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DYM Chapter 158

After Yu Miaotong ate something and took a bath, her whole body became quite refreshed and at least there was a hint of blood on her face.

Looking at Yu Miaotong sitting in front of him, although she was still plump and toned, compared to a few months ago, there were many more vicissitudes and fatigue on her face. Ye Mo looked at Yu Miaotong who wanted to say something, and without asking her what was going on, he knew that something must have happened to Wu Xuemin.

If Yu Miaotong was asking himself to go and help Wu Xuemin, should he go? If this question had been asked when he had just arrived in Luo Cang, Ye Mo would have definitely gone to help him, nothing more, just because Wu Xuemin was still worth befriending. But now, he was not sure if he would go, although he had not seen Wu Xuemin again since he left Jing City last time, Ye Mo felt through what happened last time that Wu Xuemin had changed, or at least was no longer worthy of his Ye Mo’s friendship.

“Xuemin has changed a lot, I know about what happened to you last time in Luo Cang, I said something about him, but he said that women should not care about these things, and even scolded me angrily. He got too big for power afterwards, and it gradually became strange to me. Xuemin was no longer the same person he used to be, and I wanted to leave him more than once, but in the end I couldn’t do it, and I stayed over and over again.” Yu Miaotong didn’t wait for Ye Mo to ask and spoke on her own.

Seeing that Ye Mo was listening but not making any comments, Yu Miaotong sighed and continued, “He had later become a complete stranger to me, and he even killed the people Tielan Mountain had sent to supervise him, and that was when I made up my mind to leave him. His power had also finally caused Tie Lan Shan to become apprehensive, and he had underestimated him too much.

When Xuemin thought that most of the ‘Iron River’s’ real power was already in his hands, it only took Tielanshan one night to drive Xuemin out of existence.” Speaking of this, Yu Miaotong wiped her eyes.

Ye Mo, however, felt her hands and body trembling.

Yu Miaotong did not continue, but took out a paper packet and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “Xuemin suddenly came to his senses when he was leaving, he said …… if he had the chance to do it all over again, he would definitely not go to be the boss of ‘Iron River’ The company’s main goal was to take me far away from ‘Iron River’. This, is what he entrusted me to give you.”

After saying that, Yu Miaotong handed the paper packet in her hand to Ye Mo, her face had completely calmed down, and there was no way to tell that she was trembling just now.

Ye Mo took the paper bag and held it heavy in his hand, as if it was a lump of iron. He frowned and said, “Xuemin has pa*sed away?”

Yu Miaotong nodded, stood up and said, “I’ve already given the things to you for Xuemin, I’m leaving too.”

“You wait.” Ye Mo opened the paper bag, inside it was surprisingly a black and dark as if it was a lump of iron. What was Wu Xuemin doing giving this to himself?

Seeing Ye Mo show a puzzled expression, Yu Miaotong, however, spoke, “Xuemin said that you are a practitioner of ancient martial arts, this should be of use to you.”

Ye Mo nodded and his divine sense once again checked the iron block in his hand. A moment later, a shocked expression immediately appeared on his face, this was actually a piece of extra-terrestrial geng iron essence. How could there still be such a thing on Earth? And where did Wu Xuemin get it from?

This piece of Geng Iron Essence was an extremely high quality material for refining weapons, not to mention on Earth, even in the real cultivation world. A first-cla*s material for making flying swords, it was only slightly smaller. Nonetheless, the value of this Geng Iron Essence was difficult to estimate in Ye Mo’s hands. Even if all the materials he had gotten at Han Zaixin’s material warehouse were added up, they were still less than one ten thousandth of this Geng Iron Essence in his hand.

Instantly Ye Mo understood Wu Xuemin’s intention, he guessed that he was a cultivator of ancient martial arts, this kind of material should be of use to him, perhaps he himself did not even know that this was Geng Iron Essence. He asked Yu Miaotong to bring the material to himself, the meaning was already quite obvious, that was to ask Ye Mo to save Yu Miaotong’s life for the sake of this material.

With this kind of material, even if a cultivator wanted to touch Yu Miaotong, Ye Mo would still find a way to save Yu Miaotong, not to mention that it was not a cultivator, but just a black. It’s just a triad organization. Besides, Ye Mo was not someone who would not see death and not save her.

“I’ll accept this favor from Brother Xuemin, you’ll stay here with me, the king of heaven won’t dare to touch you. As for the ‘Iron River’, I, Ye Mo, haven’t put it in my eyes.” After Ye Mo finished speaking, he suddenly remembered something, Yu Miaotong had purposely fled to Luo Cang, which meant that she had been chased over by ‘Iron River’s’ people.

So was his own ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ found and dug up by the people of ‘Iron River’? If that was the case, it would be a good idea for him to directly end the ‘Iron River’ of Luo Cang with a pot.

When Yu Miaotong heard Ye Mo’s words, she suddenly could no longer hold back her tears. She also understood the reason why Wu Xuemin had asked her to bring something to Ye Mo, because in Wu Xuemin’s eyes, only Ye Mo could save her life. Ye Mo was not even afraid of the Thousand Dragons, so how would he be afraid of a mere Tielan Mountain?

“What kind of people are the ones who came after you, do you know?” As soon as Ye Mo thought that his ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ might have been dug up by the people who were after Yu Miaotong, he had a rough idea in his mind.

