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DYM Chapter 159

But Cheng Fei said, “My cousin just bought one because she had a lot of spots on her face and they wouldn’t go away, so she listened to that person and bought one. It was just that the pill looked dark and a bit scary, and everyone in my cousin’s family was against her taking that pill. At that time, my cousin also reacted and she also suspected that she had been cheated, but since that pill cost 200,000 yuan, she couldn’t throw it away for a while, so she just thought of it as buying a lesson. It’s just that that jade pendant looked a bit pretty and she wore it.”

“Let’s just say that charlatans nowadays are full of tricks, and they catch a blind spot that you need to fall for. You may not notice it at the time, but you’ll certainly remember afterwards that you’ve been conned.” The boy who had been asking questions earlier said.

However, Cheng Fei shook his head, “You guys are thinking about it wrong because something happened a few days later that you won’t believe when I tell you. That day my cousin went to the supermarket and found a thief, and she immediately told the person she stole from that there was a thief. I didn’t expect the thief to pick up the dagger “Kaihang冇水sè” to my cousin is a bit, just when my cousin was frightened and did not know what to do, she xiōng mouth wearing the jade pendant unexpectedly emitted a colorful light, hard will be the thief bounced several meters away and fell to the ground, half a day can not get up, the result was caught by the security guards.

I didn’t believe it at the time, but that’s what my mother said, because the jade pendant my cousin was wearing was the one she bought for $200,000 and said it had three defensive functions. When my cousin reacted, she immediately checked that jade pendant, and there was indeed one less light on it.”

“Cheng Fei, you’ve heard too many stories, how can there be such a thing.” One of the girls, who also had pimples on her face, then immediately said.

Cheng Fei hummed and said, “Wang Lijuan, you can think I’m telling stories, only I know what I’m saying is true. The first thing my cousin did when she got home was to take that pill, and guess what happened? To tell you the truth you will never believe it, the marks of spots on her face disappeared the next day and her whole face had become shiny and clean. I don’t know how much money my cousin had spent on her face to get rid of the blemishes. But that one little pill solved it. Are you still calling that man a charlatan now? That’s what I saw with my own eyes.”

“There really is such a thing, huh?” The few students behind Wang Lijuan immediately let out a gasp of surprise, although it was a cla*smate who said it, they obviously didn’t quite believe it yet.

“Why not, those high achievers, we just haven’t seen them, you see the martial arts scenes on the movies are very intense, that’s all special effects. In fact, I think there are really such powerful people in reality.” One of the boys immediately chimed in and said.

Xiao Lei also said at this point, “I don’t know if what Cheng Fei said is true or not, but I agree with Zhang Weiwei’s words. That kind of powerful person definitely exists, although they can’t fly, but they can still do the kind of moves in the movies.”

Su Jingwen glanced at Xiao Lei, of course she knew why Xiao Lei was saying that, because she must have thought of Ye Mo.

“That, Cheng Fei, does your cousin know where that pill seller is?” Wang Lijuan immediately came up and asked somewhat expectantly.

Cheng Fei shook his head and said, “Of course I don’t know, the people who came to the magic weapon exchange are from all over the world, who knows where he is from. And my cousin immediately went to the venue the next day to look for that person, but of course she couldn’t find anything. You think, that magic weapon of my cousin is real, the effect has been verified, the price is not to say 200,000, even two million people want it. Then someone offered two million for that jade pendant of my cousin’s that had already been used once, but my cousin didn’t sell it.”

“Of course she wouldn’t sell it, not even if I were given it. If this thing is really like this, it’s simply amazing. I still have some doubts.” Another boy said.

Su Jingwen, however, heard it in her heart and immediately asked, “Chengfei, do you know what the person who sold the jade pendant to your cousin looked like? Where is the magic weapon exchange?”

But Cheng Fei shook his head and said, “I’m not too sure about that, my cousin said he was very durable and had plain clothes on him. But his eyes are very bright, I don’t know the rest. The exchange is from Luo Cang and it is said that there is one every year.”

Su Jingwen was lost in thought for a moment, she subconsciously thought of the man who sold him the talisman, when he was wearing sungla*ses and could not see his eyes, his clothes were also plain, was that the man?

Luo Cang, the exchange in Luo Cang, I heard that Ning Qingxue was now in Luo Cang, perhaps she could go to Luo Cang to see her and ask at the scene of that exchange in the first place by the way.

“Jingwen, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, you’re getting prettier and prettier.” Seeing Su Jingwen frowning and staring in thought, Wang Peng became more and more tickled.

When he hadn’t seen Su Jingwen, he felt that Xiao Lei was actually not bad, with her tall figure, flamboyant xìng style and nice face. Now once he saw Su Jingwen he realized that there are people who cannot be compared together. You don’t compare maybe you don’t know who is better, but once you compare, that result comes out immediately.

Su Jingwen’s thoughts were interrupted by Wang Peng and she glanced at him somewhat uncomfortably, “It’s better this way. Little Lei, let’s go and sit over there, I have something to say to you.”

