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DYM Chapter 176

…… You are Ye Mo? Ye Mo of the Yanjing Ye Family? That Ye Mo who made Ye Bei Rong drive away his own two sons?” This old man didn’t continue with the latter words, he already knew that the Ye Mo in front of him was indeed the same Ye Mo, and he could tell from the tone of his speech.

If it was really that outcast Ye Mo of the Ye family, even the Song family wouldn’t dare to stroke his tiger’s whiskers, let alone the Ou family which was even inferior to the Song family on the surface. Last week, when Song Shaocheng was dying, he said, “I understand. No one knew what he had understood, but everyone guessed that the words had something to do with Ye Mo.

Even though everyone in the Song family knew that Song Shaocheng was killed by Ye Mo, no one dared to look for him. Even the Song family did not dare to touch Ye Mo, so Ye Mo was not exaggerating at all when he said that he did not fear him, the Ou family.

Although this old man didn’t know why the Song family was so afraid of Ye Mo, he knew that even though Song Qiming, the head of the Song family, was a cautious man, it was never possible to get him to let go of the man who killed his son. So there was something more terrifying about Ye Mo, he just didn’t know about it, Ou Jinlong.

Ou Jinlong’s face had turned ugly, he was now not trying to stop Ye Mo from leaving, but he was regretting his words just now. Why didn’t he investigate Ye Mo’s background, or at least find out what Ye Mo looked like before he did so. Although he, Ou Jinlong, was sure that the Ou family didn’t necessarily fear Ye Mo either, he didn’t want to fight Ye Mo first and let others pick up the slack.

Ou Jinlong could think of this, and the middle-aged man nosily thought of this as well.

Ye Mo’s great name was not known to anyone in Yanjing’s slightly more famous clans.

If tired to say that a few years ago Ye Mo was shamed by everyone because he was kicked out of the Ye family and that disease, but now Ye Mo was a taboo to all families. Anyone can be messed with, just don’t mess with Ye Mo easily.

Before Ye Mo appeared in Yanjing, the most arrogant people in the capital were of course the six young men.

The six young men in the capital were very arrogant, but since Ye Mo appeared in the capital, one of the six young men had already been driven away, and one was killed by Ye Mo. The remaining four had also been sent away by their family’s people, just for fear of meeting Ye Mo. But now that the Ou family had sent their family’s eldest youngster away to America, Ye Mo came to his door.

“Very arrogant? I’ll kick you to death.” The young man with puffy eyes was angry when he saw the cowering and frightened Yun Bing hiding behind Ye Mo. He was not good at hiding here himself, so why should he hide behind Ye Mo? Now when he heard Ye Mo’s words, he couldn’t hold back any longer and lifted his foot and kicked at Ye Mo.

At this moment, it was already too late for Ou Jinlong to call him back.

Ye Mo looked coldly at the puffy-eyed youth and similarly lifted his foot and kicked back.

Ye Mo’s kick landed right on top of this youth’s knee, and after a tooth-grinding crunching sound, Ye Mo’s foot kept going and kicked this youth right in the xiōng mouth.

The youth, who had puffy eyes, was kicked several metres away by Ye Mo, hitting the wall and landing.

Blood kept spitting out of his mouth and one of his tuǐ had gone limp, obviously shattered by Ye Mo’s kick.

“You,” Ou Jinlong, who had already expected Ye Mo’s arrogance, did not expect Ye Mo to be so arrogant. Kicking his grandson into such a state in front of him, if this was some more, it was going to cause a human death.

Yun Bing was already stunned. To her, the Ou family was her nightmare. Any word from the Ou family.

She, the Yun family, dared not disagree. Even if the Ou family wanted her life, the Yun family could only drag her from Ninghai to Yanjing and meekly send her to the Ou family. Although she missed Tingting very much, she didn’t even dare to come back to Yanjing, not to mention going to see Tingting.

But now, Ye Mo had actually kicked the first grandson of the Ou family half to death, even shattering his knee, so how could she not be afraid. In her mind, she was just thinking, what now? Ye Mo had offended the Ou Family for her sake, she could only think of every way to make Ye Mo run away quickly, the further away the better.

What made Yun Bing even more uncertain was that Ou Jinlong did not get furious, but said the word “you” in anger and stopped the conversation again.

Ye Mo sneered “What’s wrong with me? Are you arrogant? You are right, I am arrogant when dealing with you. I’m leaving now, is anyone else going to stop me?” Ou Jinlong’s face was iron blue with anger, and even a little white. Although his Ou family was not one of the five great families in Yanjing, it was not inferior in strength to the five great families. In general, it was the people of the Five Great Families who also tried to reduce the conflict with the Ou Family. So the capital was abandoning the young master, not the five young masters.

However, now that he was beaten up by a young man and was so arrogant in front of him, if he could swallow this anger, he, Ou Jinlong, would not need to be in the business. Even though he had already retired internally, but he still could not swallow this anger.

“Good, good ……” The angry Ou Jinlong almost had some stuttering in his mouth. He was now a little confused as to why Ye Mo killed the Song family’s people and the Song family could still put up with it? Ye Mo didn’t kill his Ou family’s people, he already couldn’t tolerate it, the Song family could even tolerate this, it looked like the Song family had lost its way.

