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DYM Chapter 210

Ninghai, Su Jingwen is sitting inside the house with her mother with a frown on her face.

She did not expect her cousin to propose marriage to her mother, and even wanted to settle things on October 1. This annoyed her and she did not know how to handle it for a while.

Su Jingwen had always been grateful in her heart for her cousin Xie Yuzheng. Because it was her cousin who brought her up when she was a child, it would not be too much to say that she was a childhood friend. However, she only had brother-sister feelings for her cousin, but not the kind of gratitude between lovers.

This was why she had turned down several invitations to be alone with her cousin. It would be absolutely impossible to say that she hadn’t noticed it at all, but she felt that she wasn’t ready for that, or at least she couldn’t adjust to it for a while yet.

Su Jingwen’s mother, Mu An, originally thought that Su Jingwen would not refuse, as she was the happiest person when Xie Yijian came back.

But what Mu An didn’t expect was that her daughter Su Jingwen frowned and said that she hadn’t thought about such a thing yet, and it was obvious that her kind of emotion wasn’t shyness, but that she really hadn’t thought about it.

Although Mu An was very fond of Xie Yijian, but for her daughter’s matter, she only raised the reference, if Jingwen really did not want to, she would not try to force her.

“Jingwen, this is a big matter in your life, you are not too young, anymore, I can only give you a reference opinion. Yu Jing is not bad looking, and he is also a doctoral student who stayed in the US, and most of all he is still the same character as he was back then after all these years in the US. I’ll leave it to you to think about it, it’s a matter for you young people. Alas …….” Mu An finished as if she remembered her own unfortunate marriage, although Jing Wen was so old, but she and Su Jing Wen’s father were no better than strangers.

Seeing her mother walk out, Su Jingwen also panted, and she rubbed her forehead with some annoyance. She didn’t know how to refuse her cousin, although her mother said that he hadn’t changed, but she felt that his possessive desire was too strong. Perhaps in his heart, she should rightfully belong to him, which made Su Jingwen feel some subconscious sense of resistance. However, cousin Yuyi was many times better than that Wang Peng.

Even if he wanted to feel this way, she would have to wait until she treated him as a lover in her heart, but right now, she really only had brother-sister feelings for him.

Su Jingwen remembered the last time her cousin had forcefully asked to give her a bracelet, which made her a little uncomfortable. She subconsciously looked at the bracelet with only two jade beads on her wrist, and suddenly thought of Ning Qingxue again. Last time Ning Qingxue said she was going to a dangerous place, I wonder if she has returned now.

Su Jingwen took out her phone and called Ning Qingxue, but there was a busy signal on the phone. Something could have happened to Qingxue, right? When Su Jingwen thought of this, she couldn’t hold back any longer and was about to call Li Mumei to ask.

At this time, her mobile phone rang. Su Jingwen picked up the phone, and when she heard the voice, she immediately exclaimed in surprise, “Qingxue, you’re back? Where are you? Good, I’ll go over right away.”

The Song family in Yanjing.

The head of the family, Song Qiming, was sitting on the main seat of the conference room with a very serious face, and even the Song family’s old man, Song Yuanyi, had come over this time. But even if Song Yuanyi was the Song Family’s old man, Song Qiming’s father, he was still sitting on the chair at the back at this time, which already indicated that the Song Family’s family meeting this time was entirely under Song Qiming’s charge.

However, this time, apart from people from the Song family, there were two other people who were not from the Song family attending the Song family meeting. One of them was a man in his thirties, with very fair skin, who looked civilised and handsome. The other was an old man in his sixties, with a red face but dark hair, and if I must say something special about him it was that his hair was surprisingly long and tied up, except that his eyes seemed to droop.

In the present society, it would be strange for an old man in his sixties to keep his hair long, and it would be even stranger to have it tied up like this.

“Although our Song family is superficially prosperous, it is actually stormy.” Song Qiming said before sweeping a glance at the Song family’s children present before continuing, “Ye Mo, as I think the Song family knows, has slapped my Song family’s face time and time again, even killing three of my Song family’s direct descendants, and we don’t even dare to settle the score with him. If this goes on, our Song family will be finished on its own without others to deal with.”

As Song Qiming spoke, the expression on his face grew more and more serious.

“Qiming speak out the crisis, let’s all think of a solution together, my Song Family has pa*sed through so many storms, could it be that we can’t even ride this small wave now.” The one who spoke was the Song family’s old man, Song Yuanyi.

Song Qiming nodded and said, “Apart from my Song Family’s direct descendants, those who came to my Song Family’s family meeting today are also senior Ou Feng and Li Mingqiang of the Ou Family. The Ou Family was almost even wiped out by Ye Mo, the thief, because of a small matter of evil against Ye Mo. The two tigers of the Ou family were even killed by Ye Mo.

Senior Li Mingqiang’s disciple, Hu Qiu, was also killed by Ye Mo. It can be said that Ye Mo was a good killer by nature and had blood on his hands. Now that my Song family has also offended him, I think his next move will definitely be on my Song family. If we can’t guard against this person early, my Song family will not be far from extinction.

