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DYM Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19

“Qing Xue, you are really, a family as big as the Song family always loves to save face, if something happens to Ye Mo as soon as you marry him, that is, any person will suspect the Song family, I don’t think the Song family will do such a thankless thing.” Li Mumei seemed to be very experienced in analysis.

Ning Qingxue nodded in silence for a long time and said, “Alright, just think of it as me owing him one more time.”

However, Li Mumei shook his head and said, “Qingxue, you’re wrong, this time it’s not that you owe him, but that he owes you. I’m sure Ye Mo doesn’t think the same as you, he can’t be happy enough. How about this, tomorrow is Jingwen’s birthday, we just happen to use this excuse to go to Ninghai, after attending Jingwen’s birthday party, how about I accompany you to Ning University to find Ye Mo for a showdown?”

Ning Qingxue was no stranger to this woman Su Jingwen, when she was still in school, Su Jingwen was a famous beauty in Yanjing, it was only a few years ago that she went to Ninghai after something happened to her mother. Although she had never met her, she kind of knew this woman, but Li Mumei was Su Jingwen’s very good friend.


Ye Mo came to cla*s once in a while, and basically he’s now almost done with his self-study of the university’s courses for a few years, because today Shi Xiu invited him for dinner, mainly because Shi Xiu got a few free meal vouchers for the school’s Gathering Taste House restaurant, and there was something free to eat, so of course he wanted Ye Mo to come along and eat.

If there was one friend that Ye Mo had at Ning University, it was Shi Xiu. Generally whenever Ye Mo went to cla*s, whether it was a big cla*s or a small cla*s, Shi Xiu would always sit next to Ye Mo. He and Ye Mo were like that, from the moment Ye Mo entered Ninghai University, and there was no change because Ye Mo had been kicked out of the Ye family.

Originally, when Ye Mo first woke up here, it was also Shi Xiu who called him and took care of him not to get in touch with Yan Yan. Later when Ye Mo had financial difficulties after being expelled from the Ye family, he tried to help Ye Mo as much as he could as long as he could. It could be said that in Ning University, the only two people who had helped Ye Mo financially were Wang Ying and Shi Xiu. Wang Ying might have done it for the sake of Ye Ling, but Shi Xiu was Ye Mo’s uncompromising friend.

“Ye Mo, this cla*s is with Emotionless Ice again, you’ve already offended her once, it’s better if you don’t come. Let’s not talk during cla*s, in case she sees us, maybe she’ll look for trouble again.” Shi Xiu said to Ye Mo carefully.

Ye Mo laughed a little and patted Shi Xiu’s shoulder, “I won’t bother with this kind of chicky woman, don’t worry, you won’t be dragged into it, not to mention not talking in one cla*s, even if I don’t talk for a month I won’t have a problem.”

Shi Xiu also smiled, he certainly didn’t think Ye Mo could go a month without speaking.

“Who are you calling a small chicken, Ye Mo, just a scum like you still has the face to talk about others and even have the face to come to cla*s.” A very clear female voice interrupted Ye Mo’s words.

“Yan Yan, what do you mean? Ye Mo didn’t say anything about you, who are you to talk too much, do you see Ye Mo as a good bully.” Shi Xiu was very upset with Yan Yan because last time Ye Mo was so angry with Yan Yan that he pa*sed out. If it was Ye Mo who asked for it last time, this time Yan Yan was definitely doing it on purpose.

“Oh yo, Shi Xiu are you nice, you actually dare to yell.” When Yan Yan saw that the always nice Shi Xiu actually dared to yell at her, she was immediately about to get mad.

Ye Mo, however, reached out and pulled Shi Xiu a little and said, “Why bother with such people in general, just treat it as a dog barking.”

“Ye Mo ……,” Yan Yan pointed at Ye Mo and was about to start cursing.

Ye Mo sneered and said before Yan Yan could curse out, “It’s not your fault that you’re ugly, but it’s your fault that you have to show up. Oh, didn’t you say last time if I could sleep with you? I’m sorry, I’m not interested in a dinosaur like you.”

Ye Mo was of course trying to help this predecessor out, a woman like Yan Yan was too arrogant.

Yan Yan, who was about to start cursing, suddenly laughed out loud, Ye Mo actually said she was ugly. Although she, Yan Yan, was not a school flower or anything like that, she still had no problem getting a cla*s flower and immediately sneered back, “I’m ugly, Ye Mo, you’re blind, open your eyes wide and see, do you know any female who looks better than me? Is there one? If there is, I’ll admit that I’m ugly, if not ……”

At this moment a soft and melodious voice interrupted her at the cla*sroom entrance, “Ye Mo, come out for a moment, I have come to look for you several times, but I just can’t find you.”

