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DYM Chapter 180

Senior will take revenge for me.” These were Ou ……’s last words before he died.

Ou Xuhu was very decisive, Ye Mo did not ask anything useful from him, this was a guy who was ruthless to others and to himself. However, Ye Mo found the word “Broken Fist” on the handle of his short sword.

The short sword was well made, not worse than Ye Mo’s previous trophy long whip.

When Ye Mo returned home, Yun Bing and Ting Ting had already returned. When he asked, he found out that Yun Bing had gone out to help Ting Ting buy clothes.

Now that the Ou family’s teeth had been pulled out, Ye Mo reckoned that Yun Bing was in no danger, so he went straight to Han Zaixin and left the rest of the matter to him. If he couldn’t even get this done, it meant he was not sincere.

For someone who was not sincere, Ye Mo would not cooperate with him even if he did not want his “Green Silver Sand. Ye Mo would not be like that reckless fellow Ou Xuhu, who ran off to kill a bunch of people. If Han Zaixin didn’t make a move, don’t blame him for being rude, at the very least, he would have to exterminate several of the heads of the Ou family.

“Why are you here again so soon? Weren’t you going to look for Ou Xuhu?” Han Zaixin was not at home, but Han Yan was. She seemed to have become somewhat immune to Ye Mo’s unpredictable entry and exit.

Ye Mo threw out the short sword and said, “There is no longer a person called Ou Xuhu in this world.” “What? You actually killed Ou Xuhu so quickly?” Han Yan picked up the short sword in disbelief and looked at it carefully before saying again, “Yes, this is indeed his sword and the logo of the Broken Fist Hall.

“Broken Fist Hall?” Ye Mo repeated, Hua certainly remembered that Ou Xu Hu said that his senior brother would avenge him, so he had to be on guard.

Since his senior brother could kill everyone else’s family together with Hua, it meant that he was also a ruthless character.

Han Yan seemed to know that he had let his mouth slip and hurriedly said again, “Wait, I’ll make a phone call to my grandfather.”

“Mi Yang Lake, is the most beautiful lake in Yanjing, not only is it beautiful, but it also runs through one sixth of Yanjing, so it is also called Sixth Lake. And “Mi Yang Lake, not only is one of the armies of the Yan Bei Military Region stationed on its shores, but also the main leadership and upper echelons of Yan Jing all live around here. This is why Miyang Lake is also called “Fortune Lake” in the mouth of the people.

At this moment, in the most heavily guarded building in Mi Yang Lake, there are six old men sitting inside.

Even the youngest was in his fifties.

“Zai Xin, do you think that Ye Mo really has that much ability to deal with Ou Xu Hu? This matter is no joke. Once that hostile tiger is angered, the Ye family is also in danger.” The person who spoke was an old man who was around sixty, of medium build, and the person looked slightly thin, but full of spirit.

Han Zaixin, however, immediately said, “Chief, don’t worry, if Ye Mo is really not a match for Ou Xuhu, I’ve already prepared myself and won’t let what happened more than twenty years ago happen again.”

“Well, this time, let’s huān some costs to remove that tiger. It’s just that we have to do this without Ye Mo, Ou Xu Ye is becoming more and more unlikeable.” This old man nodded his head and said with some difficulty.

The people here did not say anything, they knew that they would indeed have to lose a lot to kill a person like Ou Xuhu. There had once been an ancient martial arts practitioner who was a little worse than Ou Xuhu, and in order to capture him, the country had lost almost a special forces unit before they finally killed him. How much does it cost to train a special force in terms of the state?

You can imagine that if you want to catch Ou Xuhu, the loss is definitely not a simple figure, and it is even difficult to estimate. Because behind Ou Xuhu there is a hidden sect, in case of angering this sect, the country’s loss will be incalculable.

This is also the reason why all the upper echelons are afraid of the hidden sects, because they do have the ability to do so.

The good thing is that they generally do not interfere with the affairs of the state, and even sometimes send people to help with some things.

This Ou Xuhu was also very cunning, after he did that thing more than twenty years ago, he hid in the Hidden Sect for ten years straight before coming out, and he didn’t come out for long each time, he seemed to be reminding others that the Ou family still had him as Ou Xuhu.

So if Ye Mo could kill Ou Xuhu, it would only be the best thing for the country, because the person who killed him was Ye Mo, and in the end it was Ye Mo who was found by the Hidden Sect, not someone else. Although there were also people from the hidden sects who were doing their part for the country, there was a rule in the hidden sects that they must not kill each other because of outside factors. As for this outside factor, everyone knew that this was indeed the case, and once they killed each other because of the state factor, the Hidden Sect might have been extinguished long ago.

Only someone like Ye Mo, who knew nothing, would dare to kill Ou Xuhu.

An old man sitting next to Han Zaixin, who was about his age, however, said, “I heard that “Nan Qing, the Thousand Dragon Head was Ye Mo who went to solve the problem, if he was really that capable, it might be possible.” Before Han Zaixin could say anything, a guard hurried in with a phone and said, “Elder Han, an urgent call.”

