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DYM Chapter 198

“Wait.” Su Jing suffered called out to Ning Qingxue, then looked back at Xie Yuzhong and said with difficulty, “Cousin, I’m looking for something from Qingxue today, if there’s anything, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

The face of Xie Yizheng changed for a moment, but quickly returned to a smile “In that case, I will not disturb you, goodbye ah.”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. Well, I want to come over. Yes, there’s something, but I can’t say it clearly on the phone, okay, I’ll be right over.”

The first time I saw Xie Yuzheng’s car leaving from the window of the *brown shop, Su Jing Su suddenly thought about whether her words were too heavy just now, cousin would not be angry, right?

“By the way, Light Snow, just now you said you were looking for me for something, what was it? Did you want to ask how the talisman seal works?” Su Jing suffered back to her senses and turned her head to look at Ning Qingxue and asked.

“Well, I was wanting to ask you how that talisman seal works.” Ning Qingxue saw that Xie Yuxiang had already left and sat down again.

Su Jing Su said somewhat helplessly, “Actually, my cousin is very nice, he’s just a bit macho, don’t mind if you do. Oh, let’s not talk about that, in fact, the talisman is very simple to use, for the clear spirit talisman and the fireball talisman you just need to throw them out and say “Lin” and then you’ll be fine, as for the protection talisman just make a scented bag and hang it on your body, I don’t know anything else.”

The talisman was so easy to use, she had a talisman for protection and two talismans to ward off evil spirits, in addition to a fireball talisman.

“Jing Suffer, that’s the main thing I was looking for you today, I thought it would take some action, I didn’t expect it to be so simple, I should have known that I just had to call you.” Ning Qingxue asked about the usage of the talisman, and breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

However, Su Jing Su smiled and said, “You and Ye Mo are both in Luo Cang, why don’t you let him teach you?

Remember when you meet Ye Mo in the future, ask him for a few more talisman seals for me.”

“How did you know that Ye Mo was in Luo Cang? And do you have something for me today?” Ning Qingxue asked strangely. She didn’t quite believe in the matter of Ye Mo being in Luo Cang, and was sure that Su Jing Su was mistaken.

Jing Su nodded, took out the bracelet and said, “This bracelet is a magic weapon, when Ye Mo gave it to me, I really didn’t know, no wonder it’s called “Six Auspicious Peace. This is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received.”

Su Jing Su did not say the next words, but Ning Qing Xue already knew, she also mō the bracelet in her hand, after a while before saying, “Thank you, Jing Su, these three beads you gave me saved me once. But I can’t return them to you yet, and I may have to go out soon. If these beads are still there when I come back, I will definitely return them to you.”

“Qingxue, is the place you’re going to dangerous?” Su Jing Su saw that the beads on Ning Qingxue’s bracelet were also missing a bead, and immediately understood that Ning Qingxue also knew the function of this magic weapon.

Light Snow replied in a low voice, and only after a moment did she say again, “I came back just to confirm one thing and then make some preparations, the place I went to this time was indeed a little dangerous.”

Ning Qingxue was not lying, she had really come back to confirm, most of all she needed to ask Su Jing about the usage of the rune seal, and also to prepare some necessary tools and long ropes for hiking.

Now every moment in her mind was the moment when Ye Mo fell off the cliff, she couldn’t be quiet, whether it was or not, if she didn’t see it with her own eyes, maybe she wouldn’t be able to rest in peace for the rest of her life. Perhaps if she was sure that the person was not Ye Mo, she would be better off too.

But in case it was really Ye Mo who had fallen off the cliff, she didn’t know what she should do. When she met Ye Mo in the middle of the desert and turned away, she knew that her heart had already been taken away by him at that time, there was no reason, even if she restrained herself, even if she avoided it, she could not completely forget that figure.

Once she thought she would never really like someone, but when the truth came, she realized that if she liked someone, she liked them, and there was no reasoning behind it.

Su Jing Su wanted to ask Ning Qing Xue again where Ye Mo was, but last time Ning Qing Xue had said that Ye Mo was not in Luo Cang, now she asked again, it seemed a bit distrustful of people. The original idea of asking Ning Qingxue for the bracelet back fell through, Ning Qingxue had said so, how could she have the heart to ask for the beads of the bracelet.

“Qingxue, in that case, I have two more here, let me give them to you together, if you can’t use them all when you come back then return them to me.” Su Jing Su thought about it and still took her bracelet. Since Ning Qingxue could use one, it meant that she had really met with danger.

Ning Qingxue shook her head “No, I’m sorry I asked you for three, I can’t ask for the rest.”

“Qingxue, if the place you are going to is really dangerous, you should ask for help, and I can also help you.” Su Jing suffered to see that Ning Qingxue was really in trouble.

Ning Qingxue shook her head, she had thought about it a lot. If she was sure that the person was Ye Mo, she definitely couldn’t turn to the government for help. She knew that Ye Mo had some skills, and that Ye Mo and the Song family had a deep hatred because of her. Once she asked for help to rescue Ye Mo, the Song family would definitely get the news in the first place, this would not do Ye Mo any good, even if nothing happened to him when he fell off the cliff, the Song family would still find something to do.

