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DYM Chapter 185

In the evening, after sending Yun Bing and Ting Ting back, Ye Mo went straight to Han Zai Xin’s place. Yun Bing, however, tossed and turned, unable to sleep, knowing that as soon as the day dawned, she would have to return to Ninghai with Ting Ting, and she would never have the chance to be with Ye Mo again. Maybe tonight was the last chance to be with Ye Mo.

The more she thought about it, the more annoyed Yun Bing became, and the more she regretted running away from Ye Mo’s room last night. Yet she knew that if she did not take the initiative to go, Ye Mo would not come to her.

There were times when Yun Bing really felt like a bad woman, but deep down she knew that this idea of hers was not entirely to repay Ye Mo, but because she also wanted to be with him very much, even if it was just for one night. She was afraid that Ye Mo would think that she was a snobbish woman, but deep down she knew that she really didn’t think that way.

Yun Bing made up her mind to go over to Ye Mo’s room once more when he came back to bed.

Although it was a bit shameless, she admitted it in the face of Ye Mo.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Ye Mo had not yet returned, and Yun Bing could not help but fall asleep before the sound of the door opening came from outside.

She was so sleepy that she tried to sit up nervously, but she heard the door of her room slam. Her heart immediately hung in the air, could it be that Ye Mo was coming over here on his own initiative? How could this be possible, Ting Ting was still sleeping. Thinking of this, Yun Bing hurriedly wanted to go down to the chuáng to take a look.

At that moment, the light came on and Yun Bing was a bit confused. The person who came in was not Ye Mo, but a girl. The girl was also carrying a bag in her hand and looked like she had just returned from a distance. It only took a moment for her to react, this person who came in should be Ye Ling.

Knowing that Ye Mo was in Yanjing, Ye Ling also had no desire to continue her tour in America and came back alone first. However, she did not expect to open the door to her room, but saw Yun Bing, and she froze as well.

“You’re Ye Ling?” Yun Bing reacted first and said casually.

Ye Ling nodded and asked, “You are?”

“I’m Yun Bing, Ye Mo’s original English teacher.” Yun Bing hurriedly explained her relationship with Ye Mo. But in her heart, she was relieved and secretly a little disappointed. Finally, she didn’t have to muster up the courage to go to Ye Mo’s room, and now that Ye Ling was back, she couldn’t go there even if she wanted to.

“You’re Teacher Yun Bing, I’ve heard my brother talk about you.” Ye Ling immediately said in surprise, Ye Mo had said that Teacher Yun Bing had saved his life. But now it seemed that Ye Mo seemed to have some ambiguous relationship with Yun Bing in it, she immediately saw Ting Ting and froze in her heart, Ye Mo didn’t tell her that Yun Bing had a child, she didn’t expect her to have such an old one.

Since this was the case, she and her brother were obviously inappropriate.

Seeing Ye Ling looking at Ting Ting, Yun Bing hurriedly explained. She started from the time Ye Mo brought back Tingting in Hong Kong, and kept saying that she only came back from the Zhuo family in the evening, and then Ye Mo went out again.

“My brother went out?” Ye Ling thought that Ye Mo was asleep, but she didn’t expect him to go out and not come back yet.

It seemed that she had known that Ye Mo would come over in the evening, and Han Zaixin had already prepared refreshments to wait.

But even so, Ye Mo’s coming over still made Han Zaixin breathe a sigh of relief. If Ye Mo hadn’t come, there was nothing he could do, because Ye Mo’s phone was always out of order, and the only way he could get through to him that day was to have the receptionist dial the number non-stop for twenty-four hours before he got through once.

Ye Mo saw that apart from Han Zaixin and Han Yan, there was also a man in his fifties.

Han Zaixin was very polite to Ye Mo and did not treat him with the slightest bit of slackness because of his age and status. When he saw Ye Mo enter, he quickly stood up and said, “Ye Mo, this is Li Xiang from the Military Research Institute. Old Li, this is the Ye Mo I told you about.”

Han Zaixin just introduced the two men but did not name Li Xiang’s position.

Li Xiang gave a slight nod to Ye Mo, in his opinion, although Ye Mo was good at his skills, he was young after all. To someone in a high position like them, perhaps with a little pull, Ye Mo would surely be grateful or flattered.

Moreover, it seemed easy to use Ye Mo to kill Ou Xuhu this time, so that someone like Ye Mo could just be used. He was somewhat puzzled by Han Zaixin’s regard for Ye Mo.

He had the impression that Ye Mo was just the kind of young man with a simple mind and good skills.

Ye Mo didn’t care when he saw that this Li Xiang seemed to be a little slight, he didn’t even bother to nod his head. There was no need for him to draw a relationship with such a person, they were simply different in their pursuit. What he had with Han Zaixin was a deal, simple as that. For those high officials in the upper echelons, it wasn’t enough for him, Ye Mo, to befriend.

