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DYM Chapter 140

“You, you you took so much money from me, as well as having me do so many things for you, and you cheated me. Gurgling, you beast.” Ye Ling’s face turned white with anger, at this time, she realized how childish she had been. Originally, she had only wanted to secretly and secretly save the xìng lives of her two brothers, but she had never expected it to turn out like this.

Thanks to that, she had pretended to have a poor relationship with both brothers, to the point of ignoring them. She was afraid that if the people on her uncle’s side knew that she actually favored her two brothers in her heart, she wouldn’t even be able to enter the Ye family mansion. Once they couldn’t enter the Ye family mansion, the three of them would become completely marginalised and eventually disappear outside the Ye family.

She also never dared to mention anything about Ye Mo in front of her grandfather, or even help him out with a word. This was because she understood that although Grandpa liked her, it was because he liked her father. But what grandpa hated most was women talking about the family’s big matters. Back then, second mother was forced by grandpa to go into business because she interfered in second uncle’s affairs, and even changed his surname to that of his grandmother. Since then, no woman in the Ye family has dared to talk about family matters, and even if they did, they didn’t dare to let grandpa know.

What she actually doesn’t know yet is that, with her grandfather’s permission, her brother Ye Zifeng has been allowed to attend the clan meetings.

Gurgling was introduced to her by Ye Hu, who was a member of the Ye family and certainly did not seem to Ye Ling to be harming her. She did not expect that Ye Hu not only harmed her, but also dared to harm even the Ye family. She wondered why Ye Hu had to do this. Was he not afraid of the family law of the Ye family?

At the thought of the family law, Ye Ling winced, she knew very well that what she had done would not be much lighter than Ye Hu, or even heavier. It was the matter of her stealing the Feng Shui dragon pearl, as soon as her grandfather found out about it, he might send her Ye Ling to the eighteenth level of hell. Ye Hu must have fallen into the hands of Song Shaocheng, just like her. But she did it willingly, whether Ye Hu was she didn’t know.

“Yes, you have collected so many things about the Ye family to tell us, and you even stole two of the Ye family’s Feng Shui Dragon Pearls for me, my Song family should really thank you for that. But that old immortal of your Ye family really trusts you, even Ye Hu can’t enter the gate of the Ye family’s old mansion, you can actually get in.” Song Shaocheng said sarcastically.

Looking at Ye Ling’s pale and blue face, Song Shaocheng said slowly and methodically once again, “If you can bring me the Jade Ruyi in the middle of the feng shui dragon pearl of the Ye family mansion, and stay with me for one more night, I will let bygones be bygones. Pretend that nothing has happened, and I won’t even touch a hair on Ye Zifeng’s head. If you don’t agree, there are so many brothers here, you alone, I’m afraid you can’t add up ah. Hey hey of course, even if you serve shì us, afterwards the news of you stealing the Feng Shui Dragon Pearl will accidentally reach Ye Bei Rong’s ears.”

Ye Ling was shaking with anger, and it took her regulation in to realise how idiotic she was, and how careless she was. She had paid a large sum of money to have Gouluo secretly protect Ye Mo and Ye Zifeng, and even inquired about the Song family’s dealings with Ye Mo, and it looked like it was just a joke, not harming them was a good thing, why talk about protection.

After experiencing these things, although Ye Ling understood a lot, she knew that she understood too late.

“If you let me go, I will go and help you steal the Jade Ruyi over.” Ye Ling regained her composure, and although her body was still shaking in the dark, at least on the surface her expression calmed down.

“Hahahaha” Song Shaocheng let out a wild laugh “You think I’m as intelligent as you are. Of course I’m going to let you go, but first we’ll finish the job and get the video recorded, and I think you’ll be able to leave by then. But don’t worry, I won’t touch that Ye Mo in your house, I will only touch that Ye Zifeng. If you cooperate well, maybe I won’t even move Ye Zifeng.”

“b*****d, Song Shaocheng, since Ye Mo can kill Song Shaowen, he can likewise kill you, Song Shaocheng.” Ye Ling shouted with some desperation, she knew that in this casino, even if others would tear her Ye Ling into pieces, no one would come over.

…… hum, give me to tear her clothes off” Song Shaocheng was most afraid of people saying that Ye Mo could kill him.

Many people knew that Song Shaowen died at Ye Mo’s hands, but not many people were clear about the fact that Song Shaotan also died at Ye Mo’s hands, and Song Shaocheng certainly understood.

Coupled with today’s family meeting, it was obvious that the orders from the family head were pa*sed down that he was not allowed to touch Ye Mo. Although Song Shaocheng did not understand what was happening, he knew that if Ye Mo did kill him, he would die for nothing. His life in the Song family was not even one hundredth of Song Shao Tan’s, not to mention being no better than Song Shao Wen’s. And these two could rest their fire if the family head was killed by Ye Mo, not to mention him, Song Shaocheng.

“Who dares to tear her clothes for me to see.” An icy voice suddenly appeared inside the room, and the few people inside the room didn’t even see clearly how the locked door opened.

The first to react was not Song Shaocheng, nor was it Gurgling and the other three men, but Ye Ling.

