his composure and immediately said, “Send a few people to quietly bring him here” “Nan Qing’ is really useless, even a mere Ye Mo can’t solve it by now.”

“Family head ……” Song also hesitated for a moment, as if he had something to say.

Song Qiming knew that Song Hai was very stable and thought twice before doing anything, which was why he had given him this very important piece of the family. He would still think about Song Hai’s words. Seeing Song Hai like this, he knew that he had something to say and immediately said, “If you have anything, just say it directly, there is no one else here.”

Song Hai smiled and immediately said, “I thought it was inappropriate to make an arrest of Ye Mo now.”

Seeing Song Qiming’s puzzled gaze, Song Hai continued, “A few days ago, Ye Mo once took a plane to Sri Lanka in Manganese River, and only three days ago, he returned from Sri Lanka to Manganese River. Sri Lanka has a direct route to the Sena Peninsula, so I judge that Ye Mo has probably been to the Sena Peninsula.”

Hearing Song Hai’s words, Song Qiming was stunned and subconsciously replied, “Ye Mo has been to the Sena Peninsula? How could he still have a life to come back? He killed the son of Thousand Dragon Heads, could it be that Thousand Dragon Heads would still spare him?”

Song Hai sighed. He said, “Family head, that’s the problem, there’s no way that Thousand Dragons would spare Ye Mo, but Ye Mo just came back intact. What does this tell us about the problem? Although I don’t dare to think about it, I really can’t find any reason other than the fact that Ye Mo killed Thousand Dragons, or that Thousand Dragons couldn’t do anything with Ye Mo.”

Hearing Song Hai’s words, Song Qiming’s brow furrowed even more, if Song Hai’s words were true, then Ye Mo’s might was simply too terrifying. He thought of how Ye Mo had cultivated in Ninghai back then, and said after a long time, “Could it be that Ye Mo is really an ancient martial arts heir?”

After thinking for a while, he continued, “If he is not an ancient martial arts heir, how could he have gone to the Seine Peninsula and retreated in one piece? If he is really an ancient martial arts heir, it’s a bit tricky.”

But Song Hai said, “Don’t worry, family head, Ye Mo only went to Sri Lanka, we don’t know if he has set foot on the Sena yet. And even if he is an ancient martial arts heir, I think an ancient martial arts heir who can move around in the red dust would not be a member of a hidden sect, at most he would be a disciple of a fallen ancient martial artist. So I’ve sent someone to check on Sena immediately, and we’ll have news today at the latest.”

Song Qiming nodded and before he could say anything, Song Hai’s phone rang and Song Qiming gestured for Song Hai to answer the call.

Song Hai answered the phone, but his face grew ugly.

“What is it?” When Song Qiming saw Song Hai’s face, he felt a little bad.

Song Hai sucked in. Breathing in, he said, “The news I just received is that there should be a problem with the ‘South Green’ on the Senna Peninsula, and Senna is now closed. According to speculation, the news is that Thousand Dragon Heads may have died for no reason, and now Wolf Pole and the rest of the top bra*s of the ‘Southern Youth’ have started to fight for the control of the ‘Southern Youth’ fist, and it is said that there is a lot of trouble. ‘Southern Youth’ is in a mess right now.”

“What? The Thousand Dragon Head is actually dead?” Song Qiming was shocked, who was Thousand Dragon Heads? Years ago, under the state’s pursuit, he still walked away from it, rampant in the United States, Europe, and finally even set up a black… He even ended up setting up an underworld base in Africa. This kind of person was rumoured to have died easily, Song Qiming could not believe it no matter what.

Suddenly Song Qiming thought of a problem, that is, just now Song Hai said that Ye Mo might have been to the Seine Peninsula, and in the blink of an eye came the news of the death of Thousand Dragon Heads, could it be that ……

Song Qiming was able to think of this, and Song Hai of course also thought of this. The two men looked at each other and surprisingly uttered two words at the same time, Ye Mo.

Song Qiming suddenly winced, if Ye Mo could really kill Thousand Dragon Heads among several thousand mercenaries, then wouldn’t it be as if he wanted to kill that man from his Song family as if he was taking something from his pocket? No wonder he dared to enter Yanjing with no fear, it looked like he didn’t take the Song family into consideration at all. Or simply did not treat the Song Family as a vegetable.

He was actually such a terrifying person, who was that fallen ancient martial arts master of his anyway? How could he have taught such a monster? Song Qiming thought again of Song Shaowen’s car driving into the cliff in the middle of the night, it was too bizarre.

Song Qiming, whose face kept changing, finally calmed down and immediately said, “Immediately convene a family meeting and pa*s down an order for no one in the Song family to mess with Ye Mo. And immediately investigate thoroughly what exactly Ye Mo has done recently, immediately…”

After saying that, Song Qiming said to Song Hai, “Did you tell his master about Hu Qiu?”

Song Hai immediately said, “Hu Qiu’s master has gone on a trip around the world, he can’t be reached yet, once he returns, I will immediately tell him about Hu Qiu.”

Song Qiming nodded, “You immediately go and gather the important members of the Song family for an immediate meeting.”


