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DYM Chapter 139

“I’m sorry, Brother Ye, I lost my temper just now.” After Zhuo Ying Qing explained, she realised that she shouldn’t have explained at all.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “Let’s not talk about this nonsense, quickly take me to see Ye Ling.”

Hua Da and Zhuo Aiguo’s place were not very far apart, it only took ten dan minutes on foot to get there. Although Zhuo Ying Qing walked calmly with Ye Mo all the way on the surface, she was not calm at all on the inside.

Ye Mo’s story was almost unknown in Yanjing, not to mention that she was a senior student, even the ordinary people knew that the Ye family had produced a Ye Mo. Because of that and the fact that it was found out that he was not of the Ye family’s seed and was expelled from the Ye family, it was even a laughing stock in everyone’s mouth for a while.

Even the students in Zhuo Yingqing’s dorm would often talk about it, and although she didn’t say it, the students in the dorm would say at every turn, “Let’s find someone like that Ning Qingxue. Even though it was a joke, everyone knew what it was to be like Ning Qingxue, who was the most beautiful woman in Yanjing, and what happened to her was also the most beautiful person in Yanjing.

Every time she heard this Zhuo Yingqing wanted to laugh, but today when she found out that the person she was looking for was Ye Mo, she could hardly believe herself. Even at that moment she thought she was looking for the wrong person before she subconsciously looked at Ye Mo’s bottom, only to find out afterwards that she had made a fool of herself.

Luckily, Ye Mo didn’t care in the slightest, which made her feel slightly more at ease. Only she immediately felt that something was wrong, the Ye Mo in front of her was not even the slightest bit the same as the legendary Ye Mo.

The Ye Mo in front of her not only had clear and bright eyes, acted calmly and generously, and had an incomparably natural demeanour. His face was clearly defined, not even half of what he was rumoured to look like. If you add his medical skills, he is simply a perfect man. It was just that he wanted money a little too much, which was a little bit like that.

After all, Zhuo Ying Qing was also from a family, and immediately thought of the family struggle. It looked like Ye Mo’s rumoured not being the seed of the Ye family, and that Heaven whatever, were all false. The main purpose was just to drive Ye Mo out of the Ye family. Thinking of this immediately dawned on Zhuo Ying Qing, she almost subconsciously looked at Ye Mo’s bottom again, but in time she held back.

It should be the family struggle, Ye Mo was a victim because of the family struggle was driven out of the Ye family, and also gave him this bad reputation, it looks like every family is the same ah.

“Brother Ye, you haven’t eaten yet, right, our school has a small canteen where you can fry, I’ll fry some dishes, I’ll treat you to dinner today? “Zhuo Yingqing thought about this matter after the mind immediately reacted from the mí confusion.

Ye Mo saw that he had already reached the entrance of Hua Da, and he really hadn’t eaten yet.

When he was about to agree, a voice spoke up before him.

“Ying Qing I was about to call you, I didn’t expect you to come to school who is he?” The voice was halfway through speaking but saw Ye Mo next to him. It was a tall and handsome boy, but at this moment his eyes were staring at Ye Mo warily, as if he felt threatened by Ye Mo.

Zhuo Ying Qing looked at Ye Mo next to her with some embarra*sment before turning her head and saying, “Qin Xun are you looking for me for something?”

This Qin Xun seemed to have forgotten what he was about to say earlier and instead stared straight at Ye Mo, only when he heard Zhuo Ying Qing’s words did he react and immediately said, “Ying Qing, you haven’t said who he is?”

Zhuo Yingqing’s face rose a little red as she said to Qin Xun, “Qin Xun, who am I to you, why do all my friends have to report to weigh?”

“You’re my girlfriend.” Qin Xun seemed to have never thought that Zhuo Ying Qing would speak to him in this tone subconsciously and blurted out.

“You Qin Xun, when did I say I was your girlfriend, which one of your ears heard that?” Zhuo Ying Qing seemed to be exasperated by Qin Xun’s words, Qin Xun had been chasing her a lot recently, and she also had some good feelings for him, although she had some interest in him but had never agreed to be his girlfriend. Although she knew that this kind of good feeling continued, maybe one day she would probably become his girlfriend. But now that it was said, she was angry.

Qin Xun also didn’t seem to expect Zhuo Yingqing to say this Although they hadn’t made any substantial progress yet, every time they asked her out to dinner or even went out for a walk, she rarely refused. How come she used this tone with him today when she openly brought a guy into the school. Qin Xun was very sensitive to this kind of koo, and his face s immediately turned red.

Looking at Qin Xun, who was like an angry rooster, Zhuo Ying Qing sighed, the good feeling Qin Xun gave her was destroyed in an instant.

“Zhuo Yingqing, you, then why every time I asked you out, you didn’t refuse? And ……………” Qin Xun’s words caused many students to gather around.

Zhuo Ying Qing’s face was red with anger, she didn’t expect Qin Xun to be such a stoic person, looking at the increasing number of onlookers, Zhuo Ying Qing said to Ye Mo somewhat apologetically, “Brother Ye, wait for me for a while, I will go and settle this matter.”

