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DYM Chapter 211

Song Qiming hesitated for a long time, but did not speak. mm

Seeing this, Dongfang Qiming laughed, stood up and said, “In that case, Master Song, just pretend that I, Dongfang Qiming, have never been here.”

“Wait, please sit down, Master Dongfang, there is nothing unspeakable about this matter.

Although we cannot use the power of the state, my Song family can temporarily draw out a certain amount of troops in the south, north and west. However, this can only be done on the pretext of practicing, and it cannot take too long, no more than eight hours at most.”

As Song Qiming said this, he looked at Ou Feng and Li Mingqiang again and continued, “My Song Family still has four Yellow-ranked experts and and Senior Li is a mid Xuan-ranked expert.”

After sitting down, Dongfang Qiu listened to Song Qiming’s words but did not dismiss them, instead picking up his cup of tea and taking another sip.

When Song Qizhan, who was sitting below Song Qiming, saw that Dongfang Qiu did not speak for a long time, he asked with some displeasure, “I wonder what Mr. Dongfang has to say about this matter?”

Only then did Dongfang Qiu put down his cup of tea and said slowly and methodically, “There is an old saying in our country that one can never lose a battle by knowing oneself and one’s enemy. I think the Song family head should know where Ye Mo is at this time, and even what he is doing.”

Song Qiming nodded and said, “That’s right, Ye Mo should have taken up a mission at this time to find something to return.”

Dongfang Qiu nodded and said once again, “I think since the Song Clan Master is so honest, I won’t beat around the bush. Ye Mo should be going out to find some of the information this time, but of course, he definitely won’t be able to find it.”

Song Qiming suddenly stared at Dongfang Qiu and said somewhat coldly, “How did Mr. Dongfang know about this?” This matter was a state secret, and his father had only inquired about some traces because he had friends all over Yanjing, but he did not expect Dongfang Qiu to know about it.

Dongfang Qiu did not seem to see Song Qiming’s appalling gaze, but looked at the many Song family children without speaking.

At a glance, Song Qiming understood what was going on and immediately said, “Song Hai and Qi Zhan stay behind, Xian Nephew Ou Feng and Senior Li Mingqiang also stay behind, the rest of you go down first.”

Soon there were only four members of the Song family left in the room, Song Hai, Song Qiming, Song Qizhan and Elder Song. The remaining three were Li Mingqiang and Ou Feng and Dongfang Qiu.

“Now Mr. Dongfang can speak.” Song Qiming said again.

Dongfang Qiu glanced at Huan Feng and sighed slightly, although he didn’t know what Song Qiming wanted to keep Ou Feng for, he couldn’t say anymore to let Ou Feng go too.

“I am here to make a deal with the Song family, I will help the Song family destroy Ye Mo, the Song family needs to promise me two conditions,” Dongfang Qiu said without hurrying.

Song Qiming of course saw the glance that Dongfang Qiu gave to Ou Feng, but said without moving his voice, “Oh, please tell me clearly, Mr. Dongfang. If it is possible to destroy Ye Mo, there is nothing wrong with my Song Family even if we have to make some sacrifices.”

“Good, since Family Head Song is so crisp, I will speak directly.” Dongfang Qiu’s voice abruptly turned decisive, making it sound as if he had already made up his mind.

“I am actually already a member of the ‘Northern Sands,'” “Northern Sands, I think Brother Song should have heard of it…. …” Dongfang Qiu paused for a moment here.

However, Song Qizhan suddenly stood up, “What? You’re actually from the ‘Northern Sands,’?”

Song Qiming’s face sank, he felt that Song Qizhan was too sullen and said with some displeasure, “Qizhan, don’t influence Mr. Dongfang, sit down.” However, he was vaguely disappointed in his heart, he had hoped to rope this Dongfang Qiu into joining the Song family, but it looked like there was no chance.

Dongfang Qiu did not seem to sense Song Qizhan’s surprise in general, but continued to say slowly, “I know that the country and we, ‘Bei Sha, are very antagonistic now, but this does not affect our deal. I can guarantee that with the help and planning of my ‘Northern Sands,’ Ye Mo will have nowhere to escape and will definitely end up being sent to the Song family or dead.”

Song Qiming said without moving his voice, “Mr. Dongfang, it is better to talk about your two conditions.”

“First, not long ago Ye Mo captured a few of my ‘Northern Sands,’ and I would also like to ask the Song Clan Master to help get them out. Second, after the matter is completed, I also ask the Song family to help return the part of information that Ye Mo brought back before to my ‘Northern Sands,” after Dongfang Qiu finished these two conditions, he picked up his cup of tea and stopped talking, waiting for Song Qiming’s reply without tension.

Song Qiming’s face changed gloomily for half a day before he said: “The first condition, I may be able to get someone to come, but as for the second condition, that is absolutely impossible. That information has been cla*sified as a national-level secret, and I absolutely cannot get it out. Besides, even if it was in my possession, me taking it to ‘Bei Sha’ would simply be the same as treason.”

However, after Song Qiming finished speaking, Dongfang Qiu’s face did not show the slightest bit of frustration or dissatisfaction, but said with a slight smile, “Yes, if you can save the woman and draw the exact location of where the information is hidden, and the means of defence, so be it.”

Dongfang Qiu did not want to get the information from Song Qiming at all, he also understood that it was absolutely impossible, but drawing the location map was still possible for Song Qiming. If this could not be done, his Song family would not be qualified to cooperate with him, Dongfang Qiming.

“It’s possible.” Song Qiming glanced back at the old man and immediately agreed to Dongfang Qiu’s request.

