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DYM Chapter 216

Two lotus flowers are embroidered on the top of the bib, with the words ‘My heart is like your heart. Never fail to think of each other. Ye Mo secretly smiled in his heart, it looked like an amorous Daoist nun after all. But if this Daoist nun were to really kill even the man she likes, as Yu Lian said, this Daoist nun would be too powerful.

It suddenly occurred to Ye Mo that he froze for a moment after looking at her bib, although it was only for a moment, it wouldn’t make her notice anything, right?

Thinking of this, he hurriedly and carefully let out his divine sense, he knew that now this Daoist nun was seriously injured and did not have the keenness of the inner qi that was released during the fight, so it would be difficult to detect this observing divine sense of his, but even so, Ye Mo was still very careful.

After observing for a while, this Daoist nun did not seem to notice, only that her face was a little pale and her eyes were drooping, so Ye Mo was slightly relieved. This Daoist nun’s wound was on the side of her belly bib, strange or not, Ye Mo was already ready to help this Daoist nun with medicine.

The moment Ye Mo lifted the Daoist nun’s belly bib, he noticed a flash of murderous intent in this Daoist nun’s eyes. Ye Mo coldly snorted in his heart, he was really a ruthless character, he was helping her to heal her wounds, and he had even moved to kill himself. This Daoist nun is definitely a thick-skinned person, we will have to be more and more careful later.

Ye Mo moved his finger slightly, a small section of herbs inside the ring had appeared in his palm, he lowered his head to stop the Daoist nun’s sight, extracted the medicinal juice of the herbs and mixed it into the medicinal powder given by the Daoist nun before putting it on top of the Daoist nun’s wound.

“It’s finally healed.” Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief and said as he raised his head.

The Daoist nun’s face surprisingly flushed with a hint of red as she said in a low voice, “Thank you for this big brother, if it wasn’t for you, I would have been dead for sure today.” It was obvious that she looked very shy when she said this, that meant that her sīn place was being looked at and there was a sense of womanly shyness.

Ye Mo’s body was flooded with goosebumps, this Daoist nun didn’t know how much older than him she was, and she was still calling her big brother. And that blush on her face, and that shyness Ye Mo actually winced when he looked at it.

What a horrible woman, the image action was performed so naturally. If it wasn’t for Ye Mo’s preconceptions and the fact that he had just seen the murderous intent in the Daoist nun’s eyes, he might have really believed her.

He surprisingly remembered that Nie Shuang Shuang from Yanjing in this instant Both women had acting talent, but Nie Shuang Shuang was still too far behind this Daoist nun called Jing Jing.

Seeing Ye Mo looking at herself in a daze, Jing Xi thought that this young man was stunned by her looks, her heart surged with killing intent, looking at her skin, did she still want to live, and such a sèmímí look. But then her face got even redder with jiāo shyness, now she still needed Ye Mo’s help.

“Not yet please what is big brother’s name? Help me I I,” Jing Xi stammered, as if she really had no way to repay Ye Mo for saving her life.

Ye Mo waved his hand and withdrew his gaze “It’s an honour for me to save a beautiful woman like you, what’s the point of talking about repayment, my name is Dahu. I don’t know if you, oh, should I call you Master, or…” Ye Mo thought of Luo Cang’s Two Tigers and simply named himself Da Hu.

“Well, thank you Dahu my name is Jing Zi’er, I originally wanted to collect a few medicinal herbs here to go back. But I met some thugs and I was stabbed by them. I just barely managed to escape here because I still had some kung fu.” Jing Jing said somewhat shyly.

Ye Mo despised in his heart, not too stupid for not learning from me about being chased by wild animals. However, his face immediately l showed a look of surprise, “So you still know martial arts? I heard that there are some worldly experts hidden in many parts of our country, sister Zi’er could it be that you are also a worldly expert?”

Ye Mo thought to himself, “Since you want to pretend to be nèn, I’ll let you pretend to be good. But this Jing Xi’s words were just what he wanted, later on, no matter what she said, just hit the snake and follow the stick.

The first time I saw her, I thought she had never spoken to a man before, and every time she spoke, she couldn’t contain her shyness and lowered her head and replied, “I’m not an expert, I just learned a few moves from my master.

Haha really like this, trying to get herself to bring up the matter of learning martial arts with her. Ye Mo’s heart was happy, and he hurriedly asked with a nervous look, “That, sister Zi’er, does your sect accept male disciples? I’ve had a fervent yearning to learn martial arts since I was a child.”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, a hint of understanding appeared in the corners of Jing Xi’s eyes, but her mouth said, “In that case, I can ask around for you, but if your qualifications are not up to it, there’s nothing I can do. If it’s really not possible, when I get better, I sī can teach you a few moves.”

“Then how about this, where do you live, I’ll send you back, it’s really too dangerous in here.” When Ye Mo finished speaking, he immediately stared nervously at Daoist Nun Jingxiu.