Without waiting for Ye Mo’s reply, Zhuo Ying Qing said to Qin Xun, “Qin Xun, you come with me.”

Ye Mo smiled, he felt that most of the students nowadays spent most of their time on this. He thought of himself, he was about the same age as them, but he didn’t even have enough time to cultivate. Perhaps, with different pursuits, people have different perceptions.

His own pursuit and theirs were not the slightest bit the same. Thinking about his own pursuit, it suddenly occurred to Ye Mo that perhaps in this world, he was the only one who still had his own kind of pursuit. In that moment, Ye Mo felt a sense of loneliness.

Zhuo Yingqing looked back at Ye Mo with some worry and was relieved to find that Ye Mo was still there waiting for her. However, she immediately felt an incomparable loneliness and solitude from Ye Mo, a feeling that made her a little lost in thought.

Seeing that Zhuo Yingqing was still looking back after leaving with herself, Qin Xun’s face was even more unsightly.

Although Ye Mo was very famous in Yanjing, there was really no one who could recognize him when Ye Mo stood at the entrance of Hua Da.

A girl wearing high heels walked out from inside the school, and a red Porsche was parked in front of the school. She had just walked up to the door of the Porsche when a young man came down from the Porsche and went up to open the door for her.

The moment this girl entered the car, Ye Mo felt that there was something familiar about this girl.

“The car that came to pick up Ye Ling today has changed its make again, it’s still good to be rich.” A voice rang out beside Ye Mo, and Ye Mo immediately remembered that this somewhat familiar girl was Ye Ling.

By now the Porsche had already driven up and Ye Mo followed it without hesitation. The Porsche didn’t drive much further, just ten minutes later, it stopped at a leisure and entertainment centre.

Ye Mo frowned, what was Ye Ling doing here? Although Ye Ling was very uncomfortable with Ye Mo, Ye Mo still felt very uncomfortable about Ye Ling, who was so slightly related to him by blood, going in and out of such places. He felt that Ye Ling, a girl going in and out of such places, really did not know how to love herself.

Ye Mo followed him, but seeing that the people at the entrance all needed VIP cards and such, Ye Mo knew that he didn’t have it. Seeing Ye Ling disappear at the stairway, Ye Mo entered this leisure and entertainment place directly with a stealth spell.

Ye Ling and the two men entered the steel room and the door was immediately closed, Ye Mo did not go in, he just followed in with his divine sense. There were already two men inside the room, at this moment, when he saw Ye Ling enter, the man sitting in the middle threw the cigarette in his hand into the ashtray and said with a laugh, “Miss Ye is really a woman, all the men in the Ye family are dead. Luckily there is still a woman in you.”

Ye Ling sat down and looked at the man who had just spoken, and there was a moment of silence before she said, “Tell me, what are the conditions you want this time.”

The man lit a cigarette again and took a drag before saying slowly, “First, stay with me for one night, and of course you too, Brother Cheng. Secondly, there is a Jade Ruyi in your Ye family’s old mansion, I would like to ……”

Before the man could finish his words, Ye Ling suddenly stood up and said, “You’re dreaming.” Turning around, she left.

When this man saw Ye Ling turn around and leave, he did not stop her, but only said, “You know, those two brothers of yours, your Ye family’s people can’t wait for them to die sooner. Do you think it’s useful for you to go back and talk to your Ye family members? My business is all about credibility. Let me tell you, if it wasn’t for me, that punk of your family, Ye Mo, would have been killed long ago. Now if you don’t agree to my request, your family’s Ye Zifeng will be killed off just the same, oh, maybe not, but that result I think you will understand.”

“I pooh, even if I die, I won’t agree to your request.” Ye Ling pooh-poohed and spat, her face ugly.

“Pop, pop,” a clap sounded “Good, good, good, I like little peppers like you. That b*****d Ye Mo killed my Song family, I’ll let his sister pay back under my crotch, haha.”

“Young Cheng, you’ve come out?” The man called Gurgling Luo immediately stood up when he saw the clapping youth and said respectfully, as if he hadn’t expected him to suddenly come out.

“Song Shao Cheng, it’s surprisingly you.” Ye Ling suddenly saw that the person who walked out was surprisingly Song Shaocheng immediately became a little dazed. She had not expected that the gurgler she had found would be related to someone from the Art Family.

However, Ye Ling quickly reacted and stared at Gurgling Lo with hatred, “Gurgling Lo, you know Ye Hu, how come you are from the Song family again? You deceived me and Ye Hu.”

Gurgling Luo laughed and said, “Ye Hu, you think too highly of him, is he worthy of my deception? He can’t wait to suck up to me. I’m telling you, I’ve never been one of the city youngsters, Ye Hu? Of course he knows that too. Ye Mo, that punk is not worthy of our hands yet. But when he needed my hand, he had already fled, otherwise you think there is still Ye Mo in this world.” !