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DYM Chapter 214

A cloudy wind brushed past Ye Mo’s ears, and Ye Mo immediately knew that it was definitely not wind, but something solid. His divine sense immediately swept over, and a faint if faint shadow disappeared inside the sinkhole.

At this time, the sound of the excavator outside seemed to be louder again. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept into the sinkhole, and 70 to 80 meters away, there was a platform, but it was impossible to see clearly below the platform.

For ghosts and spirits and so on, although Ye Mo did not believe in them very much, he would never believe in the words of those bullsh*t bricklayers either. Once there is an unexplainable imagination, it is either magnetic field or something, or XXOO phenomenon or something like that. For these bricklayers’ words, Ye Mo would treat them as farts.

There were too many unexplainable things in the great world, and Ye Mo came from the real cultivation world, where there were even more unexplainable things, let alone here. In Ye Mo’s opinion, the fact that the unexplainable things here were on the lesser side still had something to do with the spiritual qi of heaven and earth. Spiritual energy is something that can make all things give rise to wisdom in heaven and earth, without it, all things in heaven and earth would be less spiritual.

Now although Ye Mo sensed that there were invisible Yin spirits and other things in here, but he did not care, one his divine sense could detect, and also he vaguely felt that this Yin spirit qi had an innate sense of fear towards him.

Ye Mo jumped down from the sinkhole and landed on top of the platform, and his divine sense immediately swept up a camera. Without hesitation, Ye Mo pa*sed a fireball and burnt this camera into flying ash.

He once again leapt down from the platform and landed firmly on the ground. Ye Mo had just landed on the ground when he saw several corpses, so he could see that these people should have died not long ago, there was really something odd in here.

His divine sense swept out, this was not at all an ancient burial ground as Xiao Lei had said, but an underground dried up riverbed.

The riverbed was surrounded by chaotic rocks and sand, occasionally there were some dead bones of unknown age as well as some decaying plants and animals, other than that there were just some fallen messy earth and stones. Ye Mo was most concerned about the alchemy furnace, and with his divine sense sweeping, Ye Mo soon found a furnace on another platform, placed alone on top of the platform looking very discreet.

Ye Mo came next to this platform and was just about to pick up that dan furnace when he felt a sudden hostile intent coming from the side. He immediately knew that this was the unknown Yin spirit just now, even now Ye Mo could not figure out what this thing with only a faint shadow was.

It said it was a Yin spirit it still had a shadow, it said it was an animal but could only be swept with divine sense.

Ye Mo’s main purpose of coming down was the alchemy furnace, and now that he was attacked by this Yin spirit, of course he was furious. Not to mention that this thing had also scared Ning Qingxue. Speaking of which, the several corpses inside this celestial pit might also have something to do with it.

With his killing intent, Ye Mo immediately surrounded this faint shadow with his true essence and smashed several fireballs over.

The shadowy spirit only looked scary and came and went without a trace, but when it really met a cultivator like Ye Mo, it had no ability to resist in the slightest.

After a sharp cry, it immediately turned into flying ash and completely disappeared.

Ye Mo was a little disappointed as he stared at the Yin spirit that had turned into flying ashes and disappeared, it was so easy? He hadn’t even made an effort before this thing was extinguished, this was a bit too unchallenging. No wonder the talisman he had made at the first level of Qi training could restrain it, this thing could only stay inside the celestial pit and once it went out, even an ancient martial arts expert could exterminate it with his Qi sensing.

However, even if Ye Mo extinguished the invisible spirit, he still did not know what it was. There could not be any cultivators here, Ye Mo knew that, much less ghost cultivators. As for things like ghosts, it wasn’t that Ye Mo didn’t believe in them either, but he had never encountered them before. But even so, whenever he saw spiritual things on the internet, he would not believe in the nonsense of bricklayers.

Ye Mo no longer bothered about this disappearing thing, but picked up that dan furnace. He was soon disappointed, this dan furnace was simply a model. To put it bluntly, it was just a stone carving that was placed here as if it was a signboard.

Ye Mo shook his head, put down the dan furnace in his hand and walked inside along the dry riverbed. After walking for another hundred metres or so, a huge stone door appeared in front of Ye Mo a few metres to the side.

Could this really be a graveyard? But this was clearly a dried up riverbed, right?

Ye Mo pushed this stone door, but there was no movement, so it was clear that this stone door was not something he could move with his current strength. Ye Mo took out the long knife from inside his ring and slashed the middle of the stone door four times.

The stone door was like bean curd and Ye Mo cut a hole in it, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept inside, but there was an aura inside.

There was no danger, and Ye Mo entered inside. There were rows and rows of decayed wooden shelves, and numerous porcelain bottles, wooden bottles, and even jade bottles placed on top of the shelves. The wind movement brought by Ye Mo’s entry caused the long decayed wooden shelves to ‘clatter’ and paralyse all of them.