He was really nervous this time, because as long as this Daoist Nun said for him to send him back, or to somewhere, he would know exactly where Luo Susu was.

Jing Xi however frowned and sneered in her heart, she had really taken the bait, but soon she lifted her head and said with some embarra*sment, “Our Daoist nun is at the Immeasurable Mountain, it’s just a little too far away, I’m afraid it’s a bit troublesome for you.”

Surprisingly, Luo Susu’s Jing Yi Sect was in the Immeasurable Mountain, which did surprise Ye Mo a little.

Although he knew that there might be a hidden sect in the Immeasurable Mountains, he didn’t expect the Jing Yi Sect to be there. This Daoist nun could really run, thousands of miles from the Immeasurable Mountain to Shennongjia.

After just a moment’s daze, Ye Mo immediately replied, “It’s no trouble, I just like to travel around, and I was planning to go to the Immeasurable Mountain, now that I met you, it’s just a side trip.”

Ye Mo also sneered in his heart, after all was said and done, he still wanted to ask himself to send her back ah. Both of them wanted the same thing, so they quickly agreed.

Both were women, both were beautiful women. But Ye Mo could create ripples by carrying Ning Qingxue, while carrying this Daoist nun was uncomfortable all over. His divine sense, however, was concerned with every movement of this Daoist nun, fearing that she would make a move to kill at any moment. If it wasn’t for Luo Susu, Ye Mo would never have found such a bomb to carry on his back.

It had to be said that Jing Xi was many times more familiar with the terrain of the Divine Dragon Shelf than Ye Mo, and with Jing Xi’s guidance, Ye Mo just spent more than two hours to get out of the Divine Dragon Shelf through another exit.

Looking at Ye Mo who was only panting slightly and did not seem to be panting from exhaustion, Jing Xing could not help but be impressed with Ye Mo, this young man had such good endurance, carrying himself for several hours and he only looked slightly tired. She did not know that Ye Mo was not slightly tired, but basically not tired.

Rather, he was basically not tired.

What was even more strange to Jing Xin was that when the young man called Da Hu was treating her injuries, he had a bit of a look in his eyes, but now that he had been carrying her for more than two hours, he didn’t even intentionally take advantage of her, which made her a bit strange.

Ye Mo did not know that he had almost exposed himself because of this, but asked carefully, “I don’t know how sister Zi’er is going to get to the Immeasurable Mountain, are we taking the train? Or by plane?”

“No, I drove here by myself.” Jing Xi said and directed Ye Mo to carry her to a car park on the outskirts of the Divine Dragon Shelf.

Ye Mo, however, did not expect that this Daoist nun had come out by her own car, what he saw was still an Audi SUV, and the license plate was also a military plate, this Daoist nun really had a few tricks up her sleeve.

At the same time, what Jing Xi did not expect was that Ye Mo’s driving skills were so impressive. When Ye Mo first drove, she could tell that Ye Mo was a novice and not very skilled at driving. However, when Ye Mo drove a couple of hundred kilometres, he gradually became familiar with the car’s xìng performance and his speed gradually came up.

At the end the speed of the Audi even reached nearly two hundred and fifty-six miles, and surprisingly it was still rising. Ye Mo of course wanted to arrive as early as possible, he didn’t want this Daoist nun to flip out in the middle of the journey after her injuries had healed.

Jing Xin, however, stared at Ye Mo a little puzzled, was this young man really a traveling person or was he pretending? She was still somewhat confident in her looks, she and Ye Mo had been rubbing ears together for so long, but he was not moved and did not molest her further.

This is not the main thing, the main thing is that when Ye Mo first got into the car, he was obviously not very skilled, but now his skills are not only getting more and more skilled, but his car is also driving faster and faster. There are smart people, but I have never seen anyone who is smart enough to learn the driving skills of Ye Mo in such a short time.

And there is one more thing, that is, this young man who saved himself is still driving while looking around, obviously his attention is not on this fast moving car.

Could this man be pretending? But what good would it do him to pretend like this? While Jing Jing was staring at Ye Mo, his heart was getting more and more alarmed.

Ye Mo was missing Luo Susu a bit, of course he didn’t notice that his actions had aroused Jing Xi’s suspicion, he was driving for the first time and slowly became familiar with it, and was getting more and more comfortable with it. He had never really driven before, he still learnt it from Wen Dong.

The car was going faster and faster, and Ye Mo was still looking around, so Jing Xie became a bit restless, in case she hit something, not to mention that she was still seriously injured, even if she was not injured, it would not be easy to escape at this speed.

“Dahu, you car drive slower, drive too fast, I feel a little dizzy.” Jing Jing said after all, she couldn’t help it.

“Ah Mo heard Jing Xi’s words, his heart just startled, snapped out of his memories of Luo Susu, just now he had been using his divine sense to check the road conditions, now that he understood, he knew something was wrong. His car was driving too fast, which must have aroused Jing Xi’s suspicion. And the fact that he was driving fast was just a subconscious desire to see Luo Susu sooner.