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DYM Chapter 215

Although Ye Mo was buried underground, he didn’t feel the least bit nervous. Originally, he was afraid of being buried because he was really afraid of being covered in dirt and sand. Now that he was buried, he could get out, although it was a bit more troublesome, but a hundred or so meters underground was still a bit short of wanting his life.

Ye Mo took out his long knife and dug at the stone wall at the end. He decided to dig for a dozen metres or so, and if there was no way out, he would start digging towards the top. Because after a dozen metres, he would not be able to dig any further, or at least there would be no place to put the debris.

What made Ye Mo feel lucky was that he didn’t dig more than ten metres, just less than ten metres, before he dug through. Fresh air came in, making Ye Mo very comfortable. Ye Mo burrowed out of it and surprisingly, it was the middle of a cliff. He let out a breath, although his body was already in a mess, he had finally not drilled a hundred metres or so of earth and rocks.

Just as Ye Mo was about to go up the cliff and leave, a soft speaking voice came from the top of the cliff.

“Yu Lian, I’ll say it again, even if you chase me to the ends of the earth, I haven’t taken anything, and I didn’t kill Bianpo.” A very nice female voice.

Hearing this voice, the divine sense that Ye Mo just wanted to stretch out immediately retracted. Ye Mo still knew how powerful Bianpo was, and since he was suspected by the other side of killing Bianpo, it meant that this woman couldn’t be at least as bad as Bianpo. And the guy who could chastise this woman was obviously not a weak hand either. At this time, would it not be an act of seeking death for him to stretch his divine sense out?

“Fellow Daoist Jing Xing, let’s not speak in the dark, you’re not the only one who came to Shen Nong in search of the ‘Red Leaf Nan Persimmon’, right, but it seems that you’re the only one alive now. I saw you kill Bald Li Gang with my own eyes, are you going to deny it? The killing of Bianpo is a great feud with the point cang, and Bianpo’s brother, Bianchao, is on the verge of advancing to the earth level. Even your Jing Yi Clan is in danger.” The man called Yu Lian spoke in a very slow and methodical tone, not even the slightest bit nervous.

Ye Mo’s heart moved, he had already guessed who that woman was, it should be the Daoist nun who fought with the bald triangle eyes at the top of the cliff. He just didn’t expect that triangle-eye to be killed by her. In Ye Mo’s opinion, that triangle-eye was a bit more powerful than the Daoist nun who made the duster, and he wondered how this Daoist nun had killed him.

It looked like this Daoist nun was not simple, she was a tricky woman, if she had to fight against herself, she must be careful.

But Jing Xie said, “Believe it or not, although I killed Li Gang, I did not kill Bianpo. And I didn’t get the ‘Red Leaf Nan Persimmon’ either, so if you still don’t believe me, I won’t be afraid of you.”

Yu Lian smiled coldly, “I am sincere in doing business with you, and you are so disrespectful. Jing Jing, you are given two choices, one is to produce three ‘Red Leaf Nan Persimmons’ and then accompany me once more. The second is that I immediately go to the Point Cang Sect and say that you killed Bianpo, don’t forget that although your Jing Yi Sect is good, it is nothing compared to the Point Cang.”

“Shameless.” Jing Xi immediately chided angrily.

Ye Mo suddenly remembered that wasn’t the ‘Jing Yi Sect’ Luo Susu’s sect? I didn’t expect this Jing Xi to be from the Jing Yi Sect. It was the same sect as Luo Susu, so I wonder what kind of person it was for Susu, since he met it would he save or not save when the fight started later?

“Haha ……” Yu Lian suddenly laughed out loud, but his laughter immediately stopped, “Jing Xie, compared to shamelessness, I’m not as good as you. Back then you got your senior sister Jing Xin killed for a man, I’m not wrong about that, am I? And after you got your senior sister killed, you went so far as to capture that man and had sex with another man in front of him as a sign of revenge, and then killed all of them including the man you liked. Would you say that, compared to shamelessness, I am not as good as you?”

“You ……” The woman was so angry that she just said one word and could not say it again.

Yu Lian was not in a hurry either, he just waited for the woman called Quiet Rest to reply, and it was only after a long time that the woman called Quiet Rest slowly said, “Since you do not mind me, I will agree. But I hope you keep your promise.”

Then Ye Mo heard a rustling sound of undressing.

“Hold on.” Yu Lian’s voice interrupted Jing Xi who continued to undress.

Quiet Rest’s voice became a little softer, “Since I’ve fallen into your hands, I’ve fully agreed to your demands, what more do you want?”

“Something is strange, it looks like the truth is a bit different from what I heard, although I am sure that the man you liked was killed by you, and it is also definitely true that you have been f**king other men, but how is it possible that you are still genin until now? How can you be a virgin?” Yu Lian’s voice was full of wariness.

When he finished, he saw that Jing Xie did not answer, but he once again snorted coldly and said, “I am no longer interested in you, you only need to produce three ‘red leaf persimmons’ to end the deal, from now on you go your way, I go mine, each has its own business. I am a virgin and a non-virgin, so don’t play tricks with me.”

