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DYM Chapter 21-22

Chapter 21

While driving, Su Jingwen was still wondering how Ning Qingxue had come over. She didn’t know her very well, how could she come to her birthday party without inviting her?

Aigoo not good, Su Jingwen suddenly thought of a very important thing, tonight Ye Mo will also come, and Ning Qingxue will meet up with will ……

“Jingwen, what’s wrong with you? I see you seem a bit distracted.” Li Mumei saw that Su Jingwen seemed a little distracted and asked in a hurry.

“Oh yeah, I suddenly remembered something and have figured it out now. Oh right, Mumei, Light Snow is coming over, and you didn’t say anything first. Light Snow, have you taken over your father’s business now? I heard from someone last time that you were already at Ning’s Herbs.” Su Jingwen found something to talk about to distract herself from her sudden loss of temper.

Li Mumei, however, said, “Actually, Light Snow has long since taken over Ning’s Medicinal Herbs’ business in Yanjing, and I have also been at Ning’s Medicinal Herbs, helping out Sister Light Snow, only that something happened later, and Sister Light Snow has now temporarily quit Ning’s Medicinal Herbs.”

Su Jingwen didn’t ask what was going on, guessing it should be a conflict within the family, it was better not to ask about such things. Seeing that Ning Qingxue had some sadness in her brow, she guessed that she had come out for a break because of something unpleasant. Why don’t you call Ye Mo yourself and ask him not to come in the evening, lest Ning Qingxue’s mood would be even worse.

When she thought of this, Su Jingwen remembered that Ye Mo didn’t have a phone at all, and now that he wasn’t at school and she didn’t know where he lived, she couldn’t even contact him. It looked like it was a sure thing that Ye Mo would see Ning Qingxue.

“Sister Jingwen, I heard from Mu Mei that auntie mother is not well, is she better now?” Ning Qingxue of course saw that Su Jingwen was somewhat lost in thought, presumably thinking of something about her, and took the initiative to ask out loud.

Su Jingwen had already come back to her senses, these things can be discussed when the time comes, it is beyond her control now. Hearing Ning Qingxue ask, she could not help but smile happily and said, “My mother is already well, didn’t Mu Mei tell you?”

Ning Qingxue was a little embarra*sed, she hadn’t really asked Li Mumei about Su Jingwen’s mother’s condition. But Su Jingwen obviously didn’t care, instead she continued, “I met a master because of luck, you guys don’t know, that master’s talismans ……”

Su Jingwen now worshipped Ye Mo the most, and now that Ning Qingxue asked, she even described that master who sold her talismans as being unparalleled in heaven and earth. She even told the detailed process of buying the talisman, and the detailed process of using the talisman.

Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei were dumbfounded as they listened, both staring straight at Su Jingwen. It was rare to find someone who believed in superstition to the extent that Su Jingwen did, not to mention that Su Jingwen was a highly educated person. It was clear that the charlatan who sold Su Jingwen the talisman definitely had a sharp mouth.

“That, Jingwen, it’s certainly a good thing that Auntie is well, but there are things we just need to know, there’s no need to really take it to heart.” Seeing that Su Jingwen was so superstitious, Li Mumei could only voice out a reminder.

“I know you guys don’t believe it, well, I won’t let you believe it, I still have a fireball talisman on me, if I didn’t have to give it up, I would really take it out and throw it at you. But if I throw it away, I just can’t even buy it with money, and that master I can’t find right now.” Su Jingwen said somewhat helplessly.

“Alright, we believe it, Su Da Shen Bu.” Li Mu Mei had no choice but to surrender.

Even Ning Qingxue, who had been tightly frowning, wanted to laugh a little, Su Jingwen was older than both of them, but her words were so unrealistic, and did not match the shrewdness among the rumours at all. It was a bit incongruous to look at such a beautiful girl, yet she was blathering on about making charms and master’s.

If it weren’t for her own difficult situation, watching Su Jingwen perform so godlike, maybe she would really be in a cheerful mood about it.


The actual bracelet was made by Ye Mo and was directly tucked inside his pocket, and he didn’t look for any packaging to beautify it a bit. The actual bracelet took him a lot of effort. If this kind of thing wasn’t unsellable, maybe he would have made a few to sell.

It was the first time since he came to this world that Ye Mo took a taxi, not because he didn’t want to run to the Fisherman’s Evening Private Club, but because he simply didn’t know the way.

Ye Mo’s taxi stopped outside the fishing club because it was not allowed to drive in at all.

The doorman saw Ye Mo coming in a taxi and didn’t look rich, although he was dressed cleanly and neatly, his hair was unkempt and a bit messy. And his feet were still wearing a pair of ordinary canvas sneakers, something that was estimated to be only 30 or 40 dollars. Immediately, he stepped forward and stopped Ye Mo.

