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DYM Chapter 15-16

Chapter 15

Before they reached their destination, one of the punks wanted to teach Ye Mo a lesson first, which made Ye Mo’s education of a few punks start early. There were only five people in the Land Rover plus the one driving, so they could not withstand Ye Mo’s punches and kicks. However, in a few moments’ time, apart from the guy driving the car who was slapped twice, the rest of the punks were all trampled under Ye Mo’s feet, either with broken hands or broken feet.

This was still the case when Ye Mo understood that he could not just kill anyone here, otherwise he was not sure if he would have killed these punks.

What made Ye Mo wonder was that from the beginning to the end, he didn’t let any of the punks pick up the phone, so how come the police car came so quickly? He didn’t think Zheng Wen Qiao was so kind as to call the police for him. He didn’t know who was fed up enough to call the police car over, which made him very unhappy.

It was obvious that the person who called the police was very detailed and the police car soon caught up with the Land Rover and stopped it.

Ye Mo looked at the few punks lying in the car moaning and said in a cold voice, “Go back and tell Zheng that I will go find him.” After saying that, he stepped out of the Land Rover.

“What’s going on? Did you call the police just now?” Two policemen came down from the police car, and the one who spoke was a middle-aged policeman whose face was darkened by smoke, and his expression was very impatient.

“I didn’t report it, these guys kidnapped me, I resisted and that’s what happened, I guess it was some kind citizen who called the police.” Ye Mo pointed at the few punks lying in the car and said.

“Brother Fable, this is the man who just forced his way into my car, then forced me to drive it to the suburbs and punched and kicked several of us.” The only driver who could still walk, when he saw the black-faced policeman, immediately acted as if he had seen his own father, and while saying so, he also pointed his finger at Ye Mo.

The black-faced policeman looked back at the yellow-haired driver and nodded without moving his head, it was obvious that he knew this yellow-haired.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, one look at this name calling and he knew this guy had something fishy with these punks.

Sure enough before Ye Mo’s thoughts could turn, this black-faced policeman gave Ye Mo a cold stare, then turned back to this driver and asked: “You said he forced his way onto your car and beat people up? Did you still want to hijack the car in broad daylight?”

“Yes, yes, yes, this man was trying to hijack our car and injured us, if it had been a little longer, he would have thrown us out of the car and driven my Land Rover away.” This driver had been slapped twice by Ye Mo and had long been indignant in his heart, now that he got the hint, he hurriedly told this black-faced policeman that Ye Mo was trying to hijack the car.

Ye Mo didn’t say anything, he had the heart to kill these people and leave immediately, but he also knew that with his current cultivation level, trying to escape the government’s powerful search net was undoubtedly a fool’s errand. In his heart, however, he was filled with annoyance at the guy who had been nosy enough to call the police.

“You are suspected of robbery and causing injury, please come with us to the police station.” The black-faced policeman’s mouth was full and his hand was already on top of the gun handle; the fact that this young man had beaten up several by himself meant that he was a practitioner and could not be left unguarded.

The younger policeman frowned, his mouth moved, finally sighed and didn’t say anything.

Ye Mo didn’t want to kill anyone and escape now, so he could only follow this policeman to the police car. However, he secretly thought to himself that in case he was hacked inside the police station, he would immediately abscond. Just go back and dig up that ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ and take it away with him, one day he would come back to find this scene.

The police came and actually took away the student-like youth, while the Land Rover drove away directly, which was too strange. The police said clearly when they called the police, the Land Rover above a few gangsters wanted to hijack the student, but the final result how this?

The young student whose figure was somewhat familiar? Su Jingwen finally remembered where she had seen this figure before, and she seemed to have some impression of it. The young man who sold her the talisman was wearing sungla*ses and a duck-bill hat, but his figure seemed to resemble that of the student who was taken away by the police, could it be him? Whether it was or not, Su Jingwen decided to check it out first.

The police car drove to the police station and the black-faced policeman gave a wink to the two young policemen who came over and said, “Let him rest first and take his statement afterwards.”

Ye Mo narrowed his eyes and did not say anything, of course he knew that this black-faced policeman could not be so kind. Moreover, the charges he had helped himself with were still robbery and wounding.

Sure enough, without Ye Mo’s expectations, he was not taken to the rest room, but was directly pushed into a large room where the prisoners were temporarily closed.

When Ye Mo entered, there were already seven or eight people inside, but there were four men gathered around, all of them were sturdy and strong men, and from the tattoos on their arms, it could be seen that these were ruthless men. The other few men were hunkered down in separate corners, just sneaking a glance at Ye Mo and stopped paying attention.

Soon Ye Mo came to the conclusion that this cell was not specially built for closing prisoners, it should only be temporary. It was estimated that there was another place of detention after the crime was established. As soon as Ye Mo took a look at the four strong men in here, he understood the purpose of the black-faced policeman locking himself in, he should want him to be beaten up here first.

Seeing the somewhat quiet-looking Ye Mo enter, the eyes of the four men who were huddled together in the sea immediately turned around and all stared closely at Ye Mo.

