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DYM Chapter 184

In ancient times, the mountain was known as Mengle Mountain, named after the “towering clouds that cannot be measured”, covering an area of several thousand square kilometres. But a few thousand square kilometres is not enough to call it “a mountain that towers into the clouds and cannot be measured”.

The poet Dai Jiazheng of the Qing Dynasty wrote in his poem ‘Looking at the Immeasurable Mountains’: ‘The tallest mountain is higher than the Immeasurable Mountains, a majestic pa*s in the ancient southern county. It is a mountain that is so high that it can’t be climbed by the clouds.”

All people know that Dai Jiazheng was a famous poet in Yunnan during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, but few people know that Dai had a younger brother, Dai Jiahui. In the twenty-first year of the Jiaqing era, Dai Jiazheng and Dai Jiahui met a man from the Hermitage at Mount Wuliang, who took them into the Hermitage because of their excellent qualifications.

Dai Jiazheng was determined to make a career out of it and refused to be recruited by the Hidden Sect, but Dai Jiahui stayed because if they both left at the same time Dai was afraid that the Hidden Sect would attack them.

After he left, Dai Jiazheng took the countryside exams and won the exams that year. Later, when he was posted as governor of Hunan, there was still no news of Dai Jiahui. Because he missed his brother, Dai Jiazheng once again came to the Immeasurable Mountains and wrote ‘Looking at the Immeasurable Mountains’. The meaning of this is very obvious, that he misses his brother.

The meaning of his poem is that in the interior of the Immeasurable Mountains, which are so vast and soaring into the clouds, there is much more than what you can see with your eyes. There are not many people who really understand the meaning of “soaring into the clouds with an unmeasurable hoof surface”, and Dai Jiazheng is probably one of them.

Nowadays, the Wuliang Mountain is also a national nature reserve, hiding countless natural beauties that are little known, and countless places that are not.

At the moment, there is a large courtyard in a place where no one can set foot on the mountain, and this courtyard looks a bit old-fashioned and old-fashioned. Outside this group of courtyards, there is a winding path that stretches all the way to the bottom of the mountain. From the bottom of the mountain, these courtyards look like a fairyland hidden in the clouds.

In front of the courtyard is the word ‘Jing’ on the gatehouse, which is the ‘Jing’ Gate of the Hidden Sect.

In an isolated room in the compound, Luo Susu was sitting there in a daze. She did not know what she was thinking about. It had been a month or two since she returned to the Hidden Sect, and she originally thought that she would forget about that man called Ye Mo after only a few days, but now it had been two months and she did not have the slightest way to quietly cultivate her ‘Silent Heart Technique’.

Once she closed her eyes, Ye Mo’s figure would appear in front of her. That scene had never been able to completely hide from her, and even surfaced more than once: the

He almost died of thirst, but he only took a mortal sip of water before handing the water bag back to her, this was because he also knew that in the middle of the desert, water was just as important to others, what kind of a strange man was this?

Even though he was almost eaten by man-eating insects, he didn’t want to leave her behind and still ran wildly with her in his arms.

In order to save her, he carried her around in search of water, and even though his own lips were dry from thirst, he slit his wrist and fed her blood until he pa*sed out. But she, Luo Susu, had only met him for the first time, and to say that she had been kind to him, she had only given him some extra water.

He also gave her a spring of water, which was the best birthday present she had ever received in her life. Who could give a gift like that in the middle of the desert? What kind of a person was he?

Luo Susu thought of Ye Mo’s lips, she had kissed him his lips were cold, yet warm. Now that she thought about it, it surprisingly made Luo Susu a little confused.

I have to forget him I must forget him ……

Luo Susu once again ran the Meditation Technique, before a week was up she spurted out another mouthful of blood, this was already her sixth time.

“Susu, this discipline of ours cultivates avoiding happiness, sorrow, anger, sin and injury …….”

Master’s words were still ringing in her ears, but she had committed everything. If Master was still around, perhaps she could still ask him, but he was no longer there.

I wonder if he’s doing well now, if he’s finished with things, and I wonder where he is now? Luo Susu turned her eyes to think of Ye Mo once again.

What was wrong with herself? Why did she always think of him? It seemed that within her impression, Ye Mo had known her ages ago and had known her for a long, long time in general. But no matter how she looked through her memories, she only had memories of being in the desert with Ye Mo. Perhaps, maybe she had known him in her past life.

The door to Luo Susu’s room suddenly opened and a woman dressed as a Daoist nun walked in. Although she was already in her forties, she looked as if she was a young woman of less than thirty. Not only was her skin white and smooth, her eyebrows were clear, and her lips had a sexual red tinge.

What was most unusual was that her nose was somewhat high, and if it wasn’t for her black eyes and dark hair, she would look more like a Western woman.

“Senior Uncle.” Luo Susu stood up and bent down to this Daoist nun and called out.

This Daoist nun looked at Luo Susu, frowned and said, “Susu, you are no longer fit to cultivate in my Jing Sect now, you have only entered the red dust once and you have been confused by the noisy world and lost the heart of the Dao that you should have. But you are a member of the Hidden Sect, yet you cannot be allowed to enter the red dust again ……”.

