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DYM Chapter 177

Ye Mo arranged Yun Bing and Ting Ting in Ye Tent’s room and he himself slept in Ye Zifeng’s room.

Tingting was tired from running from Hong Kong to Yanjing, so she took a bath and went to bed early. Yun Bing, however, lay on the chuáng and could not sleep, she kept thinking about what Ye Mo was doing and how Ye Mo knew that she had been forcibly sent to the Ou family.

Ye Mo, however, was inside his room examining the few materials, the materials for refining the flying sword were thankfully missing a few items, he put the materials away and took out the map Mo Kang had drawn once again. If what Mo Kang said was true, then this was a place he must go to. Even if there was no precious “empty meditation stone”, there were some precious medicinal materials, which was still very important news to Ye Mo.

After two hours of cultivation, Ye Mo was ready to áng to sleep when there was a knock on his room door. Subconsciously, Ye Mo swept his divine sense out, but saw Yun Bing standing at the door in her pajamas, her face a little flushed.

Sick? It doesn’t look like it.

Ye Mo opened the door to his room and was just about to speak when Yun Bing already jumped into his arms. The fragrant, warm and soft body pounced into Ye Mo’s arms, and Ye Mo’s brain suddenly buzzed. He had just cultivated and his blood energy was somewhat churning, so being pounced on by Yun Bing in his arms at this time was a bit unbearable.

When Yun Bing jumped into Ye Mo’s arms, she didn’t think about anything, she just truly felt Ye Mo deep inside. If it wasn’t for Ye Mo, she wouldn’t have seen Ting Ting, perhaps her corpse would have been cold a few months ago.

There was an aura in Ye Mo’s arms that made her feel safe, she loved that feeling, it made her peaceful and made her rejoice. When Ye Mo had left, she had been missing that feeling. There were times when she always felt that she shouldn’t, she was several years older than Ye Mo and he was still her student, so how could she get such thoughts?

But today she was lying on the chuáng, her heart kept thinking about Ye Mo, and she really couldn’t sleep. She fought for herself for half a day before she mustered up enough courage to knock on Ye Mo’s door.

She loved the peace and comfort of sleeping next to Ye Mo, she truly did. Besides, in her heart, Ye Mo was the one and couldn’t do anything about it, even if she slept next to Ye Mo, Ye Mo wouldn’t do anything else to her, of course because of Ye Mo’s body.

Ye Mo had helped Ning Qingxue to heal, and had even seen her snow-white and plump xiōng, and was somewhat moved at that time. He had also hugged Luo Susu, and even wěn him in the middle of the faint mí. Although it was not intentional, it made him think about it afterwards and there were some ripples. But no matter that, he had never been as hot as he was now.

Yun Bing was like a fire, and a soft one at that, enveloping him, and after he had just finished his cultivation, this warm, soft and hot body pressed up against him, causing Ye Mo to be a bit overwhelmed at once.

He hadn’t gone through sex yet, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know. His body immediately reacted.

The moment Yun Bing hugged Ye Mo tightly, she was almost comfortable and wanted to shēn out, she had been thinking about it for a long time, finally she could jump into Ye Mo’s arms again, even if she was retaliated by the Ou family tomorrow, she would at least be happy for one night.

But Yun Bing immediately felt that something was wrong, she felt a fire Lou and firm tǐng against the small of her belly, what was it? Yun Bing subconsciously reached out and grabbed a hand ……

“Ah,” Yun Bing reacted instantly, before her thoughts could wake up, she turned around and rushed out of the room in shock. Running into her room, she closed the door behind her and leaned against it to catch her breath. Ye Mo’s body was not at all what she thought it was, not only was he normal, he was far too normal.

It was only after a long time that Yun Bing came to her senses, why did she run away? The fact that she had gone over there meant that she didn’t care about such things. Yun Bing understood, the reason she had the guts to knock on Ye Mo’s door was because she knew that Ye Mo couldn’t be that. Now the truth was just the opposite of what she thought, not only could Ye Mo do that, but he was also very fit. At least she had grabbed it herself, it was real Yun Bing only felt her face burning, she suddenly began to regret that she should have stayed. She suddenly wanted to very much, but just now she had the courage to go to Ye Mo’s room because she hadn’t thought of this thing. And now that she had thought of this thing, and even knew that Ye Mo could do this, she had to go over there, but she could no longer muster up the courage.

She suddenly wanted so badly for Ye Mo to come and call her over, or just call her at the door and she would immediately go over. She felt her face burning hot and her heart beating hard. In the past twenty-eight years, she had never had such a thought before, and her face was so strong and expectant.

As a long time pa*sed and Ye Mo did not call her, Yun Bing’s heart slowly cooled down. She suddenly felt a little ashamed of her thoughts, she felt as if she was seducing Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn’t expect Yun Bing to turn and run away with a shriek immediately after she found out that he was normal. He couldn’t help but feel a little embarra*sed, he had understood why Yun Bing had come over, it was because Yun Bing had mistakenly thought that he couldn’t do that, and now when she was sure that it wasn’t right with her, of course she wanted to run.

Although just now Ye Mo’s heart fire was made up by Yun Bing, but he is a monk, a few clear spirit duel down, and then barely hold back his dry fire, but also gradually calm down.

