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DYM Chapter 174

But before the youth could speak, a middle-aged man hurriedly trotted in from the doorway, followed by two others behind him. The man rushed to Ye Mo and hurriedly took out a ticket and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “Senior Mo, I’ve delivered the ticket, may I ask what else you want?”

Ye Mo looked up, he didn’t expect the person who came to be Jiao Bian Yi, this boss of Xisha personally ran over just to deliver a ticket to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took the air ticket and his ID card and checked them before saying, “So I’ll trouble Mr. Jiao. Just don’t call me senior in the future.”

“Yes, Brother Mo,” Jiao Bian Yi of course knew how powerful Ye Mo was and didn’t dare to say a word. To him Ye Mo could let his people help him buy the airline tickets, that was a great chance in heaven.

Gu Yi had felt a bit like the boss of Xisha when he saw Jiao Bian Yi, but now he heard Ye Mo say Mr. Jiao, and then he looked at the two people behind him, one of whom he knew, called Lin Long. He immediately knew that the person who came was really Jiao Bian Yi, the boss of Xisha.

Gu Yi was so frightened that his face immediately turned pale; although he had some power, he was simply not good enough compared to Jiao Bian Yi. He did not expect the boss of Xisha to treat Ye Mo with such respect and even call him big brother. Who the hell was this young man sitting here eating?

Thinking about how he had just threatened him, no wonder he told him to get lost, cold sweat was already spilling out on Gu Yi’s back.

Seeing that even Jiao Bian Yi was treating Ye Mo with such respect, Gu Yi was so scared that he immediately bowed to Ye Mo and apologised, quietly backing away.

Ye Mo was already extremely disgusted with this Gu Yi and didn’t bother to pay attention to this fellow. Although Jiao Bian Yi could see some of this, he could not move without Ye Mo saying something.

“Take a seat, I have some things to ask you.” Ye Mo said to Jiao Bian Yi.

“Yes, Brother Mo.” Jiao Bian Yi’s heart was happy, it looked like Ye Mo had some good feelings towards him.

The girl, of course, didn’t know who Jiao Bian Yi was, and when she saw a middle-aged man calling Ye Mo big brother, she couldn’t help it and laughed out loud. Scared, Gu Yi hurriedly went to pull her away, trying to pull her away as well.

Unexpectedly, the girl suddenly scolded Gu Yi, “Gu Yi, keep your hands clean, don’t tug around.”

When Gu Yi heard the girl’s rebuke, he carefully looked at Ye Mo’s side for a moment, and even more so, he didn’t dare to let out his breath, and actually turned around and ran out at a brisk pace.

This girl, no matter how stupid she was, knew that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person, and seeing that even a young man like Gu Yi was cowering at Ye Mo, and was even ready to ask Ye Mo to give up his seat just now, now she even ignored her, and turned around and left in the dust. If it wasn’t for the power of Gu Yi’s family and the fact that Gu Yi was usually quite nice, this girl wouldn’t have come to the appointment, but now she didn’t expect that the person who invited her would leave in disgrace before the meal was even eaten. It was funny that she was still thinking about how she would find an excuse to leave later.

“Huh, is your name Shi Ying?” The girl called Miss Ice surprisingly didn’t leave, and after taking a closer look at Ye Mo, she instead came to Ye Mo and asked in surprise.

Jiao Bian Yi was so hateful, he could not wait for this talkative b*tch to disappear immediately. He had managed to pull some strings with Ye Mo, and here this nosy b*tch was chattering away. If it wasn’t for Ye Mo, he would have had someone carry him and throw him out.

Ye Mo looked at this girl with some surprise, thinking that he had already used his true qi to block the camera footage when he a*sumed the name of Master Shadow. How did this person know him? It seemed that the only person who knew that he was Shi Ying was Yun Bing, could it be that this girl called Miss Bing was really related to Yun Bing?

Seeing Ye Mo’s surprised look, this girl called Miss Ice, surprisingly, took the initiative to sit down without having to be invited.

She knew that she might have guessed correctly, but said smugly, “Because I am the one who admires Shi Ying the most, I have watched that video of his fight countless times, and your figure is very much like him. That’s not the main thing, the main thing is that I’m very good at image processing, as long as there’s a rough blurred outline, I can process the photo out. Although you look a little more distinct than the outline I processed, there’s still a 60% match. Isn’t it?”

Ye Mo smiled helplessly and said, “Not bad, I am Shi Ying, only that is not my real name, my real name is Ye Mo.”

“Ah, it’s really you. I’m so lucky, you don’t know that so many people in our school worship you, I never thought that I would meet you today. My name is Dancing Ice, hurry up and shake hands.” Saying that, Dancing Ice had already extended her hand, it looked like she was a self-acquainted person.

Ye Mo had to reach out and shake her hand.

Jiao Bian Yi was now simply a little jealous looking at Dancing Ice, still a girl was better, shaking hands whenever she wanted to, she was not able to do the same as her. Thinking about this, he couldn’t say how depressed he was in his heart. He had purposely come here to get to know Ye Mo, but he didn’t expect to be interrupted by this girl talking until now without stopping.

Dancing Ice’s hands were soft and boneless, and Ye Mo thought of Luo Susu. When he first hugged her himself, he didn’t pay attention because the situation was very urgent, but now that he remembered, Luo Susu’s waist also seemed to be soft and boneless, and it was very comfortable and pleasant to hold in his hands.

