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DYM Chapter 188

When Ye Mo arrived at the airport, Han Yan was already waiting for him.

Looking at her, one could tell that she should have been here for a while.

Han Yan was carrying a bag, not big but not small either, she was a bit surprised looking at Ye Mo who was just carrying a small bag, thinking that this small bag was probably not enough even for a few pieces of clothes, and some other equipment and such? The information she got was that the place she was going to was likely to be rather remote.

She didn’t know that Ye Mo might not even bother to carry a bag if he wasn’t trying to hide his storage ring.

Ye Mo didn’t arrive for a while before he boarded the plane, he sat with Han Yan who didn’t use any make-up, she had a faint fragrance on her body that smelled and felt good. Although she was not particularly pretty, she had a good temperament.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t talk to himself much until he got on the plane, he just played with a jade bracelet. Han Yan was a little exasperated and had to ask, “The information I got shouldn’t be in the direction of Lake Central Province, why are you going to Ham Mountain?”

“I’m going to run some personal errands.” Ye Mo fell into silence once again after he finished speaking.

Seeing that Ye Mo was not interested in talking to himself, Han Yan frowned and stopped the conversation as well.

Instead, Ye Mo was thinking about what Ye Ling said to him last night, “The bracelet was left behind by dad before he died, saying that it was left to you by Ah wh*re.”

The bracelet was very ancient and Ye Mo’s divine sense had carefully examined it and there was nothing different. Now that he had looked at it again carefully numerous times, he did not see anything strange, it looked like it was just an ordinary bracelet that should only have a commemorative meaning.

With a sigh, Ye Mo put the bracelet on his hand. Yun Bing, who had originally planned to return to Ninghai, decided to go back on Monday because of Ye Ling’s relationship. Although he didn’t know why Yun Bing was staying for a few more days, Ye Mo had some feeling that she seemed a little different to him.

“Do you know about ‘Bei Sha, the organisation?” Seeing Ye Mo finally stop playing with the bracelet, Han Yan only asked in a small voice.

Ye Mo froze for a moment and replied, “Just heard of it, why?”

Seeing that Ye Mo was finally listening to himself, Han Yan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “You should know about that Feng Tian you saved in the desert last time, she is from the ‘Northern Sands’, and she said that the information you had last time came out of the ‘Northern Sands’. As for how it came out, she didn’t say, but it’s certain that the information is definitely related to ‘Beisha’.”

Ye Mo was not surprised that Feng Tian was from ‘Beisha, if she was not from ‘Beisha, it would be impossible for her to know Wen Dong. Now he was looking for Wen Dong, but if Feng Tian who could be found, she should also know something about ‘Beisha,’. Thinking of this, Ye Mo asked, “Do you know where Feng Tian is now?”

Han Yan shook her head and said, “I don’t know, this is still the information she provided to Li Fox last time, but at that time, my grandfather and the others didn’t anticipate this information to be so precious, so they didn’t pay attention to it to a certain extent. The ‘Northern Sands’ is said to be the world’s largest independent organization with members from all over the world, but also with top-notch technological personnel and an armed population whose aim is to build a country that is even more pervasive and democratic than the United States. It’s just that the means they’ve used so far are disgraceful.”

Ye Mo just knew that Wen Dong was from ‘Bei Sha,’ as for what kind of organization ‘Bei Sha,’ was, he didn’t bother to care nor did he know.

The last time you took out that set of information, it was said that it was made by people from within the ‘North Sand’. I just didn’t expect that it would fall into your hands.”

It turned out that the ‘Northern Sands’ was such a big organization, even to the point of building a country. Although Ye Mo was not familiar with the politics here, he knew that it was not that easy to build a country. The resource-rich places were all already owned, and the international connection was now so strong that a single organisation trying to build a country was no better than Utopia.

“Do you know about the ‘Northern Sands, specifically?” Ye Mo thought to himself that since this information was from ‘Bei Sha, out if he knew more about ‘Bei Sha, then it might be a little easier to find this information.

Han Yan shook her head and said, “I never cared about these, these are still what my grandfather told me before I came out.”

“Which hidden sect are you a disciple of? And how did you get into the Hidden Sect?” Ye Mo suddenly took a big turn, completely leaving out the ‘Bei Sha,’ question to ask somewhere else

Han Yan, however, simply closed her eyes this time and didn’t say anything. Ye Mo was bored and stopped asking her. He said, “It seems to be a bit difficult to learn about the Hidden Sect from Han Yan’s mouth.

After coming out of Xianshan Airport, Ye Mo directly called a car to Xiang Shan Ling. Han Yan did not know what Ye Mo was doing at Xiangshan Ridge, but before she came out, her grandfather had told her that Ye Mo was not a simple person. Moreover, he was the one who got the information in the first place, so he would be the main one this time. So the itinerary was arranged by Ye Mo. Although Han Yan wondered why Ye Mo didn’t start with ‘Bei Sha’, she didn’t bother to ask him.