Ignored by Su Jingwen, Wang Peng coldly snorted in his heart, “You’ll know later.

She had no good feelings towards Wang Peng, and the last time the person who sold her the talisman was disparaged by Wang Peng, which made her have no good feelings towards Wang Peng at all. If she had believed him at that time, her mother would still be lying in bed.

Xiao Lei and Su Jingwen had just sat down when another young man walked in, and as soon as this man arrived the girls who had been talking to each other immediately called out, “Suo Bin is here.”

Almost all of the girls flocked up.

Xiao Lei smiled and said, “If I wasn’t talking to you, I would have gone up too. The number one schoolboy of the year is here, still as handsome as ever. I wonder if he will still remember you, ah, it’s a pity, if it wasn’t for the fact that we were going to graduate back then, maybe you would really be his girlfriend now.”

Su Jingwen was also briefly silent for a moment, Sobin she knew of course, was the only boy she had a crush on inside the school. It could be said that he was a handsome and unbeatable existence, unbelievably handsome not to mention versatile. The girls who pursued him back then said there was a reinforced company is not an exaggeration, but he did not seem to have any bad negative news.

When it was close to graduation, Suo Bin actually started to pursue her. Although Su Jingwen was the school flower back then, she was a relatively low-profile school flower, and because of her low profile, she was not ranked first when it came to rankings.

To be honest, Su Jingwen really did not resent Suo Bin’s pursuit back then. Perhaps it was really as Xiao Lei said, if it wasn’t close to graduation, she might have really agreed to his pursuit.

She even paid special attention to Suo Bin after graduation. After hearing that he had entered the entertainment industry, Su Jingwen had never paid attention to him again, but she never expected him to come to this cla*s reunion. One must know that Suo Bin and they were not in the same cla*s. Not even from the same department, was he also like Wang Peng?

“Haha, today I heard from Yu Xia that Yan Da’s cla*smates were gathering here, so I came over too. It looks like I’m still popular, so many old cla*smates haven’t seen each other for a long time.” Suo Bin said as he swept the whole room, seemingly everyone was in his sights.

“Handsome Suo, you’re a famous movie star now, where would you still put us gra*sroots in your eyes.” A girl immediately said sourly.

Suo Bin had already seen Su Jingwen, who was sitting with Xiao Lei, and his eyes lit up as he immediately said, “Oh, I wouldn’t dare to be famous, I’ve only just made my debut with a few commercials now. But if you think highly of me, you can take your pick of autographs and photos.”

After saying that without waiting for the girl to say anything, he already walked towards Su Jingwen.

“Jingwen, it’s been a long time.” Suo Bin’s smile was still as mích as it was back then.

Su Jingwen smiled slightly, “You’re a celebrity now, you can’t see us, but we see you on the screen all the time.”

Xiao Lei also said, “Big star Suo, if you really are like that Rising Light Pirate you advertised as, who can leap more than ten feet in the air, I will immediately start courting you.”

Before Suo Bin could say anything, Su Jingwen smiled and said, “Big Star Suo doesn’t need you to pursue him, there are a lot of suitors.”

“Even if there are many suitors, they can’t compare to the two great beauties in front of you.” Suo Bin immediately laughed and after a pause he continued, “Jing Wen, I’ve taken on a new film and I feel that you’re perfect for the female lead. See if you’re interested, and if Xiao Lei likes it, I feel she’s more suitable for the second female role.”

“Really? What kind of film is it.” Xiao Lei immediately asked nosily.

Su Jingwen, however, smiled faintly, although she was not an actress, she was well aware of all that crap in the entertainment industry, but stood up and said, “Sorry, ah, I’m not interested in this, you can find Xiao Lei. I’m going back, Xiao Lei, remember to go to my house after the reunion tonight.”

“Ah, Jing Wen you’re leaving? Wait, I’ll go with you, I still have an important thing to ask you.” After saying that, Xiao Lei also immediately stood up.

“Jing Wen, you’re not going to leave as soon as you see me coming, are you? This reunion hasn’t even started yet.” Suo Bin immediately said, he now realized that Su Jingwen was even more beautiful than the number one school flower of Yan University back then, no wonder Peng Shao had taken a fancy to her, if he hadn’t come today, he really wouldn’t have known that Su Jingwen was so beautiful.

Su Jingwen just smiled and said, “No, because I really have something to do.”

As soon as she saw that Su Jingwen was leaving after not long, many students started to stay. But Su Jingwen was determined to leave. She found that all the cla*smates in the reunion were strangers, and they could not find the same feeling of being cla*smates together. There was no point in continuing to stay.

“Alright then, I’ll see you guys off.” Suo Bin immediately followed.

Su Jingwen turned back and said, “No need Sobin, I have my own car.”

Suo Bin smiled and said, “I’m ready to go too, but you have a car but I don’t, I’d like to take a ride with you.”

Su Jingwen hesitated for a moment but frowned and said, “I’m sorry, Sobin. I’ve never had a boy in my car before, so ……”

Su Jingwen suddenly remembered Ye Mo, hadn’t he ridden in his own car?