“I’m leaving, Jing Su, if I don’t have it or forget it.” Ning Qingxue didn’t explain anything more to Su Jing Su.

Looking at Ning Qingxue’s somewhat forlorn and slim back walking out of the *brown shop*, Su Jing Su was surprisingly a little lost in thought, what did she mean by what she said?

She asked about the usage of the talisman seal, did she have it? If she hadn’t met Ye Mo, where did she get the talisman seal from?

Su felt that something was wrong with Ning Qingxue’s words, but she couldn’t tell what was wrong.

When Ning Qingxue returned to the courtyard, Xu Wei had not yet returned. She mōd the stone slab where Ye Mo had once slept, it was a little cool, and in a trance she seemed to see Ye Mo walking over again. She fixed her mind and thought to herself, it was really hard for him to sleep on this in the first place he was so stupid.

Her eyes turned once again to the big tree in the backyard where Ye Mo had also sat for many nights. Whatever the reason, she should go and find him.

Xu Wei had just pushed open the courtyard door when she saw a somewhat dazed Ning Qingxue, and immediately said with some surprise, “Qingxue, when did you come back?”

Ning Qingxue sighed with relief and came back to her senses, finally seeing Xu Wei, and hastily replied, “I just came back at noon, Xu Wei, thank you for helping me take care of the little gra*s for so long. By the way, do you know who planted the other gra*ses in the huā altar?”

Xu Wei smiled, “It’s nothing, it’s just something simple, the gra*s inside the huā altar was brought over by Ye Mo. I was also asked to take care of them. Ye Mo said he had to go on a trip, so he brought those gra*s buds of his with him. The two of you really have the same hobby, I see that the gra*s buds are of the same variety.”

Ning Qingxue’s face immediately turned pale as she listened. She already understood that the person who had fallen off the cliff must be Ye Mo, otherwise how could it be such a coincidence.

“Are you alright, Qingxue?” Only then did Xu Wei realise that not only was Ning Qingxue a little tired, but she was also not in a very good state of mind.

“It’s fine.” Ning Qingxue smiled, then added, “I’m going out for a while, so I’ll entrust you to take care of these gra*s sprouts for me again.”

After a pause, Ning Qingxue continued, “If I come back late and the gra*s buds are all wilted, tell my mother to leave this huā altar untouched and just let it stay here.

I’m going to take a break, I’m a bit tired.”

Xu Wei watched Ning Qingxue enter the house with some worry, she felt that there was something odd about what Ning Qingxue said. This huā altar had been here for years, and the landlord hadn’t even moved it, so why should her mother?

Ning Qingxue rested for the night, and since she had already decided, she no longer had the same uncertainty she had at first. The next day. She just spent half a day preparing various tools and 〖medicines〗for wilderness survival. Then she sewed up the amulet to ward off evil spirits and the talisman to hang around her waist, and hurriedly rushed to Shennongjia again.

There were many people who travelled with a big bag like Ning Qingxue, who had been here once and was familiar with it. She did not choose another place, but once again chose the place she had entered with the tour group the day before, as it was the only place where she could see the mountain peak.

When Ning Qingxue arrived at the entrance to the uninhabited area of Shennongjia, she found a large sign erected outside. There were also some tourists standing around looking at it. At a glance, Ning Qingxue knew that the sign had just been put up; when she had come the day before, she had not seen such a sign.

On top of the sign were a few big words: “Accident ahead, no entry to Ran.” There were also some travel instructions below, which Ning Qingxue didn’t care to read.

She frowned, if she wasn’t allowed to enter, what would she do? Ning Qingxue looked at a middle-aged fù woman next to her and after some thought asked, “Excuse me, elder sister, do you know what has happened here?”

As soon as she saw how Ning Qingxue was dressed, she knew that she was also a tourist to Shennongjia, and immediately said, “I heard that a tour group met a sinkhole here the day before yesterday, and one person went missing. A search and rescue team went in that night, but none of them have come out yet, and they have lost contact. It’s not allowed to go in here now, and it’s about to be sealed off, and there are troops coming over.

Ning Qingxue’s heart thumped, of course she knew it was true, she didn’t expect that even the search and rescue team didn’t come out in the end. Could it be that it was really that dangerous?

But no matter if it was dangerous or not, if the troops came over in the afternoon and sealed off the place completely, wouldn’t she have no chance to enter?

Ning Qingxue looked around at the small number of people and wondered when she would be able to get in when no one was looking, as there was no one guarding her now and it would not be difficult to get in without being noticed.

While some people gathered together and began to discuss the bizarre events of the night before, Ning Qingxue carefully bypa*sed the few people nearby and quickly dove in, disappearing into the jungle a moment later.

The middle-aged fù woman who had just spoken to Ning Qingxue, after talking to the people around her, seemed to have remembered Ning Qingxue, she turned her head, only to find that Ning Qingxue had disappeared, she immediately turned pale with fright. This girl who had just asked herself a question had disappeared behind herself, there couldn’t be a second way out except to go inside the jungle, and besides she hadn’t even seen Ning Qingxue go down!