“Master Qi”,” Luo Susu suddenly called out a little nervously, she understood that this master uncle disliked her very much, as for what reason, but was not very clear. But she also knew that it should have something to do with the fact that this senior uncle had always disliked her master, and at this moment, when the senior uncle said this, there must be some kind of punishment.

This Daoist nun, however, shook her head and said: “Susu, in fact, you can’t cultivate my Jing Zi Yi Sect, and you don’t necessarily have to enter the red dust ……”.

The young master of Point Cang, Bian Chao, is only a mere thirty years old and is already at the late Yellow level of cultivation, with an unlimited future. Moreover, the ancient martial arts techniques of the Point Cang clan will be beneficial to you, not to mention that the Point Cang and my Jing Yi clan have always been friendly and are not far apart. If you can marry into the Dotted Mustard ……”

“No….” Luo Susu’s face suddenly turned pale, no matter what she would not marry someone.

As for why, it was just an unconscious refusal within her.

This Daoist nun’s face sank and she was about to speak again. Another voice, however, said, “Senior sister Jingxie, don’t force Susu if she doesn’t want to, although our Jing Yi Clan has fallen into decline, it hasn’t reached the point where we have to join in marriage.”

“Yes, Senior Sister.” This Daoist nun who had entered earlier, also gave a greeting. However, there was not much respect between her demeanour.

Luo Susu hurriedly went forward and saluted and said, “Luo Susu sees Master Teacher.”

“Mm.” This later daoist nun nodded and said after a while, “Susu, there is indeed a great problem with your return this time, your mind is no longer able to be as still as it was before”,…”

Speaking here, this Daoist nun began to ponder as she seemed to be preparing how to send Luo Susu down.

“Senior Master, I would like to request one more thing from Senior Master, because this time when Susu went out, some things happened sin. If these things are not dealt with thoroughly, I am afraid that it will be difficult for Susu to settle down to cultivate again. Therefore, Susu requests permission from Senior Master to let Susu go out once more.” Luo Susu suddenly wanted to go and see Ye Mo again, she had the thought that she would love to ask Ye Mo if he had ever seen her before or if he had an impression of her somewhere.

“No.” Jing Xie, however, was the first to interject, “Senior Sister Jing Xian, Susu’s heart misses the red dust, if she is put into the red dust again, something might happen and it will be my Jing Yi Sect that will be humiliated in the end.”

Luo Susu was shaking with anger at these words of Senior Sister Jingxian, but she did not dare to have any objection at all.

Jing Xian, however, nodded and said, “How should it be in your opinion?”

Jing Xi did not even look at Luo Susu, but said casually, “In my opinion, Susu has already violated the rules of the sect the last time she went out, and when she came back, she really could not continue her cultivation. I think she should be sent to the cold room for three years.”

Luo Susu winced, three years’ confinement in the cold room was tantamount to a death sentence. With her current cultivation level of only the middle yellow level, entering the cold chamber was a death sentence. Her master had been confined in the cold chamber for two years, and when he came out again, he had already run out of gas and died in less than three months. Back then, her own master was got into the cold chamber by this senior uncle, and now she didn’t expect that she would also have to enter the cold chamber at her hands.

Jing Xian glanced at Jing Xie and said with a sigh, “Susu, otherwise it would be better for you to go to the Pointed Cang Sect.”

Luo Susu, however, shook her head and said, “Senior Master, I’ll go to the cold chamber.”

“Humph. Insensitive thing.” Jing Xi surprisingly even ignored Jing Xian, flung her hand and turned around and left.

“Ugh ……” Jing Xian glanced at Luo Susu and sighed as she turned around and walked out, although she knew that Jing Xie had some revenge against Master Luo Susu in it, she was unable to say anything.

“Senior Master, I want to change my name.” Luo Susu suddenly called out to Daoist Aunt Jingxian who was about to leave.

Jing Xian turned back and looked at Luo Susu with some guilt and said, “Susu, just say it, I will help you change it over inside the sect, I can still do this little thing.”

She also understood that once Luo Susu went to the cold room this time, there would never be a day when she would return. Yet she did not dare to stop Jingxian’s decision, she felt sorry for both Luo Susu’s master, Jingxin and Luo Susu.

Luo Susu was no fool, Jing Xian was the Sect Leader, yet she had to be constrained by Jing Xie in every way. If there wasn’t some handle caught in the hands of Senior Uncle Jingxian, she would never believe it.

“Senior Uncle, I want to change my name to Luo Ying, I often find myself called Luo Ying in my dreams.” Luo Susu spoke up, but in her heart she was worried for this senior uncle.

Jing Xian glanced at Luo Susu, nodded and took out a jade pendant from her sleeve and handed it to Luo Susu, then said, “Susu, from now on you will be Luo Ying, this jade pendant was exchanged over by an acquaintance at the last Luo Cang magic weapon exchange and pa*sed on to me. It’s a real magic weapon, so I’ll pa*s it on to you now, so take care of yourself, I’m leaving.”