When Ye Mo got off the plane and just walked into the pa*sage, his divine sense found that the outside of the airport was crowded with people, but these people were all holding a small sign with the words “I love Tan Fei” and “Welcome Tan Fei” on it.

It looked like a singer or a movie star had come to Yanjing today, which meant that Tan Fei had quite a few fans.

“Make way.” The young man behind Ye Mo disliked that Ye Mo was walking too slowly.

“Ah Wen, it’s alright, we’ve already arrived in Yanjing, what do we care about this amount of time. Besides, this place is indeed a bit narrow.” A clear voice interrupted the words that had just told Ye Mo to let go.

The young man did not retort, but immediately said, “Okay, Sister Fei. It’s just that there are a lot of fans outside now, I’m afraid that it will get chaotic, it’s better to go to an empty place later.”

As soon as this youth’s words came out, Ye Mo knew that the person behind this should be Tam Fei, who looked like a singer as well. Ye Mo didn’t intentionally block her way, after all, there were many people coming out of the pa*sage, that is, if he moved out of the way, there were still people blocking in front of him. However, once out of the pa*sage, Ye Mo did stand aside to get out of the way. This singer called Tam Fei had brought a few big boxes with her, so it was better to let her go first, after all, he was empty-handed.

Seeing that Ye Mo just came out of the first aisle was flashing aside to make way, Tam Fei did say politely, “Thank you.”

Ye Mo shook his head, he didn’t think there was anything to thank for this kind of thing. But this pa*sage was indeed a bit too narrow, and there were still a lot of people coming out today, it looked like there were other places besides the flight coming from Luo Cang, which happened to coincide at the same time.

The inspection at the front was still very slow, I don’t know if something had happened today.

It was Ye Mo who got out of the way, this Tam Fei and the two people she was with merely walked in front of Ye Mo and still stopped.

“Thank you just now, this has my autographed album, it’s my latest one that came out, give it to you.” Tammy Faye’s voice was clear and crisp, not bad for eating this bowl of rice. Now there was a temporary pause because of the inspection ahead. Instead, Tam Fei took out an album with her signature and gave it to Ye Mo.

She was seeing that Ye Mo was dressed very average and had taken the initiative to let her go first, so he should be her fan too, not to mention she felt that this man was very peaceful and without the hustle and bustle in the middle of the city. That’s why she took an album to him, just as a thank you.

Many people in front and behind looked at Ye Mo enviously, they all knew Tan Fei, but because they wanted to maintain their poise, they didn’t flock up to ask for autographs or anything, but they didn’t expect her to take the initiative to take out an album and hand it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at the album handed over by Tam Fei in surprise and helplessly waved his hand and said, “Sorry, I don’t have room for it, and I don’t like listening to songs, it’s a waste to give it to me, you can put this away.” Although he had rejected Tam Fei’s album, the impression Tam Fei had given him was not bad. This woman was indeed very clean looking, and her eyelashes were long and thick, although she was not as good as Ning Qingxue, but with a light make-up, she had a different flavor.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Tan Fei awkwardly withdrew her hand, she didn’t expect that someone would actually refuse the autographed album she had offered to hand out, and even said to her face that she didn’t like listening to the songs, this was simply unthinkable.

Not only was Tammy frozen, but all the people around her were frozen. Even if you don’t like to listen to the songs, you have to show a bit of poise here, at least take it and talk about it, even if you end up throwing it away, it’s still a matter for later. It was too ungentlemanly to reject a popular singer’s kindness straight away like that.

The youth who had just told Ye Mo to give way gave Ye Mo a fierce glare, in his opinion Ye Mo was simply ungrateful. Ye Mo smiled faintly, he simply didn’t care.

However, Tam Fei quickly recovered her demeanour, put away the album and said to Ye Mo somewhat apologetically, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t know you didn’t like listening to songs, I thought you had heard of my name.”

Saying this turned playful and said, “It seems my name is not loud enough, huh.” After saying this, she no longer paid attention to Ye Mo, as for what she thought in her heart, perhaps only she herself knew.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and didn’t reply.

“Hey friend, it was Tammy Faye just now, why don’t you want that album, autographed or handed to you, and you don’t want it, I’m really defeated by you. You haven’t really heard of Tammy Faye, have you?” The youth behind Ye Mo saw that Tam Fei had turned back and immediately said to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo asked, somewhat speechlessly, “Why should I have heard of her?”

“……” The youth who was just asking Ye Mo was stuck for a moment by Ye Mo’s words, yes, why should people know her?

Tam Fei obviously heard Ye Mo’s return as well, the corners of her mouth twitched a few times, but she didn’t say anything after all. I guess she must have been a bit depressed in her heart, as the number one singer in China and Hong Kong and Taiwan today, her name could be said to be red hot. Surprisingly, there was a person who said to her face that he didn’t know her.

It would have been fine if Ye Mo was an old man in his 60s or 70s, but on the contrary, Ye Mo was still a young man in his early 20s, which made her really depressed. Luckily, the pa*sageway had been restored and she hurriedly pulled a small box and rushed out with her a*sistant. When she saw the crowded fans outside, she finally got some confidence back in her heart.