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DYM Chapter 218

The woman in the hospital bed waved her hand somewhat feebly and said slowly, “Twenty-one years ago, I went to Yanjing alone with a few months’ body to look for that negative man. But he knew I was pregnant, and he just threw some money at me and stopped caring. I lived in Yanjing for a while, and I found out that he was the eldest son of a big family, and had a wife long ago, and even a son who was about ten years old. In my sadness and anger, I fell completely ill.”

“Mom ……… the girl grabbed the hand of the woman on the hospital bed and called out somewhat nervously.

The woman on the hospital bed had a sad look in her eyes as she continued, “I was living inside a temple, and the host inside the temple was very nice, he invited a doctor to save me, but I lost the baby inside my stomach.”

Hearing this made the girl even more nervous; what about herself when her mother lost the baby in her belly?

The woman in the hospital bed seemed to understand the girl’s thoughts and her voice was a little sad, “At that time, my life was worse than death, although my body recovered, I had no desire to live. The host of the temple saw my desperation and kept advising me. Later, when I was well enough, I thought of becoming a monk. At this time, however, the temple master brought in a one-year-old girl, who said that someone had left her at the entrance of the temple.”

The girl seemed to understand something, her face went a little pale, was it not her mother who was in front of her.

“Alas”…”, the woman in the hospital bed sighed, “Bei Wei, you are not my own daughter, and I do not know who your parents are. At that time, when the host came over, he only brought a bracelet and said that two children were sent to the temple, and there was another one that I didn’t know where the host had sent. At the time I was so disturbed that I didn’t bother to ask, except that I seem to have heard that they had been taken away by a young couple who had come to burn incense for a sign.”

“Mum”…”, the girl snapped back, her eyes a little red and swollen, and once again grasped the hand of the woman on the bed and said, “Mum, you are my mother no matter what, and to me you are the only family I have in this world. ”

The woman on the hospital bed lovingly stroked the girl’s hand and said “Beiwei, I may not last long, you remember that the temple called ‘Luo Hong Temple’ the host who saved me called Wushan …… later you go to Yanjing, to go see ………

After saying that the woman on the hospital bed once again drifted off to sleep, the girl hurriedly laid her mother out. Then stood up she did not care about her birth, what she cared most was that she had to go and raise money to help her mother cure her illness.

“Excuse me, are you Tang Beiwei?” A strange middle-aged man walked up to the door of the ward and asked.

Tang Beiwei looked up at the middle-aged man with some confusion, nodded and said, “Yes, may I ask what is it?”

The middle-aged man showed a kind smile and then said, “I have something to talk to Miss Tang alone I don’t know if Miss Tang is free.”

Tang Beiwei frowned, she had never seen this man before, but he was going to talk to her alone, so there was no harm in her going to meet him now if she had nothing to do.

By three o’clock in the evening, Ye Mo’s car had already driven to a private villa near Immeasurable Mountain. What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that this villa was actually Jing Xi’s lair.

Although Jing Xi said that this was her relative’s place, Ye Mo would never believe it. This woman treated herself like a fool.

Since he was here, Ye Mo would not let go of any of Jing Xi’s actions. He was always watching Jing Xi even when she was taking a bath. Now was not the time to pretend to be a decent man he knew that this Jing Xie might be a little suspicious of him, whether from his own safety or from the point of view of finding Susu, he could not relax in the slightest.

It had to be said that although this Taoist nun was not young, she was still as well maintained as a girl in her twenties, with her clothes off, her curves were well defined and her skin was fair and smooth. The two huge breasts in front of the chest but not the slightest drop in the appearance of upright and unusual.

Ye Mo had carried this woman and of course knew how amazingly elastic her skin was. There were times when Ye Mo even doubted his own vision whether she was an older woman, maybe she was only in her twenties or maybe not.

Moreover, Ye Mo saw that most of the wounds on her body had already knotted demented, so it was evident that the Daoist nun’s medicinal powder was good.

Jing Jing rest bath very carefully, all over the body rubbed and tested very small, heart, and even in front of the mirror to carefully watch their own appearance. Ye Mo said in his heart that this woman was really good at stinking of beauty, but she did have the stinking of beauty. Such a naked** woman was bathing under Ye Mo’s divine sense, even if Ye Mo knew that she was a dark and not too young woman, he couldn’t help but get a little hot.

Just when Ye Mo thought that this woman should not make any moths now and wanted to withdraw his divine sense, this Daoist nun actually stroked her hand on the area around her waist. There was the exact spot where Ye Mo had helped her with her medicine. Ye Mo immediately became nervous, could this Daoist nun be so shrewd? Could she have noticed that she had tampered with her medicine powder?

When Jing Xi placed her finger on top of the wound and touched it, then smelled her finger again, Ye Mo’s heart hung even tighter when he saw her frowning. He was even more secretly surprised, this Daoist nun was really shrewd.

