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DYM Chapter 17-18

Chapter 17

I originally thought that Ye Mo would definitely suffer a great loss when he was given a lock-up, but to Su Jingwen’s surprise, when she opened the room of the detention room, Ye Mo was actually lying high on the bed, without even taking off his shoes, while several big and strong men were carefully staying to the side. It was quiet not like a makeshift cell, but rather like a cla*sroom that was studying in the evening.

As soon as the iron door opened, Ye Mo knew what was going on when he saw Su Jingwen. It looked like Su Jingwen had seen himself somewhere, and probably recognised himself as the person who sold her the talisman, which was why he came to his rescue, even that alarm call was made by her, if that call was made by her, that would be really helpful.

“Hello, you should know me. My name is Su Jingwen, I saw you being taken away in front of Ninghai University and called the police.” Su Jingwen was relieved to see that Ye Mo was safe and sound. It was no wonder, if it was really him, the talisman he made was so powerful, how could he be afraid of a few punks when he entered here.

Ye Mo said in his heart that this was really the case, Su Jingwen was well-intentioned, so it was not good to blame her. But her words were obviously not sure that she was the one who sold her the talisman, and since she wasn’t sure, Ye Mo would never admit it. He knew how much volatility such a thing would cause once he admitted it.

And now he didn’t even have a way to get out of the police station, he even thought about killing someone to escape, if someone from a bigger source pressed down, he would definitely not end up in a good place. Strength is still too low, Ye Mo sighed in his heart.

Seeing how Ye Mo wanted to say something, Su Jingwen quickly said, “This is not the place to talk, let’s go.”

Geng Xuebin personally helped Ye Mo take a statement before sending Ye Mo and Su Jingwen to the main entrance.

Su Jingwen drove a red Mercedes or two, and immediately after Ye Mo entered the car, he smelled the smell in the car was simple, a faint fragrance from a woman’s body. Ye Mo then knew that this car of hers usually rarely brought others in, or even brought others. But since Su Jingwen had asked him to get in, he certainly wouldn’t be pretentious.

“Let’s go have dinner together, shall we?” Su Jingwen already thought of Ye Mo as the master who sold her the talisman, and seemed quite polite in her speech.

After coming out from inside the school, Ye Mo really hadn’t eaten until now, and when he saw Su Jingwen invite him to dinner, he casually agreed.

The restaurant Su Jingwen took Ye Mo to was the ‘West Lake Family’, a somewhat secluded restaurant, which was elegantly decorated inside. The restaurant, however, was not very crowded and seemed very quiet. As soon as Ye Mo entered, he felt that this place was a good place to eat, usually he ate at the big stalls on the roadside and just got a casual meal, he didn’t have any preference for food.

“Jingwen, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you over.” An elegant and plump woman saw Su Jingwen enter and immediately greeted her with a smile.

“Sister Fang, I’ve had some things going on recently and I haven’t been out, today I’m bringing a friend along for a meal, is there a private room?” Su Jingwen said with a smile, looking at her somewhat casual look, indicating that she and this Sister Fang should be somewhat familiar with each other.

Hearing Su Jingwen’s words, this elegant woman gave Ye Mo a somewhat strange look, but immediately said as if nothing had happened, “There is, the Xiang Zhi Hall is empty right now.”

Sister Fang was not very pretty looking, but her breasts were huge and she had a pair of peach blossom eyes. Usually this kind of woman always makes people feel a bit frivolous. But Sister Fang’s mannerisms were elegant and measured, so one could tell at first glance that she was a cultivated woman, yet there was no half-way element of frivolity in it. However, when Su Jingwen said that Ye Mo was her friend, the momentary change in Sister Fang’s eyes was still caught by Ye Mo.

The Acacia Hall looked a bit hazy, to be exact it didn’t quite look like a place to eat, but rather somewhat like a place for lovers to mingle. To be honest, Ye Mo was very uncomfortable with this kind of environment and immediately pulled the curtains open. The dusk light shone in and the inside of the room was suddenly quite fresh.

“Jing Wen, you order first, I’ll go and make you tea.” Sister Fang took a menu and placed it on top of the table, turned around and went out.