To Ye Mo’s surprise, he waited for half a day, but the four men’s eyes turned back, and none of them came up to talk nonsense or pick a fight. One of them had a scar on his chin, so it was obvious that this person was the leader of several of them. Ye Mo saw the man with the scar make a wink to the few people around him, and these four people actually once again went about their day without a care in the world.

Ye Mo only swept over these few people for a moment and was no longer interested in observing, what he was observing was this cell and what methods he could use if he wanted to escape.

But how strong Ye Mo’s hearing was, one of the four men spoke softly and he still heard him.

“Brother Dagger, why don’t you give this little white boy a good beating and make him pay a few filial respects?” It was the slightly shorter man who spoke.

“This guy is not easy, we have a few days to go out, there’s no need to cause trouble. I guess the guys want to use our hands to clean up this little white boy, I’m not going to give them what they want. Did you see that, this guy came in without any fear at all and his eyes were cold, this is definitely a tough guy, remember, don’t mess with him.” Brother Blade, who had a scar on his chin, immediately warned.

Ye Mo looked around for a moment and reckoned that if he wanted to leave, this place couldn’t stop him. His heart relaxed a bit, so he found a place to sleep first.

However, when Ye Mo looked at the whole room, the only somewhat clean bed was where the guy with the scar on his face was sitting, and his bed was near the window, so the air was much fresher.

“Move over, I need to sleep for a while.” Ye Mo walked up to the scarred face and said something that left everyone dumbfounded.

“What did you say?” Scarface seemed to stand up in some disbelief, he didn’t go looking for trouble with Ye Mo, but Ye Mo actually found his head.

Ye Mo’s voice suddenly turned cold: “I said for you to get out of the way, I’m going to sleep, didn’t you understand?”


Chapter 16

“Seeking death.” Scar cursed two words and slapped at Ye Mo’s face. Originally, he only saw that Ye Mo wasn’t too easy to mess with, plus he was about to go out again, so he didn’t want to be nosy. Now that Ye Mo took the initiative to provoke him, Scar, who was used to oppressing others, could not hold back and raised his hand to slap Ye Mo’s face.

The rest of the people in the room looked at Ye Mo gloatingly, and the few men shrinking in the corner couldn’t help but shake their heads in disbelief, thinking that this man was a nerd, right? Since this Scar was not even looking for trouble from him anymore, he still took the initiative to come forward, isn’t this looking for a fight.

However, the reality of the situation soon made them open their mouths in disbelief, because Ye Mo, who they thought was looking for death, actually grabbed Scarface’s wrist and slapped him with his other hand, and that was not all.

The strong and robust Scar was not only powerless to fight back, but was also sent flying by Ye Mo’s kick, directly hitting the iron door with a ‘bang’ sound.

When the black-faced policeman outside heard the banging sound inside the house, a cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth and he immediately took out his phone and called out.

“Is it young Qiao? Yes, it’s me, that guy has been arrested and is now locked up by Scar teaching him a lesson, it’s none of our business. Oh good, good, I won’t let him get away with it, before sentencing, I’ll make him retreat layers of skin too ……” The black-faced policeman heard the sound of talking coming from outside and immediately hung up the phone and walked to the door in a pretentious manner.

Scarface was kicked off with a single kick, something that he himself could not believe. He had been in the triad society for many years and immediately knew that Ye Mo was not a master to be messed with. Although he was fierce and fit-looking, he was no fool, and if he angered Ye Mo, he would have no good consequences here.

This little white face was so powerful that Scar was already sure that even if all four of them were on board, they would not be a match for him, otherwise he would not have taken the initiative to provoke him.

However, Ye Mo walked slowly towards Scarface and said slowly, “I want to sleep on the bed near the window, do you still have a problem with that?”

Originally, when he saw Ye Mo walking over, Scarface was scared in his heart, thinking that Ye Mo was going to make a move, but he didn’t expect that Ye Mo would just say that he wanted to sleep on that bed. His heart was relieved and he quickly said, “No opinion, no opinion, you go and sleep.”

Recognising the situation, Scar immediately smiled at Ye Mo, even the pain from hitting the iron door just now was simply ignored by him. Seeing that Scar was so careful with his smile, the other few strong men didn’t dare to make a loud noise. He was not even able to fight back at all in front of this man, so if he was still looking for trouble with Ye Mo at this time, it would be no different from looking for a fight.

The more she thought about the man taken away by the police, the more he looked like the man who had sold her the talisman, so she was determined to bring him out as soon as possible.

However, what Su Jingwen did not expect was that the people at the police station actually refused to let her meet with Ye Mo.

“He’s not a prisoner, why don’t you let me meet with him? And why do you police officers have the right to lock him up?” Although Su Jingwen didn’t know the truth of the matter, she was clear that there must be something wrong here, otherwise she wouldn’t have just brought Ye Mo to the police station while nothing happened to the Land Rover. Of course she didn’t know that the Land Rover was now parked in front of the hospital.

“This man is suspected of robbery and causing disability, and his statement is still being taken. If you want to see him, come over tomorrow.” The black-faced policeman saw that Su Jingwen had a somewhat elegant temperament and was also a beautiful woman in appearance, so he said patiently.