“Sir this is a private club, not for the public ……” Before the doorman could finish his words, Ye Mo took out the post and handed it to the doorman.

He didn’t care, it was normal for someone dressed like him to be watched closely by the doorman, there was no need to be cynical.

The doorman took Ye Mo’s post and looked at it repeatedly a few times to confirm it before returning it to Ye Mo with some surprise and saying, “Excuse me, please come in.”

Ye Mo had just stepped through the courtyard gate of the clubhouse when a red Porsche rushed into the courtyard, as if the doorman was just a decoration. However, after this red Porsche sped past Ye Mo, it actually immediately backed up again.

This guy was arrogant enough, this was a compound, not a highway, and there was actually a car that drove like this, at a glance it was clear that this was an arrogant master.

Just when Ye Mo was still thinking that the owner of this car was arrogant, the car stopped beside him and a girl jumped down from the car.

The fiery red blouse, paired with a tight fitting denim, outlined the entire figure with distinct curves, and the flair was unmistakable.

Su Mei, it was not unusual for Ye Mo to see her here, she was Su Jingwen’s cousin and it was normal for her to come to the clubhouse for Su Jingwen’s birthday party. However, although this woman was flamboyant at school, she was still a bit reserved, I didn’t expect that she would be even more unconcealed out of school.

“Ye Mo, stop right there. What are you doing here?” Su Mei was inexplicably rejected by Ye Mo last time and actually took a few hundred dollars from her, not even willing to reward her with a meal, and was very uncomfortable in her heart.

Ye Mo gave Su Mei a somewhat puzzled look and said, “Of course I came here because someone invited me, is this your place? Do I have to report to you before I come?”

At this moment, another girl jumped out of the car, dressed similarly to Su Mei, but what was even more eye-catching than Su Mei was that she even dyed her hair yellow.

“What’s wrong, Mei Mei. Who’s this old-fashioned guy?” The girl asked Su Mei as soon as she came down and then swept Ye Mo with a squint.

Ye Mo shook his head, it’s really true that things are different from one another.

Su Mei coldly snorted, before she could speak. A military Audi stopped at the entrance of the courtyard, but did not come in, instead, a young man in his twenties got out of the car. Seeing Ye Mo’s side, he also walked over.

“Mei Zi, long time no see oh, what’s wrong, look like you are not happy.” This young man had a smile on his face and started greeting from afar.

When Su Mei saw the youth come over, her face immediately turned into a happy smile, “Brother Wang Xui, you didn’t even come to see me, and you said it’s been a long time.”


Chapter 22

“I’m here, aren’t I? Jia Jia is here too.” The young man’s tone was calm and collected, without any of the impetuousness of youth.

“I thought Brother Xue didn’t know me.” The yellow-haired young girl pretended to look a little angry.

Ye Mo saw that although this youth looked civilized and martial-looking, there was some pugnacity in his temperament, and even some faint killing aura.

This killing aura could not be seen by others, but how many people and demonic beasts had Ye Mo killed in his previous life, he could tell as soon as he entered his eyes that this youth had definitely killed people. And he was still blatantly going about killing people, even taking pride in killing others, otherwise he wouldn’t have this kind of killing aura.

However, since there was no more business for him here, there was no need for him to stay here, and just as Ye Mo wanted to leave, the youth turned his head and extended his hand to Ye Mo and said, “I am Wang Xue, may I ask you?”

Seeing the youth’s teasing face as he extended his hand over, Ye Mo knew what he was thinking and slowly extended his right hand over and said, “Ye Mo.”

Looking at Ye Mo’s hand and Wang Xue’s hand shaking together, the one who was most happy was Su Mei. This was because she knew that Wang Xue had this habit that when he first met someone, as long as it was a male, he would want to try out someone’s weight by shaking their hand. Once one of her own cla*smates called out in the middle of shaking hands with Wang Xue, and later that male cla*smate never had the face to look for her again.

Now Wang Xue shook hands with Ye Mo, so what would be the result? Su Mei even waited in anticipation for Ye Mo’s scream.

With a few “clicks”, Wang Xui felt Ye Mo’s hand being shattered by his grip in one go, and even heard the sound of bones breaking, he didn’t even know when Ye Mo pulled his hand away. With a shock in his heart, he secretly screamed that it was not good, he said to himself that his force was too strong, he did not control it well just now and actually broke someone’s hand.

Su Mei and the yellow-haired woman named Jia Jia were also stunned, they didn’t expect Wang Xue to be so ruthless and actually broke Ye Mo’s hand by shaking it directly. They had heard the sound of the bones breaking clearly just now, it was a very loud sound of breaking.

“Ah, Brother Wang Xui, how did you shatter Ye Mo’s hand? He was invited by Sister Jing Wen’s, this …… Huh, where is Ye Mo?” Su Mei said before she realized that Ye Mo had disappeared.