Ye Mo thought to himself that you need a boss’s wife to make tea here, is there no waiter?

Seeming to see Ye Mo’s doubts, Su Jingwen said, “Sister Fang turned out to be a tea ceremony expert, those who come here to eat are some familiar customers, usually it is Sister Fang herself who goes to make the tea. The menu is here, you order.” Said Su Jingwen, handing the menu in her hand to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at the menu, there were not many samples of dishes, but the diagrams of each dish were exquisite and beautiful.

“How come there are no prices?” Ye Mo noticed that the menu in his hand did not have a price tag.

“The dishes here are three hundred a plate no matter what, so there is no need to mark the price, regular customers know that.” Su Jingwen said with a sweet smile.

Ye Mo froze for a moment, thinking that could it be that even a plate of green vegetables was also three hundred? But the words didn’t come out. Just because he wasn’t a rich person, didn’t mean others weren’t rich. Of course, Ye Mo did not know that the most expensive thing here was not the vegetables.

He was not very particular about food, but Ye Mo also knew that Su Jingwen had money, so he ordered a few at random as the prices were all the same anyway.

Ye Mo was not good at tea ceremony, but that did not mean he did not know tea. The tea brewed by Sister Fang was lip-smackingly delicious after a sip, and it made people want to take a second sip**.

Seeing that Ye Mo seemed to like the tea here, Su Jingwen smiled lightly and asked, “You are the master who sold me the talisman last time, right?”

Su Jingwen’s sudden attack method would be effective at times, but it was of no use to Ye Mo, who neither showed a suddenly recognized look nor a bland and unsurprised look, but asked in surprise, “What talisman master? I’m still a student, look at this is my student card.”

Saying that Ye Mo took out his student card and handed it to Su Jingwen.

Ye Mo, majoring in biological engineering at Ninghai University (05), was actually really a senior student.

Su Jingwen was a little disappointed as she handed the student card back to Ye Mo, she didn’t expect that she had mistakenly recognized him. Seeing that he was taken away at the entrance of Ninghai University, she didn’t expect that he was really a student.

“That, Su Jingwen, did you mistakenly identify someone, bringing me to such a high cla*s place for dinner, I’m a bit embarra*sed.” Although Ye Mo knew that Su Jingwen would not regret for a mere few thousand dollars, but this was something he had to say.

“It doesn’t matter, you resemble a friend of mine, besides, it doesn’t matter if you are mistaken, once you are born, you will be familiar. Won’t we be familiar later? You’re younger than me, from now on you can just call me Sister Jingwen, it’s always a bit awkward to call me by my first name.” Su Jingwen smiled again.

Ye Mo did not give her a bad impression because not only was Ye Mo sunny looking, he was also somewhat handsome. The gaze that he looked at himself was clear, and there was nothing uncomfortable in his eyes.

“Then, Sister Jingwen, I’ll take advantage of your light and have a good meal.” Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t be polite to the dishes that came up and didn’t have any mentality of eating for nothing. He could be sure that the ‘Clear God Talisman’ definitely saved Su Jingwen’s mother last time, one was his belief in his talisman, and another could be seen from Su Jingwen’s attitude towards him.

Su Jingwen took out a business card and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “This is my phone number, if those people still look for you in the future, you should call me.”

Ye Mo took the business card and said, “If it wasn’t for you this time, how could there be so many things, calling you, forget it, after this meal, you are you, I am me, each is irrelevant.

“Oh, then I’ll be polite, but there’s nothing I can do to help you.” Ye Mo said casually.

“That’s not necessarily true oh, maybe I’ll have to ask you for help some time later.” Su Jingwen suddenly showed a charming smile, not knowing what came to her mind.

Ye Mo secretly hated himself for being so talkative. He didn’t even have enough time to cultivate now, so naturally the less trivial matters the better.

Su Jingwen suddenly felt that she seemed serene when she was with Ye Mo, and actually didn’t feel the slightest bit of pressure.


