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DYM Chapter 155

After Zhuo Aiguo spoke to Ye Mo on the phone, the family rushed back to Yanjing in a hurry the next day.

Ye Mo kept his promise and had already arrived in Yanjing, he could not miss this opportunity no matter what. He even regretted that he had chosen the wrong time to leave the country, but the next night, Zhuo Aiguo’s family arrived in Yanjing on time.

Just after leaving the airport, Zhuo Aiguo called Ye Mo, but what made him nervous was that Ye Mo’s phone was switched off.

Because of Zhuo Huatang’s condition, both Zhuo Aiguo’s family felt sorry for their son. So this time, they took their son to the United States for a break. Originally, after Zhuo Aiguo met Ye Mo, Ye Mo told him that he would come to Yanjing within a year to help cure her son, but it had been several months and Ye Mo still hadn’t heard the slightest news.

Although Zhuo Aiguo trusted Ye Mo immensely, Zhuo Aiguo’s wife did not think so.

Because Zhuo Aiguo had given away something that had come into his hands, which was even used by Zhuo Huatang to cure his illness, she had argued with Zhuo Aiguo several times in a row.

It even came to the point of divorce, and this time she went abroad to sew up their relationship and to take Zhuo Huatang for a break. He did not expect that just a few days after arriving in America, Ye Mo would call him.

Of course, Zhuo Aiguo and his wife rushed back to Yanjing without hesitation.

“Didn’t you say that doctor would be waiting for us? Now Lou is even turning off his phone?” When they returned to Yanjing and couldn’t contact Ye Mo, Zhuo Aiguo’s wife Cai Qin was even more uncomfortable in her heart.

Zhuo Aiguo sighed, he could understand his wife’s feelings, but that kind of person, Ye Mo, was simply a strange person, how could someone renege on what he had promised. But these words he did not bother to explain to Cai Qin, there are things that the more explanation the less clear.

The original 〖兴〗mood, because they did not contact Ye Mo, the family’s mood dropped. Cai Qin said a few words to Zhuo Aiguo, and did not have the heart to argue with him.

The family returned to their residence in silence and opened the door only to see Zhuo Yingqing sitting inside the living room in a distressed state.

“What are you doing? Yingqing.” Zhuo Aiguo asked, looking at Zhuo Yingqing in a strange way, and wondering how she seemed to be acting today. Usually when she came to Third Uncle’s house, as long as he came back from a business trip, especially when he came back from abroad the first thing he would definitely ask what he had brought back for her, definitely not with such an expression and attitude as today.

Zhuo Ying Qing pouted and said, “I had already found that doctor who helped grandpa with his illness, but it was just delayed by a b*****d.” “You found that doctor? Where is he?” Cai Qin immediately shouted out in surprise, in her opinion that doctor who helped cure her eldest uncle was much more stable than the guy Zhuo Aiguo had met at the Flowing Snake who might be a fraud.

“Now I don’t know where he’s gone, if it wasn’t for that b*****d Qin Xun, I might have brought him back. If I meet him again this time, I’ll be watching him even if he goes to the toilet.” Zhuo Yingqing said in a depressed voice.

“Ying Qing, a big girl, you need to watch your words.” Although Zhuo Aiguo believed that the person who treated his eldest uncle must have great medical skills, he also had great confidence in Ye Mo, who he thought was a miracle man.

Zhuo Ying Qing saw that Cai Qin was a little disappointed and quickly said, “Third Aunt claims there is no need to rush, I know who his sister is, I can definitely find him.”

“Who is it?” This time Zhuo Aiguo and Cai Qin asked at the same time.

“It’s that doctor Ye Ling from our school called Ye Mo, speaking of which you must know, he is the one who was kicked out of the Ye family. I couldn’t believe it at first when I found out who he was, but after I spoke with him for ten minutes, I knew it was definitely him.” Zhuo Ying Qing said to herself, completely unaware of Zhuo Aiguo’s expression.

“What’s wrong?” Zhuo Ying Qing asked casually when she saw her third uncle’s mouth open as if he was surprised.

Zhuo Aiguo patted his head and said, “It seems like it should be the same person, the doctor I’m looking for is also Ye Mo, I don’t think it’s possible for there to be two doctors called Ye Mo at the same time who are both experts, it looks like this re person should be the same person.”

Ye Mo also took a shower and changed into a set of casual clothes that Ye Ling had specially bought for him, his whole body looked incomparably refreshed.

Ye Ling circled around Ye Mo a few times and praised him, “Brother, I didn’t expect you to be so handsome when you changed into a set of name tag. If those female rascals in our dormitory saw you, they would probably eat you to the bone. That Ning Qingxue really doesn’t know what’s good for her, how dare she even kick someone as handsome and capable as my brother.”

Hearing Ye Ling talk about Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo suddenly thought of how he hadn’t even gone to see Ji Wanqing and Ning Qingxue after stalking Black Snake that day thinking that he should have gone to see them. But once he thought of how Ning Qingxue seemed to have made some falsehoods about himself, Ye Mo felt a pang of powerlessness.

Ning Qingxue was indeed an extremely good girl, apart from her initial somewhat princess-like temper after living with him for almost a month, she had changed a lot.

