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DYM Chapter 173

“What else do you want? Ye Mo turned his head to stare at Qiang Wei, his divine sense strangely perceived something different on Qiang Wei’s face, exactly what was different, Ye Mo couldn’t say.

When Qiang Wei saw Ye Mo’s bland expression, her face showed anger, and her left tuǐ suddenly swept towards Ye Mo without warning, with the speed of lightning. It was obvious that she wanted to kick Ye Mo down and teach him a lesson beforehand.

Seeing that her thu was about to sweep at Ye Mo, Ye Mo did not make the slightest movement. Qiang Wei breathed a sigh of relief, it looked like she had overestimated this doctor in front of her, it was too late to even react, let alone fight back. I really don’t know how Mo Ping’s people here were like rice buckets, such a person came in and his people didn’t know anything.

But the next moment, the look on her face was fixed as she felt a sharp pain come through. Her thunderbone actually let out a “click”, a small soft sound. Not only did Ye Mo strike back, but he didn’t leave any room for manoeuvre.

If Qiang Wei hadn’t been careless, it was impossible for her to have her bones cracked by Ye Mo’s kick, or for Ye Mo to clean her up in just one move. But at this moment, she could only sit on the ground in resentment, looking at Ye Mo’s back as he walked away.

Ye Mo was afraid that his “Silver Heart Gra*s” would wither if it was left inside the ring for too long. He was now very eager to return to Luo Cang and plant the “Silver Heart Gra*s. He wanted to plant it.

After leaving Clearwater Bay, Ye Mo was wondering whether he should find someone to buy a ticket or go directly to the plane on his own, when a middle-aged woman in her forties or fifties came running over in a hurry with a five or six-year-old girl in her arms, and behind her was a young boy in his teens.

This middle-aged fù woman was very flustered between sè, as if she was hiding from something. When he saw Ye Mo coming across, he hurriedly went around and tried to leave in a hurry. Presumably she should be being chased by someone, there were too many such things every day and Ye Mo did not bother to pay attention.

Soon Ye Mo knew what it was because this middle-aged fù woman had stopped a few people in front of her. One of them Ye Mo had surprisingly seen before, it was the one he saw at the meeting of the bigwigs in Hong Kong last night, he was standing behind Jiao Bian Yi, he should be one of Jiao Bian Yi’s bodyguards.

These men stopped the fù woman and reached out to grab the little girl in the middle-aged fù woman’s arms.

Ye Mo, however, smiled faintly and chemically remembered how he should go about buying a ticket. He waved to the bodyguard, “Hey, the one in the grey shirt. Come over here for a moment.”

The bodyguard was the only one here wearing a grey shirt, so the people around knew that Ye Mo was calling him as soon as they heard it. Many people who were watching from afar even shook their heads, this backwoods boy was simply impatient to live. That was someone from Xisha, and he dared to beckon the man in the grey shirt to come over for a moment.

Sure enough, the grey shirt immediately looked up sternly, while several of his junior brothers beside him were already coming around towards Ye Mo.

“It’s you,” the grey shirt said two words and then immediately his face changed dramatically. He hurriedly walked up to Ye Mo, but bent down and gave a salute “Senior Mo, I didn’t expect it to be you, old man.”

Ye Mo knew that he must know him, now seeing the grey shirt say this, he could only say helplessly, “I am not an old man, go and buy me a ticket to Yanjing.” Hong Kong could only transfer to Lo Cang after a direct flight to Yanjing.

After saying that, Ye Mo took out his ID card and handed it to the grey shirt, and casually drew some money over.

The grey shirt respectfully took the ID card, but refused Ye Mo’s money and said, “I’ll get it right away, I have plenty of money here, senior Mo doesn’t need to take it. My name is Lin Long, I am a man under Master Xisha Jiao.”

Ye Mo nodded and did not insist, but casually said, “I know you are Jiao Bian Yi’s bodyguard, besides, I am not a senior, so there is no need to call me senior in the future. I’ll be waiting for you at that western restaurant up ahead, so go and return quickly.”

This grey shirt hurriedly said respectfully, “Yes, Brother Mo. I’ll go first then.” After saying that, Lin Long hurriedly turned around with his men and left, not even daring to grab that middle-aged fù woman anymore.

Not only were the junior brothers following Lin Long surprised, but the people next to him also changed their eyes towards Ye Mo, in their opinion, the one who could make “Xisha. In their opinion, the one who could make the people of “Xisha” so afraid was probably the one who was even darker.

No one dared to look at Ye Mo again for a while and scattered.

The middle-aged fù woman saw that the gangsters surrounding her had dispersed, so she didn’t dare to stay here, or even go up and thank Ye Mo, but hugged the little girl and took the teenage boy with her and hurried away.

