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DYM Chapter 156

Zhuo Yingqing helped Ye Mo make a cup of tea and circled around him before saying, “Dr. Ye, why do I feel that you are much more handsome today? By the way, wearing a brand name is different. Oh, also, I heard people say that Ning Qingxue got married to you again, is this thing true or not?” Ye Mo looked at Zhuo Ying Qing somewhat speechlessly, he suddenly remembered Wang Ying, these two women were really alike. The first time Ye Mo saw Zhuo Ying Qing’s anxious and clear appearance, he thought that this was a girl who couldn’t be more ladylike, now it seemed that the first impression was really unacceptable. Just now she was still eagerly saying things that she couldn’t let herself go, but now she had already forgotten all about the purpose of finding herself and was talking all nonsense.

“Ying Qing, you really don’t know how to be reserved at all, you are already twenty-two years old.” Zhuo Aiguo said a little dissatisfied with Zhuo Yingqing.

Zhuo Yingqing stuck out her tongue and hurriedly sat next to Ye Mo just looking him up and down, but stopped talking.

Cai Qin was even more tense and jittery, not knowing what to do, but just kept shooting glances at her husband, but it was as if Zhuo Aiguo did not see it.

However, Ye Mo saw it, smiled and said, “Lou go see the child first, it’s better to treat it early, I have to rush back to Luo Cang as early as possible.” “Brother Ye Mo, you are living in Luo Cang now?” Zhuo Aiguo immediately asked. Cai Qin, however, rolled her eyes at Zhuo Aiguo, still talking such nonsense now, just talk about it later.

However, Zhuo Yingqing immediately said nervously, “Doctor Ye, you can’t leave, you haven’t seen my grandfather’s illness yet? It doesn’t matter how much you want to charge, my little aunt is at home, she definitely won’t return the same price as me.” In Zhuo Yingqing’s eyes, Ye Mo was a doctor who only recognized money.

“Yingqing ……” said Zhuo Aiguo, somewhat dissatisfied.

However, Ye Mo waved his hand and then said to Zhuo Yingqing, “Although I can treat your grandfather’s illness now, there are some herbs missing. If you work with these herbs, your grandfather can live for another 20 to 30 years without a problem. If you must be treated now, you can, but without these herbs, you may have to live ten years less.”

Seeing Zhuo Yingqing staying on the side in a daze, Ye Mo also ignored him and just went straight into the room where Zhuo Huatang was sleeping with Zhuo Aiguo.

Ye Mo carefully examined some of Zhuo Huatang’s condition, and the more he examined, the more his brow furrowed.

Zhuo Huatang’s illness was actually man-made who was this? Who could have done this to a child of a few years old?

There was a true qi inside Zhuo Huatang’s brain, or it could not be considered true qi, to Ye Mo it was true qi, but to the ancient martial practitioners here it was just internal qi. It was possible to leave the internal qi in the meridians inside a person’s 〖Body〗and use it to destroy the body’s functions, which could be said to be very difficult.

This was nothing difficult for Ye Mo though, because Ye Mo was a cultivator and cultivated true qi. Whereas the ancient martial cultivators here cultivated internal qi but there was no way to control it as they wished or even just stay in someone’s brain without damaging their xìng life.

If this man can do so, his ability to kill Zhuo Huatang is even simpler ah, why should it take so much effort. No wonder medical science couldn’t find out that it was the internal qi that couldn’t be seen with any medical instrument.

Seeing Ye Mo frowning, Zhuo Aiguo got a little nervous, but he didn’t dare to ask, afraid that in case he interrupted Ye Mo’s thinking. His heart was indeed in a tizzy, if Ye Mo didn’t have a solution either, then his son, Zhuo Huatang, would only die.

When Ye Mo saw Zhuo Aiguo’s worried look, he smiled slightly and said: “Brother Zhuo, there is no need to worry, this illness of your child is not difficult for me. It had been almost three years, but this was the first time she had heard someone say that her son had been cured in twenty to thirty minutes.

Let alone the fact that Ye Mo had treated the eldest uncle, even if it was his first time healing she wouldn’t doubt Ye Mo’s words, because he said he could cure Huatang.

“Brother Ye, what you said is true” Zhuo Aiguo also jīed up and his speech became a bit stuttered. Although he pretended not to care on the surface, his son’s illness was more important to him than anything else.

Ye Mo nodded: “I’m not telling lies, I just have a question to ask you guys.

When did Zhuo Huatang’s illness occur? What were the abnormalities and symptoms before and after the onset of the illness? Or did you have a grudge against someone?” “Grudges? No, although I have some rivals in the business world, I have never formed any grudges. Brother Ye Mo, are you saying that Hua Tang is,… Zhuo Aiguo looked at Ye Mo in surprise Ye Mo’s tone was that Zhuo Hua Tang seemed to be man-made and not a natural disease.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “It should be man-made, wait until I treat it.” After saying that, Ye Mo took out a silver needle and stabbed it directly into Zhuo Huatang’s brain, then began to expel the trace of internal qi inside. Ten minutes later, Ye Mo had finished expelling the internal qi. He then used his true essence to perform some adjustments to Zhuo Huatang’s brain.

Only after doing this did Ye Mo put away the silver needles, he seemed to have felt a hint of difference when he was expelling the internal qi just now. If it was said that someone here could make some kind of brand and mark on top of the internal qi, Ye Mo would not believe it at all, but it was the case that he had such a feeling.

After thinking about it for half a day Ye Mo did not come up with a reason and he put these thoughts aside for now.

