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DYM Chapter 183

Ye Mo saw Yun Bing, who was standing there nicely, suddenly went crazy and rushed towards the man she was following, and picked up a bottle from the bar to smash him. However, Yun Bing was immediately twisted by the two people next to her and was about to be dragged inside the bar.

Ye Mo walked in and without hesitation, kicked the two men who had twisted Yun Bing away and pulled her over.

When Yun Bing saw that the person pulling her was Ye Mo, she couldn’t help but sob in Ye Mo’s arms. Zhuo Yingqing came in and looked at Yun Bing inexplicably, then at Ye Mo, she felt that this was a bit complicated and could only stay behind Ye Mo and stop talking.

Feng Rong stood up and looked at Ye Mo coldly. There was another youth next to him, but he sat motionless, not even sweeping his gaze towards Ye Mo, it seemed to him that Ye Mo and the others were the ones who were going to die.

The two people who were kicked away by Ye Mo got up half a day later and came up to make another move, but then the youth who was sitting still waved his hand and said, “We are civilized people, it is better to deal with such small gra*shoppers by calling the police. Tell the police to keep the b*****d out.” Without the youth’s reminder, the people at the bar had already called the police. They had seen a lot and knew at a glance that although Ye Mo was one person, he had the advantage, and it was obvious that the four people on Feng Rong’s side combined were not his match.

Yun Bing had calmed down by now and got up from Ye Mo’s arms and stood to the side sobbing, while Zhuo Ying Qing casually took a few napkins and handed them to Yun Bing.

“What’s going on?” Ye Mo asked casually.

Yun Bing pointed at Feng Rong and said with hatred, “This beast, he used the opportunity to get close to me back then to secretly harm me once, I never thought he would try to harm me a second time with someone else this time.

Ye Mo frowned, although Yun Bing didn’t say anything about the a*sa*sination, he had already roughly understood something. It was estimated that this Feng Rong turned out to be Yun Bing’s boyfriend, not only did he not defend Yun Bing, he even betrayed her.

Ye Mo glanced at Yun Bing with some dissatisfaction, thinking that it was fortunate that the second a*sa*sination did not succeed, if it did, you would have deserved it. If the first time he was a*sa*sinated, he was justified in not knowing the world, but if he fell for the same trick again, he deserved it. This is what a poor man must have to hate.

Seemingly seeing Ye Mo’s discontented gaze, Yun Bing lowered her head and said in her heart, even if she hadn’t heard this today, she definitely wouldn’t be a*sa*sinated by Feng Rong a second time.

She, Yun Bing, was not a fool, not to mention that now she had become somewhat infatuated with Ye Mo, even if there was no such thing, she was still disappointed with Feng Rong. What kind of things can go without a phone call for eight years in America? Why did he leave after exactly what happened to her?

The police car siren, two in this neighborhood 〖police〗soldiers have rushed in from the speed of the police can be seen to see that the identity of the person who called the police is not low.

“Take this man away, he has committed a very serious crime and I will call you later to provide evidence.” As soon as he saw the two 〖Police〗 inspectors had come over, the young man who was sitting here, sneered and commanded. He made others think that the 〖Police〗spectors were his family members in general.

When the two 〖Police〗spectors looked up and saw Ye Mo, they immediately froze and screamed in their hearts. What they feared most was meeting this master in front of them, so why did these people have to mess with him?

“Why haven’t you done anything yet?” The youth said with some dissatisfaction when he saw these two 〖Police〗cops standing there dumbfounded and not moving.

Ye Mo handed Tingting over to Yun Bing, walked up to the youth and grabbed his neck, picked him up, lifted his hand and slapped him several times, then kicked the youth to the side of the two men who had just twisted Yun Bing.

The young man spat out several teeth with his mouth full of blood and sat on the ground trying to speak, but he was unable to do so.

“You” Feng Rong looked at Ye Mo in horror, he didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so cruel, he dared to do such a thing in the face of the 〖police〗police. What he couldn’t figure out was why the 〖police〗cops came and watched him being beaten up and didn’t do anything?

Ye Mo didn’t teach Feng Rong a lesson, but just slapped him on the shoulder and said, “Remember not to go anywhere tomorrow, and eat more delicious food today. Get lost.”

Feng Rong, however, had no idea that he had already been declared a death sentence by Ye Mo and his heart veins had been sealed by Ye Mo. Thinking that Ye Mo had not touched him for the sake of Yun Bing, he immediately shouted arrogantly at the thought of the man lying on the ground.

“How dare you touch Ye

……” Hearing Feng Rong’s words, Ye Mo was a bit surprised and looked at the youth he had kicked on the ground and said, “You are from the Ye family?” “Not bad, are you afraid?” Feng Rong immediately said with a cold smile. But before he could finish his words, he found that his face had been stomped on and he spat out the same blood and teeth as Ye Lian. Only then did he understand that Ye Mo wanted to hit him as usual.

Originally, Ye Mo intended to let him die peacefully before he died, but he didn’t expect that this Feng Rong didn’t want to be at peace.

