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DYM Chapter 199

Ning Qingxue soon arrived at the place where she had been stationed with the tour group the day before. It was clearly an open field and it was daytime, but Ning Qingxue felt a gloomy chill.

She subconsciously winced as the silence around her made her scalp tingle a little. She remembered that when she and the tour group were stationed here, there were still some birds chirping nearby, but at this moment it was a terrible dead silence. If it wasn’t for Ye Mo, no matter what the reason was, she would never have come here a second time.

She carefully walked past the place where she was stationed, not far in front of her was the celestial pit, the huge huge pit was still there, and there was no trace of it around. However, Ning Qingxue suddenly felt an insidious chill come over her once again, as if something was trying to grab her.

Ning Qingxue was too frightened to move, and she seemed to find that her front had blurred and she was looking a little disorientated. Suddenly the talisman for warding off evil that was close to her chest emitted a warmth that instantly spread out across her chest and soon dissipated.

Ning Qingxue seemed to hear a shrill scream, like the kind she had heard behind her that day with the tour group. Then she felt the gloomy chill that had approached to try and grab her disappear, and that numbing sensation in her scalp disappeared completely, and the environment that had felt disorienting just a moment ago seemed to open up all of a sudden.

“Is it really working?” Ning Qingxue subconsciously stroked the ‘Itchy Evil Talisman’ on her chest, although she didn’t know what had just happened, she had a vague feeling that it should be related to the talisman on her chest.

The sinkhole was still the same, and the environment was still the same, only without the terrifying pangs that she had just felt. Ning Qingxue sucked in a breath as she prepared to walk around the sinkhole and continue on her way.

A shoe appeared in front of her, startling her and she hurriedly stepped around it. It was a camouflage shoe, could this be the one of the search and rescue team?

Ning Qingxue dared not think further, she always felt that something was peering at her, but was too concerned about her in general to come closer. It should be the ‘evil-defying talisman’ on her chest. Thinking of this, Ning Qingxue dared not stay around and hurriedly ran around the sinkhole in the direction of the cliff.

Only after running several miles in one breath did Ning Qingxue realise that her clothes had been scratched beyond recognition, but that feeling was still staring at her if anything.

Ning Qingxue turned around haughtily, her scalp tingling once again as she stared nervously at a place not far away, she had a vague feeling that the thing was there at the mouth of the cliff that feeling was very strange and did not make any sense. After what had happened with the talisman and the jade pearl of protection, and the ‘talisman to ward off evil that had just emitted warmth to protect her, she was no longer the kind of person who didn’t believe in anything anymore.

Clutching the fireball talisman in her hand tightly, she stared at a corner behind her and raised the talisman in her hand and said loudly, “I don’t know what you are, if you dare to come any closer, I will burn you up with a fireball and let my husband come and extinguish all your gods and souls later.”

Although Ning Qingxue said this out loud, it was only for her own courage, she didn’t know if what she felt was true, or maybe she was scaring herself, it was completely psychological.

And she didn’t know if her statement could scare this unknown feeling away, or comfort her psyche. But she had no way to brace herself for it, she had to.

If it had been before, and she had heard someone talking like that, she would have thought the person was a lunatic. Or thought the person was out of their mind, but now she didn’t have the slightest thought of amusement, she was genuinely frightened.

That gloomy cold aura, which seemed to stare at Ning Qingxue for a while longer, and seemed to be a little scared after hearing Ning Qingxue’s words, surprisingly slowly disappeared in the end.

As soon as this cloud of coldness that was staring at her disappeared, Ning Qingxue felt it and immediately turned around and ran. Despite carrying a large bag and being blocked in every direction, Ning Qingxue once again ran several miles away in one breath before she bent down and took a big breath.

To her relief, the gloomy chill that had been staring at her was finally gone, and the chirping of the birds around her had once again resumed. I don’t know if she was scaring herself, or if it was entirely psychological on her part. But it was also possible that there was something indefinable in this world. Ning Qingxue sat down and rested for a while before taking out Yunnan Baiyao and carefully applying it to the scratches on her legs, feet and arms.

Her white, snowy skin was already covered in scratches, which looked very alarming.

Ning Qingxue rested for a while before taking a look around. This was a valley where a small stream was flowing slowly past Ning Qingxue, emitting a homing sound that sounded very poetic. But Ning Qingxue didn’t have any such feeling, her nerves were so tense that if it wasn’t for the fact that she could find Ye Mo if she went further, she might have broken down.

After drinking a little water, Ning Qingxue packed her backpack and was just about to stand up when a black shadow rushed over. It was so fast that Ning Qingxue didn’t even have time to react. A bang!