Chapter 18

The Ning Family in Yanjing, although also a medium-sized family, has gone through many years of washing and is now running out of steam. With the retirement of the old man this year, the Ning family seemed even more shaky.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the Ning family was very dull. Although it was the Ning family’s family meeting, it was not the least bit festive or warm.

“Is that girl Light Snow still not letting up?” After a long time of silence, a middle-aged man in his fifties sitting at the top said as he tapped his hand on the table. He was Ning Zhongze, the current helmsman of the Ning family, and the eldest son of Elder Ning, the district governor of Yanjing’s River Bay district.

In a cosmopolitan city as large as Yanjing, a district governor was already at the level of a full department, and was even more highly regarded than the vice governors of some provinces. But in a place like Yanjing where a brick can fall and hit a vice-minister, this district mayor is really nothing. Now that Elder Ning had retired internally and he was in his fifties, it was no surprise that this district chief was his last post.

“Big brother, it’s no longer up to her. My Ning’s medicinal materials are now in the hands of Lao San, and I think Lao San is aware of the problems he is facing now. Originally the biggest supplier was the American Ska Company, and now the American Ska Company is actually controlled by that business woman from the Song family, which is a fatal blow to my Ning family.

After my father’s internal retirement, it is already difficult for my Ning family to have further success in the officialdom, and if the shopping mall takes another blow, I think my Ning family might just go down the drain. Although Song Ziwen is a bit flamboyant and flirtatious, the Song family is after all a large family. If we marry the Song family, not only will my Ning family’s business take off immediately, but with the upcoming change of government, big brother may not be unable to go further.” A middle-aged man sitting on Ning Zhongze’s right hand immediately said, his tone seemingly somewhat excited.

Ning Zhongze sighed and waved his hand, “Zhongwei, I understand what you mean, although a marriage with the Song family would definitely be beneficial to the Ning family, but Song Ziwen, this person …… alas, it is better to discuss this matter with third brother, after all, Qingxue is third brother’s daughter.”

“Big brother, I think fourth brother is right, nowadays it is already a time of life and death for my Ning family, and it’s not like it’s just a matter of letting Light Snow marry into the Song family. I think that Light Snow can understand, and so can third brother. Besides, Light Snow has taken over this part of Yanjing’s business, she should know that in her heart, is she that insensitive?” This time it was the second oldest, Ning Zhongshou, who was sitting on the left, who expressed his approval.

“Dad, what second and fourth uncles said are both reasonable, I think although Ziwen is a bit of a flirt, but what young man nowadays is not a flirt, usually such people will change after they get married, this is also for the good of Qingxue, it is better than that wastrel of the Ye family, right? And Shaowen is also deeply in love with Qingxue, he will definitely not treat her badly.” Seeing that the two uncles were of the same opinion, Ning Zhongze’s eldest son, Ning Xi, immediately expressed his approval as well.

Ning Zhongze was silent for a long time, then raised his head and said, “Let’s do it this way, I’ll take the lead from Zhongfei, and Zhongshou you can ask Huili to do the work of Qingxue. The first of October is not many days away, so take advantage of October to get this marriage settled.”

A young man sitting at the end opened his mouth, seeing that the family head had spoken, he finally swallowed his words. He was Ning Zhongze’s second son, Ning Yang, and the only person in the Ning Family, apart from Ning Qingxue, who did not agree with Ning Qingxue marrying Song Shaowen.

So the first time the family meeting ended, Ning Yang went straight to Ning Qingxue.

Although after Ning Qingxue’s comments in public last time, people in the outside world thought that she had been confined by the Ning Family, in fact it was just that Ning Qingxue herself did not want to go out. She was indifferent in nature and did not like to go out, and since she had been removed from her position at Ning’s Medicinal Materials, she had stayed at home most of the time. Apart from her only close friend, Li Mumei, she usually had very few friends.

Li Mumei was not only Ning Qingxue’s a*sistant when she took up her post at Ning’s Medicinal Materials in Yanjing, but also her bosom friend and also her cousin.

If there was another person in the Ning family who spoke to Ning Qingxue, it was her cousin Ning Yang, but Ning Yang had a lot of his own business and usually found it hard to come to her. But today Ning Yang had come looking for her, which gave Ning Qingxue a bad feeling.

