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DYM Chapter 181

“Brat, I’ve never been able to find you, but I didn’t expect to meet you here today, you brat deserves to be unlucky.” The person who spoke was very angry, looking as if he had caught an enemy that he had never caught.

Ye Mo, however, recognised that this person was the Qin Xun that he had met last time at Hua Da. It looked like he had quite a bit of hatred for himself, and probably saw himself as his love interest.

“Brother Xun, who is this kid?” At this moment, another young man came up behind Qin Xun, his hair dyed a bit yellow, and he was holding a girl of less than twenty.

Qin Xun did not turn around and said casually, “This guy is the one who cheated Ying Qing, I never thought that I would meet him here. Ji Bing, call some people, if I don’t fix this kid so much that I can’t even recognize his father today, my name is not Qin.”

“But Brother Xun, what about Ying Qing?” The yellow-haired youth called Ji Bing asked casually.

Qin Xun subconsciously looked at the bar in front of him and said, “Next time is fine, since there is one chance, there is a second chance, since we met this kid today we absolutely can’t let him get away.”

Ye Mo sneered, not even bothering to pay attention to this Qin Xun, picked Ting Ting up, turned around and walked towards the bar.

“Want to die.” When Qin Xun saw that Ye Mo dared to be so arrogant and trusting, even ignoring him and instead turning around and walking away, he immediately became furious in his heart. He raised his hand and grabbed towards Ye Mo, he wanted to subdue Ye Mo, although it was not good to do it in the street, at least he could not let Ye Mo escape.

“Qin Xun, what do you want?” Zhuo Yingqing and a girl had just walked to the entrance of the bar when they saw Qin Xun reach out and grab towards Ye Mo. The moment she saw Ye Mo, her heart burst with joy, not expecting to meet him again.

When Ye Mo left that day, she had called the number he had left for her countless times but failed to get through. In her heart, she even thought that Ye Mo was lying to her, but her cousin Zhuo Huatang was really well.

Qin Xun had just heard Zhuo Yingqing’s words when he felt a strong force kick him in the chest at once. He was directly kicked several metres away by Ye Mo and crashed on top of a bin in the distance, making a ‘bam’ sound.

Ji Bing looked at Ye Mo somewhat dumbfounded, and even forgot to help Qin Xun. He didn’t expect that Ye Mo’s kick could send Qin Xun flying, he had just seen it clearly. This man was too powerful, such a powerful man, even if he called someone over, could he do anything to him?

“Still not rolling, do you want me to kick you again too?” Ye Mo scolded at Huang Mao. Only then did Ji Bing reacted and hurriedly ran towards Qin Xun. Before he left, he even forgot to say, “How dare you touch Qin Xun, you’re finished.”

By now, Zhuo Ying Qing had already hurriedly run in front of Ye Mo, of course she saw it when Ye Mo kicked out, and only when she ran in front of him did she scream out in surprise.

Ye Mo, however, noticed the girl next to Zhuo Yingqing and realised that she was not worse looking than Zhuo Yingqing in the slightest, and even the softness of her eyes and eyebrows was more attractive than Zhuo Yingqing. Her eyes were big, her expression was innocent and simple, and there was nothing you could see in her expression that you didn’t like. Even after seeing her innocent eyes, her innocent expression, and her softness, you can’t help but like her.

Zhuo Yingqing had already reacted, she didn’t expect Ye Mo’s skills to be so powerful, it looked like he was not only a skilled doctor, but also an expert in martial arts. This made Zhuo Yingqing excited, she rushed straight over and pulled Ye Mo and said, “Doctor Ye, I didn’t expect you to be so skilled, Qin Xun is a member of our school’s martial arts a*sociation.”

However, Zhuo Yingqing quickly noticed that Ye Mo was paying attention to the girl who came with her and immediately pouted, “Hey, I said uncle, don’t look at Shuang Shuang with such wolf-like eyes, okay. She is the number one school girl in our school, don’t you hit on her, don’t forget that you are an uncle.”

Zhuo Ying Qing immediately changed Ye Mo’s title of doctor to that of uncle, and the dissatisfaction in her tone immediately overflowed. She took the initiative to run over and greet Ye Mo, and this guy actually treated her like an air.

Hearing Zhuo Yingqing’s words, the girl called Shuang Shuang was a bit shy and timid as she stepped forward and said, “Hello senior, I’m Nie Shuang Shuang, Yingqing’s cla*smate.”

Ye Mo actually felt some chills, and as to why this was so, he actually couldn’t say. Just now, his divine sense observed that when Zhuo Shuang Shuang saw herself kicking her legs, there was definitely a flash of essence in her eyes, it wasn’t this soft and shy look at all. Moreover, there was something about her body that made him feel a chill, and Ye Mo was sure that this feeling was correct because he had divine sense.

This Nie Shuang Shuang was not simple, it was quite a bit bizarre.

“Your name is Nie Shuang Shuang? Does your family live in Yanjing?” Ye Mo’s question made Zhuo Ying Qing even more unhappy, this Ye Mo looked like he really had eyes for Nie Shuang Shuang. When he and himself first met, he had never asked who she was, and even treated her like she was an air.

