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DYM Chapter 213

After the battle between the Divine Dragon Shelf and Bianpo, Ye Mo already knew that his strength was still far from that of the top experts.

The first thing he did was to get the ‘Face-holding Fruit’ and the ‘Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seed’, and he also got to know the real experts, and at the same time he understood his own depths.

The snow lotus seeds Ye Mo had already opened and looked at carefully, there were still nine of them inside, but the rest were missing, I don’t know if they had been eaten by the birds or they had fallen off automatically, but with nine of them Ye Mo was already satisfied. It was just that now he still lacked an alchemy furnace to make pills.

After sending Ning Qingxue away, Ye Mo bought a train ticket to Guilin, after all, what he was doing now was too dangerous, but it would be inconvenient if he took Ning Qingxue with him.

Ye Mo chose to take the train for several reasons, the first being that there were no direct flights to Guilin from where he was, and also that he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in recent times, he was going to sleep on top of the train, so he bought a sleeper.

Unlike most travellers, Ye Mo was empty handed. Everyone else had a big bag, or at the very least, a clutch! There were really not many people like Ye Mo who boarded the long-distance train empty-handed.

Therefore, when Ye Mo was queuing up to check his ticket, many people subconsciously stayed away from him.

Just as Ye Mo was about to check his ticket, a voice called out to him, “Is that Ye Mo in front of you? You wait.”

Ye Mo stopped, thinking to himself that Light Snow had already returned to Ninghai, who else knew him? However, he soon saw clearly who the visitor was, a journalist with a backpack and a camera on her back.

Ye Mo had seen her before and remembered that her name was Xiao Lei, he had met her when he went to the flowing snake, this woman was very bold and was a woman who went to whatever place was dangerous. When she appeared here, Ye Mo could think with his toes that she should have gone to cover the Shen Longjia sinkhole.

“It’s you. Did you call me for something?” Ye Mo turned his head and asked.

As a journalist and a well-known one at that, what kind of people had Xiao Lei not met, as for not being able to answer the other party’s words, such things had never happened to her. However, now that Ye Mo asked her a question, she unexpectedly didn’t know how to answer for a moment, and even her face was a little red.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “If it’s alright, I’m going to get on the train son, bye ah.”

“Ah… …, you wait, I’m looking for you for something.” Xiao Lei reacted, Ye Mo was the hero in her heart was a life-saver. It was so hard to meet him, how could she just let him go like that.

“What is it?” Ye Mo wasn’t in a big hurry, the train was still a few minutes away anyway.

“Yes, oh yes, last time you saved me, I didn’t even have time to thank you, this time I met you so easily, I want to treat you to a meal.” Only after Xiao Lei finished speaking did she realise that her intelligence had become a bit low all of a sudden, Ye Mo was obviously holding a train ticket in his hand, yet she said she would treat him to dinner, wasn’t this a clear statement for nothing.

Sure enough Ye Mo raised the ticket in his hand and said, “That’s just a hand up, there’s no need for you to take it to heart. You should be going to the Shen Longjia to cover the sinkhole, but I have an opinion, whether you listen to it or not is up to you, I suggest you don’t go in, let alone go next to the sinkhole.”

“Ah, Ye Mo do you know about the sinkhole too? It should be fine now a lot of our peers have gone to interview it. But it’s not allowed to enter yet, just that the camera has already entered the sinkhole and it’s said that there seems to be something like a tripod inside, and now the pictures coming back many experts are studying it. It also says that the tripod is likely to be from the Qin Dynasty period, so this sinkhole is likely to be a cemetery from the Qin Dynasty period.” When Xiao Lei saw that Ye Mo still wanted to leave, she was a little anxious, yet she had no reason to tell him not to go, so she had to find something to say without words.

Ye Mo was only listening to Xiao Lei with a polite attitude, after all, people were talking and it was a bit too rude to just walk away, but Xiao Lei’s words made Ye Mo more and more interested. Surprisingly, it was a tripod, he was lacking a dan tripod, and this tripod was not sure if it was for alchemy.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo hurriedly asked, “Do you know how big this tripod is?”

Seeing that Ye Mo seemed to be somewhat interested in what was inside this celestial pit, Xiao Lei hurriedly said, “It’s not very clear yet, but I have photos here, and with that she put her backpack down and rummaged around inside.

Ye Mo subconsciously walked up to Xiao Lei, his heart thumping, if the tripod inside that sinkhole was really a dan furnace for refining pills, he would not have to search for a dan furnace. Although he had the materials to make the furnace, it would be a fool’s errand for him to use the furnace to refine a ‘face-perfecting pill’ with his current cultivation level. Moreover, the materials for the furnace were relatively precious, and it was difficult to get them in general.

Xiao Lei was squatting on the ground, with her neckline exposed, although Ye Mo was standing next to her and could see it clearly with a sweep of his eyes.

But Ye Mo’s mind didn’t notice this at all, instead he was staring at her hand, to Ye Mo the dan furnace was the most important thing.