When Song Qiming finished speaking, Ou Feng, whose face was white, clenched the fist in his hand and did not say a word, although the anger in his heart could be seen from his trembling body.

The black-haired old man suddenly opened his eyes and said with a cold snort, “Young people nowadays are becoming more and more arrogant, showing off all over the place just because they have learned some skills. Hu Qiu is my personal disciple, if I don’t kill this thief to avenge my disciple’s hatred, I, Li Mingqiang, will be deluded to learn martial arts for decades.”

“Senior Li, don’t be anxious, Ye Mo is someone we all want to kill, but this man does have extremely strong skills. This time, since we are going to strike we must strike a blow and decide not to let him have another chance to catch his breath. Besides, Mr. Hu Qiu was also killed because of my Song family, and my Song family will not stand by and do nothing.” A man from the Song Family sitting on the left immediately stood up and bowed and said.

Originally, the Song Family had asked Li Mingqiang to help them, but now that he had said that, it had directly turned into the Song Family helping Li Mingqiang.

Li Mingqiang was an old man, so how could he not hear such words? He looked coldly at the man who had spoken and did not say anything.

However, Song Qiming coldly snorted and said, “Song Hu, shut up, put away your little cleverness, senior Li Mingqiang is here to help my Song family this time.”

Song Hu ate without buying a good deal, his face turned red and he sat to the side, no longer speaking.

Song Hai, however, stood up and said, “Family head, senior Li, this Ye Mo is indeed not an idle person, apart from senior Li, there is no one in our Song family who is his opponent. Moreover, we can’t use the state’s means to deal with him openly and honestly right now, because now he has even become the chief instructor of ‘Flying Snow,’. However, there is someone who can deal with him now, and if the family head is willing to meet him, I can bring him up right away.”

“Who is it? Quickly invite him in.” Song Qiming was now worried about not having a way to deal with Ye Mo, and now there was someone who said he could deal with it. How could he not be eager to know.

Although he knew that Li Mingqiang was very powerful, he did not have a clue if he could deal with Ye Mo, after all, even that tiger from the Ou family had been killed by Ye Mo’s mouth, so he could see that Ye Mo’s power had already made his heart palpitate, not to mention that he could not use the power of the state to deal with Ye Mo now, even if he could, could Ye Mo be something that could be dealt with by a large number of people?

As the crowd was speculating, Song Hai had already brought in a thin middle-aged man. He was about forty years old, with triangular eyes and long eyebrows. Although he had walked into the council chamber of the Song Family, a first-cla*s great clan, his demeanour was calm, without the slightest sense of nervousness, and he appeared calm and unhurried.

“Family head, this is Dongfang Qiu, who found my Song family not long ago and is willing to help deal with Ye Mo.” Song Hai briefly introduced Dongfang Qiu before immediately backing away.

Song Qiming immediately stood up, “Dongfang Qiu? Could you be Dongfang Qiu, the chief military commander of ‘Nan Qing, back then, and the one who guided ‘Nan Qing, and eventually lived in Seena for a long time?”

Dongfang Qiu smiled faintly and clasped his fist like the ancients, “Peel Xie, it is none other than me, I never thought that my humble name would enter the ears of the Song family’s master, it is an honour for Dongfang Qiu.”

“Please sit down, please sit down.” Song Qiming was aware of this person, Dongfang Qiu, back when ‘Nan Qing, was still struggling desperately, and even the Thousand Dragons were running around for their lives, Dongfang Qiu appeared. He was able to make the world go round, and countless schemes came out of his mind, which eventually led to the biggest gang in the whole of Asia, the ‘Southern Youth’, a gang that even the state could not do anything about, and it was not too much to say that this gang was planned by Dongfang Qiu.

When Song Qiming first heard of this man, Dongfang Qiu often exclaimed, “I wish I could have been born in the Three Kingdoms and competed with Zhuge and Sima.”

It was a pity that under the new political system, Dongfang Qiu had no use for him. He was not from a big family, and he could not enter the officialdom, so he could only a*sist the leader of a thousand dragons to become a small emperor, but his dream of becoming a small emperor was cut off by Ye Mo.

Dongfang Qiu sat down calmly before saying, “Is the Song family head bothered by Ye Mo?”

Song Qiming had heard of Dongfang Qiu’s great name, and now that he was asking about it, of course he would not hide it and said directly, “Yes, I am not going to hide it from Brother Dongfang, my Song family is really struggling right now and is at a loss in the face of Ye Mo, so I would like to ask for Brother Dongfang’s help.”

Dongfang Qiu smiled faintly, “Since I’m here, I want to help the Song family out. Not to mention that I, Dongfang Qiu, and he, Ye Mo, originally had a deep-seated enmity, even if we didn’t have the slightest grudge, I’m still not used to seeing this person being so arrogant. However, before that, I would like to know what the Song Family’s bottom cards are.”