Nie Shuang Shuang lowered her head and a trace of panic appeared in her eyes, although she was sure that Ye Mo couldn’t see it, she didn’t know that Ye Mo was a person with divine sense, and her expression was seen in Ye Mo’s eyes without a trace.

But Zhuo Yingqing said, “Uncle Ye Mo, don’t ask, Shuang Shuang is boarding at her aunt’s house. She doesn’t like to talk much and is a bit shy, so just ask me if you have anything. But you shouldn’t chase Shuang Shuang, as for the reason, you shouldn’t ask, Shuang Shuang is a bitter person anyway. And she’s a bit scared when she talks to boys.”

Ye Mo nodded, although he didn’t know Nie Shuang Shuang, he also knew that what Zhuo Ying Qing said was completely incorrect. His divine sense not only detected the aura of the opposite sex on Zhuo Shuang Shuang’s body, but it was also quite strong. Not only was this woman not a shy woman, she should also be a woman with an extremely loose lifestyle.

I wonder why Zhuo Yingqing would stick with this kind of woman. However, Ye Mo knew that this was not something he could care about, and he did not want to care about it as long as it did not harm him.

But at this time, Shuang Shuang secretly looked up and surveyed Ye Mo, while that look was hidden just in time for Ye Mo to notice. She took a look at Ye Mo and seemed to blush even more.

Of course, Zhuo Ying Qing also saw Nie Shuang Shuang’s eyes, and she was a bit angry and bitter in her heart, not expecting Ye Mo and Nie Shuang Shuang to even look at each other. The two of them were making eyes at each other as if they treated her like air. Could it be that she was so ugly?

Ye Mo had already made up his mind that he would ask his sister when he got back, and if she knew her, he must ask her to stay away from this woman, who was somewhat bad to mess with.

He also had the intention to remind Zhuo Yingqing, but looking at Zhuo Yingqing’s expression, he held back and said casually, “I’m going to the bar for a bit, you guys take your time and hang out.”

“Wait a minute, we want to go to the bar too. It’s rare that Shuang Shuang wants to go out for a drink today, so I’ll go with her.” Zhuo Yingqing immediately said. Then she looked at Tingting in Ye Mo’s arms and asked again, “Big Brother Ye, this girl is so cute, oh, who is she to you?”

Ye Mo was crying and laughing, in just a short time, Zhuo Yingqing had already changed her name three times.

However, he remembered what that Ji Bing had just said, Ji Bing and Qin Xun clearly knew that Zhuo Ying Qing came to this bar for a drink, how did they know?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo asked seemingly unintentionally, “Qing’er, your uncle is also a friend of mine now. You are still studying at school, coming to a bar to drink is not a good thing. And to come to a bar so far away, this is some way from your school, right?”

“Che, uncle, no, big brother Ye, how much older are you than me, just talk to me in that tone. It was Shuang Shuang who wanted to come out for a drink today, not me, she said she liked it here, so she came here.” Zhuo Ying Qing said with an unconcerned look, and immediately after saying that, she added, “The medicine you said you wanted to prescribe last time, my little aunt has already prepared it, so you should be able to come with me today.”

Nie Shuang Shuang pulled on Zhuo Ying Qing’s clothes, trying to get Zhuo Ying Qing to stop talking, but Zhuo Ying Qing finally said, “What are you afraid of, we’re all adults, we’re just out for a drink.”

Ye Mo once again looked at Nie Shuang Shuang and thought in his heart that it was really her. It looked like Zhuo Yingqing had been sold and was probably still counting the money for others, this girl was too stupid and this Nie Shuang Shuang was hiding too deep.

Thinking about this Ye Mo however said, “In that case, let’s go for a drink together, today is my treat.”

The reason why he wanted to help Zhuo Yingqing out was because he was looking at Zhuo Aiguo’s face above. Zhuo Aiguo was a nice person, and Zhuo Aiguo seemed to take some care of Zhuo Yingqing.

“But Yingqing, I’m sorry, I think what Brother Ye said makes sense, so …… so I won’t go.” Nie Shuang Shuang said a few words and secretly looked at Ye Mo a few times, the blush on her face becoming more and more delicate. That pure and peerless womanly taste was directly revealed.

“Shuang Shuang, you’re so pretty, no wonder Uncle Ye Mo is interested in you.” Even Zhuo Ying Qing could see the delicacy of Nie Shuang Shuang.

“Ying Qing don’t talk nonsense. I’m going back, you’re looking for Brother Ye for something, I won’t bother you guys, I’ll leave first.” After saying that Nie Shuang Shuang suddenly sneaked a glance at Ye Mo once again and suddenly took out a small pink piece of paper from her pocket and handed it to Ye Mo, “Big Brother Ye, this is my phone number.”

With a very low voice, he did not even greet Zhuo Yingqing when he finished, turned around and ran away. It seemed that there was still a shy blush left on her face.

Ye Mo picked up the pink business card and looked at it, and shook his head again, thinking that if this move were an ordinary person, he would probably call her at night, but she had the wrong person.

The first time I saw her, I had never seen her take the initiative to give someone her phone number.

Ye Mo sneered, never seen it before? If she had never seen it before, would she have put her phone card in her pocket in such a delicate way? This is clearly something that has been prepared for a long time.