The first time Xiao Lei flipped out the photo, Ye Mo picked it up. The photo was not very clear, it was a bit blurry, and one could vaguely see that the object inside the photo was indeed a tripod.

Although the photo was not clear, Ye Mo still saw a groove next to the tripod, which was a place to remove the residue of the medicine. This was not a tripod, this was a pottery furnace, it was definitely a pottery furnace.

Ye Mo was wildly happy in his heart, he didn’t expect that just now he was thinking about the dan furnace, and in the blink of an eye the dan furnace appeared in front of him. At this moment, his good feeling towards Xiao Lei rose abruptly.

“Is this the one that was taken inside the Heavenly Pit?” Ye Mo took the photo and immediately asked.

“Yes.” Xiao Lei immediately replied, then continued, “I came to pick up a colleague, and I didn’t expect to meet you here. What luck, if you are not in a hurry, I would like to treat you to a meal, and I will buy the ticket for you later.”

Since he had seen the dan furnace, Ye Mo would definitely not leave again, of course he had to stay mouth now that Xiao Lei said that, he immediately nodded his head in agreement, “Oh, I guess the train has already left now, there is no way to stay even if I don’t. No need for a treat, see if your colleagues are coming over.”

Xiao Lei looked back and indeed saw a man and a woman walking over with backpacks, Xiao Lei hurriedly raised her hand and said, “, Chu Dao is over here.”

“Xiao Lei, is this your boyfriend? I even took a picture of you guys just now.” The girl walked up to the two and said, and then graciously extended her hand to Ye Mo, “Hello, my name is, Xiao Lei’s colleague.”

Ye Mo reached out and shook his hand, then shook his hand with Chu Dao before saying, “My name is Ye Mo, I haven’t known Xiao Lei for long.”

“Then you have to work hard, Xiao Lei is a great beauty of our station, the people who are pursuing her are lined up in a company, although you have good conditions, but you have to work hard.” It was a self-effacing person who quickly joked with Ye Mo.

Xiao Lei hastily hit it, “You’re dying, nonsense. Let’s go, today I’m treating you to a meal. Ye Mo is my life-saver, me treating him to dinner is not what you think of as a mouth”

Chu said as he thought about it, and hurriedly said, “Ye Mo, is that the expert who saved you last time at the Flowing Serpent? I’ve really heard a lot about him.”

Various news clips also popped up in his eyes, and it was obvious that Ye Mo’s value had now increased by more than several times.

Xiao Lei helplessly pulled away from the two, she really regretted putting the initial story around. It looked like she was really good material to be a journalist.

After being pestered by the three to finish the meal, Ye Mo left his phone number and had to write down the three’s phone numbers again before he had the chance to slip away.

Xiao Lei, however, was very disappointed, she had managed to get a date with Ye Mo, but it was only a meal, and with a colleague mouth nothing to develop, which made her not depressed.

“No way, Xiao Lei, you still really like this guy?” Seeing that after Ye Mo had left, Xiao Lei looked a little lost in thought and asked jokingly. Because Xiao Lei didn’t say it, the two of them, along with Chu Dou, didn’t know that Ye Mo was the outcast that the Ye family had abandoned.

Xiao Lei shook her head, it wasn’t that she liked it, but she had an indescribable feeling. Compared to Ye Mo, when she gave her up and went to Wang Qianjun was a scum. But she was clear that no matter what aspect she was in, she, Xiao Lei, was more than a few levels behind Ning Qingxue.

Moreover, Ning Qingxue was still Ye Mo’s legal wife, and if she hadn’t met Ye Mo by chance today, she wouldn’t really have gone to him.

“Let’s go, I’ll talk to you guys about the celestial pit, if it goes well, maybe we can enter the celestial pit this afternoon and take a look. This time there are not only journalists from our station entering the sinkhole, but also other TV stations. So the competition is fierce, and I hope we can make the most exciting show to beat the other stations to the punch.” Xiao Lei immediately shifted her attention when she talked about the celestial pit.

When Ye Mo returned to the Divine Dragon Shelf again, it was already surrounded by soldiers with loaded guns and numerous excavators digging around, anything in the way was completely removed and then made into flat ground. By the looks of this progress, it might only take most of the day to get close to the sinkhole.

Numerous reporters with long guns and short cannons were gathered outside, filming non-stop.

Ye Mo noticed that there were some experts here, but the tallest one was only at the early Xuan level cultivation. He could still bypa*s these people now as long as he didn’t move his true qi and his stealth technique.

The Dan Furnace was a big deal to Ye Mo, he would definitely not let it fall into someone else’s hands, once that happened, it would be very difficult for him to get it back.

With his stealth technique coupled with Ye Mo’s speed, in just a few minutes’ time, Ye Mo had already bypa*sed the excavators and arrived at the top of the sinkhole once again. Although the sinkhole and the open space outside were now only a dozen metres away, once Ye Mo arrived, the sounds around him seemed to be suddenly switched off and immediately seemed dead silent.