Almost all of them looked towards the cla*sroom door, and all of the male students immediately had their eyes straightened. There was a beautiful girl standing in front of the door, if we say that some celebrities are beautiful on camera only through all kinds of make-up, this girl at the door of the cla*sroom was a clear water, no trace of make-up could be seen.

Her eyebrows were like a faraway diadem, matching her faintly smiling pretty face, and without looking at her proud stance, one could tell that this was a rare beauty. If this girl were a student of Ning University, then the number one school flower of Ning University would not be Su Mei, but this girl in front of her.

Yan Yan was like a hen that had been strangled, and her cries came to an abrupt halt. Just now she was still saying that none of the women Ye Mo knew were as good looking as her, and here came a woman who was better than her who didn’t know how far she was, and that wasn’t the main thing, the main thing was that this woman was calling Ye Mo.

Ye Mo coldly glanced at Yan Yan, he didn’t need to be common sense with this woman, anyway, his anger had already been taken out, from now on, each of us would have nothing to do with each other.

“Jingwen, you are looking for me for something?” Ye Mo didn’t expect that Su Jingwen had really found the cla*sroom, and from what she said she had looked for her not once or twice.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t call himself Sister Jing Wen, but directly Jing Wen, Su Jing Wen gave Ye Mo a blank look, but didn’t object.

Because of her father, Su Jingwen’s view of men was very somewhat biased, but she was a lot less wary of Ye Mo. Although Ye Mo was not the man she was looking for, Ye Mo was very similar to that man, and the way Ye Mo looked at her was clear, there was nothing nasty in it. Add to that the fact that Ye Mo was still a student, all of this added up to make Su Jingwen think well of Ye Mo.

“It’s hard to say that I can’t come to you because there’s nothing to do, are you free? Why don’t we go out and talk.” Su Jingwen said with a smile.

Ye Mo nodded helplessly, he knew the free meal wasn’t that good, he had to be careful next time he ate a meal from Xu Wei and helped her go and cover for her late into the night. After eating one of Su Jingwen’s meals, this is not, again, looking for the door. After thinking about it, he stood directly at the door and said hello to Shi Xiu, asking him not to wait for him tonight.

“Let’s go.” Ye Mo had just said hello to Su Jingwen when she saw Yun Bing, the English cla*s teacher, walking over with a few textbooks in her hands, and she looked at Ye Mo who was leaving the cla*sroom and immediately had disgust written all over her face. However, when she looked at Su Jingwen again, a trace of surprise appeared on her face, which then turned into regret.

Of course Ye Mo also saw Yun Bing, but he didn’t care about the credits at all, he didn’t care at all about how this woman was. Even if he was given zero points, it would be the same.


Chapter 20

“Ye Mo, I would like to ask you a favour.” Su Jingwen’s tone seemed a little embarra*sed.

Ye Mo said in his heart I knew it, but he didn’t have a bad impression of Su Jingwen. From the first time he saw her eager to save her mother, he knew that this woman was a person worth helping, besides although he had entered the police station last time because of her, but she also had good intentions.

“Go ahead, if I can help you and it’s not a long time, I will definitely help you, it’s an honour for me to help a beautiful woman.” Ye Mo said with a smile.

“Actually, Ye Mo, you look good when you smile, you need to smile more.” Su Jingwen suddenly came out with an irrelevant remark.

Ye Mo was stunned for a moment, although he already knew the people and things here well, there was always a sense of caution deep inside. Plus, after he entered the police station last time, this wariness became even stronger. He felt that his strength was too low, and the reason he had this wariness was for fear of his details being leaked and bringing him a crisis, so he generally seemed somewhat indifferent in his dealings with people.

Now, after hearing Su Jingwen say this, he felt that he seemed to be a little too cautious. As long as he himself did not reveal his true secret, then there was no need to be so cautious at ordinary times.

“Ye Mo, I actually inquired about you ……” Su Jingwen paused here and quietly looked at Ye Mo’s face, and only when she saw that Ye Mo’s face was as normal did she continue with relief, “I have a cousin who is also at Ning University She’s called Su Mei, and it’s from her that I heard about you.”

“Did you have some misunderstanding with Su Mei? Su Mei’s character is a bit arrogant, she’s actually not bad. Forget it, let’s not talk about her, to say the least I don’t know her very well either. That, that ……” Su Jingwen that for half a day, just did not say the second half of the sentence.

In fact, Su Mei told Su Jingwen how Ye Mo was an uneducated person, Su Jingwen didn’t even listen to her. The reason she said what Su Mei was was to tell Ye Mo not to give up on himself. She also intended to say that she knew a very powerful person who could even cure vegetative people. If she found this person, Ye Mo might be able to cure him as well.

But that was not something she could say, after all, although she was already familiar with Ye Mo, she was not yet familiar to the point where she could not say anything to him, she was just an ordinary friend. Besides, it was always a bit awkward for a girl to say such things.