The taxi stopped at the hillside car park of Xiangshan Ridge, Ye Mo let the driver leave on his own, and then took Han Yan towards the food and accommodation street of Xiangshan Ridge.

Although he hadn’t gone up with Wen Dong last time, but the Xiang Shan Ridge food and accommodation street and the mountainside car park weren’t very far away, and Ye Mo seemed to have seen Wen Dong enter a small inn here from afar.

He didn’t know which one Wen Dong had gone to last time, but this was the only place he had some clues, and if he couldn’t find Wen Dong even here, he really didn’t have any good solutions. Or he could only find Feng Tian, but according to Han Yan it was also more difficult to find her now.

“What are you doing here in Xiangshanling?” Han Yan knew that ‘Bei Sha, definitely wouldn’t have any landing place in Xiangshan Ridge.

“A friend of mine knows something, the first information was brought to me by her here, so I came to look for it.” Ye Mo knew that Han Yan was definitely going to be surprised, but there was nothing to hide, but whether he could find Wen Dong or not, he was not at all sure.

Han Yan had thought that since Ye Deception said this, he must know where this friend lived, but she followed Ye Mo behind and asked a few houses before she realised that Ye Mo didn’t know at all. Rather, she asked each house, and could not help but feel a little speechless.

Although Xiangshanling was not as prosperous as some tourist destinations, there were at least dozens of hotels and guesthouses in this mid-level street, how long would it take to ask?

Luckily, Han Yan’s worry did not become a reality. When Ye Mo entered an inn with only an old couple and asked Wen Dong, the shopkeeper surprisingly did not show a look of incomprehension, but carefully looked at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo knew that he should have found the right place.

“Are you here to find Winter?” The male shopkeeper, who was already in his sixties, spoke in a somewhat sluggish tone and sounded clearly aware of Wen Dong.

Ye Mo hurriedly said, “Yes, uncle, I’m a friend of Sister Winter, my name is Ye Mo.” In order to show that he had a great relationship with Wen Dong, he even called out Sister Dong, Ye Mo felt sweaty even thinking about it.

“You are Ye Mo? Oh, you wait.” This old man suddenly entered the room, took out a letter and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “This is what Winter brought to you last time, saying that if you come in three months, he will give you this letter, if you don’t come, let me burn it.”

Ye Mo was surprised and took the letter, thinking that if it wasn’t for this bit of crap from Han Zaixin, he definitely wouldn’t have come. And even if he had come, how did Ma Dong know he could find this place? And left a letter for him?

Ye Mo opened the letter and once again froze, the large letterhead inside actually just had the word ‘flee’ written on it, what did this mean? Han Yan of course also saw the word and also looked at Ye Mo a little strangely, thinking what did it mean.

The shopkeeper couple saw Ye Mo staring at the letter, but walked into the backyard.

A big ‘逃’ character, and the strokes went from clear to blurred, the last stroke was even if it was not there anymore. Ye Mo frowned and suddenly snapped out of it. What Wen Dong meant was for him to immediately flee as far away as possible, and even to go incognito.

No good, something had happened to Wen Dong.

This was Ye Mo’s first thought, Wen Dong must be in trouble because of that piece of information, and those people were still asking her about the whereabouts of the information. Only Wen Dong knew that she had given her information to herself.

She didn’t reveal herself, but instead left a ‘flee’. It was evident that although Wen Dong had met him in pa*sing, this woman was a person who valued love and righteousness.

Han Yan saw the change in Ye Mo’s face and was about to ask Ye Mo what was going on. Suddenly Ye Mo’s face sank like water and he looked up at the door of the small inn.

“I knew you would come, and sure enough, haha …… Wen Dong fought to the death not to say anything, is it useful not to say anything?” An arrogant and incomparable voice came.

Han Yan suddenly found that Ye Mo had already rushed out, and when Han Yan came back to his senses, Ye Mo had already carried back a woman.

However, this woman was now cloaked, her clothes were in disarray, her body was covered in bruises, and her face was stuck white and bloodless.

When Ye Mo snatched back Wen Dong from the car that had driven to the entrance of the inn, he knew that she was already dead. Her heart and veins were broken and she was not even breathing. Ye Mo could use his true qi to nourish and repair her heart veins, but now that her vitality had dissipated, Ye Mo could not save her, unless there was a heaven and earth spirit medicine that could restore her vitality. Although Ye Mo had some pills on him, they were still far from a spiritual medicine that could restore her vitality.

Ye Mo’s true qi was injected into Wen Dong’s body, trying to make an effort to revive her, but there was no news for a long time.