The people attending this meeting were almost all the top bra*s of China, now the phone was coming in, even if the guard didn’t say so, everyone knew it was an urgent call.

Han Zaixin picked up the phone and hung up the phone in surprise after just a few words.

“What is it, Old Han?” The white-haired old man with the most urgent xìng had asked out loud.

Han Zaixin said in surprise, “I just got word that Ye Mo has killed Ou Xuhu and is now talking to Han Yan. The news came from my granddaughter, so it must be reliable.”

“What? That vicious tiger of the Ou family has been killed? Jai Xin, Shi Ping you now immediately execute plan number two1 and immediately bring Ou Xu Ye and Ou Chen under control.” The old man stood up jīngly and immediately said.

Not only was this old man jī moved, all the people 〖兴〗rose, Ye Mo killing Ou Xuhu and the country killing Ou Xuhu were simply two concepts. Without Ou Xuhu, there was no fear of moving the Ou family.

Han Yan put down the phone and looked at Ye Mo, thinking, “It looks like ginger is still old and spicy,” she didn’t see the difference in Ye Mo, but grandpa did.

After thinking for a while she said to Ye Mo, “Since you could kill Ou Xuhu, it means that you are fully capable of executing this plan.1 Now I will tell you the plan, how should this matter go, the two of me will discuss it.”

However, Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “No need to tell me, Lou doesn’t want to know yet, I want you to contact me after I see what will happen to the Ou family. I’ll leave first.” Looking at Ye Mo walking out without hesitation, Han Yan was surprisingly unable to do anything at all.

When Ye Mo returned, Yun Bing and Ting Ting were sitting nervously inside the house, probably Yun Bing had also sensed that something was wrong.

Seeing Yun Bing’s helpless look, a feeling of helplessness rose in Ye Mo’s heart. In any place, there were always such things.

Seeing Ye Mo come back, Yun Bing stood up in surprise, and one could see that her surprise came from her heart.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you guys to get something to eat.” Ye Mo reckoned that Han Zai Xin just agreed to pull the Ou family down, but it wouldn’t be so soon, at the latest until tomorrow.

Ting Ting who was waiting impatiently heard Ye Mo’s words and immediately ran over, to her, going out to eat was the most important thing.

Hearing Ye Mo say that the matter of the Ou family had been resolved, she would never have to bother about the Ou family again, and Ting Ting could always follow her mother in the future. The joy in Yun Bing’s heart was obvious, and her whole body was relaxed. Although she didn’t know how Ye Mo had managed to do it, she believed in him.

This was because from the time she offended the Ou family yesterday, to the fact that she was actually fine now, it showed that the Ou family did have concerns about Ye Mo. In Yun Bing’s mind, it was Ye Mo who had gone through some people to strike a deal with the Ou family and spared the two of them, mother and daughter. She could never have imagined that what Ye Mo had done was to completely uproot the Ou family and simply drive them out of the upper echelons of Yanjing, or even out of Yanjing.

Ye Mo’s greatest fear was to go to KFC, and fortunately today Ting Ting did not want to go to KFC again. But she actually wanted to go for western food. Although Ye Mo did not like western food either, Ting Ting wanted to go, so he could only reluctantly give in.

Looking at Ye Mo and Ting Ting who were walking ahead, Yun Bing was in a bit of a trance, if only this was really the case. Only with Ye Mo did she have a comforting and safe feeling, and without that worry.

She suddenly remembered that day at Ninghai University, Ye Mo’s fierce and ferocious look.

“If you put your hands on me again, I’ll make Ning University’s Ning Lake a place for you to take a bath.” These were the words he said to himself at that time.

Where was the half-hearted look now, when she herself wanted to pounce on him and fight for her life, but now, she was following his lead and watching him and Ting Ting.

She sighed, knowing that after this was over, Ye Mo would have to go his way, while she herself would still have to take Tingting back to Ninghai. The only difference was that she herself had Tingting and no longer had the threat of the Ou family. An odd thought rose in her heart, if she had not escaped last night, what would have been the outcome?

Just thinking about it made her heart burn a little, maybe tonight would be okay. Yun Bing was a little disoriented by her crazy thoughts, what was wrong with her? Had it really turned bad?

Yun Bing subconsciously looked up at Ye Mo, she was thinking in her mind, what about a person of Ye Mo’s excellence, why would Ning Qingxue reject him? Ye Mo’s figure remained, and Ting Ting was still chattering beside him. However, Yun Bing’s mind was a little complicated.

She subconsciously looked around for a moment, but she saw another person, she actually saw Feng Rong.

Feng Rong looked in a hurry and was walking quickly towards a bar with his head down. Yun Bing suddenly wanted to ask Feng Rong about what happened back then, and she surprisingly followed Feng Rong into that bar as well.

When Yun Bing suddenly left, of course Ye Mo knew about it. He saw that Yun Bing did not even have the time to say hello to himself before following Feng Rong into that bar, and knew that Yun Bing must have met something.

Ye Mo was about to follow in with Ting Ting as well, when a voice interrupted him.