Wang Xui also knew that things were a bit big, he didn’t expect this Ye Mo to be so unforgiving, his own hand had just been shaken up and he hadn’t even used his full strength, and his hand had already been broken, this, where to follow?

Only when he heard Su Mei’s shout did he see that Ye Mo had actually disappeared, when did Ye Mo leave, several people actually didn’t see it.

“Isn’t it just a poor student, just give him some money when the time comes and let him go to the hospital by himself. What a useless thing.” The girl called Jia Jia immediately said.

The somewhat handsome youth let out a bitter smile and said, “Now Jing Wen is going to scold me, he must have gone in, I’ll go check on him. Ugh, I really didn’t expect his hands to be so fragile.”

Ye Mo really didn’t want to nag these boring people, he was here to attend Su Jingwen’s birthday party and offending the people here would embarra*s Su Jingwen. However, he was satisfied with his bone shrinking technique, although he had not made much progress in his cultivation and was even still at the first level of Qi cultivation until now, he had not left behind any of the martial arts among the world.

Ye Mo didn’t know what level the most powerful people in this world could reach, but for him since he couldn’t cultivate normally, he could only cultivate mundane martial arts, so that the stronger he became the safer he would be. However, he also knew that even if he practiced his secular martial arts to the extreme, there was no way for him to be safe with the various kinds of heat weapons here.

While Su Mei and Wang Xue were still discussing Ye Mo’s injuries, Ye Mo had already gone inside. There was still a waiter at the entrance of the clubhouse, but he just looked at Ye Mo’s invitation and let him in.

There were already a lot of people coming inside the clubhouse, so it was evident that Su Jingwen had made it somewhat grand this time, probably to celebrate her mother’s recovery by the way, and to walk around with some friends who hadn’t walked around for a long time.

“Ye Mo, thank you for coming to my birthday party, come, sit over here.” As soon as Ye Mo came in, Su Jingwen saw it and hurried over to bring Ye Mo to a table and sit down.

“Of course, if I said I would come, I will definitely come ah.” Ye Mo smiled and was about to take out the birthday present he had prepared when he heard someone call out, “Ah, Jing Wen, who is this handsome guy? It can’t be your boyfriend, right ……”

But when he saw the ordinary canvas sneakers that Ye Mo was wearing under his feet, and then looked at the clothes that Ye Mo was wearing, he stopped the latter part of his sentence stiffly and turned to say in a somewhat raw manner, “Uh, this, he’s really dressed up ……”

Su Jingwen, fearing that Ye Mo would be embarra*sed, hurriedly said, “He is a friend of mine, Ye Mo ……”

Only then did Su Jingwen realize that Ye Mo was staring straight behind her and didn’t seem to hear her words. Hastily turning around to look, it was Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei walking over. Su Jingwen couldn’t help but cry out in disbelief, thinking how come they met so early, she hadn’t had time to talk to Ye Mo about it yet.

Ye Mo looked at Ning Qingxue who had picturesque eyebrows as she walked over, this woman who was wearing a light yellow blouse actually gave him a stunning look. Her ink-like green silk fell somewhat casually on her shoulders, revealing some softness, while there was not a trace of make-up left on her googly-eyed face.

A hair ornament in the shape of a fawn was worn on one side of her hair, and while a few exposed strands fell casually to the corners of her eyes, her eyes had a melancholy and bewilderment that was hard to name. Her steps were as gentle as those of a fairy on the clouds, but why were her eyes so familiar?

That melancholy and bewilderment? Luo Ying? Yes, her eyes were too similar to Master Luo Ying’s. Ye Mo took a long breath of relief and came back to his senses. It had become clear that this girl was not Master Luo Ying, it was just that her eyes were very much like Luo Ying’s eyes.

Ye Mo’s expression once again returned to its original calmness, he didn’t know Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue, however, saw the way the young man looked at her, and although there was a moment of disorientation, unlike others, he sized himself up carefully, but once again reverted to his original appearance, instead of looking at himself secretly after having a good look away, like others.

“Light snow, Mumei, you’re down here too. Let me introduce you to ……” Su Jingwen was just about to introduce a few people to each other when Li Mumei walked up to Su Jingwen’s ear and whispered, “Don’t introduce them here, Light Snow hasn’t met Ye Mo.”

Su Jingwen immediately reacted, if Ning Qingxue did not know Ye Mo, this was indeed not the right place to introduce the two to each other.

“Sister Jingwen, something happened just now, Wang Xue accidentally crushed all of Ye Mo’s hands, Ye Mo now however doesn’t know where he has gone, I ……” Su Mei hurriedly ran in and spoke away urgently as soon as she entered.

But she was only halfway through when she felt something was wrong, because several people were staring at her with some surprise, and she happened to not understand what was going on when she saw Ye Mo.