He stared at Ye Mo with some hatred and said, “Very well, go away, if my Ou family can’t even get this back, my Ou family won’t need to hang around Yanjing.”

Ye Mo sneered and looked at Ou Jinlong and said, “You are welcome to come to my scene, if not don’t blame me for being rude ah, I hate it when people threaten me. Now I’ll give you the chance to find a scene. And, old thing. I’m warning you, if you dare to pick on Yun Bing by a hair next time, I’ll end your Ou family. I’m leaving, wait for you to find me ah.”

Ye Mo finished speaking and took Yun Bing and Ting Ting away, not even bothering to look at Ou Jin Long who was still trembling with anger.

Ou Jinlong was so angry that he panted heavily and almost fainted.

It was only after a long time that he recovered after several people around him pounded on his xiōng and pinched his back. The first thing Ou Jinlong said when he came to his senses was, “No matter how much it costs, we must send this arrogant brat to the eighteenth level of hell. Treating my Ou family like one of the five great families, he’s blind.” It was not until the three of them were already far out of this neighborhood that Yun Bing came to his senses and hurriedly said, “Ye Mo, hurry up and run away, the farther you can, the better. Hurry up, when the Ou family has set up

There will be no way to get away.”

Ye Mo smiled lightly and said, “Teacher Yun, there is no need to rush, I will be fine. Not to mention the Ou family, I have also offended the Song family, but now I am still walking around the streets of Yanjing.”

At this moment, Ye Mo knew even more about the importance of strength, if he hadn’t advanced to the third level of Qi cultivation, it was estimated that all the bone scraps would have been gnawed by the Song family. Even if the Song family didn’t gnaw on it, it would have been devoured by the “Nan Qing,”.

“You don’t know the viciousness of the Ou family, I beg to be called, you hurry up and leave.” Yun Bing saw that Ye Mo was indifferent in the slightest and immediately became anxious.

“Mother, why do you want brother Mo to go? Isn’t it good for him to be with us?” Tingting couldn’t help but ask when she saw her mother differently wanting Ye Mo to leave.

Yun Bing picked up Ting Ting and said, “Ting Ting, why do you want to call Brother Mo? From now on, you have to call him uncle, got it?”

Tingting’s mouth flicked out and she immediately said, “When I was in Hong Kong, I saw many very old people called Brother Mo, so of course I called Brother Mo too.”

“What? Ting Ting you went to Hong Kong? How did you get there?” Yun Bing only remembered to ask Ting Ting how she went to Hong Kong until now, forgetting about Ye Mo once again for a while.

Ye Mo had to tell Yun Bing completely about meeting the human traffickers in Hong Kong, and then it just so happened that some friends saved Tingting from the human traffickers, and he also recognized Tingting, so he brought Tingting back.

“You know Tingting?” Yun Bing looked at Ye Mo with some curiosity.

Ye Mo had to say, “I saw it inside your room that day.”

Immediately, Yun Bing remembered the few days that Ye Mo had stayed inside her house, and she didn’t know what came to her mind, and her face suddenly turned red. Yun Bing’s face was somewhat pale s because of what had just happened, and now once it turned red, it was somewhat obvious.

“Mom, why is your face red?” Ting Ting immediately noticed it and immediately asked out.

Yun Bing said with some embarra*sment, “Ting Ting, let’s go, mommy will take you to eat something delicious.” Sure enough Yun Bing’s words shifted Tingting’s attention to the delicious food, and Yun Bing unexpectedly did not ask Ye Mo to leave again. I don’t know what was in her mind.

Tingting wanted to go to KFC, so the three of them had to go and eat some junk food, but Tingting was very happy.

“Are you going back to Ninghai today?” After leaving KFC, Yun Bing suddenly asked Niu Mo, as much as she wanted to be with Ye Mo, she didn’t have any reason to.

Besides, now that Tingting was by her side, she already felt happy. Even if immediately and Ye Mo were to be retaliated by the Ou family and killed at the same time, it would just be like than.

Of course Ye Mo didn’t know what Yun Bing was thinking, but it was already late in the evening and there was no telling when it would be time to go back to Ninghai again, so he then said, “I’m not going back.”

“Then let’s go and stay in a hotel?” Yun Bing immediately said, surprisingly looking forward to it in her heart.

However, Ye Mo shook his head “I have a place to stay in Yanjing, it was originally my sister Ye Ling and brother Ye Zifeng’s place, but they never go to stay there. Let’s go and stay somewhere today, what do you think, Teacher Yun?” After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Yun Bing was surprisingly in a good mood and immediately said, “Good, it’s best if you don’t stay in a hotel. I really didn’t expect you to have a place to stay in Yanjing, but don’t call me Teacher Yun from now on, okay? Just call me Yun Bing or Sister Bing.”

“No problem, Sister Bing.” Ye Mo had always felt very grateful to Yun Bing for risking her life to save him last time, but he had never had the chance to repay her, and now that he could help her once, his heart was very happy.

Suddenly Yun Bing remembered something and looked at Ye Mo and asked, “Your sister and brother? You are not by the Ye family oh, sorry, I just heard others say so.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “It’s nothing, that would have been the truth, but my sister Ye Ling is very good to me. So although I’m not from the Yanjing Ye family, Ye Ling is still my sister and Ye Zifeng is still my brother.”