“Brother Yang, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.” When Li Mumei saw Ning Yang, she immediately got up and greeted him, she was talking to Ning Qingxue about something unknown.

Ning Yang’s face was a little ugly, and he did not avoid Li Mumei, but directly told Ning Qingxue about the decision among the family.

“Qingxue, happiness is in your own hands, and I think that if you want to leave the country, I can help you. The family’s future doesn’t depend on a woman.” Ning Yang’s main purpose for coming over was to help Ning Qingxue escape, as only he knew what kind of person Song Shaowen was.

After hearing Ning Yang’s words, Ning Qingxue’s face immediately turned pale. Her picturesque eyebrows were somewhat gloomy and disappointed, even though she had said as much in public, in the end she could not escape the fate of being betrayed by her family.

“Qingxue ……” Li Mumei called out a little worriedly.

Inside the room was a suffocating silence, Ning Yang knew that it would be difficult to send his sister abroad, and besides, what would be the use of just going abroad.

“Sister, don’t worry, I’ll go back and help you make arrangements first, before it’s too late. Mumei, Qingxue will trouble you.” Ning Yang stood up and hurriedly went out, if Ning Qingxue was to leave the country, this matter had to be done as quickly as possible, in case his uncles found out, they would never let her go out.

Looking at Ning Qingxue’s somewhat wooden look, Li Mumei’s heart was also very hard, Qingxue was her best friend, just because she looked too beautiful, but could not be free. Who didn’t know what kind of person Song Shaowen was in this circle in the capital. He was blatantly fooling around with several women and had his picture taken. If the Song family wasn’t so powerful and this matter was blocked, I guess the whole world would know about it.

And this man also has a disgusting hobby of giving away the women he is tired of playing with to others. There are countless young girls in the capital who have been spoiled by him, and there was a newly debuted actress who, because she resisted Song Shaowen, had her legs broken by him and was thrown into a vice establishment, finally forcing the girl to commit suicide. So in the circles of the capital, he had the title of a devil.

“Qingxue, I do have a solution, that is, it’s just a bit damaging to your reputation ……” Li Mumei said, and seemed to feel that this solution of his was not good, and stammered a bit.

“What ……” Ning Qingxue stared at Li Mumei, no matter what kind of attention, as long as it allowed her to get rid of Song Shaowen, she was willing.

Li Mumei sighed and said, “It’s to use that shield of yours again, anyway, you’ve already said in front of outsiders that you’re Ye Mo’s man, although everyone knows that this is your excuse, but if you really make cooked rice with that Ye Emerson, then …… ”

Seeing Ning Qingxue staring at herself in surprise, Li Mumei knew that she had misunderstood, and hastily said, “What I mean by cooked rice is not that, you also know that that man is a heavenly …… man who can’t do anything to you anyway. If you suddenly got married to him and lived with him, and then by chance let a reporter take a picture of you in the same bed, then it would be impossible for the Song family to marry you back, knowing that you are innocent.”

Ning Qingxue’s eyes suddenly lit up, but then she was silent.

Li Mumei had been with her for the longest time, so of course she knew what she meant and said again, “That Ye Mo is an extremely foppy guy and is dead set on saving face. It is said that after he was dropped from your family’s marriage, he even found a girl in his cla*s and asked her to be his girlfriend so he could cover up that heavenly ……

But do you know how that girl answered him and said you can sleep with me? It is said that Ye Mo was furious on the spot. He must have never imagined how a cla*smate who used to treat him with respect and deference suddenly treated him like this. This person’s brain is probably not too good and he still hasn’t recognized the fact that he was kicked out of the Ye family.

I’ve already asked someone to bring him the 20,000 yuan from the last time, and I’m told he accepted it without any excuses. If you give him tens of thousands of dollars, he is definitely willing to do this kind of thing that has face and money to spend.”

Ning Qingxue sighed and said, “I don’t really care about that bit of fame, I’ve long since lost it anyway. It’s just, just will this get him retaliated by the Song family?”