Ye Lian looked at Ye Mo as he walked over, mō a handful of dirty blood on his face and said with hatred in an unclear tone, “Son of a b*tch, how dare you strike at me ……” Ye Mo, however, kicked him in the face again and then said, “I It is the Ye family’s people that I beat, do you think I dare to make a move on you? Last time I killed up the Ye family’s ancestral hall and broke the Ye family’s gate without seeing you, so I guess you are just a small gra*shopper of the Ye family.”

Ye Mo returned the gra*shopper rippling back.

Ye Lian looked at Ye Mo in horror, he finally understood somewhat that the young man in front of him was that ancestor of the Ye family, Ye Mo.

He no longer dared to be arrogant, not to mention that he was a person from the side Ye family, even if the family head Ye Bei Rong faced Ye Mo beating in, he did not dare to speak at all. At this moment, he could only tremble, hating himself for not recognising this man as Ye Mo.

When he saw Ye Mo stomp the tuǐ of his two followers and then raise his foot to himself again, he was so frightened that Ye Lian hurriedly said, “Brother Ye, it’s none of my business, that brute Feng Rong said that Yun Bing was alone now and told me to do it. Only then did I mistakenly listen to him and prepare to count on Yun Bing…



Before Ye Lian could finish his words, Ye Mo’s foot still stomped down.

Ye Mo turned to the two 〖Police〗surgeons and said, “Did you hear the confession just now?”

“Yes, I heard it.” The two 〖police〗cops actually saluted Ye Mo.

“Oh, in that case, you guys work hard to take these scum away, no need to inform me, it’s my duty to do something for the stability of the society.” Ye Mo said indifferently.

When Zhuo Ying Qing heard Ye Mo’s words, she couldn’t help it and laughed out.

Ye Mo acted as if he didn’t hear, and then said to the two 〖Police〗spectors again, “I suspect that there is something wrong with this bar, you guys go back and inform your leaders, make sure to find out.

If you can’t find out the results, don’t blame me.

If you can’t find out, don’t blame me for not being polite. If you use some small fish and shrimp to make up the numbers, don’t blame me for being ungracious either.”

Nie Shuang Shuang chose this place to drink, if there was no problem with this bar, Ye Mo wouldn’t believe it.

Ye Mo led Yun Bing and Zhuo Ying Qing out a long way before the two 〖police〗surgeons reacted and hastily picked up their walkie-talkies.

“I’m sorry for causing you trouble again.” Yun Bing said somewhat apologetically.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “It’s not trouble if I’m there, it’s only trouble if I’m not there, so ……”

Although Ye Mo didn’t say the rest of his words, Yun Bing also heard them, and she thought she would never be so impulsive in the future. Feng Rong had ruined her life before she could not restrain herself. But it was only this time, nothing could ever make her Yun Bing so jītty again. To her the past was all dead, there was no point in writing it down.

“Let’s go, let’s eat.” Ye Mo saw that Yun Bing was a bit depressed and said casually.

Although Zhuo Yingqing didn’t understand what was going on, she heard some of it and hurriedly said, “Brother Ye, you and this sister should go to my house for dinner, by the way ……”

It looked like she hadn’t forgotten about helping her grandfather see a doctor by the way.

Ye Mo thought that he would have to run a trip after all, so he nodded his head and agreed.

Seeing Ye Mo agree, Zhuo Ying Qing hurriedly called her third uncle Zhuo Aiguo, and also called her younger

At once, the Zhuo family mobilised. The Zhuo family was looking forward to Ye Mo’s arrival as if they were hoping for the moon.

The “scorching poison” in Zhuo Youshan was very easy for Ye Mo, who was now at the third level of Qi training, and it was completely removed in less than half an hour.

Because they did not know about Yun Bing’s relationship with Ye Mo, the people of the Zhuo family were very polite to Yun Bing. They were even more polite than Ye Mo. In Zhuo Youshan’s opinion, Ye Mo was a quality stock.

If Yun Bing was his woman, being nice to Yun Bing would be more effective than being nice to Ye Mo.

Just as Ye Mo was about to leave, the TV news exposed the matter of Ou Xuye and Ou Chen.

Ye Mo secretly nodded his head, this old Han was quick to strike, it had only been a day and he had already taken care of it, I guess these old guys had this plan for a long time, maybe they were using him as a bird of prey.

But even if he knew that he had been used by this group of old guys once, Ye Mo still wanted to destroy Ou Xuhu.

“The Ou family is finished.” Zhuo Youshan said with some emotion as he looked at Ou Xuye and Ou Feng who were taken away.

However, Zhuo Youshan interjected, “The Ou family is too arrogant, not to mention what happened more than twenty years ago, is there still less people the Ou family has wrecked in recent years? “Yun Bing looked at Ye Mo with some surprise, she didn’t expect Ye Mo to mean this when he said that the Ou family wouldn’t look for trouble anymore. Just how much energy did this Ye Mo have? Even the Ye family couldn’t end the Ou family in one pot like this, right?

However, Ye Mo smiled at Yun Bing and nodded, and a warm feeling rose up in Yun Bing’s heart. Even if he wasn’t her man, it was still her luck to know a strange man like him. When she thought that she would never have to live her life in fear again, Yun Bing’s heart suddenly became sunny and those somewhat yīn dark fogs disappeared without a trace all of a sudden!