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DYM Chapter 187

“You’re here to hang out at the bar too, what’s there to be afraid of, later on brother will make you comfortable. There’s plenty of money, don’t worry, I’m not one to eat and wipe my mouth and leave.” After closing the door, the man who had grabbed Nie Shuang Shuang let go of his hand and said.

“What part of you sees me scared?” Nie Shuang Shuang’s face suddenly turned yīn.

The two men froze for a moment, when they had seen Nie Shuang Shuang at the door just now, her face had a forlorn and helpless look on it. That innocent and peerless look of hers made them feel that this girl must be pulled in and comforted.

But now they felt that the girl’s face had changed too quickly, from the helplessness and innocence of a moment ago to the incomparable coldness of the present, and there was even a chill in their bones. If this wasn’t in a bar and the lights in the room were still on, they would have thought they had met a wild ghost or a fox spirit in the wilderness.

“Who are you?” The other man shouted out in shock, the girl’s face was still the same, but it made him feel cold and scared.

Nie Shuang Shuang laughed coldly “Who am I? Now that you’ve dragged me in, you’re asking me who I am without doing anything?”

Nie Shuang Shuang’s ice-cold tone made the two men shiver, and suddenly their y desire all but disappeared. Faced with such a beautiful Nie Shuang Shuang, they no longer had any yùù, all they wanted was to get out early. They couldn’t figure out how the same woman could change so much before and after.

“We’re just kidding, let’s go, Little Bear, let’s go out.” The man who had grabbed Nie Shuang Shuang earlier suddenly said, he didn’t want to face Nie Shuang Shuang again, he felt his scalp tingling a little.

“Get out? Why should we go out? You guys dragged me in, don’t you want to do something about it?” Nie Shuang Shuang suddenly said, but still without the slightest tone of voice.

“Don’t want to, don’t want to.” The man called Little Bear felt the yīn coldness inside the room more and more, and at the same time tried to pull the door open. They really didn’t want to face Nie Shuang Shuang.

Nie Shuang Shuang sneered “Can you still leave?”

“The man who grabbed the door handle had just asked these four words when he felt a long needle-like object stabbing through his heavenly spirit xué.

The other man only saw a flash of silver light in Nie Shuang Shuang’s hand before he realised his companion had fallen to the ground. A sudden chill ran down his back. Just as he wanted to scream, he felt the silver light once again stabbing down from the top of his head as well.

“You,” the man simply said four words and fell down in the same way.

Nie Shuang Shuang picked these two men up with her hands and threw them on top of the sofa. Looking at her relaxed attitude, it seemed that these two men were not more than a hundred pounds each, but more than a pound each.

Nie Shuang Shuang looked at the two people she had killed, and her eyes were slightly lost in thought, but it was only for a moment before her gaze returned to being cold once again. She actually reached up and pulled the zip of her skirt, as if to pull it down.

“Pah pah pah ……” a burst of applause rang out.

Nie Shuang Shuang suddenly turned around, only to see Ye Mo standing behind her and clapping. She was surprised that she didn’t know in the slightest when Ye Mo had entered.

“Wonderful, wonderful, I saw these two people fall asleep not long after they came in. I see you’re going to undress, do you want to take a nap too?” Ye Mo’s voice couldn’t sound any dissatisfaction.

Nie Shuang Shuang’s eyes l showed a panicked look and quickly restored her skirt half-zip before she stared at Ye Mo and asked half-heartedly, “When did you come in?”

Ye Mo sneered “This is not something you should ask, it has nothing to do with you. I just don’t want to see disgusting images, that’s why I came in earlier.”

Nie Shuang Shuang clenched her mouth chún, as if she was about to bite her mouth chún to bleed, her eyes seemed to be a little red, but she still didn’t say anything.

“What you’re going to do has nothing to do with me, I’m afraid that after you’re done, I won’t be in the mood to talk to you, so now I want to finish up first. As for what you want to do after I’m gone, it has nothing to do with me.” Ye Mo said coldly.

Nie Shuang Shuang suddenly looked up at Ye Mo and said word by word, “Do you believe me when I say that I can kill you by raising my hand right now?”

Ye Mo suddenly sat down, reached out and took out a bottle of beer from inside his storage ring, pulled it open and took a sip, before saying, “I don’t believe it.”

Nie Shuang Shuang seemed to have forgotten what she had just said and just stared at Ye Mo’s body, Ye Mo was wearing very little, just a shirt and a long kù.

Where did he get this bottle of beer from? If this bottle of wine was placed inside his pocket. It would definitely bulge out as high as it could.

“I’m waiting for you to kill me, so hurry up if you want to do it, my patience is limited.” Ye Mo had just seen Nie Shuang Shuang kill someone with a needle, but he didn’t know where Nie Shuang Shuang had hidden the needle. Once she made another move, he would immediately bring her needles over and take a look, so that he could sweep Nie Shuang Shuang’s entire body with his divine sense, he wasn’t that obscene.

“But I don’t want to kill you, I really don’t” finished Nie Shuang Shuang’s face s cold yīn expression suddenly faded, paused for a moment and continued, “You know I can teach the two of them a lesson, so you don’t make a move to help me do you? “Ye Mo shook his head “It’s that I didn’t know if you would teach the two of them a lesson, I wouldn’t have done it either. Who knows if you can’t help, because that’s how you are.”