When Ye Ling saw the young man standing at the door, she was a little dazed. Although Ye Mo had changed so much, after a few moments, she still recognized that this man was Ye Mo.

“Ye Mo ……,” Ye Ling called out somewhat dumbfoundedly.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Ye Ling, hard work, you were right, since I could kill Song Shaowen, of course I could also kill Song Shaocheng. Oh, you still don’t know that Song Shao Tan also died in my hands.”

“You really are Ye Mo?” Inside Ye Ling’s impression Ye Mo was a fop young master, and was vainly boastful extremely uneducated. In fact, within Ye Ling’s impression, Ye Mo was indeed infinitely worse.

The reason why she could treat Ye Mo like Ye Zifeng was because of her father’s explanation when he died, and she still remembered his words in her heart “Ling’er, Ye Mo is not well received, and he himself does not learn. You and Zifeng should take care of him and don’t let him suffer.

I’m sorry for him and his mother, don’t let me die in peace.”

Ye Ling remembered that she cried and promised her father’s words before he slowly closed his eyes.

But for this Ye Mo, she had suffered too much. After her father’s death, the money he spent lavishly was all given to him by her hard work and saving. The reason why he could still stay in Ninghai to study at university was also the result of her not knowing how many people she had begged. Even when he was kicked out of the Ye family, Ye Ling was afraid that her eldest uncle and the others would lay hands on him and deliberately stayed close to his side, while intentionally alienating Ye Mo and Ye Zifeng. Ye Mo she was already distant and disliked, but to Ye Zifeng she was deliberately distant.

The purpose was to make Eldest Uncle be a bit more scrupulous when he made a move against Ye Mo, or to be able to let her know some information. This is not all, she ingratiated herself with Ye Hu again and through him she met Gou Luo, a gangster in Yanjing. She paid him to protect Ye Mo, because she was still afraid that her eldest uncle and fourth uncle would make a move against him.

Although she didn’t know, she heard from others that once grandfather got drunk and said at the wine table that the next head of the family would be his father. And he was also ready to hand over the power of the family property to his father, but only later did he not mention it again when his father’s health became worse.

Ye Ling even suspected that her father’s death was also related to her eldest uncle, but she did not dare to say anything, and could only do her best to protect her two brothers. She tried her best not to take money from the family, and even reminded her brother more than once not to draw money from the Ye family, lest she cause Uncle to kill him.

But now that she saw Ye Mo in her time of crisis, she even had an urge to cry. She felt aggrieved that both Ye Zifeng and Ye Mo were her brothers, both older than her, and both male. But this kind of thing was left to her, the youngest girl, and Ye Mo even muddled through his life, not even knowing what others behind him had done for him.

“I am Ye Mo.” Seeing that Ye Ling’s eyes were a little red, Ye Mo just told Ye Ling that he was Ye Mo and stopped talking, just staring coldly at Song Shaocheng.

“You are Ye Mo,” Song Shaocheng spat out almost word by word.

A few of the gurgling people were already standing next to Song Shaocheng, if it was someone else who suddenly entered the room, they might have rushed up and surrounded them to fight. But they had heard about Ye Mo, and legend had it that Hu Qiu had all died by his hand. Although Gurgling was a good fighter, he was still too far and far between to be compared to Hu Qiu, or even to be compared at all.

The two men next to Gouluo reacted and tried to hold Ye Ling hostage. Ye Ling was still looking at Ye Mo, seemingly still in disbelief at the change in Ye Mo, the Ye Mo in front of her was so different from the Ye Mo she remembered.

The Ye Mo she remembered only annoyed her and hated her, and she didn’t even want to see him. But the Ye Mo in front of her exuded a powerful and confident aura, standing there, as if he was the only one in the whole room who decided. Moreover, as soon as Ye Mo came, Song Shaocheng immediately fell silent, and even a look of panic appeared on his face.

Ye Ling suddenly felt a strong sense of security, as if this was the only Ye Mo who was her brother. She subconsciously tried to take two steps towards Ye Mo when two slightly cold cold winds flew past her face. Subconsciously, Ye Ling looked back and the two men behind her had already fallen down.

She thought she was so bold that even if someone was killed in front of her, she wouldn’t make a sound, but now that she saw the two men go down, and there seemed to be a red stain spilling out of their eyebrows, she shrieked in fear and rushed into Ye Mo’s arms without even thinking about it.

Ye Mo patted Ye Ling who was trembling a little, and sighed in his heart. It was really hard for her, she was obviously terribly scared in her heart, but yet she gritted her teeth and made a deal with someone like Bubbler. In fact, no matter what her deal was, in the end, she could hardly escape death.

Even if Gurgling is not Song Shaocheng’s man, in the end she will have to kill Ye Ling to silence her, lest she be retaliated by the Ye family. And besides Gurgling Luo’s side, it was the people of the Ye family who knew what Ye Ling had done, and Ye Ling would likewise have no way to live.

“Ye, Ye Mo …… I know you are very powerful, as long as you let me go …… I am willing to return the Ye family’s Feng Shui dragon pearl, and other things” Song Shaocheng seemed to have the intention to remind himself that Ye Mo Now he doesn’t dare to kill him, he has to be calm, but the words become trembling at the mouth, but his eyes still look calm to Ye Mo.