When Song Qiming agreed to his request, Dongfang Qiu didn’t feel any surprise, as if this was originally expected by him. Seeing the few people present looking at him, Dongfang Qiu then slowly said, “Ye Mo is not just a martial artist, he is also slightly scheming, but his biggest flaw is his arrogance. If I hadn’t been too gullible last time, his bones would have been cold already.”

“Mr. Dongfang, please also enlighten me.” Song Qiming did not doubt Dongfang Qiu’s words in the slightest, as he was a well-known figure in China.

Dongfang Qiu nodded and said, “We have investigated Ye Mo, although he is a member of the Ye family, he seems to have a great conflict with the Ye family. But I heard that he still takes care of his younger siblings’ mouths”

“Does Mr. Dongfang mean for us to kidnap his younger sibling and then threaten Ye Mo?” Song Qizhan said with a frown.

Dongfang Qiu smiled coldly, “If that’s the case, there’s no need for me to come and present myself.”

After a pause, Dongfang Qiu continued, “Although Senior Li has a high cultivation level, I estimate that Ye Mo will not be below Senior Li. And this person is no longer an existence that can be surrounded with more people, just ask, can you stop Senior Li with more people?”

Although Dongfang Qiu said this, but everyone here knew that Dongfang Qiu was looking after Li Mingqiang’s face.

Even though Li Mingqiang was a good fighter, he would not be able to escape in the face of many people and guns. What Dongfang Qiu meant beyond words was that Ye Mo’s skills were far superior to Li Mingqiang’s.

Although Li Mingqiang also heard it, he could only keep his face silent.

Dongfang Qiu didn’t bother with his expression, but said to himself, “There are three major school girls in Hua Da, whether you know it or not, but the number one school girl in Hua Da is called Nie Shuang Shuang. Nie Shuang Shuang is now living in her relative’s house, and this relative of hers is also considered to be a member of your Song family.”

Dongfang Qiu stopped here, and Song Qiming subconsciously looked at Song Hai.

Song Hai hurriedly said, “Nie Shuang Shuang is living on loan at Song Fei’s home, and is said to be a distant relative of Song Fei’s in-laws.”

Song Qiming frowned, he had really only heard of Song Fei’s name, and could not remember who it was for a while. But since her surname was Song, and Dongfang Qiu said so, it meant that Song Fei was also a member of the Song family. But he didn’t understand why Dongfang Qiu was saying this, so he asked, “So what?”

Dongfang Qiu smiled faintly, “Although this person Ye Mo is decisive in killing, but one of his fatal flaws is that he is too sentimental, and this person likes to take care of idle matters that come into his eyes. Imagine if he saw such a beautiful girl like Nie Shuang Shuang in danger on the road, would he go and save her? Once saved, with Nie Shuang Shuang’s beauty, it shouldn’t be difficult to seduce Ye Mo.

As long as Ye Mo had fallen in love with Nie Shuang Shuang and even got into bed with her, then the rest of the ploy would be a done deal. Ye Mo’s sister Ye Ling is also the school flower of Hua Da, so I’m sure her posture is not bad either.”

Song Qiming instantly thought of something and his expression instantly became wonderful as he glanced at Song Hai and said, “Song Hai, help Mr. Dongfang refill the water. Mr Dongfang, you please continue.”

Dongfang Qiu, however, said to himself, “As far as I know, in a month’s time, there will be an auction of the Hidden Sect at a temple dojo in the Immeasurable Mountains, and many experts of the Hidden Sect will go to it, and those who normally enter without a waistband will be immediately wiped out. And I happen to know the hidden entrance to this auction, so…”

“Well?” Even Song Qiming couldn’t contain the eagerness within him and immediately inquired.

“Have Nie Shuang Shuang take Ye Mo to Immeasurable Mountain, then call Ye Ling and tell her that her brother is at Immeasurable Mountain, then bring Ye Ling to the entrance of the Hidden Sect’s auction as well. That way Ye Mo will be dead.” The corner of Dongfang Qiu’s mouth showed a hint of ruthlessness as he said this.

Several people were staring at Dongfang Qiu at this point, hoping that he would say how Ye Mo was set to die.

Dongfang Qiu did not buy the story, but said, “This entrance is held by two experts of the Hidden Sect, one of them is already at the peak of Xuan level cultivation, and another one is said to be at half-step Earth level cultivation. The main thing is that these two love sex so much that it would not be too much to say they are sex demons, once these two see Nie Shuang Shuang and Ye Ling who barged in they will definitely make a move.”

“What Mr. Dongfang means is to let these two snatch the two women, and then these two and Ye Mo turn against each other?” Song Qiming asked.

Dongfang Qiu shook his head, “It’s not entirely right, Ye Mo has already broken a big taboo by barging into that pa*sage, but it’s not like people from the Hidden Sect can snatch women with impunity. You can have Nie Shuang Shuang take the initiative to go up and seduce one of them, and then the other one will definitely be unable to press on to make a move on Ye Ling. For a man of Ye Mo’s high-mindedness and pride, not only was he cuckolded in front of the woman he liked, but he was also molested by his own sister, so he was absolutely shocked and angry. With his head furious to the extreme, there was no doubt that his combat power would drop, and the main thing was that the two people he was facing were not existences to be messed with.”

“Why didn’t you choose Ning Qingxue?” Song Qizhan asked subconsciously.

Dongfang Qiu shook his head, “I still have a great use for Ning Qingxue, I’ll tell you guys about this later. As long as we wait for Ye Mo to be stopped by two experts from the Hidden Sect, he will be ten dead, and even if he barely escapes, he will definitely be seriously injured. The only thing we need outside is Senior Li and a few Yellow level experts, then we will have two more peak Yellow level experts to stop him, and it will be difficult for him to fly. But you need to arrange for some men to be nearby at the same time to prevent him from escaping into the jungle, we need to search the mountain.”