From the time she used her body to protect the “Silver Heart Gra*s” and prepared her last words of suicide, to the time she chased the flowing snake to the desert. Perhaps she was only guilty of herself at first, but Ye Mo knew that later on her behaviour had gone beyond guilt. Although Ye Mo knew that she actually really didn’t need to feel guilty, he couldn’t explain it to her. This showed that she was very persistent.

At least she was a xìng person, and although there were times when she did not see things very comprehensively, her heart was kind. And once she had decided, she was also a deadhead.

Thinking about this Ye Mo felt that he had gone slightly overboard, although he didn’t dare to stay with Ning Qingxue in the middle of the desert, she had deliberately come this far to the desert, so to speak, just to see herself, yet he had simply walked away.

Couldn’t it be said that he didn’t dare to face it?

It would be impossible to say that he would not have a heart for Ning Qingxue at all, but why did he not dare to accept Ning Qingxue’s gesture? Ye Mo asked himself, but he immediately thought of Luo Ying, I think it was Luo Ying.

But why did he have some faint affection for Luo Susu again? Was it just because her surname was Luo and she gave herself the feeling of Luo Ying? Ye Mo shook his head, he understood that the trace of affection he had for Luo Susu was entirely because of that inadvertent touch. Or maybe it was that the blood of each other flowed within each other’s 〖Body〗. Or maybe it was that she was the same kind of person as himself.

“Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Ye Ling obviously sensed Ye Mo’s out of breath and immediately asked.

Ye Mo shook his head before saying, “Light Snow whose feast is a good girl, from now on you should stop talking about her. She doesn’t owe me anything, and ………

Ye Mo did not say anything further, Ye Ling looked at Ye Mo in surprise and said, “Brother, you really fell in love with her? In fact, I also feel that she can be worthy of my brother, but she, she” Ye Ling did not say the words that Ning Qingxue could not look at her brother, of course she did not know that the current Ning Qingxue was completely different from the Ning Qingxue she remembered as the one who was looking for a divorce from Ye Mo.

Seeing that Ye Mo was thinking, Ye Ling hurriedly took Ye Mo’s hand and said: “Brother, if you like it, go after it, it’s not like she’s something great. Let’s go eat first, I’ve already made a date with the people in the dormitory, they should be out now, let’s go.”

Saying that without allowing Ye Mo’s discernment, he pulled him out.

But before they could go and choose where to go for dinner, Tian He and the others saw that Ye Mo was very different from yesterday. It turned out that it was because they had been wrapped up by Ye Ling today, and Ye Mo was made to cry and laugh by these bold cla*smates of Ye Ling. In the end, it was Ye Ling who came out to persuade a few people away.

After having lunch, Ye Mo couldn’t stand the enthusiasm of Tian He’s few people and told Ye Ling that he had to go to his friend’s place for some things, so that she could take care of this side of things as soon as possible and go back to Luo Cang with him.

After Ye Mo had left for a long time, Ye Ling had already returned to the dormitory, and Tian He kept asking Ye Ling, “Lingzi, is he really your brother Ye Mo? Are you sure it’s your real brother?” Dan Dan and Lùlù both had boyfriends, so they could only look at Tian He with some resentment as she gossiped.

Ye Ling said without good humour, “You should change this female rascal vibe of yours first, my brother likes Ning Qingxue kind of woman the most, I don’t think you have much hope.” “Ning Qingxue, huh? Alas, the competition is too strong.” Tian He let out a long sigh, hugged the quilt and fell back to sleep.

After Ye Mo left the few people, he went to purchase another pair of silver needles. But he didn’t call Zhuo Aiguo, in his opinion Zhuo Aiguo must have returned yesterday. He just had to go straight to his house.

What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that it was actually Zhuo Yingqing who opened the door. However, Ye Mo immediately reacted, Zhuo Yingqing’s surname was Zhuo, so he must be related to Zhuo Aiguo in some way. Besides, didn’t he also meet her outside the community the day before yesterday.

“Ah,” when Zhuo Yingqing saw that it was Ye Mo standing at the door, she froze for just 0.01 seconds before she hugged Ye Mo’s arm and called out, “Don’t leave this time.”

A soft ma*s was pressed against Ye Mo’s arm and Ye Mo coughed, “Hey, let go, I’m taking advantage of you.” Ye Mo and Tian He had been together for a short period of time and had already somewhat appreciated how powerful these girls were. Knowing that they were rarely shy, the day before this Zhuo Ying Qing was still staring dead at her bottom, so she could see that she was also someone who was not too different from Tian He.

As expected, Zhuo Yingqing’s face flushed just slightly before she immediately said, “The day before yesterday you said you would wait for me, but how did you leave? What if you leave again as soon as I let go?”

Ye Mo said helplessly, “I came here specifically to find Zhuo Aiguo, how could I possibly leave.” At this moment, Zhuo Aiguo had already come out, and when he saw Ye Mo standing at the door, he immediately came up with a surprised face and said, “Brother Ye Mo, you’re really here, come on, come in and sit down. Ying Qing, why are you still holding Ye Mo’s hand, hurry up and make tea for Uncle Ye Mo.”

“What? Uncle Ye Mo?” Zhuo Yingqing already understood that Ye Mo had indeed come to look for Third Uncle.

But what depressed her was that Ye Mo was only two or three years older than herself, how did he become an uncle!