Yu Miaotong stopped sobbing and thought for a while before saying, “There was a man who was skinny looking and in his thirties. I had a glance at him from afar at the station and it was a bit grim. I reckoned that man was tracking me, and later I secretly followed a tour group to avoid that man.”

Ye Mo immediately knew that the person Yu Miaotong was talking about and the person Yu Erhu was talking about should be the same person. He recalled that the grim man who had snatched the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ from him at the magic weapon exchange might have been him. Since this man could recognise the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ as a good thing, he might also have a sense of his ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’, and it made sense for him to snatch it away. If I had known it was this guy, I should have f*cked him the last time I came out at the venue instead of stealing his stuff.

So this guy was from ‘Tie Jiang’? Last time, Wolf Pole said that ‘Iron River’ had a rather powerful expert who was about to break through, could it be that he was talking about this person? But in Ye Mo’s opinion, although this grim man was powerful, he wasn’t so powerful that he was more powerful than Wolf Pole, right? But that vision of his was really good to recognise the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ as something good.

Not to mention that the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ should have been dug up by the people of ‘Iron River’, just because of this gift given by Wu Xuemin to himself he would be next in line.

“You can stay here from now on. If you feel a bit bored, you can study medicine with Lu Xiaozhen and Erhu. Some of my things I also suspect were taken by the people of ‘Tie Jiang’, even if they don’t look for my trouble, I will still look for them, when I destroy ‘Tie Jiang’, you can go anywhere you want.” Ye Mo had already determined that the grim man should be from ‘Tie Jiang’, and even if he wasn’t from ‘Tie Jiang’, he still had something to do with them.

In the next few days, Ye Mo refined all the materials into formation flags and formation plates, and arranged a defensive formation around the villa. He also refined three bracelets and gave them to Erhu, Xiaozhen and Yu Miaotong. And they told them that they had set up barriers around this villa and that they should all wear the bracelets when entering and leaving. If there were patients, they must come in through the fixed pa*sageway.

Although Yu Miaotong was somewhat skeptical, Erhu and Xiaozhen had no doubt about Ye Mo. In both of their hearts, anything Ye Mo said was right.

Ye Mo waited for a few more days, but still no one came to the villa, it looked like those people had snatched the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ and said they were just talking about coming over, they didn’t intend to actually come over. On the contrary, Ye Ling called and told Ye Mo that his eldest uncle and fourth uncle had both been driven away by grandpa. Now staying in Yanjing was still considered quiet.

While the people from ‘Iron River’ didn’t take the initiative to come over, Ye Mo didn’t want to wait, he had to make a trip to Flowing Snake some time later and didn’t have time to spend with them, so since they didn’t come over, he took the initiative to find them.


It had been three years since Su Jingwen had attended a cla*smate reunion, and today was the first time she had attended a cla*smate reunion since her graduation. If the party didn’t happen to be scheduled in Ninghai, or if Xiao Lei hadn’t made a special trip to Ninghai to attend the party, Su Jingwen still wouldn’t want to go.

“Jingwen, everyone is waiting for you and you’ve just come. Come over quickly.” Just as Su Jingwen arrived, Xiao Lei’s voice came over.

Su Jingwen seemed to be the centre of attention no matter where she was, and soon many of her cla*smates gathered around her.

“Yes, Jingwen, you’ve never been to a party since you graduated. Xiao Lei came over from Yanjing this time and even came earlier than you.” Another girl came over and pulled Su Jingwen, sounding somewhat dissatisfied.

Su Jingwen smiled somewhat apologetically, “The first few times my mother was sick, I really didn’t have the heart for it.”

“By the way, Jingwen, I heard Wang Peng say that your mother’s illness was cured by a talisman, isn’t that right? You’re not going to tell me that there really is such a magical thing, are you?” The girl who was holding Su Jingwen’s hand immediately asked gossipingly when she heard Su Jingwen talking about her mother.

“Of course it is, I was the one who went to buy it with Jingwen that day.” Wang Peng, however, walked over.

Su Jingwen frowned, thinking, “Wang Peng isn’t one of their cla*smates, why is he coming to their own cla*s reunion?

Seeming to see Su Jingwen’s confusion, Xiao Lei immediately whispered softly in Su Jingwen’s ear, “Wang Peng is pursuing me, but I have little interest in men lately, so I perfunctorily told him that I was going to a cla*smate party tonight, but I didn’t expect him to follow me over.”

Only then did Su Jingwen understand, but before she could say anything, one of her cla*smates next to her said, “You can’t say that you don’t believe in such things as talismans to save people, let me tell you something, you might not believe in it either. Some time ago my cousin went to a spell exchange meeting in Luo Cang, huh, doesn’t this spell thing sound a bit mysterious?”

“Yes it is a bit mysterious, Cheng Fei you quickly say what happened to your cousin afterwards.” Another male student immediately urged.

But Cheng Fei said, “Don’t be in a hurry, I’ll say it again, what I said is true. My cousin spent 200,000 on top of the exchange to purchase a defensive magic jade pendant, and then heard the stall owner say that his pills were also very effective, so she spent another 200,000 on one of his ‘beauty pills’.”

“Your cousin is really rich. This man who sells magic weapons is also a guy who can fool around, I reckon. Old Zhao isn’t even necessarily as good as him, it’s a shame this guy isn’t on the Spring Festival. Your cousin too, even if she’s richer, she can’t waste it like this.” Another cla*smate jacked in and said.