“Is that so? But how come it’s different from what I saw? I clearly saw a Land Rover taking my friend away, and in the end the Land Rover was fine, but my friend was brought into the police station, what does that mean?” Su Jingwen said with a cold laugh.

“Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t have any evidence, this is a police station, everything is about evidence. If you are still rude and disrespectful, I will detain you for obstructing official business.” The black-faced policeman didn’t expect that the woman had actually seen the Land Rover taking the young man away, so his face just sank and his tone hardened.

“How imposing, I’d like to see you detain me on what charge of obstruction.” Su Jingwen’s face suddenly turned cold, this policeman actually believed in what he said and was so arrogant, it was certain that the young man who was brought in would not get a good deal now.

“You, come in with me and take a statement, I suspect that you are in cahoots with that robbery suspect in front of you.” The black-faced policeman said arrogantly as he pointed at Su Jingwen. Ye Mo’s dressing was not worth a few dollars at a glance, this woman was related to him and her backstage would not be hardened to anything, let’s give her a downward spiral first.

“Are you a policeman or a bandit?” Su Jingwen’s face was a little ugly with anger, this person was too arrogant.

“If you’re not convinced, file a complaint against me, my name is Huang Fuxu, you must remember that.” The black-faced policeman said disdainfully.

“Team Huang ……” The younger policeman couldn’t stand to look at him anymore and came up and called out. He felt that Team Huang’s style was somewhat bandit-like, but he didn’t dare to say much.

Before Huang could say anything, another voice came from the doorway, “When did we police officers become bandits?”

The voice was thick and carried an unquestionable attitude.

“Geng She ……” Huang Fuxu and the younger policeman both saw the person speaking at the door and hastily called out.

“What’s going on?” The middle-aged man swept Huang Yu a glance and asked out loud.

“Ah, you’re Mr. Su, why are you here?” This middle-aged man saw Su Jingwen at a glance, and it was obvious that he knew her.

“You’re Geng Xuebin, the driver? How come you’ve become a policeman?” Su Jingwen also recognised the man in front of her, a few years ago he was his father’s driver, but he didn’t expect to be a police officer now, it seemed he was also the chief, this was a fast climb.

“Yes, obeying the arrangement from above. Oh yeah, what just happened?” This middle-aged man remembered what had just happened and immediately felt a hint of bad premonition in his heart. Su is always the daughter of Mayor Su, if she suffered any grievances in his mu of land, he, Geng Xuebin, would not be able to say anything with a thousand mouths.

“Humph.” Geng Xuebin did not mention it, but when he did, Su Jingwen’s face immediately sank again. With a cold snort, she said, “Someone hijacked my friend, and the police ended up bringing my friend in and locking him up, while the hijacker was nowhere to be seen. When I came to see my friend, I was actually told that he was a suspect in the robbery and even suspected that I was also an accomplice. I was told to sue him if I was not convinced, are the police so arrogant now?”

Huang Fei’s face had gone a little white, that is, he couldn’t hide his black face, he didn’t expect this woman to actually know their Chief Geng. Although in the end, Qiao Shao would bail him out, but this undoubtedly gave him a shadow of escalation.

“Is that what you just said? Is this the attitude of a people’s police officer like you?” In his heart, Geng secretly hated this black-faced guy, usually he knew that he was somewhat rampant on account of being Zheng Wen Qiao’s man, but this time he had even messed with Mayor Su’s daughter-in-law’s head, so he could only be blamed for his bad luck.

“Yes, it’s just that I was provoked for a moment just now, and I didn’t have that in mind.”

Huang Fux did not dare to lie, after all, there were several people who heard him say this. Normally no one would say these words out loud either, they just didn’t expect to meet someone who knew their chief today.

“Remove his gun and investigate this matter thoroughly at once. Chen Zhen, you are in charge of this matter, find out the results as soon as possible, the police are the patron saint of the citizens, not hooligans and scoundrels.” This chief thundered and stripped this Captain Huang of his police uniform in front of Su Jingwen.

Su Jingwen knew he was doing it to himself, yet she didn’t say anything.

“Chief Geng, this is not legal, you just want to accuse me, and now you have no right to do anything to me.” As soon as he saw that Geng Xuebin was actually coming true, this Captain Huang immediately became anxious. He thought that Geng Xuebin knew about his relationship with Zheng Wenqiao and was at most just making a show of it, which knew that he was actually coming to the truth.

“Mr. Su, let’s go see your friend first. It’s a shame for us to have such scum in the police station. I’ll definitely review it with Mayor Su when we get back.” Geng Xuebin didn’t seem to hear Huang Fuxu’s shouting at all and ignored him. He knew in his heart, of course, that even without what happened to Su Jingwen’s friend, there was enough filth behind Blackface’s a*s to put him through jail.

What? Mayor Su? Huang Fuyu was frozen in his tracks, and in connection with Geng Xuebin’s attitude towards this woman, and calling her Mr. Su, he would be a pig if he didn’t know that this woman had something to do with Mayor Su.

If this woman was someone of Mayor Su’s, there was nothing Zheng Wen Qiao could do to save him, and Huang Yu’s heart suddenly fell like a hole in the ice.