Seeing that Ye Mo kept grabbing his hand and not letting go, Dancing Ice blushed a little and hastily withdrew his hand. Ye Mo also noticed his outburst and smiled awkwardly. Jiao Bian Yi, however, saw it in his eyes and it became somewhat clear in his heart that Ye Mo liked pretty lollies. Now that he knew he had this hobby, he must make him happy next time.

Ye Mo of course didn’t know what these two were thinking, his face had returned to normal and he turned to Maobing and said, “Maobing, I have some things to talk to Mr. Jiao now, be my guest.”

Seeing that Ye Mo had given an expulsion order to himself, although Dancing Ice still wanted to chat with Ye Mo for a while longer, but Peng Yang and Lin Long, who were standing behind Jiao Bian Yi, seemed to understand that it was not suitable for him to stay here now. Immediately, he stood up and said, “Brother Ye, you are my idol, can you leave a phone number for me?”

After saying this, Dancing Ice saw that Ye Mo did not answer and said somewhat sarcastically, “Don’t worry Brother Ye, I definitely won’t just call you, I’ll leave a number just to fulfill my idol dream ……”

Seeing how embarra*sed Dancing Ice looked, Ye Mo thought to himself that he just couldn’t get through by calling his phone, his phone was never placed inside the ring, the signal from outside couldn’t get in at all. It was alright to leave one for her.

Ye Mo took out the phone and said, “Tell me your mobile phone, I’ll dial it.” The phone Han Zaitao had given him was a bit too good, it had been so many days and there was still electricity.

“Great.” Dancing Ice immediately reported his phone number to Ye Mo, who casually dialed it.

Only after Dancing Ice left satisfied, did Jiao Bian Yi then carefully ask, “May I ask Brother Mo, what are your orders? As long as I, Jiao Bian Yi, can do it, I will definitely not excuse myself.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Not long ago, I saw Lin Long chasing a woman and seemed to want to keep that little girl, I wonder what’s going on?”

Jiao Bian Yi’s face changed greatly when he heard Ye Mo’s words, he thought that Ye Mo was looking for him to praise him a little. He didn’t expect it to be about this, in case this woman and child had anything to do with Ye Mo, he, Jiao Bian Yi, would be in deep sh*t.

“What’s going on?” Jiao Bian Yi immediately looked at Lin Long sternly and asked.

When Lin Long saw that Ye Mo had not forgotten this matter, beads of sweat immediately came out on his back, and he came forward with some trepidation and said, “Master Jiao, Brother Mo, it’s because Old Cang wanted her to be a goddaughter, so ……”

“Say it clearly.” Jiao Bian Yi could not care less at this point, P*ssing off Ye Mo was not the end of the story.

“Yes, the girl was brought to Hong Kong by a person who smuggled her over, but because that person ran out of money, he wanted to sell the girl. He met our man from Xisha and before the price was agreed upon, he accidentally let the girl get away. It would have been fine, but because the girl was so cute, Lao Cang wanted to take her back as a goddaughter. But the girl was taken away by a trafficker woman and we met Mer when we were chasing her.” Lin Long did not dare to hide and gave a clear account of the facts in a matter-of-fact manner.

Ye Mo was already ninety percent sure that the girl was the girl whose photo he had seen at Yun Bing’s house. Now, after hearing Lin Long finish, he immediately said, “You guys bring that girl here immediately now, I know her.”

Lin Long was shocked in his heart and said, “It’s finished, it really is. However, he immediately nodded his head and said yes, turned around and went out.

“Brother Mo, this matter, because the people under him don’t know what to do, and they don’t know ……” Jiao Bian Yi didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen, he was also depressed in his heart, it was hard to come to some friendship with Ye Mo, but he didn’t expect that another thing would actually offend him.

However, Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “You are not to blame for this matter, just bring the girl over.”

Seeing Jiao Bian Yi’s sincerely frightened look, Ye Mo however asked, “Do you have power in the mainland?”

Jiao Bian Yi hurriedly shook his head and said, “No, the strength in the mainland is mainly concentrated in the hands of ‘Nan Qing’ and ‘Tie Jiang’, our ‘Xisha’ main Our main strength is in Hong Kong. But I heard that ‘Southern Youth’ has recently been in internal turmoil and many ‘Southern Youth’ territories at the border are being slowly swallowed up and disintegrated by other forces.”

“‘Southern Youth’ is still in the midst of civil unrest?” Ye Mo was a bit strange, when he killed Thousand Dragon Heads, he just walked away. But then Wolf Pole should have grasped the ‘Southern Youth’ ah, otherwise how else would he have had the time to send someone to Yanjing to negotiate with the Ye family?

Once Jiao Bian Yi took a look at Ye Mo’s expression, he knew that Ye Mo was not clear about these matters, so he hurriedly said: “After the incident with Thousand Dragon Heads, Wolf Pole took control of Nan Qing in a very short time, but this balance was broken in just a week. It is said that many of the old men of Southern Youth were not convinced by Wolf Pole and attacked him. In the melee, Wolf Pole is said to have been badly injured and now the ‘Southern Youth’ is in tatters. And there is still no complete result out by now.”

Only then did Ye Mo realise that so many things had happened to ‘Southern Youth’ and couldn’t help but feel a little regret. If Wolf Pole had taken control of ‘South Green’, perhaps he could have used ‘South Green’ to do things for himself. But this Wolf Pole is simply too untruthful, not even able to do this matter properly.