Nie Shuang Shuang suddenly trembled, her face once again pale, her hand even moved a few times before finally stopping.

“Go ahead, what is it that you want? ” Nie Shuang Shuang’s tone no longer had that sweet and sticky feel to it, but became low and cold.

Ye Mo said in a cold voice: “I know you should come from an unusual background, and I don’t know what you are doing at Hua Da, but there is one thing I have to advise you, and it’s okay if you think it becomes a warning. It’s that Ye Ling is my sister, don’t touch her by half a hair, or I won’t let you off no matter what your origin is.”

“You’re Ye Ling’s sister?” Nie Shuang Shuang once again gave Ye Mo a careful amount of attention and seemed a little surprised.

Nie Shuang Shuang’s surprise was only short-lived before she recovered again and turned to say, “I’ve been at Hua Da for a few years now, who have you seen me move? Whether you’re Ye Ling’s brother or not, I won’t touch Ye Ling.”

Ye Mo said indifferently, “That’s not necessarily true, Zhuo Ying Qing and you are such good friends, you can even touch her, let alone others, so I still don’t quite believe what you say.”

“When have I ever touched Zhuo Yingqing? You are lying.

Yes, you saw me kill these two people today, but don’t think that what you saw is the whole truth, I don’t want to explain it to you. I can swear, but I’m not afraid of you because ……………” Nie Shuang Shuang’s eyes were red as she said this.

Ye Mo stared at her coldly, if she didn’t issue a poisonous oath today, she wouldn’t be able to walk out of this room.

“I, Nie Shuang Shuang, swear that if I, Nie Shuang Shuang, have half a bad thought about Ye Ling, I, Nie Shuang Shuang, will die by thunder and lightning, and will never be reincarnated after death.” When Nie Shuang Shuang finished speaking, she actually shed tears.

Ye Mo wouldn’t bother with her tears in the slightest, but he was still satisfied with this vow of Nie Shuang Shuang’s. No matter what she Nie Shuang Shuang was, this vow was heavy enough. And for a cultivator to make such a poisonous oath, it could indeed be trusted.

Seeing that Nie Shuang Shuang had finished making the poisonous oath, Ye Mo stood up, as for how Nie Shuang Shuang was going to treat these two dead people later, it was not his business.

Who knew that Nie Shuang Shuang walked to the door first, turned back and said, “Whether you believe it or not, I could have killed you at will, but I didn’t. And I want you to know that I’m still a virgin.”

After saying this Nie Shuang Shuang surprisingly turned around and walked away, quickly walking out a long way. But no matter how far she walked out, Ye Mo’s voice was still heard in her ears “Believe it or not, the moment you did it, you were already dead. As for whether you are a virgin or not, it has nothing to do with me.”

Nie Shuang Shuang suddenly turned around, and she realised that she had already walked outside the bar, and Ye Mo’s figure was nowhere to be seen. She was horrified, was the sound she had just heard an illusion?

Ye Mo looked at the two dead men and walked out of the bar as well. He didn’t bother to deal with the two corpses, to him, whether the corpses were investigated or not had nothing to do with him.

It was only when Ye Mo returned to his residence that he found out that Ye Ling had returned and that she and Yun Bing were still chatting. It looked like they had been chatting for a long time and hadn’t even gone to bed.

“Brother, you’re finally back, why did you get up until one or two o’clock.” Ye Ling was obviously a bit dissatisfied that Ye Mo had come back so late.

Ye Mo smiled and said, “You’ve come back so far and you haven’t gone to bed yet? I’m leaving Yanjing tomorrow.”

“You’re leaving tomorrow? Is it back to Luo Cang?” Yun Bing, however, got even more nervous.

“No, I’m going to do something.” Ye Mo couldn’t say what he was going to do, so he could only say it vaguely.

“Brother, can you turn your phone on, I can never get through to you.” Ye Ling had wanted to talk to Ye Mo about the Ye family, but she didn’t expect that Ye Mo would be leaving again tomorrow.

Ye Mo, however, did not care about his phone, but said to Ye Ling seriously, “Ye Ling, you should not approach Nie Shuang Shuang in your school in the future, do you know?”

“Why? Brother, she’s the number one school girl in Hua Da. And she doesn’t like to be in the limelight, and she rarely crosses paths with me, do you know her?” Ye Ling asked in amazement.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I don’t know her well, but you’re right to trust my words.

Once you graduate on your side, you can go to Luo Cang if I haven’t finished my business nose.”

“Brother, when Brother Zifeng comes back, you should talk to him properly. I actually don’t approve of him staying on with the Ye family, but he says it’s hard for grandpa too. He wants to help grandpa out, and he also said that a big part of the reason why grandpa wants to get him back again is because of you.” As much as Ye Ling didn’t want to stay in Yanjing, she was a little uneasy that Ye Zifeng was left here alone, even though Eldest Uncle and Fourth Uncle had already left Yanjing, who knew if the rest of the Ye family would make a move against Ye Zifeng.

Ye Mo nodded, Ye Zifeng saw it just a little clearer than Ye Ling, but let him advise Ye Zifeng that was impossible, everyone has their own life.

Seeing Ye Mo scowling, Ye Ling suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “Brother, Zifeng asked me to hand something over to you, saying that it was related to Auntie.”

Auntie? Ye Mo immediately responded that Ye Ling should be talking about his own mother!