Ye Mo understood Su Jingwen’s meaning, since she was Su Mei’s cousin, it meant that she already knew about herself. It was normal that she couldn’t say it, and shook her hand to stop Su Jingwen from continuing that and said, “Actually, I’m having a very happy time ah, there’s nothing unpleasant, don’t worry about it, but thank you for your concern, well, now tell me what I need to help you with.”

Su Jingwen’s face blushed faintly, she said to herself, from Ye Mo’s expression, he really didn’t seem to have that day of his or whatever on his mind, is it really that open-minded that he doesn’t care about that? However, Su Jingwen secretly made up her mind that once she met that talisman seller, she would ask him again if she could purchase a talisman to cure Ye Mo.

Although she had not known Ye Mo for long, she felt at ease with him, and not only did he look sunny, he was also open and cheerful, which did not make her feel the least bit depressed. This is also the reason why she is willing to help Ye Mo.

Today is my birthday, and because of my family, I haven’t had a happy birthday in years. I would like to invite you to my birthday party tomorrow, I don’t know if you would appreciate it. Another thing Su Jingwen didn’t say was that she needed a male partner for a dance on her birthday, but there was no suitable one. And it would be just right to let the somewhat innocent Ye Mo help out with this.

Ye Mo froze for a moment, but some warmth rose in his heart. Su Jingwen knew that she was an outcast of the Ye family and still came to invite him, which meant that in her heart she thought the same as Shi Xiu, she just considered herself as a friend, there was no other factor in it.

“Of course I do, thank you for inviting me to your birthday party, I will definitely come over for the evening.” Ye Mo readily agreed.

Su Jingwen took out a postcard and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “I won’t be coming to call you then, it’s at 6pm at the fishing night private club, there’s an address on it. I’m going to the airport to pick up my friend, I’ll see you tonight.”

Ye Mo watched Su Jingwen’s Mercedes disappear, but in his heart he was thinking about what kind of gift he should give to Su Jingwen’s birthday party, he couldn’t go empty-handed.

He had some money on him now, but Ye Mo was not a two-hundred-fifty man, he had to save this money for his cultivation.

In the end, Ye Mo bought an extremely ordinary piece of jade at the jade market and made a jade bracelet spell, although it was called a bracelet, there were only six pea-sized jades on it. That was the jade bought was polished into a round shape by Ye Mo and made into a defensive spell, although this defensive spell was not even at the level, but it would be fine here to defend against some simple attacks.

It was just that this bracelet only had six round jade beads, and every time it defended itself, one round jade bead had to be damaged. It is not particularly beautiful, but it is practical.

One of the reasons why he polished six of them was because Ye Mo only spent more than 300 yuan, and the second reason was that Ye Mo’s current strength could only complete six of them, but perhaps Su Jingwen would not be able to use one of them in her lifetime.

For someone like Su Jingwen who was rich, a few hundred dollars of jade would not be worth anything to her. The bracelet Ye Mo gave her was a bit ugly and she wouldn’t necessarily wear it yet, but no matter if she would wear it or not, Ye Mo wouldn’t say it was a magic weapon bracelet.

When he returned to his residence, Xu Wei had not yet returned, and Ye Mo sorted out his flowers and plants. There was at most one month left before the seeds of the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ could be harvested.

After finishing these, Ye Mo was in a good mood before rushing to the Fishing Evening Private Club.


Ninghai Zhongqiao Airport.

Su Jingwen had just arrived and saw Li Mumei, but there was an extremely beautiful girl next to Li Mumei, even more ethereal than her. Who was this girl? How could she be so beautiful? If it wasn’t for the faint melancholy on her face, Su Jingwen would have thought that this was a fairy who didn’t eat earthly things.

Not only Su Jingwen, but also many people at the airport were attracted to Ning Qingxue. But when Su Jingwen walked over, many more people turned their eyes to Su Jingwen, such beautiful two girls. In comparison, Li Mumei, who wasn’t too ugly looking, could only be considered ordinary.

“Jingwen, happy birthday, I’ve come here especially to help you celebrate your birthday, hehehe!” Li Mumei started shouting when she saw Su Jingwen walking over from afar.

“Mumei, I’m really so happy that you’ve come to Ninghai, this is ……” Su Jingwen immediately came up and took Li Mumei’s hand, saying excitedly.

“Hello Jingwen, I am Mumei’s cousin Ning Qingxue, I did hear about you and wish you a happy birthday.” Ning Qingxue said with a faint smile.

“Thank you, so you are Qingxue, really beautiful, no wonder it is said to be the number one beauty in the capital, I am a bit moved ……” Su Jingwen did not expect the girl in front of her to actually be Ning Qingxue, but when she saw that Ning Qingxue looked a bit gloomy, she immediately thought of Ye Mo, and then stopped talking.

Li Mumei seemed to see some coldness, and quickly said, “Jingwen, Qingxue, you see many people are staring at us now, let’s hurry up and go.”