Originally, Ye Mo was considering whether or not to help Jing Xie when the fight started later, but after listening to the conversation between the two, Ye Mo had completely dispelled this idea. It looked like and both of them were no good, so how could Su Su be inside such a messy sect?

“**, how dare you sneak up on me.” Yu Lian’s shocked and angry voice came out, and then Ye Mo heard the sound of a fight from above. Listening to the sound, Ye Mo knew that that Yu Lian was using a sword, and his strikes were not even the least bit inferior to Jing Xie’s.

Ye Mo admired this woman called Jing Xie, although he didn’t know how she killed the triangle eyes, but after she killed an earth level expert, she and Yu Lian still fought hard, so it was clear that this woman was quite resilient.

Not daring to sweep his divine sense out, or climb up to check, Ye Mo simply sat down. He waited for these two to finish fighting before he left.

The sounds of weapons clashing above grew denser and denser, then slowly thinned out. Finally it stopped, and Ye Mo waited for almost another hour before slowly sweeping his divine sense up.

The woman had surprisingly disappeared, and there was only a corpse of Yu Lian.

Ye Mo climbed up to the top of the cliff, Yu Lian’s throat was swept to pieces by the duster, and Ye Mo searched his body and found a small jade token with the word ‘thirty-seven’ written on it.

Ye Mo put the token away and then burnt Yu Lian into flying ashes. Preparing to leave, Ye Mo noticed a patch of gra*s down the hill, which was stained with some blood. It looked like that Jing Jing had gone from here, which meant that she was not lightly injured either.

Thinking that this Jing Jing was from the same place as Luo Susu, although he was a bit worried about Jing Jing’s cultivation, Ye Mo still quietly followed him.

Although there were few bloodstains staining the roadside behind him, Ye Mo still used his +divine Sense to find out the route of Jing Xie’s advance. Two hours later, Ye Mo saw the Daoist nun of Jing Rest who had fallen to the ground beside a small stream, she was already unconscious. It looked like she was too badly injured.

If it had been a fainting Daoist nun, Ye Mo could have continued to follow her, but when he met the fainting Daoist nun, there was nothing he could do. To save or not to save, if so, this woman who had even a*sa*sinated her sister was obviously not a good person. Ye Mo did not think that Yu Lian would lie when there were only two of them, Yu Lian and Jing Xi.

But if he didn’t, this Daoist nun was under the same roof as Luo Susu and might have an origin, besides, Ye Mo was counting on her to bring him into the Jing Yi Sect.

Just when Ye Mo was hesitating, his divine sense suddenly swept into Jing Xi’s eyelids moving, he immediately withdrew his divine sense, he knew that Jing Xi was about to wake up.

Ye Mo hurriedly walked up to Jing Xi and said with some surprise, “Huh, why is there another Daoist nun here, could it be that she met a beast like me? It’s not dead, is it?”

Saying that, Ye Mo was about to reach out to help Jing Xie, at this time, Jing Xie had already opened her eyes and said in a hurry, “Thanks to this big brother, I can move, please help me scoop some water, my mouth is very thirsty.”

“Ah, it’s best if you’re alright. But I’m lost because I’m travelling and being chased by wild animals, I don’t have a bottle on me now.” Ye Mo said somewhat at a loss for words.

“It’s alright, just use your hands to scoop it up a few times.” After Jing Jing said this, her face was a little pale, it was obvious that she had lost too much blood.

After Ye Mo cupped his hand a few times and gave Jing Xie a drink, Jing Xie then fished out a medicine bottle from inside her sleeves and tried to pour some medicine on top of the wound, but her hands shivered and she couldn’t get it even after half a day.

“Does that need my help?” Ye Mo hated to go up and help, but at this time, if he didn’t say this, he would definitely be suspected by this Daoist nun.

“Well, in that case, thank you very much. You help me to pour this medicinal powder into a few of my wounds…” after just a few words, this Jing Xie once again gasped for breath a few times, it was obvious that her injuries were very heavy, or she had lost a lot of blood.

Ye Mo walked over, reached out and carried her close to a huge stone on top, then opened the medicine bottle. This Jingxie looked like she was at most thirty years old, but Ye Mo felt that she was much older than thirty years old. However, the feeling in Ye Mo’s hand was so soft that Ye Mo actually remembered Ning Qingxue, whose body was much more comfortable to hold than hers.

There were quite a few wounds of all sizes on Jing Jing’s body, but the two heaviest wounds, one was under the left breast Ru room, and one was on the waist. Although Ye Mo was applying medicine to Jing Xue, he didn’t pay any attention to her breasts, but focused his attention on Jing Xue’s movements.

This woman should be a ruthless woman, so if she suddenly made a move, he would have a precaution.

When Ye Mo lifted the clothes around the waist of this Daoist nun, what surprised him was not the smooth and white skin of this Daoist nun, but the fact that this Daoist nun had a very sexy and attractive little red belly bib around the small of her belly, there was actually such a Daoist nun.