The first time I saw her, I saw her naked before, but it was never as warm and eager as this hug today. He remembered that Tian He, when she had also hugged herself in her pajamas, and he remembered that he had reacted then too.

Could it be that the gongfu he was practicing had something to do with it? How come this bit of yòuhuò could not withstand it?

Although Ye Mo didn’t know what Yun Bing was doing coming to him so late, he knew that since Yun Bing was here, he shouldn’t reject him too much. If he were to pester Yun Bing now with his dead skin, perhaps Yun Bing would agree.

Ye Mo shook his head, he felt that if something happened with Yun Bing now, it would be a total yùu. Although he felt that Yun Bing was nice, he had not yet reached the point of falling in love with her.


Ye Mo suddenly thought of Luo Ying and then Luo Susu. The figures of the two kept swaying, overlapping and swaying again before his eyes. This feeling was very strange, he even wanted to pull Luo Susu’s hand and ask her if she was Luo Ying or not?

But Luo Susu was already in her twenties and didn’t look like the same situation as himself existed. How could she be Luo Ying? There was a twenty-year difference. It was in the midst of this worrying process that Ye Mo slowly fell asleep.

When Ye Mo got up in the morning, Yun Bing had already made breakfast. When Yun Bing saw Ye Mo, she was still a bit embarra*sed and did not dare to look at Ye Mo at all. Ye Mo, however, was indifferent and finished his breakfast and played with Ting Ting for a while before he said to Yun Bing, “Sister Bing, I am going out on an errand now and I have to go back to Luo Cang in the afternoon, are you still going back to Ninghai?”

“Do you live in Luocang now?” Yun Bing suddenly remembered that she hadn’t asked Ye Mo exactly where he was staying until now.

Although she had now somewhat understood that the Ou family should have some scruples about Ye Mo. But with Ye Mo living in Luo Cang and her living in Ninghai, if the people of the Ou Family couldn’t deal with Ye Mo, they might be able to deal with her and Ting Ting.

“I am living in Luo Cang now, just,” Ye Mo saw the worry in Yun Bing’s eyes and thought for a moment and continued, “You don’t have to worry about the Ou family, I will help you to remove the threat from the Ou family.

When Ye Mo’s phone was not working again, Han Zaixin was a bit anxious when he received the news that Ye Mo had arrived in Yanjing and had even gone to the Ou family to make some trouble.

Han Zaixin’s eyes lit up, he was just preparing how to get Ye Mo to give in, but he didn’t expect Ye Mo to take the initiative to find the Ou family and make trouble. This Ye Mo really wasn’t a trouble-saver.

“Old Han, are you thinking of some bad idea again, trying to make me a compulsory labourer?” Just when Han Zaixin was still worrying about what means he should use to make Ye Mo willingly work for him, Ye Mo’s voice suddenly appeared in his ears, scaring Han Zaixin almost jumped up.

His place was heavily and tightly guarded, how come Ye Mo had come without the guards informing him?

“How did you get in?” Han Zaixin asked as he looked at Ye Mo with some surprise.

However, Ye Mo smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter how I got in, what matters is what you want to find me for now, otherwise, I’ll have to go back. I’ve been very busy with things lately, so I don’t have time to chat and fart with you.”

Han Zai Xin laughed and rolled his eyes, putting aside the matter of how Ye Mo came in. He figured that if Ye Mo didn’t have a few strokes, he, Han Zaixin, wouldn’t be looking at him.

“Of course I came to you to ask for your help, you must not refuse, it was clearly written on our contract last time oh.” Han Zaixin said in a hurry, he was afraid that Ye Mo would say that he was not available.

He was afraid that Ye Mo would say that he was not available, but he smiled and said, “That’s right, I even took out the contract and read it, and it was very clear. I will only do something for Fei Xue once every two years, and this first time I have to wait until I have actually selected the materials. How can you ask me to help when I haven’t selected the materials yet? This is clear in black and white, do you want me to show it to you.” After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Han Zaixin rubbed his head somewhat helplessly, thinking that originally there was no need for him to do anything in general. Moreover, “Fei Xue, himself, could handle ninety-nine percent of the things. So when he asked Ye Mo to do something once in two years, he agreed. I didn’t expect this to come so quickly, just before he said yes, now he had to beg Ye Mo to do something.

“This, it is good to say, but this time there is really an important matter that requires your hand. Although Zhang Stubborn is not bad, he still lacks something, look,” Han Zai Xin knew that there was no reason to ask Ye Mo for help this time, but he really couldn’t find a better man than Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, but did not say anything. He was making extremely slow progress in his cultivation now, but he didn’t want to waste his time on it either. The agreement to help once within two years was once. And it wasn’t time to fulfill it this time.

“I can help you with the matter of the Ou family, and besides, the Ou family is ready to make a move on you now.” Han Zaixin suddenly said.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “I haven’t put the Ou family in my eyes, the reason I didn’t make a move yesterday was because I was afraid that it would be bad if Ting Ting saw it, so this is not for you to worry about.”

“Don’t you mess around.” Han Zaixin said in a hurry.!