Ye Mo casually swept away the dust and ashes that came to his face, and only then did he carefully survey the surroundings. The first thing that caught his eye was a medium sized alchemy furnace. Ye Mo’s divine sense made a point of checking it out, this time it was not a model, it was an actual alchemy furnace.

There was a dragon head on the left and right, a slotted waist, and a lid, a very complete alchemy furnace, virtually identical to that model.

Ye Mo’s heart was pleased and he immediately went forward and took the alchemy furnace in his hands. It was indeed a good alchemy furnace, and there were quite a few pills refined by this alchemy furnace. After so many years apart, there was even a faint medicinal smell coming from it.

It was a good thing, but at a glance, Ye Mo could see that this alchemy furnace was not a furnace used in the cultivation world. The materials used for this furnace were not even distinguishable to Ye Mo, but they were definitely top quality materials. Moreover, the technique used to make the furnace was also of the highest quality, yet there was no engraved formation. It was obvious that this was just a non-Cultivation world alchemy furnace, but Ye Mo always felt that this furnace was extraordinary.

Combining what he had just seen, Ye Mo roughly guessed something, that probably a long time ago, this was also where a hidden sect of alchemy was located. It was probably still mainly helping others to refine pills, or making pills to sell for money. There should be a river in front of this Dan Gate, and this Dan Gate is right next to the river. It was just unknown what accident happened later, the river dried up and this hidden door was also buried into the ground, it was just a pity that he only got a dan furnace.

Ye Mo cleaned the dan furnace to show the ancient shape. In the end, Ye Mo surprisingly found two ancient Chinese characters of ‘Divine Dragon’ at the bottom of the Dan Furnace, could this actually be the Dan Furnace used by the Ancestor of China’s Divine Dragon Clan? If that was the case, this pottery furnace was worth a fortune. Fortunately, he had come one step ahead and Ye Mo was satisfied to put this pottery furnace into his storage ring.

With the Dan Furnace, many things would be much easier for him. As long as he found enough herbs, he could refine pills, so his cultivation would be much faster. Ye Mo looked at the medicinal herbs that had been turned into flying ashes all around the alchemy room, and couldn’t help but feel a pang of pain, it was really a pity.

He swept the area carefully once again and there was really nothing left. Having obtained a potion furnace, Ye Mo was already satisfied, and he was ready to go up and leave the place.

However, as Ye Mo turned back, he noticed that there was an additional stone maid by the door at some point. Ye Mo frowned, did he not notice it just now? Although he hadn’t paid attention to the door when he came in just now, there didn’t seem to be this stone maid in his memory. This stone maid seemed to have appeared after he had taken the dan furnace, which seemed a bit evil.

Even if it was evil, Ye Mo didn’t care, just now a Yin spirit or something like that was destroyed by him, a mere stone maid, he didn’t put it in his eyes yet.

Ye Mo walked over and swept his divine sense for a while, this stone maid was indeed nothing strange. There seemed to be an incense stand underneath the stone maid, so Ye Mo walked up to the stone maid and carefully moved it away.

However, just as Ye Mo moved the stone maid, he felt a tremor in the ground. “If Ye Mo didn’t know that the stone maid was an organ, he would be a bit too stupid.

Just as the thought of leaving appeared, Ye Mo heard a loud ‘clattering’ sound outside. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept to see that the celestial pit had collapsed again. And that collapse kept extending in. Ye Mo immediately understood that if he didn’t get out in time, he was going to be buried.

Even if he was already at the middle Qi cultivation level three, once he was buried more than one or two hundred meters underground, it would be difficult to break through the mud and climb up. This was not a desert, it was all a mixture of mud and rocks. But Ye Mo was not worried, even if he was buried, it would only be a little difficult for him to get out, but not impossible.

A burst of mud fell down and Ye Mo knew that the space he was in was about to be buried. It was obviously unrealistic to go out through the stone door again at this point, and the outside might have already been filled up.

Ye Mo turned around and ran inside, the whole way was filled with rotting wooden frames and medicinal herbs that had turned to ash. This reminded Ye Mo of the place he had met inside the desert, where there were many ‘Purple Heart Vines’, but all those Purple Heart Vines had also turned into flying ashes.

Ye Mo originally wanted to run to the end and use his long knife to open a path to see if there was a way out outside the stone wall of this space. Because when he swept his divine sense just now, he always felt that if this was a place for alchemy, there couldn’t be no way out from the front, back, left and right, even if something had happened, the terrain should still be roughly there.

However, Ye Mo had just reached the end of his run and hadn’t had time to take out his long knife to open the way. With a “boom”, a large area of mud fell down, even mixed with countless rocks.

Immediately, Ye Mo knew it was too late, this was not the time to regret moving the stone maid, he immediately used his true essence to hold up a shield to avoid being hit by the stones.

The collapsing earth came and went as fast as it could. When Ye Mo could no longer support himself, the collapse outside had stopped and Ye Mo already knew that he was completely buried in the ground.