He believed that if he met this person, he would be able to recognise him as soon as he made a move.

“Is my family’s Hua Tang already well?” Cai Qin didn’t even care about the basin that had fallen to the ground and asked with an eager face.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “It should be fine.”

At this time, Zhuo Huatang had already opened his eyes, he looked at Zhuo Aiguo and then at Cai Qin, before he said in a somewhat mídled voice, “Dad, mum why does it seem like I’ve been sleeping for a long time?”

“Huatang, you’re really well.” Hearing that Zhuo Huatang could call his mother and father, Cai Qin immediately rushed up in surprise and tears, hugging her son in one hand.

Zhuo Aiguo looked at his son jīngly, the thing that he had struggled with for several years was cured in Ye Mo’s hands in just ten minutes. Ye Mo became more and more mysterious in his eyes, and he was just jīng with emotion jīng, he knew in his heart that it would be too pretentious to say thank you anymore.

Zhuo Yingqing stood by the door and looked at Ye Mo with even more surprise and shock, the tactics Ye Mo performed today were much more advanced than the last time he helped her grandfather to cure his illness. Zhuo Huatang had been sick for more than two years and there was nothing he could do, but he was able to get rid of the disease with his hands, he was really a miracle doctor, an expert, he must keep an eye on him this time.

“Shidang, tell dad, how did you fall asleep?” Zhuo Aiguo remembered Ye Mo’s words and immediately asked. He was afraid that his son wouldn’t be able to remember after a long time.

Zhuo Huatang thought for a while before he said, “I can’t remember, it seems that an uncle used his hand to squeeze my head, and then I fell asleep. Right, there was also Fat Tiger, another uncle also squeezed on Fat Tiger’s head for a while, as if saying than something, I can’t remember anything else.” “If you can’t remember, don’t think about it, Hua Tang, you go to sleep first.” Zhuo Aiguo already somewhat understood that what Ye Mo said was most likely true.

“That Fat Tiger I know, he was a cla*smate of Huatang’s, and it seems that he also got sick and died later. It seems like it should have been victimized just like Huatang.” Cai Qin said with a palpitating heart at this point, they hadn’t offended anyone, how could someone want to harm their son in this way. Moreover, the Zhuo family was considered a not-so-small family in Yanjing, who was so bold?

Ye Mo knew that it was hard to say this kind of thing clearly, although Zhuo Aiguo and his wife repeatedly stayed, Ye Mo still offered to say goodbye. He had a lot of things to do, and he didn’t have time to stay here.

However, Zhuo Yingqing pulled Ye Mo again, “You must help my grandfather to see the doctor, why don’t you give me your phone number?”

Seeing Zhuo Yingqing’s panic and eagerness, and Zhuo Aiguo’s expectation, Ye Mo left his phone number and wrote down a prescription, asking Zhuo Yingqing to get all the medicines in the prescription, so that he would help her grandfather the next time he came to Yanjing.

When Zhuo Yingqing saw that Ye Mo had left the prescription and his mobile phone number, he let go of Ye Mo with some reluctance.

When Ye Mo returned to his place, Ye Ling had been waiting for him for a long time.

“Brother, when are we going to Luo Feng,” Ye Ling asked with some hesitation.

Ye Mo looked at Ye Ling somewhat strangely and asked, “Do you have anything else?” Ye Ling nodded, “I have two months before I graduate, brother, do you think it’s okay to go to Luo Cang in two months? There is also the fact that second brother called me this afternoon, he said he would be back in a few days and asked me to wait for him, I think he must have something going on.” Seeing that Ye Mo did not say anything, Ye Ling hurriedly said again, “Grandpa also called me personally this afternoon, grandpa has never called me by himself before, he told me he was sorry for the three of us siblings. He said he wanted to wait for second brother to come back and talk to us properly, and I didn’t know if I should listen to him. But brother, if you don’t think I should stay, I will go with you to Lokura immediately. I will make a phone call to Second Brother later.”

Ye Mo already understood somewhat what Ye Bei Rong had in mind, and most likely wanted to use his strength through Ye Zifeng, but he didn’t care. Instead, he thought that even if Ye Ling stayed in Yanjing, the Ye family wouldn’t dare to do anything to her. Besides, after he returned to Luo Cang, he might have to go out recently, and Ye Ling had no acquaintances in Luo Cang, so with her xìng character it might really be a bit difficult to survive.”

Thinking of this, Ye Mo nodded and said, “In that case, you should stay here for the time being and wait for Zi Feng to return. Call me as soon as something happens, and give this bracelet to Zifeng to wear. It’s a gift from me, I’m going back to Luo Cang today.”

Ye Mo said this because he knew that Ye Zifeng should still have a great sense of belonging to the Ye family, and in Ye Ling’s heart he reckoned that Ye Zifeng’s importance was slightly higher than his. So Ye Ling stayed, and he did not persuade her any further.

Although she did not want to leave, the next day Ye Ling could only send Ye Mo away, her heart really wanted to leave Yanjing with Ye Mo. She hated this place too much, but in a few days, her second brother was coming back, and she was afraid that people from the Ye family would deal with Ye Zifeng, so she had to talk to her second brother face to face if there was anything. Ye Mo could think that the Ye family might use him with the help of Ye Zifeng, but Ye Ling could not think of it.

Ye Mo had just returned to his own newly moved residence in Luo Cang, far from where he was still outside the villa, and immediately sensed that something was wrong, his divine sense then swept in.!