As expected, seeing that Ye Mo didn’t even bother to nod his head to him, Li Xiang’s face suddenly couldn’t hold up. However, as he had been in a high position for a long time, he still had this kind of city spirit.

However, Han Zaixin frowned and said, “This old Li is good at everything, but he just doesn’t look up to the average person.

Ye Mo saw that Han Zaixin seemed to want to round up the situation, sat down and waved his hand and said! “Old Han, don’t say anything else, since it’s me easy, just say what you want me to do, I like to be dry.”

Han Zaixin somewhat understood Ye Mo’s xìng character, seeing Ye Mo say this he also nodded and said, “In that case, I’ll be straightforward. The model and information you handed over to Li Fox last time, we have studied it in detail and it is an extremely valuable set of military secrets. Originally, we thought it was just a set of information worth tens of millions of dollars, but now that we have studied it, it seems that tens of millions of dollars might only be able to study one corner of it.”

As soon as Ye Mo heard this, he knew that it seemed that this mission should have something to do with this, but hadn’t he already handed the stuff over to Han Zaixin, so why did it come back to this?

However, Han Zaixin continued, “But the conclusion we came to after studying this set of information is that this is just a part of it. It’s still a peripheral part of the energy source, and the main core is not in it. If we didn’t know how valuable this set of information was, perhaps we wouldn’t have moved on to the rest, but now that we know how important this set of information is to our country, we absolutely cannot let something so precious fall into the hands of others. Although we don’t know who developed this set of information yet, it can definitely be said to be a milestone in the world’s military history.”

Speaking of this Han Zaixin looked at Ye Mo “I think you should know, we just want to get the remaining part back. Whether our country can actually manufacture it or not, but it’s definitely too much better to have this in our own hands than in the hands of others.”

“You mean for me to get the capital indica for you?” Ye Mo frowned and said, this thing was given to him by Wen Dong, from what place would he go to get it?

Han Zai Xin nodded seriously and said, “Good, I think this set of information can only be gotten from you. For one reason the information was given to us by you, you should know some of the provenance.

There is also the fact that an ordinary person’s hands would never be able to retrieve this information. So this time I want you to go with Han Yan and retrieve the rest of the information.”

Li Heng, however, said uncomfortably beside him, “It is every citizen’s duty to serve our country, so this time is not only a task, but also an honour.”

Ye Mo coldly swept a glance at Li Heng: “Shut up and put away your crap.”

Li Heng’s face immediately changed, he didn’t understand Ye Mo’s xìng character, so he came out with the same set of aspirations that he often taught young people.

Of course Han Zaixin knew Ye Mo’s xìng, not to mention that Li Heng was a deputy of the Military Research Institute, even if Ye Mo knew that he was a regular officer, he was still nothing in Ye Mo’s eyes. Ye Mo was a person who had no interest in the country, and educating him with the country’s axioms was simply playing the piano to the ox. If the country had been kind to him, there would be no need for the axioms at all, he would automatically repay them. Empty words, things that do not move up to the level, Ye Mo hated the most.

He hurriedly stopped Li Heng who was about to get angry and said, “Old Li, Ye Mo is just like this, don’t be like this.”

Han Yan sat on the side and didn’t say anything, as if this matter didn’t have the slightest thing to do with her.

But from the cold sweep she gave Li Heng, it was clear that she hated this Li Heng as well.

According to the price Han Zaixin had paid, one piece of Green Silver Sand was more than enough. After all, Green Silver Sand was not that easy to obtain on Earth. In Ye Mo’s heart, the value of the Green Silver Sand was so much more than that whatever military model.

But the value of the Green Silver Sand was only known to Ye Mo, and it was only useful to him, but not to Han Zaixin. So Ye Mo knew that the price Han Zaixin offered was enough, but Han Zaixin himself did not know.

Seeing that Ye Mo was pensive, Han Zaixin was afraid that Ye Mo would back out and quickly said, “The next batch of materials will arrive in three months, so I will let you pick ten more items then.”

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “I agree to this matter, I will try it, but whether it is successful or not, the Green Silver Sand will not be handed back.”

Ye Mo was not the least bit interested in Han Zaixin’s suggestion of letting him pick ten more materials, if he could pick out five or six materials that he was satisfied with at a time, it would be fine, there were not that many materials for him to pick. It was just that the green silver sand was indeed a good thing, and people were still paying first.

“Good then, you and Yan’er will move tomorrow.” Han Zaixin immediately stood up in surprise, then said to Han Yan again, “Yan’er, no matter what, safety is the first thing, understand?”

Ye Mo however said, “No need, as long as I go alone, more people are more of a burden instead.”

“Hmph, Ye Mo I admit that you are very powerful, but if you think that you will definitely eat me up, then you are wrong. Otherwise, let’s have a competition first.” Han Yan immediately became uncomfortable as soon as she heard that Ye Mo actually treated her as a burden.!