With a “bang”, the black shadow crashed into the cloud of shields rising in front of Ning Qingxue, and was knocked far away to land inside the stream. However, this black shadow quickly climbed up, it looked at Ning Qingxue with some fear, and turned around and fled.

If it wasn’t for the splashes of water from the creek that made the surrounding rocks a little damp, one would have thought it was an illusion.

It was only then that Ning Qingxue reacted to the fact that the fleeing black shadow was a bit like a wild monkey-like animal. She subconsciously looked at her bracelet, and sure enough the jade bead on it had once again shattered one.

This hadn’t even entered the depths and another jade pearl had been broken, and there was also the ‘Evil-Preventing Charm, I don’t know how many times I can use it, I’ve already used it once just now, but it was good that the ‘Evil-Preventing Charm, she also had two pieces. Thinking about how many times she might have died just now if it wasn’t for the jade pearl and the Evil-Preventing Talisman.

A cold sweat broke out behind Ning Qingxue’s back again and she dared not stay any longer, running towards the cliff. At this moment, she was just glad that if she hadn’t gone back to Ninghai and asked Su Jingwen about the usage of the talisman, she wouldn’t have been able to walk here at all.

After being attacked twice in a row, Ye Mo became even more careful, he knew that this place was full of crises and abnormalities could happen at any time. He was not afraid of the attack but of being bitten by something poisonous, in that case, without medicine and unable to run his true qi, he could only die. There was also the fear of being entangled by the kind of big snake that had just been there, and once he was entangled, there was only one way to die.

A forest of thorns completely blocked Ye Mo’s way, Ye Mo looked around, the visibility here was too low and his divine sense could not be used right now. As for what was inside the thorns, he didn’t have the slightest idea. However, Ye Mo knew that if he didn’t get through the thorns that were blocking his way, he could only retreat.

Once he backed up, Ye Mo knew that behind him, just like the front, would be some swamps and rotten leaves. No matter what, if he could not find a safe place to recover from his injuries, Ye Mo reckoned that he would be dead.

With the word death on his mind left and right, Ye Mo had no more worries and the long knife in his hand slashed at the thorns in front of him without hesitation.

It must be said that this long knife of Bianpo’s was really good, these thorns which looked very hard were as powerless as rotten straw under Ye Mo’s knife.

Ye Mo carefully picked the splitting thorns to the two sides, forming a pa*sage. Ye Mo did not know how big the thorns were. He had been chopping for more than half an hour before he saw the opposite side, which was a cliff wall that looked like it had reached the end.

However, this cliff wall looked very wide, and Ye Mo thought to himself that if he cut a hole in this cliff wall and then surrounded the hole with these thorns, he could probably recover from his injuries if he found food for a few days.

Having thought of a way to recover from his injuries, even though Ye Mo was exhausted and his head was dizzy, the long knife in his hand did not pause at all.

As Ye Mo knocked the last piece of thorns through, a “buzzing” sound came from him. These giant bees were hidden among the thorns, and if they didn’t move, they couldn’t be seen at all.

Each one of them was the size of a baby’s fist, and one didn’t need to look to know that one sting from such giant bees would cost him his life. What’s more, as a dozen giant wasps rushed over, Ye Mo’s heart tightened and the long knife in his hand changed into a shadow of a blade.

Although his swordsmanship was not as good as Bianpo’s, there was still no pressure on him to dance a blade shadow with his long knife in his hand, only that his body was too weak now.

After several inaudible sounds, none of the giant wasps that flew towards Ye Mo actually ran away, all of them were cut down by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo coughed a mortal sound and subconsciously looked around again, it seemed that these were the only giant wasps here. He breathed a long sigh of relief and swayed a little, almost about to fall over. But he immediately used his long knife to brace himself on the ground, stopping his body from continuing to sway.

Another fishy smell came from behind him, and Ye Mo immediately knew it was not good. He was really afraid of what would happen, what he feared most was to be entangled in a snake, but this fishy smell reached his back before he noticed it, so he could see that his sensitivity and mobility were greatly impaired.

Ye Mo took a step forward and tried to pick up his knife again and sweep it backwards, but he unexpectedly had another bout of weakness and could not pick up the knife in his hand. The sweep just now had exhausted his strength.

In just a moment, a cold fishy aura had wrapped itself around him and in the blink of an eye it had wrapped itself around his waist several times.

The snake was surprisingly not biting him, but trying to strangle him alive.

Ye Mo felt his breath choking for a moment, and his head began to spin sharply, but he knew that once he pa*sed out now, it was certain death.

Biting his tongue once again, Ye Mo spat out a mouthful of blood and forcibly reversed the long blade in his hand, using all his strength to collapse it outwards.