What made Ye Mo breathe a sigh of relief was that Jing Xi did not behave abnormally in the end, she just took the bib off as well, took it in her hand and touched it, then carefully put it aside, it was evident that this bib was very important to her. Suddenly Jing Xi stopped moving in her hands and looked around somewhat cautiously.

Ye Mo knew it must be because she was once again a little sensitive to her divine sense and hurriedly withdrew it.

“Dahu, are you there?” Ye Mo was inside the living room but heard the Daoist nun shouting, he immediately knew that this Daoist nun was uneasy about him and wanted to confirm his location. He hastily agreed without hesitation, and after answering, he was finally relieved in his heart, fortunately she had not been exposed to divine sense, or else that was what would have been exposed.

Soon Jing Xie finished her bath and came out, seeing Ye Mo still in the living room, she said with some embarra*sment, “I was a bit scared to be alone, so I called out to you.”

Ye Mo laughed nervously, “I’ll go to bed first if it’s alright.” In his heart, however, he became more cautious, this Daoist nun was too alert.

He was a little worried that Jing Xi was going to play a trick on him tomorrow, it would be best to find some opportunity to place a divine sense mark on her. And at the beginning when he was helping Jing Xi with her medicine, the murderous look in her eyes was naked, which shows that other people’s lives are no different from gra*s roots in her eyes.

Ye Mo cultivated for half the night and got up early in the morning and cooked breakfast waiting for Jing Xin.

When Jing Xin got up in the morning, she saw that the thin rice and small dishes were exquisitely cooked, and in her heart she appreciated Ye Mo’s diligence and resourcefulness. This young man was nice, she was even a bit reluctant to kill him. However, having seen her skin, he would be dead no matter what, and for the sake of his resourcefulness, let him die with some relief when the time came.

“Sister Zi’er, I’ve cooked some thin rice, you haven’t recovered yet, so eat some first.” Ye Mo diligently helped Jing Xi with the dishes and stools.

“Mmm, it tastes good then? Thank you, Dahu.” Jing Xi felt that the thin rice was really good.

Ye Mo said with a naive smile, “It’s nothing, as long as sister Zi’er likes it, I can cook it for you again.”

Jing Xi suddenly froze a little, why were these words so familiar? Many years ago, that negative person also said the same thing, “Sister Zi’er, as long as you like it, I can accompany you every day ……”

But after he saw his own senior sister, he slowly alienated himself and actually hooked up with his own senior sister. This pair of adulterous couples**, even if they harmed their senior sister, what’s the use? That negative person still looked at the place where his senior sister was in seclusion every day, and Jing Xi’s face gradually became gloomy and cold.

Ye Mo did not expect that with just one sentence, he immediately made this Daoist nun’s face turn gloomy and frightening. In his heart, he thought, “This woman is really hard to figure out.

When Ye Mo saw Jing Xi’s face getting ugly, he was afraid that she would finally get violent and his plan would be completely ruined, so he quickly jacked in and said, “Sister Zi’er, hurry up and eat, it’s already cold.”

“I don’t want to eat, Dahu, you wait for me here today, I’ll go back and tell Master first, if Master is willing, I’ll come back to pick you up.” Jing Jing said as he stood up.

Ye Mo’s heart sank, he really didn’t bring himself, this hòu black woman, she was really a guy who crossed the river and broke the bridge. Instead, he stood up as well in some panic and said, “Sister Zi’er, but, but I, I want to go and see …… too.”

Jing Xin, however, smiled sweetly and surprisingly used her finger to point at Ye Mo’s forehead, “Da Hu, could it be that I’m still lying to you, listen to me, trust me is right. I will definitely come back to pick you up at night, so that Master can see you at least once.”

Ye Mo knew it was useless to say more, now he could only find a way to make a mark on her and follow her over, thinking of this, he walked up to Jing Xie with some period and said with a red face, “Sister Zi’er, you are so beautiful, I want to hug you.”

“Ah,” …… Jing Xi was stunned by Ye Mo’s request, in her eyes, Da Hu, who had always been simple and honest, dared to make such a request, she suddenly remembered what happened last night when she took a bath. At that time, she felt that someone was snooping, so it couldn’t be this guy, right?

But what if it was him peeking? Thinking of this Jing Xi glanced at the expectant Ye Mo and surprisingly found that he was still a very handsome man, with a well-defined face, smooth lines and clear eyes. Looking at Ye Mo, a familiarity dawned on Jing Xi. Back then he had stared at himself expectantly like this and said, “Sister Zi’er, you’re so pretty, I want to hug you for a bit. Was it him? Jing Xi actually had a hot and dry feeling, she had never felt this way since that negative man.

When Ye Mo saw Jing Xi staring at himself a little dazed, he screamed in his heart, he couldn’t wait for her to refuse, once she refused, it would never be possible for him to hug her again for a mark. Ye Mo decisively stepped forward and hugged Jing Xi, whose face was already a little red.