Ye Mo swept a glance at this middle-aged fù woman, he had asked Lin Long to help him to buy a ticket, certainly because he did not have any pa*sport documents and could not buy a ticket. At the same time there was not necessarily no intention to relieve this fù woman, he did not know who was right and who was wrong, nor did he want to find out, but in his mind, what good could the people of Xisha do.

Ye Mo walked into a nearby western restaurant, found a place by the window and ordered a bit of food at random. Ye Mo believed that it would not be difficult for these people to buy a ticket in Hong Kong, and he should be able to do so soon.

At this moment, there were not many people in the restaurant, but when the food came up, there were more and more people one after another. Soon the restaurant was overcrowded.

As Ye Mo ate, he considered how long it would probably take for Lin Long to help him get things done. A moment later he thought of the middle-aged fù and the little girl, and Ye Mo suddenly felt that the little girl looked so familiar. He seemed to have seen it somewhere, but he immediately shook his head again, he would basically never forget anyone he had seen.

“This friend, I’m sorry, I’m going to ask my girlfriend to eat here later. I want to be at this location because this is where I met her last time. Could you please make it easier for me, thanks. Here is a cheque as a thank you gift.” A poised young man walked up to Ye Mo with a polite tone.

Ye Mo swept the restaurant’s lobby and frowned, this western restaurant was now packed. If he gave up his seat to this man, he would have no place to sit. This was still secondary, the main thing was that he hadn’t finished his food yet. Although this young man’s tone was polite and sincere, Ye Mo did not like it.

It’s important for you to have a girlfriend, and it’s important for me to eat and wait for my ticket.

“Since you want to treat your girlfriend, then you should have booked your seat earlier, now can’t you see that I am eating?” Ye Mo said with some displeasure.

The young man’s tone became even more polite “I’m sorry, I didn’t know I could treat her today, or I’ll give you some extra money and this meal will be on my head.”

“It’s fine to let you have it, but we have to wait until I finish eating, I guess it should be almost done in another hour.” Ye Mo estimated that Lin Long had helped him to buy a ticket, an hour round trip should be completely enough.

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, this Qi Lightman’s face turned a little ugly. Normally when he had said this, most people would give way, and even those who had the decency to do so would give a blessing, but the man in front of him was a little too stiff.

Looking at the young man’s somewhat anxious face, Ye Mo sighed and prepared to stand up and give up a seat to him. Anyway, he had almost eaten, so it would be fine to stand outside the restaurant and wait for Lin Long for a while.

At this moment, however, the young man’s phone rang, and he hurriedly picked up the phone and said, “Quickly bring Miss Bing over, it’s at that western restaurant on Holland Street. Yes, yes.”

Ye Mo was suddenly stunned for a moment, he finally remembered who that little girl was? He had seen a photo of that girl at Yun Bing’s home, could she be Yun Bing’s child? But how could she be in Hong Kong? He had never heard Yun Bing talk about her previous affairs, nor had he asked her about them, but he had never expected to meet Yun Bing’s daughter in Hong Kong. Now that he thought about it, there was indeed a vague resemblance to Yun Bing.

“Friend, please give way. My friend will be here soon, how much do you want, just open up.” The youth had finally lost the patience he should have had.

Ye Mo’s thoughts were once again interrupted and his heart was irritated beyond belief, he originally planned to give way, but he was interrupted twice, he actually said to the waiter once again, “One more steak.

“You ……” The young man finally got angry.

It was his manners to give face and be polite, but he didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so graceless.

“I repeat, if you move out of the way now, it’s still too late, I don’t want to make it too ugly.” The youth no longer used a polite tone to speak to Ye Mo, but with some threats.

Ye Mo was most unafraid of threats, the Song family threatened him, he had already killed three of the Song family’s direct descendants, Nan Qing threatened him, and Thousand Dragon Head’s bones were now cold. Today, he unexpectedly met someone who threatened him again.

Mo finally got a little angry, this guy meant that he should have to give way to him, it was his fault if he didn’t.

“Hello, you have guts, I’ll see how long you have guts.” The young man said and picked up the phone in his hand, looking like he was going to call someone.

“Gu Yi, where are you sitting please?” Before Ye Mo could say anything, a yellow warbler-like voice rang out from the side.

The person who came was a girl of about twenty, with pale willow eyebrows clearly and carefully groomed, long eyelashes that flashed like two small brushes, and fair skin. But what caught Ye Mo’s attention the most was her voice, somewhat like Zen Fei’s, crisp and still nice to listen to.

“Miss Bing you’re here, we’ll sit here, later, I’ll ask this person to leave to let us. This was the same place we first met.” As soon as he saw the person who spoke, the young man who was ready to get angry at Ye Mo just now, immediately had a smile on his face that almost melted his whole face.

As expected, hearing that the seats were not yet ready, this girl called Miss Ice said casually, “Then just find a seat, I have something to do later.”

As soon as he heard this, the youth immediately became a little anxious. Walking up to Ye Mo, he then had to give another warning, he didn’t want to appear very bad in front of Miss Bing!